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PMG Chapter 464: Insane Laughter!

PMG Chapter 464: Insane Laughter!

Lin Feng came out of the fortress and glanced around, he immediately noticed Meng Qing and Nuo Na.

“Meng Qing, we are leaving. Let’s go!” Shouted Lin Feng which stupefied Meng Qing. Immediately after, Meng Qing glanced to Nuo Na then flew into the air following behind Lin Feng.

A hurricane of cold air rushed out from the fortress. Li Shang looked even more excited than before and he was watching Lin Feng with a huge grin on his face. His wind swirled around his body and rushed through the air, carrying him towards Lin Feng.

On the ground, Nuo Na was astonished, she was fixedly staring at the silhouettes disappearing on the horizon.

Immediately after, Nuo Na’s face turned red, she felt both hopeless and desperate. She understood Lin Feng’s intentions, he only called out for Meng Qing to leave with him which meant he wasn’t going to take Nuo Na with him. Lin Feng was leaving her behind, because she was too weak and would only be a burden. If Lin Feng and Meng Qing had to take Nuo Na with them, they would have no chance of escaping. They had the choice of staying to fight Li Shang or leaving her behind, they chose to leave her.

“I hope we meet again!” Said Nuo Na who was profoundly surprised. She hadn’t thought that they would be separated so suddenly. Her father was dead, her tribe had been annihilated and Lin Feng was now abandoning her, it seemed like she was all alone.

But immediately, she smiled. Even though there were tears in her eyes, her smile was resplendent.

Even if she ended up alone, she lucky to be alive!

In the sky, the three silhouettes were rushing through the city. Lin Feng and Meng Qing were flying in the front. They were clearly trying to escape. However, Li Shang was following behind them while maintaining the same distance, neither catching them and not falling behind.

Lin Feng’s facial expression was cold. He released his deadly energy, but he was very clear on how strong Li Shang was. With his banner, he was easily able to handle Xuan beasts of the fourth and fifth Xuan level. It was becoming more obvious that cultivators at fifth Xuan Qi layer wouldn’t stand a chance of resisting Li Shang. If Lin Feng fought against him, he would need to be cautious as he was no longer sure if he could win.

“How fast! His speed is incredible.” Thought Lin Feng whose expression was still ice-cold. At that moment, he was using his full strength to escape with Meng Qing, but it seemed like it was impossible to escape Li Shang and on top of that, Li Shang was only casually flying through the air, he wasn’t even using his full power.

“Lin Feng, I just want to learn your soul technique and to see if there’s anything useful in your ring. I have already said, I am a nice person and won’t kill you! Why are you being like this?” Said Li Shang, he was still smiling and continued to mention that he wasn’t going to kill them, as if this was his way of being friendly.

Lin Feng ignored him and continued to fly forwards. Very quickly, their group could be seen flying over the city gate. If they left the city, they would encounter the countless fire wolves. The desert around Tianya Haige was probably filled with countless powerful fire wolves.

Lin Feng stopped, it seemed like he was done running away. He landed on the ramparts of the city and looked at Li Shang with a cold stare.

Li Shang stopped in mid-air when he saw that Lin Feng had stopped running away. He was looking at Lin Feng with a big grin, but his expression had grown slightly tense. He seemed extremely carefree and imposing as he stood in the air.

“Li Shang, I asked you if you wanted anything in exchange and you said no, now you are going back on your word.” Said Lin Feng. His body was surrounded by a shocking deadly energy.

He took a step forwards and his sword whistled through the air. Lin Feng slashed his sword towards Li Shang with all his power.

“Wait!? You want to fight me?” Said Li Shang looking confused. He gave a small wave of his hand which formed a hurricane of pure Qi. The hurricane then dashed forward and collided with Lin Feng’s sword energy. Lin Feng’s sword energy immediately vanished and his deadly energy was blown away.

Lin Feng narrowed his eyes. As expected, Li Shang hadn’t revealed his true strength. He had blocked Lin Feng’s sword attack in such a relaxed and carefree way. His pure Qi contained unbelievable power, there was no longer any doubting his strength, he was much stronger than a cultivator at the peak of the fifth Xuan Qi Layer, he might still be even stronger than that!

Lin Feng didn’t continue to talk. His pure Qi filled the air and his deadly energy was once again released into the air. Li Shang frowned and his face looked surprised. Lin Feng’s deadly energy was extremely powerful, unfortunately, it seemed like nothing when facing against Li Shang.

A black sword condensed in the air, that black sword was filled with an incredible deadly energy.

“Ah, interesting.” Said Li Shang with a grin. He released some more pure Qi which grew stronger and stronger. His entire body was surrounded by a hurricane which seemed like it had the power to tear the sky apart.

“Die!” Shouted Lin Feng furiously while releasing a monstrous deadly energy which crashed towards Li Shang like a tidal wave. However, Li Shang was still calm and carefree. His hurricane tore through the wave of deadly energy and then collided with Lin Feng’s sword.

A rumbling sound spread through the air then suddenly the pure Qi hurricane seemed to be angered as the power drastically increased. Lin Feng continued to release and endless amount of deadly energy towards the hurricane.

However, it couldn’t be stopped!




