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PMG Chapter 472: Drops of Blood!

PMG Chapter 472: Drops of Blood!


“If you want to bet something, put your life at stake!” Said Lin Feng. His words were like thunder and made everyone’s hearts pound. They were all staring at Lin Feng. That guy was extremely aggressive; he wanted to have a battle to the death with the seventh envoy of Tian Feng. 


The seventh envoy took himself too seriously and thought too highly of himself. What gave him the right to think that he could use the princess as a stake in a bet? He didn’t respect Duan Xin Ye and had humiliated her by proposing it. Lin Feng wanted to kill him. 


On the side of Xue Yue, everyone seemed like they wanted to laugh with joy. Even though some of them didn’t like Lin Feng, the seventh envoy had humiliated Xue Yue and their princess. They were rooting for Lin Feng. 


The seventh envoy was strong, but he was as strong as She Qiong. That wasn’t bad at all, but Lin Feng, when he had the strength of the second Xuan Qi layer could already kill She Qiong and now he had broken through to the third Xuan Qi layer.  Killing that seventh envoy was not a problem for him. If he killed that seventh envoy, it would humiliate everyone from Tian Feng who spoke so arrogantly. 


Tian Feng’s people coldly glared at Lin Feng. He surprisingly wanted to have a battle to the death. 


The seventh envoy’s face looked particularly glum. Even though Lin Feng had only broken through to the third Xuan Qi layer, he was sitting next to Duan Wu Ya which meant that he thought highly of Lin Feng. The seventh envoy understood a principle, when strong cultivators challenged somebody to the death; it meant that they were sure they would win. 


“I have broken through to the fourth Xuan Qi layer; I am much stronger than a normal cultivator of the fourth Xuan Qi layer. He has broken through to the third Xuan Qi layer and is sure of his victory, but in reality he can probably only fight against ordinary cultivators of the fourth Xuan Qi layer. I don’t believe that he can defeat me.” Thought the seventh envoy. Dangerous lights were twinkling in his eyes. Lin Feng wanted a battle to the death, so he would gladly accept! 


The seventh envoy looked at Feng Chen and the ambassadors from the Dragon Mountain Empire, and then said; “Seniors, I have come with you to Xue Yue, we have come here to battle and learn from each other. That person is pushing me too far, he wants to fight a battle to the death against me. Since that is the case, I have to accept.” 


“I have no objection.” Said Feng Chen indifferently. He looked at Duan Wu Ya who was remaining silent which meant that he was tacitly agreeing, thus, Feng Chen couldn’t refuse. It would have meant that he didn’t think the seventh envoy could win against Lin Feng. 


The ambassador from the empire looked at Lin Feng and Feng Chen and said indifferently: “The purpose of the banquet was to find young and outstanding cultivators, the goal wasn’t to have battles to the death or see anyone injured. However, cultivators will have conflicts and will wager on battles. If they wager their own lives, nothing can be done. Some cultivators don’t fear death.” 


When people heard the ambassador’s remarks, they understood that he was agreeing. The winner would live, the loser would die. 


The people of the empire had first gone to Tian Feng; they selected those young and outstanding cultivators and brought them to Xue Yue. They wanted to see who, between the outstanding juniors of Tian Feng and Xue Yue, were the strongest. For the Great Competition of Xue Yue, they wanted to have the most outstanding cultivators of Xue Yue. The purpose of the battles was to eliminate the weakest by process of elimination, if the weaker ones in the group died, it didn’t matter too much. At least, the ambassador didn’t think it mattered much. Weak cultivators had no value, if they died, it didn’t matter to him. 


Everybody was well aware of his thoughts but nobody dared to say anything. 


“Alright.” Said the seventh envoy while nodding solemnly and staring at Lin Feng. He then said coldly: “I accept your challenge! 


Immediately after, the atmosphere was invaded by an oppressive silence.


Because the atmosphere had become too oppressive, the beautiful girl playing the zither had grown nervous and a string on her instrument broke, bringing the music to an abrupt stop. 


When the zither stopped, the dancers also stopped dancing. They were all starting to tremble from fear, they didn’t know what to do. 


“Go back, it’s alright.” Said Duan Wu Ya indifferently. At that moment, nobody felt like listening to music anymore. 


The graceful dancers left, just like mist floating in the air. 


The seventh envoy looked at Lin Feng, his eyes were cruel. 


