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PMG Chapter 462: The Memory Jade

PMG Chapter 462: The Memory Jade
Translated by: Notsaneinthebrain
Edited by: LikyLiky
1st of saturday’s  chapter
This is last one for today, the missing one for saturday is going to be released tomorrow with Sundays.

He could still hear the wolves howling which made Lin Feng shiver. He gazed over and saw that those wolves were trapped inside the banner. Inside that banner, a group of ferocious wolves appeared, but the image was very blurry. They were struggling with all their might to escape, but no matter what, they were unable to escape.

“Annihilate.” Shouted the middle-aged man who was controlling the banner. In a flash, the wolves let out a sad shrill cry. Their bodies started to melt and formed into a pattern engraved into the banner.

The Qi of the banner grew much stronger after absorbing the wolves.

“It’s similar to my black lotus which can absorb the fire crystals from the wolves…” thought Lin Feng. He was surprised and stupefied to see a banner that could absorb ferocious beasts to grow stronger.

“Continue killing them, I will watch over you.” Said the man while smiling at Lin Feng. Lin Feng was stupefied, why would the man want to help him?

But since that person was willing, Lin Feng nodded and said: “Thank you, Sir!”

Then, Lin Feng closed his eyes again and continued controlling the black lotuses with his soul, he was absorbing the fire crystals from each wolf he killed. Besides, when the extremely strong wolves tried to attack him, they were absorbed by the middle-aged man’s banner.

The other strong cultivators were also fighting against the wolves. The most astonishing battle was between the man in a black cloak and the seven-tailed fire wolf. The cultivators and fire wolves were in a constant struggle. On the ground and in the air, swords and bestial flames were colliding. The seven-tailed wolf suddenly increased in size and was soon the size of a small hill. The fire from its seven tails also grew more terrifying. It was unimaginable.

All the other strong cultivators were engaged in a bloody battle against the fire wolves, not letting a single wolf enter the city.

“Aawwooooo…..” After a while, the seven-tailed fire wolf howled furiously while looking to the sky. A great number of wolves suddenly stopped fighting then the seven-tailed wolf turned and started to run away. Its speed was inconceivable. In a flash, the crowd saw noticed that all of the powerful wolves had escaped.

Everyone was extremely surprised. The wolves had retreated and run away! The fire wolves still had much greater numbers than the humans defending the city, but surprisingly, they issued a retreat!

While looking at the scorched earth, it gave an unsettling feeling. What a terrifying wolf pack!

When the one with the black cloak noticed the retreat, his facial expression became ice-cold. He was staring at the seven-tailed fire wolf and frowning.

“This time, the battles will be much more terrifying and bloodier than we thought. That was just the first wave. The next wave will strike us much harder than the first.” Said the man with the black cloak indifferently as he left.

Such a monstrous wolf pack… That was only the first wave? It seemed like it was going to get tougher as time went on.

Lin Feng released his black lotuses, they transformed into sun Qi and then penetrated into his body. He opened his eyes which contained a trace of dazzling sunlight, he looked otherworldly.

“My friend, that was amazing, you’re terrific.” Said the man who had used the banner to Lin Feng while smiling.

“Your banner is also very strong.” Replied Lin Feng.

“My name is Li Shang. My banner is not bad, but it’s far from being as good as those lotus flowers. If I’m not mistaken, It seems that your attack requires a very strong soul to control multiple flowers, so your soul must be extremely strong.”

“I am Lin Feng.” Replied Lin Feng.

“Lin Feng…” Whispered Li Shang. He smiled and said: “Lin Feng, do you know what the most important thing is for me, when using my banner?”

Lin Feng shook his head, he didn’t know much about using those types of attacks.

“My banner is a spiritual banner, the most important thing is to have an extremely strong soul. You need to merge pieces of your soul into the banner making it a part of your body.” Said Li Shang, he was speaking slowly, he then continued: “You already have that black lotus which enables you to absorb the fire crystals, coupled with your powerful soul, you could easily create a fire banner. If you create a fire banner, you can imprison those beasts and absorb their fire crystals. Then you won’t need to use so much soul power to control so many black lotuses.”

Lin Feng frowned and said: “Why are you telling me these things?”

