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PMG Chapter 465: The Cursed World

PMG Chapter 465: The Cursed World

“HAHAHAHA…………” Li Shang laugher grew more and more hysterical. He was releasing a terrifyingly powerful Qi which shook the heavens, if Lin Feng was able to see this scene, he would know that they would never have escaped from Li Shang if he didn’t allow it. Li Shan’s power could bring Lin Feng to his knees, unable to move or breathe in Li Shang’s presence.

The ground as far as the eye could see was shaking because of Li Shang’s hysterical laughter. His Qi was flowing in all directions, it tore through the sky and ripped apart the earth. Shortly after, the ground burst open forming a large valley beneath his feet, shortly after, Li Shang’s silhouette rose into the air. His black cloak was violently fluttering inside the hurricane.

“Ka, kacha!” The valley was being forced open by a powerful force which seemed to be shifting the entire earth, an extremely powerful fire energy was rising from beneath the valley. Soon, the valley was filled with bright red flames.

It was magma!

The terrifying magma started to overflow from the valley and spread across the desert. The entire desert seemed like it had vanished, only flames from the magma remained where the sand used to be. Besides, the magma continued to rise into the air, it shot into the sky like an erupting volcano. It was terrifying!

Li Shang finally stopped laughing and looked towards the terrifying magma as it rose into the sky. He looked happy and carefree.

“Li Shang!” Shouted a husky voice from inside the magma. Then, a pair of eyes suddenly opened on the surface of the magma. As the magma rose into the air, it slowly started to take the form of a gigantic beast, more precisely a fire wolf. It was a gigantic fire wolf!

“Fire King, what brings you out?” Said Li Shang while looking at the terrifying fire wolf as if he was greeting an old friend.

“Li Shang, what’s wrong with you? Why are you laughing so loudly? What could possibly make you so happy?” Asked the Fire King. Its voice caused the atmosphere to tremble.

“Didn’t you see it? You probably knew about that exit a long time ago!” Said Li Shang.

“I know of it, but that exit will not work for you. So why are you laughing here like a fool?!” Said Fire King indifferently… He had lived here since ancient times, how could he not know about the exit to Xue Yue?

“Well, I gave him an extremely precious gift to take outside with him!” Said Li Shang while looking at the sky and taking a deep breath. Immediately after, the clouds in the sky started to swirl and a huge hurricane formed around Li Shang.

“BOOOOOOM!” Li Shang unleashed a terrifying energy from his fist which crashed through the air causing a thunderous boom.

“BOOOOM! BOOOOM! BOOOOM!” Li Shang continued to violently attack the same area, trying to force the door to appear for him.

“This bloody world is a cursed world, I, Li Shang, will find a way to leave!”

The earth was violently shaking and the heavens seemed like they would collapse at any moment.

“Being powerful is a burden! The more you know about this world, the more it drives you insane. If you’re like other people, you will never understand what kind of world this is… But, you have already found out the truth of the world we live in… But I can tell you that what prevents us from leaving is not a seal, and this world is not cursed. This is a normal world just like any other!” Sighed the fire king. Its voice had grown ancient and weary. He was much older than Li Shang, the gap in age was tremendous. It was born at the very centre of the world. Over the years it eventually formed its own intelligence. It had a vast and broad knowledge which spanned over millennia. The fire wolf was well aware of the limits of this world, they were unable to break the boundary of that world and escape their cage, but there were paths to the outside which allowed people to enter. Therefore, the wolf knew that Li Shang’s dream of leaving would remain just that.

“What about you? What are your plans?” Asked Li Shang towards the Fire King.

“All I want to do now is attack Tianya Haige and slowly gain control over this world. If I manage to conquer the world, I would have no reason to leave it behind.” Said Fire King slowly.

“I wish you success and I hope you’ll be able to achieve your dream in the future.” Said Li Shang while smiling. His body was then consumed by light and he immediately disappeared from sight with incredible speed. The Fire King was just looking at Li Shang’s figure in the distance, then slowly moved back into the magma. Very quickly, the desert returned to its original state as if nothing had occurred.


After having escaped from the desert, Meng Qing and Lin Feng appeared in front of the ancient tree. They felt refreshed breathing in the cool air of the Lovesick Forest. They felt like it had been a lifetime since they had felt such refreshing air.

Lin Feng and Meng Qing looked at each other and smiled. They had gone through a very mysterious and mystical experience. They seemed to teleport to a mysterious region which was vastly different from their own.

Lin Feng turned around, his eyes were alight while looking towards the illusion surrounding the tree.

