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PMG Chapter 461: Fighting The Wolf Pack!

PMG Chapter 461: Fighting The Wolf Pack!
Fridays chapter
Translated by: Notsaneinthebrain
Edited by: LikyLiky
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The fire wolves were growing nearer which started to draw more and more people’s attention. They had already gotten so close, the whole pack was in view.

What seemed like an endless sea of fire wolves was madly charging across the desert. It looked like a blazing sea of fire spreading across the land. Not even a grain of sand would survive under such scorching heat. The ground was being burnt black, the wolf pack  scorched the earth in their wake.

What amazed people even more was that the flames had caused smoke to rise from the scorched earth.

“How scary…” Thought the onlookers, their hearts were beating violently. That group of fire wolves was enough to shock everyone awake. A moment before, they were excited and felt high-spirited but now they had seen the wolves and they were realizing how terrifying the battle would be, this would really be a bloody battle.

That group of terrifying fire wolves destroyed everything in their path. The tribes who lived outside of the city were probably exterminated already. Nobody believed that anyone could survive against such a monstrous pack of wolves. If anything ran into this sea of wolves, they would die.

Many people were slightly shaking, they felt weak in the knees, they didn’t feel like fighting against the wolves any longer, they were too scared.

Finally, the wolf pack arrived at the city walls and stopped. The people on the walls gazed into the distance and could only see an ocean of wolves. Every wolf was surrounded by flames and their tails were drifting in the wind. Everybody could feel the intense stares from the beasts outside the city walls, making them feel uneasy. At the same time, the temperature had increased drastically, the atmosphere had turned into an unbearable inferno.

At the front of the wolf pack, there was a fire wolf, its body was gigantic and it had intense flames flames surrounding its body. Besides, it had… Seven tails. Its seven tails were swinging in the wind. It looked majestic.

That fire wolf must be a level seven Xuan beast, it had seven tails. Its strength was the same as a cultivator of the seventh Xuan Qi layer, it’s power was terrifying.

If a human being of the third or of the fourth Xuan Qi layer fought against it, it would be eaten with a single bite. Even the most superficial look at those terrifying eyes was enough to make somebody’s heart pound.

“Beast!” Shouted someone in a deep voice as a tornado rose into the air. Everyone started to raise their heads and saw a silhouette in the sky.

That person was wearing black clothes and had long hair which fluttered in the wind. Even though the crowd was facing his back, they could still feel his powerful energy. If he dared to go against a level seven Xuan beast, he was probably extremely powerful.

He wasn’t the only one, whistling sounds filled the air as many people started to rush forward. Those people were all revealing their powerful Qi, they were all extraordinary cultivators. They all stood in a line, ready for battle.

“The wolves are extremely strong, this is the strongest attack in a thousand years, if we don’t want them to invade Tianya Haige and exterminate all of us, we must work together!” Said the one in the black clothes which caused a surge of motivation. The strongest attack in a thousand years… It seemed like Tianya Haige was going to be soaked in blood.

Lin Feng frowned and gazed into the distance. There were thousands and thousands of wolves, he wasn’t sure exactly how many. Besides, the number of wolves continued to increase. That wolf pack was growing larger by the second.

Lin Feng had arrived on the ramparts of Tianya Haige… He had rushed here with all of his power, but at that moment, they were surrounded and escape was impossible.

Trying to escape by flight would be impossible, especially if he came across an extremely powerful wolf, it would be the end of him.

After all, a level seven Xuan beast had already appeared, who could guarantee that there weren’t more powerful wolves among the sea of wolves? Maybe there were some with eight or nine tails? Or even Tian level wolves?

“Let’s watch how things progress and then decide.” Thought Lin Feng. Absorbing fire crystals enabled him to grow stronger, so this was a good opportunity for him to improve his strength.

“Die!” Shouted the one in black clothes in a dreadful voice. In a flash, he released a monstrous deadly energy and released his pure Qi.

“Boom!” The pure Qi from the one in black clothes attacked into the wolf pack slaughtering a large number of wolves in the blink of an eye. But, considering the number of wolves, it only a drop in the ocean.

The battle had begun and many people had rushed to attack at the same time. Pure Qi filled the air from all directions and shot towards the wolf pack. All of the people attacking were at the Xuan Qi layer, there wasn’t a single weak cultivator in the group. They were all slaughtering the wolves and tempering themselves in the heat of battle. Cultivating through potentially fatal situations was an excellent method to improve one’s battle potential and make advancements.

