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PMG Chapter 475: The Realm of Perception

PMG Chapter 475: The Realm of Perception


Sword intent means that the sword had a life of its own… Thought Lin Feng as if he had just discovered something unfathomable. The sword fusion couldn’t be the last step on the path of sword cultivation. He had only broken through to the Xuan Qi layer, he was far from reaching the peak of any cultivation path. 


Perhaps sword fusion was only the beginning. 


Jian Chen was from the Dragon Mountain Empire, he obviously knew more than Lin Feng. Him knowing much more about advanced cultivation than Lin Feng wasn’t very surprising. 


“You say that I already have sword intent. What does that mean?” Asked Lin Feng while looking at Jian Chen. At that moment, he sounded modest and humble, he was focusing intently as he asked.


“There are many types of sword intent, there are many ways to practice sword cultivation. Everyone understands swords in different ways, that gives birth to different types of swords. Extremely strong sword cultivators can use different types of sword intent. The deadly sword that you just used contained a powerful deadly energy, that deadly energy is actually sword intent because it contains the will of the sword and its determination to kill.” 


Jian Chen was sitting with Lin Feng as he explained, he was very interested in Lin Feng. In the Dragon Mountain Empire, there were many geniuses but Lin Feng already had such a high cultivation level at such a young age. He could already use sword intent, besides, he didn’t even know he was using it.


Lin Feng’s natural abilities weren’t what surprised Jian Chen the most. Actually, Jian Chen had already seen many people as young as Lin Feng who had broken through to the third Xuan Qi layer or higher, but Lin Feng’s power of understanding was awe inspiring.


Many people stayed ignorant their entire lifetime and never grasped sword intent. Some people only understood sword intent after having broken through to the Tian Qi layer! 


“Determination to kill…” Lin Feng was stupefied. He had heard Yan Yu Ping Sheng say something similar in the past, when he was playing the zither and teaching Lin Feng about deadly energy. Besides, the black sword from the celestial book had merged with the deadly energy. Originally, that was what gave birth to the sword intent. 


It seems like I can use two types of sword intent. Thought Lin Feng. When he was at Mount Sword, he had used his Cosmos-Burning Sun skill and had used the power of the sun. He had a breakthrough and understood the three sword attacks at a much deeper level: the scorching sword, the sword of the rising sun and the sword of the setting sun. 


Could it be that the evil swords entered my body because of my understanding of sword intent…? Suddenly thought Lin Feng. The seal on the evil swords had broken and the evil swords entered into his body. The number of people who used to practice there was numerous but the evil swords had chosen him. Perhaps it was related to the sword intent Jian Chen was talking about. 


“To what kind of dimension does sword intent belong in?” Asked Lin Feng, he was curious. 


“Hehe.” Jian Chen laughed and slightly shook his head. He then said: “You are very curious. Even though you can use sword intent now, it is also the weakest type of sword intent. That is only the first layer of the dimension.” 


“Is sword intent divided into different levels?” Asked Lin Feng stupefied. He was getting more and more curious. 


“Of course. Sword intent is divided into nine levels. Those who have reached the first level of the dimension can slaughter people of the same layer of cultivation. They can also fight against cultivators of higher cultivation layers than themselves. Besides, if you had reached the second level of the sword intent dimension, you would be able to kill people on a higher cultivation level than you who have also reached the first level of intent. Those who have reached the ninth level don’t even need a sword, they can kill people with a thought. That level means that a cultivator doesn’t need to use a sword anymore and have become selfless.” Said Jian Chen slowly. Lin Feng had discovered a whole new world of cultivation. Those who had reached the ninth level of the sword intent didn’t even need a sword to kill people… How terrifying. Their swords really had a life of their own.


It was the first time that Lin Feng heard such things. Before, he was only trying to understand swords to increase his strength. 


“Then, you’re probably wondering what happens after your sword intent reaches level nine.” Said Jian Chen while smiling, he then smiled even more and said: “There is the realm of perception. Those who understand the realm of perception can cut apart mountains and rivers. If they get angry, they can destroy an entire city using their sword and create a bloodbath wherever they please. Those who can do that are mainly people of the Zun Qi layer…”


“Realm of Perception……” Lin Feng was astonished: “So after sword intent, there is the realm of perception?”