“Frankly speaking, I rarely meet people who are an appropriate match with my banner skill. I want to help you create a fire banner, I want to see how powerful your banner will become.” Said Li Shang while looking overjoyed. He then added: “The banner is an amazing treasure, I look forward to making a banner with you and seeing how powerful it can become.”

Lin Feng looked perplexed and looked Li Shang directly in the eyes. Lin Feng learnt a principle in his previous life, in the world, nothing was ever free. Nobody gave anybody anything for free without expecting something in return. That banner was certainly extremely valuable, but Lin Feng’s interlocutor surprisingly wanted to teach him the skill and wanted to help him create a fire banner, Lin Feng didn’t understand his motives.

But Lin Feng couldn’t understand anything from looking into his interlocutor’s eyes, he only saw excitement and impatience.

“If you think that I am trying to trick you, let me tell you something, even though you are strong, I am much stronger than you. Why would I need to trick you into anything?” Said Li Shang while smiling.

Lin Feng remained silent. Li Shang was right, he was much stronger than Lin Feng, but if Lin Feng used his full strength, he would be able to fight against him.  Of course, that was providing that Li Shang was telling the truth and hadn’t hidden his strength during the fight.

“A fire banner….” Whispered Lin Feng. He then said: “If you teach me how to create the banner, what do you want in exchange?”

“Nothing.” Said Li Shang while shaking his head.

“Alright, I accept.” Agreed Lin Feng while nodding.

“Alright, good, come with me.” Said Li Shang while smiling. He looked even more excited which made Lin Feng trust him even more. He also didn’t want anything from Lin Feng. He just looked overjoyed and excited, like a child with a new toy.

But did such people really exist? Could a strong cultivator want to help someone just to satisfy his own curiosity?

Li Shang started walking towards the city centre. Lin Feng was following closely behind him, he waved at Meng Qing who immediately nodded and followed with Nuo Na.

Tianya Haige wasn’t that different from a city of Xue Yue, the streets were wide and the buildings were high and lofty. Li Shang brought Lin Feng to a fortress before they came to a halt.

“Lin Feng, this is my residence. It’s relatively calm, nobody will disturb us.” Said Li Shang. It was indeed really different from the rest of the city, there weren’t many people around. It was a calm and quiet location.

“Come.” Said Li Shang while entering the fortress. There was a cold and evil Qi inside the fortress. It looked like a palace inside and was extremely well lit. There were cauldrons everywhere and a fire was burning under each of them.

Besides, in the main hall, there was a cold wind which caused Lin Feng’s soul to shiver.

Lin Feng narrowed his eyes. Li Shang lived here? What a majestic place, the only problem was that strange cold wind.

“I practice a banner skill and my banner is a spiritual banner, it requires a powerful soul to use. That’s why the wind here affects the soul, it allows me to strengthen my soul, there’s no need to worry about it.” Explained Li Shang as if he had guessed what Lin Feng was thinking.

They then walked to the edge of the fortress. Inside the room, there was a gigantic praying mat made from woven cattail. In front of that mat, there was a large cauldron, the largest cauldron in the house.

“Lin Feng, that’s how you create the banner, you need to use the power of your soul on this to learn how to create the banner.” Said Li Shang while handing over a jade stone to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng took the jade and was surprised. It contained a peculiar Qi.

“It’s a memory jade.”

Lin Feng was stupefied. By putting his soul into it, he could absorb all the memories contained within. It was an extremely precious and valuable jade. Strong cultivators would be able to absorb the memories into their soul.

The memory jade was able to record extremely strong and powerful techniques, only extremely strong cultivators could record their memories onto a memory jade, weaker cultivators were unable to. Besides, the people who put their memories inside memory jades wouldn’t waste their energy to put useless skills inside.

The instructions to create the banner were surprisingly inside the jade, as expected, it was an extremely valuable weapon. The price of that jade stone was also incredible. Surprisingly, Li Shang was handing treasure after treasure to Lin Feng without hesitation.

Lin Feng didn’t understand Li Shang’s motives. Was he only really just a curious type of person?

Lin Feng groaned and immediately put his soul into the jade and explored the memories inside. In a flash, Lin Feng felt like his soul was sucked into a whirlpool of consciousness, countless memories started to appear in his mind.

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