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PMG Chapter 476: Humiliating Each and Every Single One!

PMG Chapter 476: Humiliating Each and Every Single One!


Lin Feng slowly stood up and started walking, however, he didn’t go in the envoys’ direction, which surprised all the people from Xue Yue. 


What was Lin Feng doing? Everyone was looking at Lin Feng and wondering what he was doing. 


But very quickly, they understood because Lin Feng arrived in front of Duan Tian Lang. He then stopped and looked down at Duan Tian Lang. 


Duan Tian Lang slightly raised his head and stared at Lin Feng coldly. 


“Duan Tian Lang? Haha.” Joked Lin Feng. He then raised his foot. 


Immediately after, a cracking sound spread through the air. Lin Feng smashed Duan Tian Lang’s glass and redwood table under his foot. 


Everybody was stunned. 


Lin Feng was extremely aggressive! With his foot, he was showing just how much respect he had for Duan Tian Lang. 


Duan Tian Lang was fixedly staring at Lin Feng in an ice-cold way. He wanted to say something but the words wouldn’t come out. After Duan Han had been killed by Lin Feng, Duan Tian Lang cultivated with all his might, he progressed but he found out that even though he had made a breakthrough, Lin Feng had greatly surpassed him. 


He couldn’t compete with Lin Feng anymore.


In the past, he used to bully Lin Feng. He went to the Yun Hai Sect and used the Chi Xie army to destroy it. He was imposing and domineering! He was incredible! 


Back then, Duan Tian Lang used to think that Lin Feng was a nobody, a tiny little insect. Even though he had a high level of talent, Duan Tian Lang still despised him. 


Duan Tian Lang had exterminated the Yun Hai Sect and bullied Lin Feng. 


After that, in Mo Yue, Duan Tian Lang plotted against Lin Feng and made false charges against him. He had also collaborated with the enemy and had them kidnap the princess and hundreds of thousands of troops had died because of him. Then he blamed Liu Cang Lan for it and had him sentenced to death. 


Back then, Duan Tian Lang was still toying with Lin Feng. 


However, at that moment, Lin Feng was standing in front of Duan Tian Lang and had crushed his table along with Duan Tian Lang’s food and drink. 


Perhaps only now, did Duan Tian Lang realize that Lin Feng wasn’t the same person he could bully. 


At that moment, Lin Feng was already standing in front of him in a majestic and domineering way. He didn’t need to think about the consequences anymore, he could just step all over Duan Tian Lang’s dignity, just like he did to the table. 


Duan Tian Lang?


When Duan Tian Lang thought about Lin Feng’s previous words, he realized that Lin Feng had announced that he didn’t fear him anymore.


There wasn’t a difference in status between them. Lin Feng was Yue Meng He’s son, he had the blood spirit of the Yue Clan and was a dual spirit holder… Duan Tian Lang also had a blood spirit but compared to others his wasn’t powerful enough, besides his social status wasn’t any higher than that of Lin Feng’s. On top of that, Duan Wu Ya was on Lin Feng’s side and Duan Tian Lang had past enmities with Duan Wu Ya after collaborating with Mo Yue. 


Everybody was calmly and silently watching the scene. This was between Lin Feng and Duan Tian Lang. 


Even though some people hated Lin Feng, they didn’t dare say a word. Lin Feng wasn’t afraid of their backing anymore. Maybe if they said the wrong thing and angered Lin Feng, he would just kill them. 


“What do you want?” Asked Duan Tian Lang finally opening his mouth and breaking the oppressive silence. However, the atmosphere was still cold and oppressive as everyone watched on. 


“What do I want?” Said Lin Feng while smiling coldly. “Duan Tian Lang, you perfectly know how much I hate you, either you live, or I live, I refuse to share the same sky as you.” 


“But today, the second prince made great efforts to organize this banquet, if I didn’t come and make trouble for you, it’s not because I don’t dare, it’s only for the sake of the second prince. But you, you are ridiculous. I was allowing you to keep your life, yet you provoke me, you revealed your evil intentions and tried to get the princess involved. Duan Tian Lang, do you think that you are smart? Because I don’t, I think that you’re as stupid as a pig.”


Lin Feng’s words were the same as if he had slapped Duan Tian Lang directly across the face. Duan Tian Lang’s petty tricks made him look like a stupid pig. 


Duan Tian Lang’s face turned purple, his heart felt painful but he didn’t refute Lin Feng’s words. 


