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PMG Chapter 481: Eighteen Xuan Cultivators!

PMG Chapter 481: Eighteen Xuan Cultivators!

Lin Feng was proudly leaving the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue without any obstruction.

Everyone at the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue was staring at Lin Feng’s back. They felt responsible for allowing Lin Feng to humiliate them. On top of that, he had even killed their teacher.

Besides, Lin Feng had ignored the others on purpose. If Lin Feng wished, he could have killed all of them, even those cultivators who were floating in the sky.

Lin Feng hadn’t killed Duan Tian Lang because he wanted him to see everything with his own eyes, the resurrection of the Yun Hai Sect and the destruction of the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue.

In the middle of the night, a ferocious beast and a cultivator were flying through the sky above the Imperial City. The ferocious beast’s fur was bright red and it looked majestic.

Lin Feng was sitting on the back of the winged tiger and his eyes were closed, when he suddenly opened his eyes which contained a cold look.

Lin Feng wasn’t the only one who sensed something, the winged tiger roared and stopped in the air. It then glanced around.

A group of pitch-black silhouettes slowly appeared in Lin Feng and the winged tiger’s fields of vision. Those people were all flying in the sky, they had approached silently. They were all cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer.

They arrived in front of Lin Feng and stopped, they didn’t encircle Lin Feng but a dazzling blade light twinkled under the moonlight. That sword looked extremely cold.

How cold. At that moment, the atmosphere was so oppressive that it would make people’s soul shake.

“Eighteen cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer.” Lin Feng glanced around and counted them, there were eighteen cultivators and they were all holding blades. They clearly considered Lin Feng to be a great threat.

“Who are you?” Asked Lin Feng. Even though he didn’t expect them to reply, he still asked. He was wondering what social status those people had.

He had offended many people but there weren’t many people who could send such a powerful group for him. The Wan Shou Sect or the Yu Clan could send out eighteen cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer but each of these people were blade cultivators… So they couldn’t have been sent by the Wan Shou Sect or the Yu Clan, they didn’t have that many blade cultivators. Maybe a few great spheres of influence had prepared this group by combining their power.

Besides, there was also Tian Feng, an entire country could, of course, easily send such a group of people. However, how could the Tian Feng country send so many cultivators over to Xue Yue without notice? Especially sending them into the Imperial City to kill Lin Feng, the government of Xue Yue wasn’t stupid, they would have noticed them and intercepted the foreign cultivators.

Feng Chen wasn’t foolish, he already had the opportunity to kill Lin Feng, but Ruo Lan Shan was clearly opposed to Lin Feng being harmed. If Feng Chen wanted to kill Lin Feng, he wasn’t able to do it so openly.

Lin Feng was wondering who those people were and who had the power to send eighteen cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer.

“We’re people who want to kill you.” Said one of them coldly. Then, the eighteen cultivators each took out their blades in almost perfect synchronisation which created a clear and melodious sound. Those blades were so bright with blade Qi that Lin Feng had to narrow his eyes.

When Lin Feng narrowed his eyes, those blades flickered and rushed forwards. Blades were moving towards Lin Feng from both his sides and from the front.

Each of those blades wanted to take his life.

“Wind.” Lin Feng started to drift freely in the wind. He was extremely agile and unbelievably fast.

The sharp blades streaked across the sky creating a breath-taking scene.

Lin Feng could only narrow his eyes because the lights from the blades were too dazzling. Those people were not even attempting to kill the winged tiger, they were solely targeting Lin Feng.

At that moment, the blades were surrounding him. Those people had encircled him with only one movement.

A subtle sound spread in the air. Lin Feng’s body shook and a sword appeared in his hand as his sword energy invaded the atmosphere.

But he immediately felt a sense of danger around him.  He felt like he wouldn’t get a chance to use his full strength to fight.

Lin Feng jumped away from the winged tiger and flew into the air. His sword light followed the winds and shot forwards, causing the incoming enemies to retreat.

But others who attacked from other directions, continued their attacks, their twinkling blades rushed towards Lin Feng. An extremely sharp blade energy filled the air and lacerated the atmosphere.

