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PMG Chapter 469: Beauty Under the Moonlight

PMG Chapter 469: Beauty Under the Moonlight


On Duan Wu Mountain, there is a scenic palace with a beautiful waterfall. It was usually very calm but at that moment there were various sounds coming from the palace.


It was already night outside and the Imperial Palace was brightly lit. However, the palace on Duan Wu Mountain didn’t have any lanterns lit. There was only the light of the moon to illuminate the beautiful scene. The moonlight glistened on the waterfall, and the stones of the mountain radiated a pale glow. Duan Wu Mountain was beautifully lit by the moonlight. It looked beautiful. 


Lin Feng and Duan Xin Ye arrived together. When they arrived at the foot of the mountain, they saw two guards in silver armour. Seeing guards here was something very rare but because of the banquet, Duan Wu Ya had guards prepared to ensure that they weren’t disturbed. 


When they saw Duan Xin Ye with Lin Feng, they didn’t stop to check their identities before entering. However, the guards were glaring at Lin Feng. 


Even though everybody knew Lin Feng’s name in the Imperial City, only those who had seen Lin Feng, for example at Xiangjiang Lake, could recognize him. The guards of the Imperial Palace weren’t able to go to Xiangjiang Lake, therefore, they couldn’t recognize Lin Feng. When they saw a young man who was being close with Duan Xin Ye, they were surprised, envious and jealous. 


The princess was extremely beautiful, many men dreamed of courting her. However, surprisingly, those guards had never seen this young man who was with her at that moment, which meant that he wasn’t a noble from the Imperial Palace. Being that close to the princess was probably his good luck. 


While going on up the mountain, Lin Feng sensed that the guards were glaring at him. He smiled wryly and said: “Xin Ye, all those wealthy and noble young men of the Imperial Palace are going to be angry at me tonight… Don’t you think?”


“You’ve got so many enemies already, a few more doesn’t really matter.” Said Duan Xin Ye while smiling in a tender way. Lin Feng had offended a great deal of large powers in Xue Yue, the Yu Clan, the Wan Shou Sect, etc. They were all extremely powerful and influential groups within Xue Yue. If those people couldn’t attack Lin Feng anymore, these nobles couldn’t even dream of it. Therefore, offending more people wasn’t a problem for Lin Feng, his situation wouldn’t change. 


Lin Feng understood what Duan Xin Ye meant. He couldn’t help but smile wryly over and over again. He had, indeed, offended a number of people but it was always him being provoked. Lin Feng was only following his path on becoming a strong cultivator and they became the thorns and thistles in his way. If a strong cultivator couldn’t continue walking down the path of cultivation because of a few thorns and thistles, he would die. The only way to move forwards was to cut through everything in his path. In other words, it was necessary for Lin Feng to encounter difficulties and overcome all the obstacles in his way. 


“For you, I would have to do this much.” Said Lin Feng while smiling which stupefied Duan Xin Ye. The moonlight was shining upon her beautiful face which made her look like a goddess. 


On Duan Wu Mountain, there was a huge cultivation field created for battles between cultivators. Under the moonlight, the field reflected the stars to be shown beneath their feet, so while standing on it, people would feel like heroes standing amongst the stars.


On that field, there was a pavilion from which one could observe the battles. At that moment, there were many people inside the pavilion. There were many people sitting around the pavilion and there were fine liquors and delicacies in front of them. 


But it seemed like they were still waiting for people to arrive as there were still a few open seats. Nobody had tasted the food or the alcohol, instead they were unceasingly talking. 


Duan Wu Ya wasn’t sitting on the main seat which was higher than the others, instead he was sitting on a seat next to the main one, and his seat was slightly lower. He was sitting amongst a group of people from Xue Yue, who sat in a position even lower than him.


Opposite of Duan Wu Ya and the other people from Xue Yue, at the very front, were some people who looked introverted and had no energy emerging from their bodies, however, Duan Wu Ya didn’t seem to neglect them.


Opposite Duan Wu Ya, it was the prince of Tian Feng, Feng Chen. Besides, the other people who were emitting to energy were members of the seven envoys of Tian Feng. 


The seven envoys of Tian Feng were the strongest young cultivators of Tian Feng, just like the eight high-officials of Xue Yue, but in Tian Feng, there was only seven. Strangely, there was only six of them present.


