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PMG Chapter 471: Life at Stake!

PMG Chapter 471: Life at Stake!

“Of course, the three other outstanding cultivators, Yue Meng He, Zhuge Wu Qing and the other whose name is unknown, were all outstanding. Those four people all were very rare talents.” Said the ambassador which made people from Xue Yue grow proud, after all, those four geniuses were from Xue Yue, just like them.

At that moment, Xue Yue seemed much better than Tian Feng to the people of the empire.

“Ambassador, you know so much about my country! You’re incredible!” Said Duan Wu Ya making a polite remark.

“No, I don’t.” Said the ambassador while shaking his head. “Such geniuses are known everywhere. Once someone has shown their strength in the Great Competition of Xue Yu, they quickly become famous in the entire region of Xue Yu, and even in other regions of the world as everybody spreads their stories.”

Many people’s eyes were shining, they were eager to become famous.

“Could it be that Lin Feng has something to do with those four outstanding cultivators?” Asked the ambassador while smiling and looking at Lin Feng.

Duan Ren Hou was a member of the Imperial Clan, he could only be related to Duan Wu Ya and Duan Wu Dao, but not to Lin Feng. However, Duan Wu Ya had mentioned those people while introducing Lin Feng. It was easy to guess a few implications from this. Lin Feng must be related to one of the three other outstanding cultivators.

Duan Wu Ya smiled and said: “Lin Feng is the son of two of those outstanding cultivators: Yue Meng He and the one who was unnamed, Lin Hai.”

“What?” The ambassador was astonished. Two of those four outstanding cultivators had had a son together? He didn’t know this story.

“No wonder, in that case, the proverb should be “like parent, like son”. Lin Feng’s parents are geniuses so he is probably a genius too.”

“He has the strength of the third Xuan Qi layer, approximately, so what? He’s a weakling.” Said someone on the side of the people from Tian Feng. Everybody in the pavilion looked at the person.

“You’re sure he has only broken through to the third Xuan Qi layer?” Asked the seventh envoy of Tian Feng. He could determine other cultivators’ strength and he thought that Lin Feng’s cultivation level was too low. Tian Feng brought this person for a reason.

“His cultivation level is no higher than the third Xuan Qi layer.” That person was sure.

“Hehe, I thought that he was a genius, but everybody only gives him face because of his parents. He even made us wait for so long… How shameless. It seems like his parents haven’t educated him properly.” Said the seventh envoy when he heard that Lin Feng had really only broken through to the third Xuan Qi layer. He was surprised, but immediately became rude and arrogant. He was making fun of Lin Feng. It was a rare opportunity and he seized it to humiliate Xue Yue.

“Even though I’ve only broken through to the third Xuan Qi layer, I can easily kill idiots like you.” Said Lin Feng while putting his glass on the table. His voice was cold and detached. When everyone heard Lin Feng’s voice, it was as if time had stopped.

When the crowd heard him, they were stupefied. People from Xue Yue knew how aggressive Lin Feng was and this was no exception. Back when Lin Feng had the strength of the second Xuan Qi layer, he could easily kill people of the fourth Xuan Qi layer, now that he had broken through to the third Xuan Qi layer, what did a seventh envoy mean to him?

But on the side of the people of Tian Feng, everybody was glaring at him with looks of disdain. Third Xuan Qi layer, nothing more… And he dared act so arrogant. The seventh envoy from Tian Feng had broken through to the fourth Xuan Qi layer.

“Since you want to argue, let’s fight.” Said the seventh envoy from Tian Feng in an ice-cold tone while releasing some ice Qi. Lin Feng dared say that killing him would be easy, he had to prove his words.

“The banquet has just started, keep calm and don’t get too impatient. Let’s first eat and drink, listen to some music and dance. Battles can wait. Let’s enjoy this fine moment and the beautiful scene, battling right now would just spoil the atmosphere.” Said Duan Wu Ya while smiling. He was just delaying the battles but not preventing Lin Feng from fighting. He knew that it would be easy for Lin Feng to defeat the seventh envoy. If they first argued and then fought, the defeat would be even more painful for the seventh envoy.

“Wu Ya is right. Let’s enjoy this moment. How come no beautiful dancers have come out for us?” Said the elder of the Cosmic Pavilion. He seemed to be in a very joyful mood.

