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PMG Chapter 478: Terrified!

PMG Chapter 478: Terrified!

Lin Feng’s black lotus contained a monstrous deadly energy. Nothing could remain in that deadly energy storm, it was annihilating everything.

The nine stars got swallowed by the black lotus and there was no light to be seen. The third envoy was astonished. He suddenly looked terrified. That black lotus was terrifying, it could swallow and destroy anything.

Lin Feng would condense the majority of his pure sun Qi and grim fire to make the black lotus, but after having been to the desert on the other side of the world, he absorbed a lot of crystals from the fire wolves crystals making his sun Qi stronger. When condensing it with his grim fire, his black lotus had become even more terrifying. Therefore, Lin Feng didn’t need to use much of his pure Qi reserves anymore. He still had Qi left, but it was already more than enough to defeat the third envoy.

“Retreat!” The third envoy didn’t feel like fighting anymore. His magnificent nine-star annihilation had been destroyed by Lin Feng’s black lotus so he had no choice but to dodge.

But even though his nine-star annihilation had been destroyed, its force was still pressing forwards with the momentum of his attack, making it difficult for him to retreat.

“Position of the stars, change!” Shouted the third envoy furiously. His sword started diffusing a strange starlight. His speed was incredible but he wasn’t using his sword to attack, instead he was using it to dodge and retreat.

But could he escape? Lin Feng smiled coldly.

“Wind!” In a flash, he drifted on the wind and rushed forwards.

The stars were still floating in the air but Lin Feng had already arrived. His deadly energy enveloped the third envoy’s body so the third envoy hastily brandished his sword. However, it wasn’t enough to block the deadly energy. In a flash, his sword was swallowed and it disappeared into the blackness. Lin Feng’s eyes grew dark, the third envoy lowered his head and Lin Feng’s black lotus was already in front of him, it arrived at his chest. He was terrified and desperate.

A subtle sound emerged and the third envoy was astonished when he looked at his chest. Lin Feng’s black lotus had just penetrated directly into his chest..

The third envoy raised his head and looked to Lin Feng, he was desperate. He could only see Lin Feng’s ice-cold, black eyes.

Was he going to die?

When the third envoy thought about dying, he felt even more hopeless and started shaking. Immediately after, he saw Lin Feng moving back. The distance between them was growing larger, Lin Feng’s black deadly energy had already enveloped his entire body and black flames were consuming his insides.

“Aaahhhhh……” A shriek filled the air as the black flames engulfed the third envoy and in a flash, the third envoy disappeared from existence.

The crowd all had their eyes fixed on this scene. The people from Xue Yue had seen that black lotus before, but it was much more powerful than the last time they witnessed it.

The people from Tian Feng were all stunned. That deadly black lotus was unstoppable and immediately burned the third envoy to death.

Lin Feng was too terrifying.

Lin Feng turned around, glanced at the people from Tian Feng and then immediately started to slowly walk towards them.

“Step. Step. Step.” The sound of Lin Feng’s footsteps thundered through the silence. Everybody was fixedly staring at Lin Feng. Was he going to continue with his challenges?

Lin Feng walked towards the second envoy and stopped. Everybody was dumbstruck. Lin Feng was going to challenge the second envoy? He was ranked second strongest amongst the envoys from Tian Feng.

“So far, five weaklings and cowards, the only envoy left is you.” Said Lin Feng indifferently which made people’s hearts race faster. Lin Feng really wanted to challenge the second envoy to a battle to the death. He was incredible, his actions were extremely aggressive.

He had challenged every single envoy from the seventh to the second. He had either humiliated them or immediately killed them. He hadn’t skipped a single one. Lin Feng was challenging six people, one after the other.

The second envoy was fixedly staring at Lin Feng with a cold glare. He then slowly stood up.

“Alright, that’s enough. That’s too many battles for today. If you continue fighting, it will damage the existing friendship between Xue Yue and Tian Feng.” Said Ruo Lan Shan which stupefied everybody. He was being a hypocrite. Lin Feng had already fought and killed people from Tian Feng, but he was only stepping in at that moment.