“Not only on the path of sword cultivation, every cultivation path will lead to a different type of perception realm. In the case of swords, no matter if it’s you or me, we are both extremely far from understanding the realm of perception.” Said Jian Chen slowly. Before understanding the realm of perception, people need to first understand the earth fusion dimension. Not just understand a little, they needed to fully comprehend the earth fusion dimension and then surpass it. That requires a monstrous strength, only that could give birth to the realm of perception. Cultivators strong enough to reach that level are usually of the Zun Qi layer. 


Zun Qi layer cultivators were monstrously strong… Jian Chen couldn’t even dare to imagine how strong they were in comparison. 


A Zun Qi layer cultivator could control a small empire. In the thirteen countries of Xue Yu, they were overlords, they could kill an army of ten thousand by simply raising their hand. 


“Realm of perception… Zun Qi layer cultivators…” Thought Lin Feng. He then remembered back to the restricted area of the Zi Government. The extremely strong cultivator there was of the Zun Qi layer, so he must have been on that level. 


Lin Feng knew that he was extremely far from reaching that level. 


Apart from being able to annihilate an entire city, those cultivators could also transform their blood into a blood spirit and pass it onto their next generations. Provided that the descendants continued to have children, the blood spirit would never be lost and would carry from generation to generation. 


In Xue Yue, if the Duan Clan and the Yue Clan had a blood spirit, it was because a Zun cultivator had created a blood spirit for them, which was also why they held so much power in Xue Yue. 


It was because a cultivator of the Zun Qi layer passed down his blood spirit to his descendants, nothing more. If there had been a cultivator of the Zun Qi layer alive in Xue Yue, he would be able to reign over it as an overlord.


Even the crown prince of Xue Yue wouldn’t want to offend such a powerful cultivator. 


“I need to understand my own realm of perception…” Thought Lin Feng. Immediately after he smiled at Jian Chen and said: “Thank you so much for imparting me with your wisdom.”


“Don’t mention it, it’s nothing. I think that you will come to understand those things in the future even without my help.” Said Jian Chen while smiling, and he then continued: “Come, let’s toast to sword intent and to your future! I can’t wait to meet you again at the Great Competition of Xue Yu.” 


Jian Chen and Lin Feng downed their glasses and smiled at each other. 


Lin Feng was holding his glass with two hands as a sign of respect towards Jian Chen. Jian Chen was much stronger than all those envoys from Tian Feng, but he didn’t have any arrogance. He looked calm and relaxed, he had a calm and prideful aura. Extremely strong and talented cultivators usually weren’t extremely arrogant and obnoxious, but most of them were stubborn with an unyielding personality. 



After drinking with Lin Feng, Jian Chen went back to his seat. Lin Feng slowly turned his head and looked at the people from Tian Feng. They were all staring at him with unfriendly glares. Lin Feng felt uneasy being stared at by all of them. 


“What a bunch of pesky flies.” Said Lin Feng which stupefied them. They were all looking at him in an ice-cold way. That guy was too arrogant, he was looking down on all of them. 


“Duan Xin Ye’s beauty is unparalleled. In Tian Feng, we rarely see such beautiful women. Besides we heard that she can play the zither and can dance, we want to hear her play the zither and have her dance. That would be such a great show, our trip to Xue Yue would be worth it if we could see her.” Said the third envoy with a smile yet not a smile on his face. He sounded like he was joking, yet he repeated the same mistake of the seventh envoy, making other people grow tense. 


He was doing exactly as Duan Tian Lang said. He wanted to force Lin Feng into a fight without having to directly challenge him. He only needed to make jokes about the princess and Lin Feng would immediately fight for her, even if he was much stronger than Lin Feng. 


“The third envoy is right, it was such a long and difficult trip to come to Xue Yue, if we don’t see the princess dance for us, it would be such a pity. Wu Ya and Xin Ye, don’t let us down.” Said the fifth envoy who really felt like laughing, he was about to burst into a fit of laughter. Besides, Feng Chen was also smiling while sipping his alcohol, as if he was watching a great show.


He was still thinking about the fact that his seventh envoy had been killed, he wanted to avenge him. 


When Duan Xin Ye heard the jokes, she pulled a long face and glanced at Lin Feng. 


At that moment, Lin Feng’s face looked ice-cold and he slowly put his glass onto the table. 


“Kacha!” Lin Feng slowly released a deadly energy into the air. 


“Do you think that’s funny…?” Said Lin Feng in a deep voice. He then raised his head and looked towards the envoys. His facial expression was dark and ruthless. 


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