Duan Wu Ya raised his hand and clicked his fingers. In the distance, some dancers appeared and started to move towards them. First, they were going to eat, drink and enjoy watching the performance. All the dancers looked extremely graceful under the moonlight, their movements were like an illusion.

The women dancers were all incredibly beautiful.

There was one who was playing the zither who was particularly beautiful. She had long and graceful fingers, her fingertips were floating across the strings, just like water.

“Duan Wu Ya knows how to organize a banquet!” Said some people at that moment. Everything looked so pure and relaxing. The moon, the beautiful dancers and the fantastic music, everything was phenomenal. The tension which had appeared a moment before seemed to drift away.

“The one playing the zither is so beautiful. Unfortunately, she isn’t as beautiful as Xin Ye and she also can’t play the zither like her.” Said Duan Tian Lang which stupefied many people: “The princess can also play the zither? Really?”

“In Xue Yue, Duan Xin Ye is one of the best zither players.” Said Duan Tian Lang while smiling which surprised all the people from Tian Feng.

“She’s extremely beautiful, if she could play the zither or dance for me, the moonlight would be pale in comparison with her.” Said the fifth envoy of Tian Feng while looking provocatively at Duan Xin Ye. He looked excited and ignored Lin Feng who was with her.

Duan Xin Ye was stupefied and said nothing. Then Lin Feng coldly glanced at that person and said: “Are people from Tian Feng all so ignorant and rude?!”

Duan Xin Ye was a princess and he wanted her to dance for him, how ignorant!

“The people of the Dragon Mountain Empire and the Cosmic Pavilion are here, the princess dancing for them should be an honour for Xue Yue, there is nothing bad about it.” Said the fifth envoy of Tian Feng. He was using the people of the empire and the Cosmic Pavilion as an excuse.

“I see that you have a sword with you, you should get up and perform a sword-dance, it would be your honour that the people of the empire and the Cosmic Pavilion watch you!”

“My sword is not for dancing.” Said the fifth envoy in an ice-cold tone.

“The princess is not someone who you can have dance, even if she does dance, it won’t ever be for you. You don’t even know the height of the heavens and the depths of the earth, you don’t even know your status.” Said Lin Feng. The music and the show continued but people didn’t feel relaxed anymore.

“Hehe.” That person laughed and said: “I have practiced sword cultivation to incredible heights, this is the first time someone has asked me to perform a sword-dance, especially a little cultivator who is only at the third Xuan Qi layer. You are just a frog in a well.”

“It is also the first time that I see someone entering the Imperial Palace of Xue Yue and telling the princess to dance. The people from Tian Feng must be exempt from basic courtesy!” Said someone with a smile yet not a smile on his face. It was Yue Tian Ming, who was sitting just beneath Lin Feng.

“Exempt or not, I am sick of wasting words. After the show, I, the fifth envoy of Tian Feng, will see how strong the eight high-officials of Xue Yue are.”

“Who do you think you are to have the authority to talk that way? If someone can talk that way to me, it should be him.” Said Yue Tian Ming while pointing at Feng Chen, the second envoy of Tian Feng. Yue Tian Ming’s eyes looked extremely sharp which made the fifth envoy’s facial expression change drastically. That person was extremely strong!

“Don’t be impatient.” Said Feng Chen in a cold and detached tone: “Lin Feng said he could kill the seventh envoy easily, let them fight first.”

“Hmph!” Yue Tian Ming smiled in an ice-cold way. They were convinced that that seventh envoy could kill Lin Feng.

“Indeed, Lin Feng said he could kill me easily. Later I will definitely fight against him. By the way, let’s put something up as a stake.” Said the seventh envoy.

“What do you want to put at stake?” Asked Lin Feng coldly.

“If you lose, I get to dance with the princess. If I lose, I will perform a sword-dance.” Said the seventh envoy slowly while staring at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng didn’t reply for a second and took a sip from his glass. He then put his glass down and said: “What gives you the right to get the princess involved? And do you think that anyone actually wants to see such a shameful sword-dance?”

“Besides, when I bet with someone, I wager with my own belongings, getting the princess get involved is rude and humiliating.” Said Lin Feng in an ice-cold tone. Even if he was sure to win, he wouldn’t put the princess at stake, if he lost and let the princess dance with that guy, what kind of person would he be? And what kind of person would people think the princess is?

“If you want to bet something, put your life at stake!” Said Lin Feng while releasing some deadly energy!

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