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PMG Chapter 479: Pressure

PMG Chapter 479: Pressure

Duan Tian Lang’s eyes were cautious. He turned around, condensed some pure Qi as he slowed down to a stop as he cautiously observed his surroundings and then moved higher into the sky.

But he still had the impression that somebody was watching him, it felt like he was being stalked by a ferocious beast. He felt extremely uncomfortable.

He frowned and continued to fly away at full speed. After a short time, he abruptly turned around. He spotted a fiery red silhouette which disappeared in a flash.

“I have spotted you already, come out.” Said Duan Tian Lang. Even though he was a red silhouette, he didn’t really know if he had spotted his pursuer.

A silhouette then slowly appeared from the darkness of the night and rose into the air. Duan Tian Lang was stupefied and blankly stared at that red silhouette.

No wonder that he had had the feeling a ferocious beast was stalking him, it really was a ferocious beast. Besides, it looked extremely aggressive and brutal.

It was covered with bright red flames and had spikes covering its body. It was flying in the air with two gigantic red wings. That ferocious beast looked terrifying, it looked sanguinary and brutal. A single glance at that beast was enough to frighten a normal person to death.

“It’s a…….. Winged Tiger….” Thought Duan Tian Lang. He read about that beast in ancient books. That beast looked like a winged tiger, an ancient ferocious beast.

“Lin Feng!” Duan Tian Lang had come to a realization. When he saw that winged tiger, he obviously guessed that Lin Feng had sent it. Duan Tian Lang had learnt that Lin Feng had a winged tiger when he had killed the people from the Wan Shou Sect.

Lin Feng had surprisingly sent his winged tiger to chase him.

Duan Tian Lang looked behind the winged tiger, but saw nothing, there was nobody else.

Besides, Lin Feng had definitely left with the princess a moment before. That couldn’t have been faked. Lin Feng purposely sent the winged tiger to follow him. It seemed like Lin Feng was determined to kill Duan Tian Lang.

Duan Tian Lang was a bit surprised, he then abruptly started moving as he flew away at his fastest speed.

“Wsssssss….” A whistling sound suddenly spread through the air. Immediately after, Duan Tian Lang heard the winged tiger emit a roar. He was stupefied, he turned around, and his heart started to race.

Lin Feng, Lin Feng had caught up with him.

Duan Tian Lang stopped and said: “What… what do you want?”

Lin Feng said nothing, he just stared at him coldly. From Lin Feng’s deep and mysterious expression, Duan Tian Lang had no idea what he was thinking.

The wind was gently blowing across their bodies, Duan Tian Lang felt a slight chill run down his spine, that wind was ice-cold and his heart felt like it was about to stop.

Lin Feng’s silence was extremely oppressive. Lin Feng wasn’t attacking and Duan Tian Lang didn’t know what Lin Feng was going to do, he was just staring at him, nothing more.

Finally, Duan Tian Lang couldn’t bear the pressure anymore, groaned coldly and started to leave.

After he started to fly away, there was no sound at all behind him and he could no longer feel Lin Feng’s gaze.

Duan Tian Lang was extremely fast, after having flown across a huge distance, he stopped again and looked behind him. He was astonished by what he saw.

Lin Feng and the winged tiger were right behind him. At that moment, Lin Feng sat atop his winged tiger. He was calmly gazing into the distance, but wasn’t even looking at Duan Tian Lang, which was probably why Duan Tian Lang couldn’t feel Lin Feng’s gaze.

“What a terrifying speed.” The winged tiger had been following him silently, there hadn’t been a single sound so Duan Tian Lang hadn’t even sensed that they were still behind him. That winged tiger was extremely fast and had no difficulty following behind him.

Of course, ferocious beasts with wings were much faster than cultivators who had to use pure Qi to fly. Besides, the winged tiger was an ancient ferocious beast with gigantic wings which was why it was extremely quick when flying through the air.