Suddenly, Lin Feng released a very sharp Qi and his hand pierced through the air. A slicing sound emerged and a tree fell, blocking the entrance to the illusion. Lin Feng continued attacking until the entrance was completely sealed shut.

“Little Feng, what’s going on?!” When Yue Meng He heard the loud noises, her silhouette flickered and she appeared in front of Lin Feng, four women had accompanied her. She was surprised, why had Lin Feng sealed the entrance to the illusion?

“Mother, we can never go to that place again.” Said Lin Feng while looking at Yue Meng He. Lin Feng looked strange, he felt like they should never go back to that region. It was a dangerous place filled with evil and death. The fire wolves had an army powerful enough to conquer the land, who knew whether they would succeed or not?

Yue Meng He remained silent for a few seconds and replied: “Alright, we won’t go there again.”

Lin Feng smiled and started walking with Yue Meng He. He asked: “Mother, has anything particular happened the past days in Xue Yue?”

“Nothing important, some people from the Dragon Mountain Empire have arrived in Xue Yue. They probably came to discuss the Great Competition of Xue Yu.” Said Yue Meng He while frowning, and then continued: “Besides, those people from Dragon Mountain have also brought along some people from the country of Tian Feng. Tian Feng is just like Xue Yue, it’s a country under the jurisdiction of the Dragon Mountain Empire.”

“The Great Competition of Xue Yu!” Whispered Lin Feng. Last time, the national competition of Xue Yue had abruptly stopped due to corruption and tampering. Lin Feng was wondering how the people of Dragon Mountain Empire would select their cultivators.

“Little Feng, do you want to participate in the Great Competition of Xue Yu?” Asked Yue Meng He.

“The most outstanding disciples of the thirteen countries of Xue Yu will engage in battles which will allow them to grow stronger, why wouldn’t I want to?” Lin Feng’s eyes were filled with excitement. He couldn’t stay in Xue Yue forever, he had to leave at some point. Xue Yue was only the start of his adventure.

Yue Meng He remained silent. Actually, she had contradictory thoughts to Lin Feng. On one hand she was hoping that Lin Feng wouldn’t want to leave Xue Yue, but on the other hand she was also hoping that Lin Feng would be to explore the world and be a free spirit. If the empire thought that Lin Feng was outstanding, nobody in Xue Yue would dare to harm him. She was even hoping that Lin Feng would, one day, be able to take revenge for all the grievances of the past. After all, she wanted to get her revenge too but she wasn’t powerful enough. Lin Hai and Yue Meng He had suffered a terrible fate, they were forced into hiding, they didn’t have enough power to truly be together, they were forced into secrecy.

But… She had only one son, Lin Feng. If Lin Feng went and participated in the Great Competition of Xue Yu, it would be a very difficult challenge for him. Yue Meng He didn’t want Lin Feng to carry such a heavy burden by himself. She didn’t want Lin Feng to eventually crumble under the pressure. She was scared that he would eventually lose his life because of past grievances.

Yue Meng He and Lin Hai would normally share a similar opinion on most matters. They both wanted Lin Feng to live a normal and ordinary life, if he didn’t, they at least wanted him to be safe.

But since Lin Feng had already entered the world of cultivators, he couldn’t stop walking the dangerous path, it was impossible.

Lin Feng had to keep moving forwards, step by step, until the day he stood at the very top.

“Little Feng, no matter what, whether you want to go or not, you have to remember to remember how important your life is. You have to keep living, that is the only thing me and your father wishes for.” Said Yue Meng He while staring at Lin Feng.

“Don’t worry, it’s not easy to kill me.” Said Lin Feng while smiling which stupefied Yue Meng He.

Lin Hai was still in front of the tree with the cabins, he was still carving into trees. He was absolutely still and seemed like he wasn’t part of this world, as if he had forgotten everything.

Lin Feng kept walking and didn’t go and disturb his father. He also knew about his father’s seal. It seemed like Lin Hai was trying to increase his strength and vitality, he was trying to break through the seal that was placed on him.

Having his power sealed and part of him locked away, Lin Hai didn’t feel that he was truly living his life, even if he didn’t say it, Lin Feng understood how much his father had suffered to protect him.

He was shunned and eventually expelled from the clan of his own flesh and blood, he wasn’t able to step up and protect his son from danger and when he was inside the Imperial City, he was forced to hide away, unable to freely be with his own wife… He was unable to take his revenge and was constantly hiding in fear from the imperial clan. Lin Hai had a great burden on his shoulders. Even if he was always smiling, his smile was only to hide the suffering in his heart.

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