“Your Excellency wants a battle to the death, I accept!”


The seventh envoy stood up, his silhouette flickered and he appeared on the vast cultivation field. He was extremely fast.


“Come.” Said the seventh envoy while staring at Lin Feng. 


People from Tian Feng were also all staring at Lin Feng and the fifth envoy said: “You proposed a battle to death and the seventh envoy is already waiting, but you are still sitting, what do you mean by this? Could it be that you were just talking big? Could it be that you are nothing more than a coward?” 


Lin Feng glanced at the fifth envoy, he slowly stood up and immediately left the pavilion. 


“Boom!” He took a step and a strong wind rushed straight towards the seventh envoy.


“Huh?” The seventh envoy frowned and then said while smiling coldly: “As expected, you’ve broken through to the third Xuan Qi layer, but your Qi is much stronger than that of a normal cultivator of the third Xuan Qi layer. However, the third Xuan Qi layer is still only the third Xuan Qi layer. You cannot compete with me, you are doomed.” 


The seventh envoy suddenly released a monstrous Qi. He had the strength of the fourth Xuan Qi layer and looked proud of himself.


However, Lin Feng looked calm and detached. He took another step and released a powerful energy which condensed with his Qi.


After releasing that energy, Lin Feng’s Qi became much more terrifying. Only people at the peak of the third Xuan Qi layer could release such Qi! 


“Lin Feng really is talented.” Some people from Tian Feng noticed. Lin Feng was very young and the seventh envoy was a few years older than him. However, Lin Feng could already release power similar to the peak the third Xuan Qi layer. 


They only saw Lin Feng walk slowly and then an explosion emerged, as the energy burst out towards every direction. The entire atmosphere seemed like it was invaded by Lin Feng’s Qi. It was omnipresent and could penetrate into everything. 


Many people from Tian Feng frowned. How was this possible? Lin Feng had only broken through to the third Xuan Qi layer but in three steps, he had released a Qi which could rival a cultivator of the fourth Xuan Qi layer. How scary! 


“Energy attack…?” Thought many people suddenly. The omnipresent force and Qi in the air formed into an energy attack, the energy in the air had many different forms. 


No wonder Lin Feng was so confident. He had broken through to the third Xuan Qi layer but with his powerful Qi and force, he could easily compete with cultivators of the fourth Xuan Qi layer, however, it still wasn’t enough to fight against the seventh envoy. 


“It seems like we all underestimated you, but it’s not enough to compete with me.” Said the seventh envoy while smiling coldly. He took a step forwards and released a sharp energy which rushed towards Lin Feng. It contained an explosive wind which crashed through the air.


The seventh envoy was attacking!


“It’s not enough? Alright, I will add some more then!” Replied Lin Feng. He raised his head and started releasing even more sword energy. 


His sword energy was extremely sharp and profound, while a dangerous and deadly energy surrounded him. 


“BOOM!” The atmosphere started shaking. Lin Feng took another step and everyone’s hearts were racing.


What strong sword energy! What a strong deadly energy! 


Lin Feng took another step and suddenly released what seemed like an endless ocean of deadly energy. The people from Tian Feng were shocked and their souls were shaking. 


Lin Feng had condensed the energy into a deadly sword which rushed towards the seventh envoy. There was nothing but deadly energy and sword energy surrounding him. 


The seventh envoy formed a hurricane around himself, but his wind energy seemed slightly weaker than before. Those terrifying sword and deadly energies were slowly tearing away at his wind energy. 


Suddenly, the seventh envoy was terrified. Lin Feng was way too frightening. His deadly sword was definitely going to lacerate the hurricane and kill him. 


“I can’t keep moving forwards.” Thought the seventh envoy as he stopped, then he immediately started to retreat.


However, the sword had already reached its target, it was dazzling.


“Oh no…” Many people from Tian Feng suddenly stood up. They were shocked. They only saw Lin Feng’s sword streak through the sky and the hurricane start to fade, then they noticed the seventh envoy again. 


“There are drops of blood!”


There was blood dripping from the seventh envoy’s body, it was dripping onto the ground. The red blood was glistening under the moonlight. 


“Since you wished to battle to the death, I granted your wish.” Said Lin Feng whose voice resonated through the atmosphere around Duan Wu Ya’s residence. Lin Feng had already turned around and was heading back, the seventh envoy was behind him and his body was slowly collapsing. He was dead! 

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