A huge burst of power crashed through the air destroying everything in its path. Li Shang’s entire body had been surrounded by a black ocean which was Lin Feng’s deadly energy and Li Shang’s clothes were dishevelled. The atmosphere had returned to normal, but Li Shang’s face was now expressionless, he still looked calm and carefree, but also cold.

At that moment, Lin Feng and Meng Qing’s silhouettes were gone. When Lin Feng sensed Li Shang’s pure Qi suddenly surge in strength, he realized that he was never a match for Li Shang, Li Shang was stronger than Lin Feng had ever imagined. Therefore, while Li Shang was distracted by the deadly energy, Meng Qing and Lin Feng immediately fled at full speed. They entered the desert filled with wolves and were gambling that Li Shang wouldn’t dare to follow them.

When Li Shang saw them leaving, he started to grin again. He immediately rushed through the air and appeared at the same distance behind Lin Feng and Meng Qing as before, then continued to follow from behind. He didn’t even hesitate before entering the desert which was overrun with wolves, some even had seven tails, some might have more.

“Huh?” Lin Feng was stupefied. He was still chasing them! They were now in the wolves territory, but he continued to chase them without a second thought!

Lin Feng and Meng Qing’s facial expressions had changed. They were flying higher and higher into the sky. They were trying their best to avoid the fire wolves, they didn’t dare to slow down and actually seemed to increase their speed.

Since Li Shang was still following behind them, there was only one place to run. They had to back to the place where they first arrived, that was the only way for them to leave the desert and escape from Li Shang.

Li Shang obviously couldn’t know what Lin Feng was thinking. So he was still following behind them in a relaxed manner, he continued to maintain the same distance. He still wasn’t using his full strength to chase them. It almost seemed like he was playing with them.

“Lin Feng, is this really necessary? I only want a few things, I don’t want to see you run to your death!” Said Li Shang calmly as he followed behind Lin Feng which made Lin Feng pull a long face. Li Shang was never interested in seeing Lin Feng’s banner, it seemed like he only wanted to play around.

The ground was scorching hot and emitting an extreme heat, certain parts of the ground would burst into flame, but there were no fire wolves to be seen. Lin Feng was surprised, did those fire wolves really come from the depths of the planet?

But Lin Feng didn’t have time to think about anything else, all he wanted was to escape from Li Shang. Even though Li Shang wasn’t chasing them with all his power and looked like he was playing around, who could tell when he would grow bored and kill them?

Of course, if Lin Feng was pushed too far then he wouldn’t care about the consequences and would unleash the evil swords.

They continued to fly through the air for a while and Lin Feng was exhausted. He made a slight movement and the banner appeared under their feet and started to grow. The huge banner flew through the air while carrying Lin Feng and Meng Qing. Flying on the banner required Lin Feng to use less energy, he started to remove some purity stones from his and continuously absorbed them to recover his power.

Li Shang looked even more excited when he watched this. He was still following Lin Feng in a calm and relaxed way. His speed was neither slow nor fast. No matter how fast Lin Feng tried to escape, the distance between them remained the same the entire time.

“We’re almost there.”

After a long period of time, they could finally see the plateau which meant they had almost arrived. If they were able to make it back, they would be able to safely leave the desert.

Lin Feng was more concerned about Li Shang who had been flying this entire time, he was afraid that Li Shang might suddenly catch them and there was nothing they could do to stop him.

But Lin Feng’s fears didn’t become a reality. They soon landed on the ground and arrived back to the place which transported them there. Li Shang was still following them, but maintained his distance. He was still flying leisurely in the air as he smiled while looking towards Lin Feng and Meng Qing: “You’re not going to continue running away?”

“Running away?”

A smirk appeared on Lin Feng’s face. He grabbed Meng Qing’s hand as he added,


When he finished, Lin Feng and Meng Qing vanished from sight, and Li Shang was shocked to see them escape his senses.

When Li Shang saw that Lin Feng and Meng Qing were gone, he was shocked but immediately after, his grin grew wider and he looked even more excited.

Li Shang slowly raised his head towards the sky and leant back, closed his eyes and took a long deep breath, he looked like he was savouring this moment.

Immediately after, he opened his eyes and a spectacular light could be seen in his eyes.

“HA, AHA HA, AHA HA HA HA, AHA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Li Shang had burst into an endless fit of laughter, an insane laughter!

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    • notsaneinthebrain September 12, 2016 at 5:50 pm - Reply

      What did she do for him besides pointing him in the right direction and tell him about the story of the wolves? He already saved her life, twice, I would say she got a good deal xD

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        I think you are missing a point here. It is all about the harem. …!!

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        Now, not only she lost everyone but she is also a weakling in a city full of “strong” people who doesnt care about the weaks and this mad cultivator would probably easily be able to find her if he want to punish someone related to Lin Feng for the failure of his stupid plan…
        So in any case, she didnt gain anything from Lin Feng and now she is alone, while him, benefited more trough meeting her by discovering about fire wolves, wich help him find out about the crystal who helped to raise his strenght, then absorb wolves trough his black lotus and meet that Li Shan teaching him about the banner tech…(otherwise, the wolves would have acted later, most likely in a time when LIN feng would have gone back to his mom since a while)

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