In the world of cultivation, the strong could speak and the weak would listen. In the past, he had a higher social status than Lin Feng and was also stronger, therefore, he could humiliate him. Now, Lin Feng had a higher social status than him and was also stronger. Therefore, Lin Feng could stand there and openly insult him. 


“Duan Tian Lang, in my eyes, you are a dead man walking, your fate is sealed. It’s more ridiculous to me that you would dare to provoke me.” Said Lin Feng in a cold tone. “Today, after the banquet, I will be coming for you.” 


When Lin Feng finished talking, he turned around and left, leaving Duan Tian Lang stupefied. Lin Feng announced that he was going to come for him. 


Lin Feng had also said that after the banquet, he would come for him, was he planning to openly kill him?


Duan Tian Lang suddenly felt terrified. Lin Feng wanted to kill him and he wasn’t afraid of announcing it. It was clear to Duan Tian Lang how much enmity they shared. He had destroyed Lin Feng’s sect and repeatedly attacked him. If Lin Feng said he refused to share the same sky as Duan Tian Lang, it didn’t mean that Lin Feng would die, instead it meant the death of Duan Tian Lang. Only one of them could remain alive under the shared sky.


When Duan Tian Lang thought about it, he suddenly felt like he was at his wits’ end. He had thought about the millions of plots he would use to kill Lin Feng, but now he was realizing that Lin Feng could kill him at any moment. 


Could he escape?


Trying to secretly escape from the banquet wouldn’t work. If Duan Tian Lang escaped, he would be able to live on but would Lin Feng let him go so easily? He would find him sooner or later.


Duan Tian Lang’s mind was spinning. He was suddenly regretting that he took action, he regretted that he created enmity between himself and Lin Feng. He was regretting the fact that he influenced people to humiliate the princess.


However, Lin Feng didn’t go straight to the envoys, he went straight to Duan Tian Lang who incited them. 


Lin Feng didn’t know what Duan Tian Lang was thinking at that moment and he didn’t care. Now, he was facing the envoys from Tian Feng, who considered themselves as extraordinary. 


He walked to the sixth envoy and stopped in front of him. He had already killed the seventh envoy so the weakest of the seven envoys was now the sixth. 


“I, Lin Feng, am not one of the eight high-officials, I am not famous across the world. I can’t compete with you, the envoys from Tian Feng, you are all incredibly strong and amazing. However, you humiliated the princess, so I, Lin Feng, must fight.” 


Lin Feng was standing in front of the sixth envoy and speaking slowly. He then continued: “I, Lin Feng from Xue Yue, challenge you to a battle to the death. Only when one of us dies, will the battle come to an end.” 


Lin Feng was making himself seem like a nobody and challenging the sixth envoy to battle. 


That move stupefied everyone, they were all staring at Lin Feng.


That guy….


The sixth envoy was also looking at Lin Feng but remained silent, he was irresolute. He was stronger than the seventh envoy but only by a little. Lin Feng was able to kill the seventh envoy in one attack, so he wouldn’t fare any better against him. 


If he fought, he would probably die. 


“Sixth envoy, Your Excellency, do you accept my challenge or not?” Asked Lin Feng when he saw that the sixth envoy remaining silent. Lin Feng, however, was smiling coldly. 


The sixth envoy pulled a long face and immediately replied: “I am not interested.” 


When Lin Feng heard the sixth envoy’s answer, he laughed in an evil way and said something in a low voice, yet it was distinct enough for everybody to hear. 


“The seventh envoy was a piece of trash and the sixth envoy is a coward. Two of the seven envoys have already shown their true colours.” 


When the people from Tian Feng heard Lin Feng, they all pulled a long face and glared at Lin Feng. 


But Lin Feng didn’t need them to glare at him. He immediately walked to the next one, the fifth envoy. 


“Fifth envoy!” Said Lin Feng while smiling coldly. “I, Lin Feng from Xue Yue, challenge the fifth envoy, Your Excellency, to a battle to the death.”


Lin Feng’s voice was the same, he sounded humble when challenging the envoy to battle. 


Lin Feng had challenged the sixth envoy but he had refused, so he immediately challenged the fifth envoy. 


All the people from Tian Feng were pulling long faces. Lin Feng wanted to humiliate each and every single one of them, he wanted to destroy the reputation of the seven envoys from Tian Feng. 


If the fifth refused, would Lin Feng challenge the fourth? 

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