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PMG Chapter 466: Resurrection of the Yun Hai Sect!

PMG Chapter 466: Resurrection of the Yun Hai Sect!

“Mother, I am leaving for a while.” Said Lin Feng who didn’t want to disturb Lin Hai, Yue Meng He smiled and nodded in reply. In the Imperial City, everybody was now aware that Lin Feng was her son, so it was unlikely that anyone would attack Lin Feng. His enemies would have to think twice before trying anything. Besides, Lin Feng’s personal strength was also extraordinary so Yue Meng He wasn’t too worried about Lin Feng’s safety.


The depths of the Lovesick Forest was a restricted area, nobody was able to enter that area without permission, but Lin Feng could enter freely.


Lin Feng and Meng Qing left the Lovesick Forest and headed to the Celestial Academy. When the students of the academy saw Lin Feng and Meng Qing, they all looked at them with respectful gazes, the students worshiped them.


At the national competition, everyone had seen how powerful Lin Feng was, including a large amount of people from the academy, and even those who hadn’t witnessed it with their own eyes, had heard about what had happened.


“As expected, they are destined soul mates.” Thought many people when they saw Lin Feng and Meng Qing. Lin Feng looked elegant and imposing, Meng Qing looked pure and holy like a celestial being, they were a perfect match, just like a string of pearl and jade.


The students of the Celestial Academy all stopped what they were doing when they noticed Meng Qing and Lin Feng, they started to follow them, which made Lin Feng smile wryly, he wasn’t used to people worshipping him.


He went to the military students’ quarters and encountered Mister Chi and Mister Huo. Lan Jiao, Jing Yun and Yi Xue were also there when Lin Feng arrived. Besides, they had already befriended the two strange old men. What bothered Lin Feng was that the two old men were relaxing and playing chess, Jing Yun and Yi Xue were preparing tea for them and Lan Jiao was next to the old men watching them play with a worshipping gaze. Lin Feng was shocked speechless.


“Mister Huo, I am intelligent and a fast learner, please teach me alchemy!!” Said Lan Jiao to the old man, but Mister Huo ignored her and continued playing chess.


“Mister Huo, Mister Chi, you really know how to enjoy life.” Said Lin Feng while smiling and walking over to the old men.


“You and your goddess were able to take a break and have a tranquil and carefree lifestyle, why wouldn’t you allow these two old men to enjoy some relaxation?” Said Mister Chi while laughing wholeheartedly.


Lin Feng looked very different than in the past. When they decided to follow Lin Feng, he was still very weak and still had the air of youth. But, they had seen the battles of Xiangjiang Lake. The two old men knew that Lin Feng had already surpassed their power.


Besides, he had surpassed them in such a short period of time that the two old men couldn’t even believe their eyes, it was like a dream.


They had initially thought that Lin Feng would surpass them after a few years but in fact, he had needed less than a year and he was already much stronger than them. He could easily kill cultivators of the third and fourth Xuan Qi layer like they were insects. Not to mention that Lin Feng’s background was also incredible.


“Haha!!” Laughed Mister Huo and then said while looking at Lin Feng: “Don’t listen to Mister Chi! If you need anything, just give us an order.”


Lin Feng was surprised but he quickly returned to normal again. Mister Huo was extremely kind, he was the most understanding of Lin Feng.


“Mister Huo, what ‘orders’ are you talking about? Back then, you decided to follow me, a little nobody, I will always remember that.” Said Lin Feng while shaking his head and smiling.


Mister Huo and Mister Chi nodded and said: “If we hadn’t understood you back then and had no relationship with you, we wouldn’t have followed you.”


“Indeed, Lin Feng, why do you need to talk that way and sound sentimental, you’re so womanly!” Said Mister Chi.


“Haha, yes.” Lin Feng nodded. He then continued: “Mister Huo, I need you to go back to Yangzhou City and then bring a troop to the Yun Hai Mountain Chain. I want you to encircle the mountain chain for seven days.”


Jing Yun shivered and her eyes started to twinkle. Bring people to the Yun Hai Mountain Chain…? Encircle it for seven days?


What did Lin Feng want to do?


“Besides, I also want to ask you, Mister Chi, to take a troop to the Hao Yue Sect and exterminate them.” Said Lin Feng which made Jing Yun shiver again. Chu Zhan Peng and his father Chu Qing were dead, the Hao Yue Sect was at its weakest and most vulnerable state.


Lin Feng wanted to keep his promise and resurrect the Yun Hai Sect. Those who participated in the extermination of the Yun Hai Sect needed to die.


The time had come to get revenge for the Yun Hai Sect.


“No problem.”


“No problem here either.”


The two old men replied and nodded. They then immediately stood up.


“Lin Feng, it is said that the former territory of the Yun Hai Sect has been invaded by those who helped destroy it. Besides, the Yun Hai Mountain Chain is also inhabited by a number of new sects. It is because of the Black Wind Mountain, it is a great location for sects to train and cultivate. The location gives many advantages to those sects.” Said Jing Yun to Lin Feng, as she explained the situation.