After all, the second envoy and Lin Feng were both extremely strong and talented, if one of them died, it would be a shame. Ruo Lan Shan didn’t want them to fight to the death, so he had to stop them.

“Lin Feng, that’s enough, please go back to your seat.” Said Ruo Lan Shan while slightly nodding. Lin Feng glanced at the second envoy coldly. He didn’t insist and said something in return.

“As expected, the seven envoys are as amazing as I thought!” Joked Lin Feng making those people from Tian Feng pull a long face. Lin Feng had humiliated them over and over again.

A moment before, if they were able to kill Lin Feng, they could have regained some of their prestige and reputation. Therefore, when Feng Chen prevented the fourth envoy from fighting, his purpose was to have the stronger envoys fight against Lin Feng, he had hoped that the third envoy would be enough to kill him.

Unfortunately, the third envoy was unable to kill Lin Feng, instead Lin Feng had killed him. At that moment, Lin Feng had gone back to his seat and two people from Tian Feng were dead while the rest of them would be mocked as cowards and weaklings because they didn’t fight.

Those six envoys had come to Xue Yue thinking highly of themselves, thinking that they would become famous all across Xue Yue but in the end, they were humiliated. None of them dared to speak another word.

“Mister Ruo, we have already had enough fun tonight, let us end things here.” Said Feng Chen at that moment to Ruo Lan Shan while slightly bowing.

Ruo Lan Shan glanced at Feng Chen. He obviously knew that Feng Chen and the others were not in the mood to continue the banquet, they had been humiliated.

“Prince Wu Ya, what do you think?” Asked Ruo Lan Shan to Duan Wu Ya.

“Feng Chen and the others are probably exhausted. I will have some people prepare their rooms in my palace, as well as your room Mister Ruo.” Said Duan Wu Ya. He perfectly understood why they didn’t want to stay.

“Wu Ya, Your Highness, just prepare a room for Ruo Lan Shan and the others, my people and I still haven’t visited the Imperial City of Xue Yue, so we don’t plan to stay in the palace. We will go for a walk around the city.” Said Feng Chen refusing Duan Wu Ya’s offer. Even though he still had a magnificent smile on his face, everybody knew he was furious. The people from Tian Feng couldn’t continue to act friendly with those from Xue Yue.

The seven envoys were the most outstanding young cultivators of Tian Feng but during that night, each and every single one of them had been humiliated. They couldn’t be friends anymore.

“It’s alright as well. Go and visit the Imperial City, it’s a beautiful city.” Said Duan Wu Ya while smiling winsomely. His smile looked like that of a great winner which made people from Tian Feng feel uncomfortable.

“Alright. Everybody can disperse.” Said Duan Wu Ya while standing up and moving over to Ruo Lan Shan. He then said: “Mister Ruo, I’ll bring you to the palace.”

“Alright.” Replied Ruo Lan Shan while slightly nodding as he left with Duan Wu Ya. Rao Tian Shu and Jian Chen also followed behind them. While leaving, Ruo Lan Shan and Jian Chen glanced over at Lin Feng.

“Let’s go.” Said Feng Chen and then immediately jumped up in the air. His people left with him without saying another word.

“Xin Ye, let me bring you back to your residence.” Said Lin Feng to Duan Xin Ye who smiled and nodded. She then jumped onto Lin Feng’s back as Lin Feng flew into the air.

After Lin Feng left, somebody was still glaring at his back in an ice-cold way. It was Duan Tian Lang.

But Duan Tian Lang only glared at Lin Feng, nothing more. He didn’t talk to anybody and silently departed from the palace.

In the middle of the night, Duan Tian Lang was flying through the sky at full speed, but he had the feeling that someone was watching him.

“But Lin Feng is with the princess….” Thought Duan Tian Lang trying to reassure himself. Lin Feng had said, during the banquet, that he would come for him after the banquet to settle accounts. Duan Tian Lang felt nervous since that moment… And now, he had the feeling that someone was watching.

But when he turned his head, there was no one around.

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