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PMG Chapter 460: Death On the City Walls!

PMG Chapter 460: Death On the City Walls!
Fridays chapter
Translated by: Notsaneinthebrain
Edited by: LikyLiky and Fluphy
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When Sir Que Yue saw Lin Feng breaking through to the next cultivation layer, his heart felt heavy. Lin Feng was a terrifying individual. If he had known that Meng Qing and Nuo Na were accompanied by such a tyrannical young man, he wouldn’t have acted so aggressively towards them. There was no going back for him. He had already made Lin Feng his enemy. He had no choice, if he didn’t fight, Lin Feng would still kill him.

Lin Feng didn’t feel anything strange after breaking through to the third Xuan Qi layer. He had gone through so many battles, all of those battles were fought with all of his strength. He had gained insights regarding Qi and the use of energy when he was reunited with his father. On top of that, he had also absorbed a large number of fire crystals, breaking through to the third Xuan Qi layer was only a matter of time, where the water overflows, a channel will form!

Lin Feng’s Qi and soul had already been strengthened beyond the third Xuan Qi layer. At that moment, when he broke through to the third Xuan Qi layer, he didn’t feel tired at all, his cultivation was already stable.

The black flames surrounding his body were becoming more and more dazzling. When the crowd on the walls of the city sensed his energy, they were even more terrified.

The scariest part was that Lin Feng’s sword didn’t only contain a scorching sun Qi, it also contained a terrifying, deadly Qi. That sword had the power to annihilate everything, wherever that sword was directed, the only destruction would follow.

Lin Feng’s energy was whistling through the air as it moved towards the top of the city gate. Many of the people that were near Sir Que Yue started to move away to avoid getting involved. They didn’t dare get close to Lin Feng’s sword, if that sword reached them, it would be the end of them.

Sir Que Yue looked serious and solemn. He was fixedly staring at Lin Feng; he was starting to feel the pressure. When facing a powerful cultivator, a single mistake would be fatal. Lin Feng was very powerful, so Sir Que Yue didn’t dare to act carelessly, he knew he had to use his full strength.

Sir Que Yue’s facial expression was calm but also desolate and dreary like a crescent moon. An arch-shaped saber spirit was released behind him.

Sabers were Sir Que Yue’s specialty. He was extremely well known within the city. Every time he used his saber, people would tremble and run cold with fear.

However, at that moment, his dreary and desolate saber looked pale in comparison with Lin Feng’s scorching sword, it was like comparing the moon to the sun; his saber looked insignificant in comparison.

“I, Que Yue, have been practicing saber cultivation for fifteen years, people at the same level wouldn’t dream of attacking me, those who do inevitably die.” Said Que Yue in an ice-cold tone. His saber energy grew more violent and domineered with each word.

When Lin Feng heard him, his face still looked cold and expressionless.

Lin Feng took a step forward and slashed down with his sword. His terrifying, deadly energy crashed through the atmosphere towards Que Yue.

“My enemies who were at my cultivation level, they didn’t even know how they died.” Said Lin Feng indifferently. With his sword, Lin Feng could easily deal with people the same cultivation level as him, when he used his full strength, they would die in an instant.

Lin Feng’s words caused everyone to tremble. Que Yue said that people who dared to attack him died to his saber. He said that to destroy Lin Feng’s confidence and regain his own, but Lin Feng’s sentence had destroyed Que Yue’s confidence instead. Besides, Lin Feng had remained calm this entire time. His sword was able to kill people with a higher cultivation using only a single strike.

“You will be no exception.” Said Lin Feng in an ice-cold tone. The sky was filled with deadly energy which continued to grow stronger.


“Die, die, die….”

Lin Feng’s single word “die” echoed through the atmosphere. His scorching sword was engulfed in black flames; it seemed like everything else in the world was lacking in comparison with Lin Feng’s sword.

Sir Que Yue looked astonished. That sword was making him nervous; it was terrifying. He gnashed his teeth and brandished his saber. Que Yue, who had always been able to kill his opponents with ease, seemed powerless when confronting Lin Feng.

Everyone watched as Que Yue’s saber Qi was consumed by Lin Feng’s sword Qi. Sir Que Yue was shocked as he watched the sword descend. He regretted everything; he wanted to take everything back. His future was supposed to be filled with glory, but because he assailed Meng Qing with obscenities, nobody could save him.