“I can’t escape…?” Thought Duan Tian Lang. The winged tiger was following closely behind him. He couldn’t escape if he tried. Besides, Lin Feng was extremely strong. Would the incredible and majestic Duan Tian Lang die by Lin Feng’s hands? Would he die in the hands of someone who used to be a nobody to him?

“What do you want to do?” Asked Duan Tian Lang. Lin Feng wasn’t attacking him and was only staring into the distance. The pressure in Duan Tian Lang’s heart was unbearable.

Lin Feng remained silent as before, the silence was terrifying. He only turned to look at him. Duan Tian Lang was feeling less and less comfortable, and grew more and more scared.

The ancient ferocious beast and Lin Feng were both staring at him, which created a suffocating pressure.

“I need to go.” Duan Tian Lang flew away at full speed. His pure Qi was whistling through the air as he flew. His speed was incredible.

Duan Tian Lang only wanted to escape from Lin Feng and that damned beast.

Under them, the landscape was changing, they had eventually left the Imperial Palace and continued flying until they were flying over the Imperial City. Duan Tian Lang wasn’t looking at anything, he was just running away with all his power.

Finally, after what felt like a long time for Duan Tian Lang, he moved towards the top of a large building.

They had arrived at the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue.

The wind was still blowing and Duan Tian Lang rushed towards a tower. He then stopped once he reached the top of the tower. That tower was a holy place for the students of the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue, it was a cultivation tower.

Many people, when they saw the person who was flying through the air, were excited, it was their principal, Duan Tian Lang.

Except, it looked like their principal was trying to escape from something.

A short moment after, two silhouettes appeared in the sky. The students were shocked, it was a cultivator riding atop a ferocious beast.

That cultivator was a young man, his clothes gently fluttered in the wind, he looked calm and handsome. The ferocious beast looked extremely dangerous, cruel and sanguinary. It was impossible to say to what category that beast belonged.

“What’s going on?” The student were shocked and gazed at the young man and his beast. It was very strange, it seemed like they were chasing the principal.

“It’s Lin Feng! That’s Lin Feng!” Some of the people who had gone to Xiangjiang Lake recognized Lin Feng at first glance.

Lin Feng and his terrifying ferocious beast were chasing their principal, Duan Tian Lang.

Duan Tian Lang fixedly stared at Lin Feng and his ferocious beast when he said: “If you don’t want to fight, why do you keep following me?! What do you want to do?”

The crowd noticed that Duan Tian Lang looked flustered and exasperated. Besides, his voice was trembling and he looked terrified.

Lin Feng replied indifferently: “Why are you so scared of me? Are you scared that I will kill you? In the past, you strutted around like you were majestic and domineering, where has the noble Duan Tian Lang gone?” Lin Feng’s words painfully pierced through Duan Tian Lang’s eardrums and stunned him. Duan Tian Lang’s social status and strength were only jokes to Lin Feng. He was mocking Duan Tian Lang.

At that moment, the crowd understood that Lin Feng was chasing their principal Duan Tian Lang. Besides, their strong and powerful principal was terrified, he was afraid of Lin Feng.

It really looked like a big joke. Their principal was scared of a disciple of the Celestial Academy. However, it was actually always that way, the disciples would always surpass their masters with time, in the academies or sects, this was often the case. Lin Feng had become much stronger than most of the patriarchs and elders from most sects, and even many teachers at other academies. Lin Feng had the power to despise and mock their principal.

Duan Tian Lang remained silent. No words would come out. He didn’t look majestic and domineering anymore.

Those who had sufficient strength could act in a domineering manner, and that was the only case when they had enough strength.

“Whoooosh….” Many people jumped through the air and stood by Duan Tian Lang’s side. They were all staring at Lin Feng with cold glares. They were the strongest teachers of the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue.

But at that moment, they all looked like they were facing their worst nightmare, Lin Feng.

At Xiangjiang Lake, Lin Feng had proven just how strong he was, but at that moment, his calm appearance, looked even more terrifying. Surprisingly, he was acting aggressively at the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue, how arrogant could he be?

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