“Boom!” Lin Feng’s sword energy collided with the incoming blade energy. The shockwave which resulted from the collision tore through the atmosphere. An incredibly strong wind blasted in every direction. Lin Feng was stupefied.

Those people were all using blades and they were working together, in formation. They were in perfect harmony with each other and it was extremely difficult to find a weak point in their formation.

At that moment, above and behind Lin Feng, there were only blades which were diffusing a sharp Qi towards Lin Feng’s body. It seemed like they were not going to give Lin Feng a single second of rest.

A terrifying, deadly energy emerged from Lin Feng’s body and burst into the sky. His eyes grew black and emotionless.

No matter who those people were, he would kill them.


Lin Feng released his terrifying purple spirit, and a purple lake filled the atmosphere.

His extremely strong soul then emerged from his body and merged with the purple spirit which then started to rapidly transform.

“Huh?” Those eighteen cultivators were surprised when they saw the purple lake because it wasn’t attacking them or even surrounding them, it seemed to be spinning and spreading across sky. It invaded the entire atmosphere which gradually became darker as the purple spirit appeared to block all of the light from the starry sky.

“BOOM!” The sound of a collision emerged in the air. Lin Feng used the force of their attack to propel his body backwards, but they immediately gave chase. Suddenly, the purple lake fell from the sky and submerged them along with Lin Feng, it surrounded them and they were no longer able to see Lin Feng. If they hastily retreated, it would give Lin Feng an opportunity to attack them out of formation.

“How did we end up being surrounded?” asked one of them, they all glanced at the others. there were eighteen of them and all of them had been trapped by the purple spirit.

“Let’s attack together.” Said one of them.

That purple spirit was a threat to them, it had trapped them inside and seemed to be restraining their movements. Suddenly, they no longer had any sense of direction or time, it looked like they were submerged inside a purple world.

When they tried to think clearly, they found out that they couldn’t see any of their colleagues anymore. They seemed to be entirely alone. One of them noticed that he was trapped inside, he was imprisoned.

“Nine Palace Dragon Formation….” Everybody frowned, they, of course recognized that palace, it was an illusion but it wasn’t used to kill people, it was used to imprison people.

Lin Feng was standing outside of the illusion and watching as a cold light flashed through his eyes. He took a step and immediately appeared in front of one of them inside the illusion which stupefied the man.

At that moment, he was directly opposite Lin Feng.

“Tell me who you people are.” Said Lin Feng coldly. The man’s eyes twinkled, but he remained silent.

“If you don’t want to talk, then die.” Said Lin Feng moving like the wind towards the man. In a flash, he appeared in front of his opponent and attacked with his deadly sword, but the man brandished his dazzling blade in return. However, the assassin was alone, could he stop Lin Feng’s sword?

His blade was absorbed into Lin Feng’s deadly energy which terrified him, immediately after, his body was split into two by Lin Feng’s sword.

Lin Feng didn’t even turn to look at him. He took another step and arrived in another purple room. There was a female assassin in that room who was shocked and looked pale.

“Who sent you to kill me?” Asked Lin Feng again.

She stared at Lin Feng and replied in an ice-cold tone: “Lin Feng, I never would have believed that you’d be able to create the Nine Palace Dragon Formation. You’re lucky, but that won’t save you next time.”

“Even if there’s a next time, you won’t be alive to see it.” Said Lin Feng while running forwards and attacking with his deadly sword. In a flash, she was dead as well.

Lin Feng continued killing those people inside the illusion. All those cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer were dying one by one inside Lin Feng’s illusion.

After killing those eighteen people, the illusion disappeared, and Lin Feng was standing in the lonely night sky. He looked like a death god, but he didn’t seem proud or arrogant.

He already had an extremely high social status, he was Yue Meng He’s son and part of Duan Wu Ya’s faction. Ruo Lan Shan had also showed a liking to him, but some foolish people still dared to try and assassinate him. Besides, the eighteen were all trained in a particular formation, so those people probably belonged to a very influential group. The scariest part was that none of the eighteen had revealed the name of whom they worked, even when threatened with death.

That type of enemy was extremely terrifying, and that group must be extremely powerful.

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