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PMG Chapter 473: Fight?!

PMG Chapter 473: Fight?!


The seventh envoy had died.


Lin Feng had killed him with a single attack. 


Even though the people from Xue Yue had anticipated it, they were still astonished.


Lin Feng’s strength was, as expected, terrifying. He was able to kill a cultivator of the fourth Xuan Qi layer in one attack, besides, they all understood that Lin Feng hadn’t used his full strength. 


The people from Tian Feng were absolutely astonished. They fixedly stared at Lin Feng and at the corpse on the ground. 


The seventh envoy from Tian Feng was still a young man and was extremely strong, he had arrived in Xue Yue for a banquet, to enjoy food and alcohol, but he lost his life instead. He hadn’t even made it to the Great Competition and was already dead… He was killed by someone from Xue Yue. 


Xue Yue and Tian Feng were countries under the jurisdiction of the Dragon Mountain Empire, so they were eternal rivals. A short time before, both sides had been very aggressive towards the other. They both believed that their countries fighter would win. However, Lin Feng killed him with one attack which was like pouring a bucket of cold water to the people from Tian Feng. They were all pulling a long face. 


Lin Feng had surprisingly killed him, without a shred of mercy. 


“Xue Yue is indeed a good country with extremely strong junior cultivators. However, my country, Tian Feng, came to Xue Yue with nothing but politeness and courtesy, yet surprisingly, you dare to kill one of our fighters. I hope that you can explain yourself.” Said the fifth envoy in an ice-cold tone while staring at Lin Feng. 


“Eeehhh…” The people from Xue Yue were gobsmacked. A moment before, they had accepted the terms of battle and now that the seventh envoy was dead, they wanted an explanation? Ridiculous!


“You’re just shameless trash, you deserve no face at all!” Said Lin Feng towards the fifth envoy. Then, he joked: “Could it be that the geniuses of Tian Feng can’t accept defeat and are just a bunch of sore losers?” 


“Of course, I am indeed sorry, it must have been very difficult for a country like Tian Feng to raise the seventh envoy, killing him so quickly was inappropriate.” Joked Lin Feng again while laughing which shocked the people from Tian Feng. Lin Feng was saying that it was difficult for Tian Feng to raise the seventh envoy, but it was extremely easy to kill him, he was mocking their strength. 


“Maybe, but he was an exception.” Said the fifth envoy, refusing to lose out. He obviously wasn’t going to admit that the seventh envoy was in the wrong and overestimated his own power. 


“If he was an exception, you are free to prove me wrong.  Same rules, a battle to the death, put your life as the stake if you are so confident.” Said Lin Feng while looking at the fifth envoy. He was calmly challenging the envoy. 


In Xue Yue, the eight high-officials were comparable with the seven envoys of Tian Feng. It was a national ranking for both countries. Lin Feng was assuming that the fifth envoy of Tian Feng, even though he was probably extremely strong, he wouldn’t be stronger than Duan Wu Ya. He was probably at the same strength as the fifth or sixth high-official of Xue Yue, which meant that he would only be as strong as Yu Qin or Chu Zhan Peng, whom he had killed.


Chu Zhan Peng’s strength was already clear to Lin Feng. Concerning Yu Qin, Lin Feng didn’t know exactly how strong he was, but he wasn’t scared of him. 


Lin Feng was challenging the fifth envoy because he made impertinent remarks, but also because he wanted to measure his own strength and push himself forward. Battles to the death were extremely beneficial for him. Challenging the fifth envoy would force Lin Feng to use all of his strength. If he lost, he would die, such battles forced out his hidden potential.


No one knew what to say. Lin Feng had just killed the seventh envoy and was surprisingly challenging the fifth one… And on top of that, he was asking them to wager their lives. How aggressive!


Those who were sitting on the main seats were also watching Lin Feng, they all had radiant smiles, that young man was very interesting! 


Duan Wu Ya thought highly of Lin Feng, and Lin Feng had also obtained the princess’ heart. Lin Feng was surrounded by incredible personage and was also the son of two of the most amazing cultivators of Xue Yue, Yue Meng He and Lin Hai. His parents had rare talents, their son wouldn’t differ much from them. His strength was clear to everyone.


Besides, Lin Feng’s fighting style surprised the people from Tian Feng. 


They were able to determine that Lin Feng was really at the third Xuan Qi layer, but during the battle, with each step, his energy grew stronger and more powerful, borrowing energy from the atmosphere. Lin Feng had a deep understanding of energy and forces, which clearly showed in his previous attack.


He released sword Qi which invaded the entire atmosphere, it didn’t condense into a sword, instead it took the shape of a sword without condensing, as if the energy was a formless sword.


Lin Feng had taken force and energy from the atmosphere and condensed it into his own energy, he released a powerful deadly energy and a powerful sword Qi which he used to form an energy attack. That energy attack rushed through the air and killed the seventh envoy with ease. 


Lin Feng’s strength wasn’t clear, it was unexplainable and unfathomable. Some people have even suspected that he had broken through to a mysterious cultivation dimension, the earth fusion dimension. It would explain how he would have been able to release a power equivalent to the fourth Xuan Qi layer, while still being at the third Xuan Qi layer, 


Another battle to the death… Lin Feng was challenging the fifth envoy while looking calm and unperturbed. Could Lin Feng be so fearless if he wasn’t sure of his victory? 


They couldn’t see through Lin Feng.


The biggest problem was, how would the fifth envoy escape from the position he put himself in. 


The fifth envoy was at the peak of the fourth Xuan Qi layer, he was much stronger than the seventh envoy, but he still only had the strength of the fourth Xuan Qi layer. Lin Feng had easily been able to kill the seventh envoy, would he be able to kill the fifth without a problem as well? 


“If you like battles to the death so much, I will have one with you!” Said the third envoy at that moment which made people from Xue Yue sneer at him. He was being ridiculous. 


“Are you guys going to battle against him one after the other?” Said Yue Tian Ming. “Do you think that we, cultivators from Xue Yue, will sit here quietly?” 


“If you want to fight him one after the other, we will also fight, we can ask the ambassadors to organize the battles for us.” 


When people from Tian Feng heard Yue Tian Ming, they remained silent. Yue Tian Ming also thought that those people were being extremely rude. The third envoy wanted to fight against a cultivator of the third Xuan Qi layer, that wasn’t a fair challenge.


“The cultivators from Tian Feng are just shameless bastards. I haven’t seen a single outstanding cultivator on their side, but they are experts at flapping their mouths. They’re just a bunch of cowards with big mouths. HA! These envoys dare to regard themselves as infallible…”


Lin Feng slowly moved back to his seat. Everyone saw Duan Xin Ye look towards him in a soft and gentle way while raising her glass in his direction. 


Lin Feng had refused to get her involved and use her as a wager. Because the seventh envoy had dared to ask such a thing, Lin Feng killed him. Duan Xin Ye was moved by the sentiment. 


Lin Feng attached a great deal of importance to such things, proving that he cared for her which made Duan Xin Ye happy. 


Of course, because Lin Feng had just killed the seventh envoy, the banquet wasn’t as lively as it once was. Everybody had abruptly stopped their conversations and silence invaded the air. Everyone in the pavilion had different expressions on their faces, they were all thinking different things, but nobody said a word. 

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