Lin Feng slightly nodded. He understood why the Yun Hai Mountain Chain was a good location for a sect.


“Surround it for seven days. Nobody should even think about taking a single step inside the territory. People who are residing in the mountain chain will have seven days to evacuate, if they are not gone by seven days, kill them all. Mister Chi, after destroying the Hao Yue Sect, have some people bring the spoils of war back to Yangzhou City, then move the troops towards the Ice and Snow Mountain Village, wait for me at the half way point and I will meet you there.” Said Lin Feng coldly.


There were no laws in the world of cultivation except for the law of the jungle. In The past, Duan Tian Lang had influenced the Ice and Snow Mountain Village, the Hao Yue Sect and the Wan Shou Sect to join hands and destroy the Yun Hai Sect, three years had passed since that bloodbath and a debt of blood had to be paid with blood.


“I know what to do.” Said Mister Huo while nodding. “Let’s not waste time, Lin Feng, Mister Chi and I will leave immediately.”


“Alright.” Said Lin Feng while nodding. Mister Chi and Mister Huo then immediately left without wasting a single moment.


Jing Yun looked at Lin Feng and her eyes were bright. She had known Lin Feng for a long time and she had seen him accomplish so many great things.


Jing Yun could still remember how Lin Feng was back then when he had only broken through to the sixth Qi layer. He was just an ordinary disciple of the Yun Hai Sect and was considered very weak. Then, he suddenly started to dazzle everyone like a meteor flashing across the sky. He had fought his way through many life and death battles, and step by step, he made progress on his cultivation. Now, he considered as an extremely powerful cultivator and he easily had the power to destroy a sect.


Lin Feng was already stronger than Nan Gong Ling was in the past. Maybe he really could resurrect the former glory of the Yun Hai Sect.


He was a young man, only eighteen years old, yet so elegant and prestigious. He had become the most talented disciple of the Yun Hai Sect and his glory was unmatched. If he was unable to resurrect the Yun Hai Sect, then no one could return it to Xue Yue.


Jing Yun had overheard conversations in the past regarding the Yun Hai Sect and Nan Gong Ling. People would say that if the Yun Hai Sect hadn’t been annihilated, then it would have flourished once again. Two years before, the Yun Hai Sect was at its weakest, it was a period of decline for the sect which was why they couldn’t defend themselves from attack. In the end, Lin Feng survived and inherited the Yun Hai Sect, its resurrection was in his hands.


Lin Feng had made a promise and these were things that he needed to do.


“Lin Feng.” Shouted Lan Jiao at that moment. Lin Feng turned his head and looked towards her. She looked like she was laden with grief and her face was contorted.


“Lin Feng, I’m leaving.” Said Lan Jiao which surprised Lin Feng, but he immediately regained his composure. Lan Jiao was neither his friend nor his enemy. He had accepted to take her with him because the Dream Pavilion had been exterminated. Lan Jiao wanted to keep on living so she had had to follow Lin Feng. A long time had passed since those events and Lan Jiao wanted to live her own life.


When she saw Lin Feng remained silent, she continued: “The people from the Cosmic Pavilion are already in Xue Yue, they are in the Imperial City.”


“The Cosmic Pavilion!” Lin Feng was stupefied. The Dream Pavilion was a subgroup of the Cosmic Pavilion which was an influential power in the Dragon Mountain Empire. They were extremely powerful, more than those small spheres of influence in Xue Yue. Surprisingly, they had come to Xue Yue.


“Lan Jiao, even though you know everything about what happened in Celestial River, you shouldn’t tell them about it, the second prince Duan Wu Ya shouldn’t be offended at any cost. While they are in Xue Yue, the Cosmic Pavilion does not have the power to harm him.” Warned Lin Feng. Lin Feng and Duan Wu Ya often had contact. Lin Feng still didn’t understand why Duan Wu Ya always acted so friendly towards him, it was unfathomable. Lin Feng really didn’t understand Duan Wu Ya. In Celestial River, Duan Wu Ya had even dared attack an evil ectoplasm king.


If Lan Jiao wanted to use this opportunity to attack Duan Wu Ya in Xue Yue, she would be killed and Duan Wu Ya would emerge unharmed.


“I know.” Replied Lan Jiao while nodding. “What happened in Celestial River will not be mentioned, I will pretend to know nothing about it.”


“Alright then.” Replied Lin Feng while nodding. Lan Jiao was still one of his acquaintances and Lin Feng hoped that nothing bad would happen to her.


“Is there anything you want to tell me?” Asked Lan Jiao while looking towards Lin Feng in a warm and friendly way.


After remaining silent for a few seconds, Lin Feng said: “Take good care of yourself.”


“I will.” Said Lan Jiao while smiling. Immediately after, she turned around and left. She didn’t take anything with her, she simply left with empty hands.

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