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PMG Chapter 470: Toast!

PMG Chapter 470: Toast!

Was that seat next to Duan Wu Ya reserved for that young man who had come with Duan Xin Ye?

At that moment, Lin Feng and Duan Xin Ye were slowly walking towards the pavilion. Lin Feng smiled at Duan Wu Ya and said: “Sorry for making you wait.”

Duan Wu Ya looked surprised, he hadn’t thought that Lin Feng would come with Duan Xin Ye. He was, of course,happy to see it.

“We didn’t wait for too long, hurry up and sit.” Said Duan Wu Ya while pointing at the seat next to him. He was talking to Lin Feng in an extremely polite manner which stupefied all the people from Xue Yue.

That seat wasn’t for Duan Xin Ye, it was for Lin Feng! Duan Wu Ya was postponing the banquet because of… Lin Feng?

“Xin Ye, why are you not greeting your brother? And why didn’t you tell me that you were coming? In that case, you can sit with Lin Feng on his lap.” Said Duan Wu Ya while smiling. Many people were extremely upset and looking at Lin Feng with jealousy. It seemed like Duan Wu Ya accepted Lin Feng and Duan Xin Ye’s relationship.

Actually, at Xiangjiang Lake, things changed once everyone knew of Lin Feng’s status. Those wealthy and noble people who had always despised Lin Feng, thinking of him as an insect, used to think that he had no right to sit with them but things quickly changed. Duan Wu Ya had prepared a better seat for him than the ones he had prepared for any of them. Besides, the beautiful princess would sit on his lap, if they weren’t jealous of Lin Feng, it would be strange!

Lin Feng didn’t feel proud or arrogant at all though. He walked to the seat Duan Wu Ya had shown him and sat down with Duan Xin Ye. Everybody felt even more envious and jealous when they saw his actions.

The people from Dragon Mountain and Tian Feng looked at Lin Feng in a strange way. The banquet had been postponed because of him.

Behind the envoys of Tian Feng, there was a person who continued staring at Lin Feng and Duan Xin Ye. They were looking at Lin Feng in a strange way. Lin Feng……..

As if Duan Xin Ye had felt something, she looked at that person and saw it was a woman, she was beautiful and looked alluring. She was stupefied and suddenly waved at her.

That woman was the one who had left Lin Feng, Lan Jiao. When Lan Jiao saw Duan Xin Ye’s smile, she was shocked and forced a smile. Immediately after, she glared at Lin Feng. No wonder Lin Feng was never interested in her, apart from Meng Qing, there was another beautiful woman by his side, besides, she was a princess.

Lin Feng also glanced at the crowd. The three most important people seemed to be two middle-aged men and a young man. All of them looked introvert and unfathomable. Besides, in front of him, there were seven people. Feng Chen and the other envoys of Tian Feng. All of them were glowing with power and strength. Dangerous lights were twinkling in their eyes when they looked at Lin Feng.

The six envoys from Tian Feng were all very strong and undoubtedly talented. Amongst all of that group, Lan Jiao was the weakest.

Besides, there was Yue Tian Ming, Wu Qing, two people from the Yu Clan, Yu Qin and Yu Jian, there was also the high-official Luo Xue who all sat below Lin Feng. The other high-officials were Duan Wu Dao, Duan Wu Ya and Chu Zhan Peng who was now dead. Those eight were the high-officials of Xue Yue. Yu Qin was the fifth high-official, Yu Jian was the eighth, Luo Xia was the seventh and since Chu Zhan Peng had died, the sixth position was unoccupied.

Under the officials, there was Yun Fei Yang as well. Even though he had always been unknown, he had shown his strength against She Qiong. If Yun Fei Yang fought against Luo Xue, Luo Xue would definitely lose.

The powerful cultivators were the protagonists of the banquet so they had been attributed the best seats.

Besides, there were also some wealthy and noble people from Xue Yue, for example Duan Tian Lang.

“Now that we’re all here, let’s begin our banquet. Ladies and Gentlemen, let us toast the two lordships from Dragon Mountain have come here, they travelled over thousands of miles to reach Xue Yue.” Said Duan Wu Ya in an extremely polite way while raising a glass of alcohol. Everybody raised their glasses one after the other and looked at the people from Dragon Mountain. Whether it was people from Xue Yue or Tian Feng, none of them were willing to offend people from one of the three empires.

“Our second glass is dedicated to an eminent person joining us from Tian Feng.” Said Duan Wu Ya while raising another glass before downing it. He was clearly talking about Feng Chen.