When those on the walls saw the people attacking, a sharp light filled their eyes. Everyone was fighting with all their power, they were fighting to stay alive, this was the only way for them to continue to live and continue growing stronger.

Many strong cultivators were already engaged in battle, besides, inside the city, people were rushing over to join the battle. After all, there still weren’t enough people to fight against the monstrous number of wolves.

“Meng Qing, stay here with Nuo Na and wait for me to come back.” Said Lin Feng to Meng Qing.

Meng Qing glanced at Lin Feng and nodded. Even though she didn’t want him to fight against those wolves, she still understood that if Lin Feng wanted to become stronger, he would sometimes need to risk his life. The path of cultivation was filled with dangers. Meng Qing had agreed to stay with Lin Feng and accompany him no matter what the situation.

She wasn’t going to prevent Lin Feng from getting stronger, she respected Lin Feng’s choice. Lin Feng’s goal was to become a stronger cultivator, she needed to follow and support him.

“If you need me, call out to me.” Said Lin Feng to Meng Qing who silently nodded. Immediately after, he jumped from the walls and landed in the centre of the wolf pack.

He released his powerful deadly energy and a condensed in his hands. In the blink of an eye, many wolves died underneath that sword. In the area surrounding Lin Feng, there was a large empty space.

He condensed his grim fire and an astonishing black lotus appeared. Lin Feng’s black lotus was filled with a combination of sun Qi and deadly energy.

“Break!” Shouted Lin Feng in a deep voice. His black lotus then split into many small black lotuses. There were a few thousands lotus flowers which all contained a powerful deadly energy. The wolves wanted to attack Lin Feng but they were scared of the black lotus flowers.

Lin Feng closed his eyes and sat down cross-legged. He calmed his heart and allowed his surplus souls to emerge from his body which immediately merged with the black lotus flowers. When using his surplus soul’s technique, he could already release a monstrous amount of surplus souls. The surplus souls had the power to control the black lotuses.

Lin Feng was sitting down, he wasn’t fighting directly. His soul was focused entirely on controlling the black lotuses. Lin Feng had to use the entire power of his soul, otherwise he wouldn’t have the strength to control thousands of lotus flowers, he wouldn’t have the power.

However, Lin Feng was able to sit down and control the black lotuses to attack from a distance. The weakest wolves were easily exterminated under the onslaught. Besides, Lin Feng was able kill stronger wolves, while simultaneously controlling the black lotus flowers to consume the fire crystals dropped from the wolves. Thus, each of the black lotus flowers were growing more and more powerful.

Very quickly, the area around Lin Feng was cleared again. The fire wolves weren’t able to get close to him anymore, if they tried, they immediately died under the attack from the black lotus flowers. Those black lotus flowers would penetrate into the wolves’ bodies and absorb their fire crystals. Those black lotuses were the enemy of these fire wolves.

Many people had noticed Lin Feng’s actions and were shocked. Lin Feng’s method was actually quite suited to dealing with the fire wolves. He was sitting still and controlling thousands of black lotuses. How much of a burden would that be on his soul? In order to accomplish that, an extremely powerful soul was required.

Lin Feng didn’t only draw the attention from the cultivators, the stronger wolves were also paying attention to what he was doing. A few of them started rushing towards him. Each of the wolves had four tails and some had five tails, they were all higher Xuan level fire wolves, they were terrifying. They all wanted to get rid of Lin Feng whom was a detestable thorn in their side.

Lin Feng abruptly opened his eyes and a black light started flashing through his eyes. Even though he had closed his eyes to control the black lotuses, he could distinctly perceive everything around him. Nothing would be able to distract him even though he had his eyes closed.

Many black lotuses rushed back to Lin Feng’s side while emitting whistling sounds and they condensed together. Lin Feng was trying to block the wolves rushing towards him, but at that moment, a flag appeared in front of him. It was a gigantic flag that was filled with deadly energy. That flag rushed towards the wolves charging at Lin Feng and in a flash, they were consumed by that flag. It was a shocking sight.

“That’s not a flag… That’s a banner, an extremely powerful treasure.” Lin Feng was stupefied.

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