On Duan Wu Ya’s left, there were large seats, the three people who sat on them looked indifferent. They had a noble aura surrounding them. They were the three from the Dragon Mountain Empire. Two of them were ambassadors for the empire and one of them was an elder of the Cosmic Pavilion, the ambassadors had invited him to join them in coming to Xue Yue. 


Besides all of the well-known figures, there were some other people who looked extraordinary as well. They were the high-ranking officials from the court of Xue Yue, opposite them were the powerful guards of the ambassadors of the Dragon Mountain Empire. There was also some cultivators from the Cosmic Pavilion. 


Everybody in the pavilion had an extraordinary social status. 


But what surprised people was that there was a free seat next to Duan Wu Ya. Nobody was sitting there, which meant there was an incredible person who had still not arrived. 


“Wu Ya, Your Highness, please forgive me for my curiosity but… the one who made you postpone the banquet, isn’t it the one who hasn’t arrived yet?” Asked Feng Chen in a calm voice. Actually, the tone of his voice showed that he was reproaching Duan Wu Ya for postponing the banquet. 


“Please accept my most sincere apologies, this person is extremely important in Xue Yue. Besides, he might participate in the Great Competition of Xue Yu. I am convinced that the ambassadors from Dragon Mountain can understand my position, sorry for the inconvenience.” Said Duan Wu Ya while slightly bowing in front of the ambassadors. He was extremely polite and courteous. They were the ones who would select the fighters for the Great Competition, he had to be polite to them. After all, the Great Competition wasn’t only about Xue Yue, it was also about the Dragon Mountain Empire. 


“Well, the ambassadors and the seniors of the Cosmic Pavilion, like me, must be very curious to know who that person is? You postponed the banquet because of him and even now he’s late!” Said Feng Chen in a low voice while sounding annoyed. 


“I am curious too. Is it the first of the eight high-officials, the crown prince Duan Wu Dao? But if it was him, you wouldn’t be sitting there.” Said Feng Chen mockingly.


Feng Chen was the second strongest envoy of Tian Feng. He had heard about Duan Wu Dao a long time ago and knew that Duan Wu Dao was the strongest of the eight high-officials. The strongest from the seven envoys of Tian Feng hadn’t come this time. 


When Duan Wu Ya hard this, he said in a calm and indifferent way: “The first of the seven envoys of Tian Feng hasn’t come, so my brother obviously wouldn’t bother to come either.”


Duan Wu Ya stupefied the envoys of Tian Feng. He was quite aggressive! His simple sentence meant that Duan Wu Dao wasn’t going to bother himself for Feng Chen. 


“I have heard that the princess of Xue Yue, Duan Xin Ye Her Highness, is extremely beautiful like a goddess. Besides, she is old enough to marry but still doesn’t have a husband. Look at us, envoys of Tian Feng, any of us will happily accept her.” Said the seventh envoy which made many wealthy and noble young men from Xue Yue grow angry. The people from Tian Feng wanted to humiliate their princess! 


“My sister already has someone in her heart, if there is an opportunity, I will introduce him to you.” Said Duan Wu Ya while remaining calm. 


At that moment, the sound steps filled the atmosphere. Duan Wu Ya and the others were all extremely strong cultivators, they could all hear the footsteps approaching, as they looked to see who was approaching. 


“Brother, who wants to see me?” Said a gentle voice at that moment. Immediately after, a young woman appeared. She looked graceful and elegant, there was nothing covering her face so everybody could see her beauty, they were astonished. They hadn’t thought that the princess of Xue Yue would be so beautiful. 


But they also felt upset, because there was a young man by her side, and he looked extremely close to her, they were even holding hands.


“Lin Feng!” 


When the people of Xue Yue saw Lin Feng, they were shocked. Lin Feng had come with the princess, besides, it seemed like they were very close. 


Immediately after, they saw Duan Xin Ye hug Lin Feng closer to her. Then they moved towards the pavilion together. Everybody was astonished. 


Duan Xin Ye had surprisingly come with Lin Feng and it seemed like they were lovers! 


Since when were Lin Feng and Duan Xin Ye together!? Wasn’t there a pure and holy woman, who looked like a celestial being, by Lin Feng’s side already? 


Many people looked upset when they saw Lin Feng. He had too much luck with women! All the women around him were gorgeous. Meng Qing looked like a celestial being, pure and holy, and Duan Xin Ye looked like a goddess under the moonlight. 

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