“Duan Wu Ya, dear prince, you are too polite!” Said Feng Chen while smiling and downed his glass as well.

“Even though the crown prince, the highest of the eight high-officials of Xue Yue, isn’t here today, it is still an honour for us to meet such incredible geniuses. This glass is for them!” Said Feng Chen. Feng Chen was a prince as well, he understood that he needed to be courteous and polite to Duan Wu Ya in return. Duan Wu Ya had raised a glass to him so he had to return the gesture.

“The first of the seven envoys of Tian Feng isn’t here either, but he is probably practicing his cultivation and getting ready for the Great Competition of Xue Yu, my brother is the same. On the day of the Great Competition, my brother will be present.” Replied Duan Wu Ya.

The first of the seven envoys of Tian Feng and the first of the eight high-officials of Xue Yue would definitely participate in the Great Competition of Xue Yu, they didn’t have to be selected, they already stood at the top of their respective country.

If the two most outstanding disciples of those two countries didn’t participate, who would?

“What is Duan Wu Dao’s current cultivation level?” Asked someone at that moment. It was a young man sitting on one of the important seats. Everybody looked at Duan Wu Ya when they heard him, they all wanted to know how strong Duan Wu Dao had grown.

Duan Wu Ya looked at that young man, it was a young man from the Dragon Mountain Empire, he had come with the ambassadors which meant that that young man was probably extraordinarily strong. He had probably come to Xue Yue, just like those from Tian Feng, to measure his strength against the other potential candidates for the competition.

“I’m not sure what my brother’s cultivation level is. Of course, he is much stronger than me.” Replied Duan Wu Ya in a courteous tone.

“Well, can you estimate his strength? Approximately?” Asked the person again. He seemed very interested in Duan Wu Dao.

In fact, in the Dragon Mountain Empire, many people had already heard of Duan Wu Dao’s name because Duan Wu Dao had already visited in the past and had fought against cultivators from the Dragon Mountain Empire. Each time, he won.

But seeing Duan Wu Dao was very difficult, only those who had the strength to fight against him could meet with him.

“I would say……… Seventh Xuan Qi layer or possibly above.” Said Duan Wu Ya while smiling which made the person frown. Seventh Xuan Qi layer?

Everybody was sighing with amazement. Seventh Xuan Qi layer… That was already amazing. Duan Wu Dao’s strength was, as expected, terrifying.

But when people thought of what had happened at Xiangjiang Lake, they slightly shook. Duan Wu Dao had attacked the Luo Xia Sect and none of them were able to avoid his attack. He had easily killed people who angered him. He was as rumoured, extremely aggressive and would not show mercy.

“The first envoy of Tian Feng has also broken through to the seventh Xuan Qi layer.” Said someone from Tian Feng at that moment as if he was trying to prove something.

“I believe you, this is nothing surprising!” Said Duan Wu Ya while laughing.

“Why try to compare people who are not here today. Duan Wu Ya, you should introduce the person sitting next to you, the one we’ve waited so long for. Is he the second strongest cultivator of Xue Yue after Duan Wu Dao?”

The envoys of Tian Feng were looking at Lin Feng in an aggressive way. They were all nobles and had been forced to wait for Lin Feng for such a long time. On top of that, the beautiful woman was lying in Lin Feng’s arms, they were jealous. Therefore, they couldn’t help but provoke him and see what he was made of.

“Alright, since you’re interested, I will introduce him.” Said Duan Wu Ya while smiling and laughing. “He is my sister’s lover.”

Duan Wu Ya had said it without hesitation making Duan Xin Ye’s face turn red. She lowered her head and hid her smile. She was so beautiful that everybody was fascinated by her beauty. People were even more jealous of Lin Feng when they saw her reaction.

“You’ve probably all heard of the four outstanding cultivators which shook the entire country of Xue Yue eighteen years ago, right?” Asked Duan Wu Ya to the crowd.

The people from Dragon Mountain slightly nodded and said: “Back then, Ren Hou, His Highness and the three others weren’t only famous in Xue Yue. In the Dragon Mountain Empire, they were extremely famous for their fighting prowess, especially His Highness. Such geniuses only appear once every hundred years. Some of our incredibly outstanding geniuses from Dragon Mountain are still inferior to them.”

Lin Feng was calmly listening to them. Duan Ren Hou was surprisingly considered a powerful cultivator in Dragon Mountain as well. His strength was probably incredible!


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