A subtle sound filled the air as Lin Feng’s sun sword descended and slashed Que Yue’s body. His body was engulfed by black flames and disintegrated, not a single part of his body remained. Only a small amount of blood gushed into the air. This was the price for humiliating Meng Qing, which was the price for angering Lin Feng. Only deathly silence filled the air.

Lin Feng was terrifying. Just like he had said a moment before, Que Yue didn’t even know how he died.

Even if Lin Feng hadn’t broken through to the third Xuan Qi layer, his sword would still have been enough to kill Que Yue.

At that moment, Lin Feng coldly glanced at the crowd, which made them shiver with fear. They didn’t dare look Lin Feng in the eyes.

“Meng Qing, Nuo Na, who else was it?” Asked Lin Feng. Those who had dared to humiliate Meng Qing started shaking with fear. They were terrified.

Lin Feng was asking the girls to point out those who had humiliated them; he would kill them all.

“Him, her and him.” Said Nuo Na while pointing at three people. Those three had also humiliated them and jeered them. Of course, Nuo Na wouldn’t hold back.

The people who Nuo Na had just pointed at were shaking, their hearts pounding violently. They turned their heads because they could feel Lin Feng’s glaring eyes. At the same time, a terrifying, deadly energy rushed through the air towards them.

“Run!!!” They shouted loudly as they tried to escape. They immediately started running in the direction of the city, hoping to escape.


Lin Feng remained detached. He was as swift as the wind when catching up to the closest one who was fleeing.

His sword descended. Immediately after, a horrible shriek spread through the air. That sword had penetrated into his chest and destroyed his internal organs, his body then slowly collapsed to the ground.

“Hmph!” Lin Feng sighed. The two others had also tried to escape; Lin Feng released his purple spirit which immediately caught them with inconceivable speed.

“Crrr.. Crrr….

The two people were astonished. Purple Snakes had tightly constricted their bodies and trapped them. The purple snakes dragged them back towards Lin Feng where they met his sword, ending their lives.

One sword, two corpses, they were killed in a flash.

Lin Feng looked calm and serene. He had just killed three people without any mercy. He took a step and suddenly appeared atop the wall again; he said to Nuo Na: “Nuo Na, anyone else?”

Nuo Na glanced at them and shook her head. All the people who humiliated them and told them to take off their clothes were dead. Nuo Na wasn’t going to have Lin Feng kill everybody; the main culprits were enough.

Lin Feng nodded and didn’t say any more. In the distance, the wolves were still howling, and a terrifying fire Qi filled the air.

“The wolf pack has arrived!” Whispered Lin Feng. Immediately after, his silhouette flickered, and he landed next to Nuo Na. He helped Meng Qing carry Nuo Na as they flew onto the city ramparts.

Everybody had heard Lin Feng and started to gaze into the distance. They were astonished. That terrifying bestial fire Qi was quickly approaching. They had fire red eyes and were howling at the sky. Their fire wasn’t like the one Lin Feng had just released. They were monstrous and bestial. Those fire wolves wanted to turn Tianya Haige into a bloodbath.

Nuo Na looked at the crowd and then looked to Lin Feng. Her heart was still racing. She had felt extremely scared this entire time. At first, she was scared that they wouldn’t be able to enter the city, but at that moment she was scared of everything. She lived in a world where the strong devoured the weak, if anyone wanted to stop them from entering the city, Lin Feng would kill them. He had used his overwhelming power to barge into the city. Who would dare to block his path again?

Besides, Lin Feng had shown that he wasn’t an emerged fire wolf, would a fire beast be a master of swords?

Whatever happened, strength would always be the deciding factor in the desert. If those people saw someone that was weak, even if they knew they weren’t fire wolves, they would still take advantage and ridicule them. However, if someone was strong, just like Lin Feng, they didn’t need to ask permission, if anyone tried to stop them from entering the city, they would immediately kill anyone who blocked the way.

If the weaker ones objected, it was the same as courting death. The stronger cultivators from the city wouldn’t get involved, why would they want to create enmity with a powerful unknown cultivator?

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