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PMG Chapter 482: Thousands of Arrows!

PMG Chapter 482: Thousands of Arrows!

A large number of people followed the Dragon Mountain Empire from Tian Feng and travelled to Xue Yue. During the banquet, Lin Feng humiliated the seven envoys of Tian Feng one after the other and even killed two of them.

During the night after the banquet, eighteen cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer had appeared and had tried to kill Lin Feng with a blade formation, but in the end, they had completely failed. Lin Feng’s battle ability was made clear at Xiangjiang Lake. It seemed like something big was going to happen in Xue Yue. People couldn’t really describe it, but they knew that something important was going to happen and nobody could predict the aftermath.

Outside of the Imperial City, thousands of kilometres away, something astonishing was happening as well. A certain location was in complete ruins, but the news hasn’t spread to the Imperial City.

The strongest sect of the country, the Hao Yue Sect had been completely destroyed.

On that day, ten thousand of Chi Xie armoured cavalry had entered the territory of the Hao Yue Sect and annihilated everything in their path. Blood flowed like a river. The entire sect had been destroyed and the Hao Yue Sect would vanish into history.

Apart from some people who were outside and a few who had managed to escape, everybody was killed without mercy. The entire sect had become a river of blood. The massacre had lasted for an entire day.

At dusk, black crows and ferocious hawks were flying around above the territory of the Hao Yue Sect and sometimes swooping down to eat the dead flesh from the countless bodies. It looked apocalyptic and desolate.

The setting sun reflected on the surface of the blood river, giving off an eerie feel.

At that moment, the troops who destroyed the sect were already on their way to their next location. In the mountain chain where the Hao Yue Sect was, there was a group of people who gathered around to see the aftermath of the attack. Looking at the piles of corpses and river of blood, they felt a chill down in their soul.

This was the world of cultivation, it was cruel and sanguinary. They, of course, knew who those troops were. The Chi Xie troops belonged to Officer Lin Feng from Yangzhou City. Besides, Lin Feng also used to be a disciple of the Yun Hai Sect. In the past, the Hao Yue Sect had participated in the extermination of the Yun Hai Sect, it had been, just like Hao Yue Sect was at that moment, a bloodbath.

Lin Feng had started taking his revenge.

In the past, he was only a very talented disciple from the Yun Hai Sect, but at that moment, he was already a famous genius in Xue Yue. He, of course, wanted to get his revenge, he hated those who destroyed his sect. The Hao Yue Sect wasn’t going to be the last sect on his list though, it was only the beginning.

Actually, the Hao Yue Sect wasn’t even a start, the revenge had only just begun.

Thousands of kilometres away from the Hao Yue Sect, there was the Yun Hai Mountain Chain. Everybody in the mountain chain was in a state of full alert. Every possible exit was blocked, except for the one leading to the Black Wind Mountain. Every other entrance and exit was blocked.

The Chi Xie troops had already been there for seven days. During those seven days, no one was able to enter or exit. Only people who were from the surroundings of the Yun Hai Mountain Chain were allowed to leave. It had been evacuated of all bystanders almost instantly.

If they had stayed, they would have died, who would have dared to stay?

Those Chi Xie troops had come to avenge the Yun Hai Sect. If anyone dared infuriate them, they would be courting death.

Around the mountain chain, the Chi Xie troops were calmly waiting. They looked cold and remained in perfect formation while being absolutely silent.

Some people, even though they had already left the mountain chain hadn’t left the surrounding area, they were just standing in the distance and observing what was going to happen. They wanted to see if the Chi Xie troops would really go on a rampage.

At that moment, on the peaks of the Yun Hai Mountain chain, everybody was terrified. They were frightened beyond belief.

They had already been encircled for seven days and they didn’t know what was going to happen, they might all be slaughtered.

Everybody feared death, some people were more scared than others but in the end, when facing death, everybody would be scared. Not being scared of death was impossible, it was a natural instinct. Besides, they couldn’t leave, so they could only wait for death. The wait was driving them insane and many had already lost all hope.

The people who remained were people from the Hao Yue Sect, the Ice and Snow Mountain Village, the Wan Shou Sect and the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue. They had divided the entire Yun Hai Mountain and established military bases there. The Black Wind Mountain a good hunting ground which was extremely attractive to the sects, they were all delighted to have access to it.

But at that moment, the Yun Hai Mountain looked and felt like a mountain of doom, they wanted to leave but they couldn’t.

Suddenly the situation became chaotic. Everyone tried to run away, they wanted to escape immediately, but the cavalry had started galloping towards them in perfect formation.

The armoured cavalry had finally started to move after encircling them for seven days, were they going to attack?

Everybody wanted to escape but because of the Chi Xie cavalry, they were all being forced into the same direction. They were being pushed to the centre of a valley by the horses. The troops were forcing them all to gather in the same location.

In the centre of that valley, the people started to pour in by the thousands. They were looking to their right and left only to see more people pouring in from every direction. They were all growing more scared when they noticed this. They knew that those troops were probably going to kill them.

But what could they do? They were surrounded by a powerful army and were clearly outmatched. They had no choice.

In the end, a huge group of people gathered in the middle of the valley. When they looked up to the cliffs of the valley, they could see the Chi Xie troops looking down on them.

They all looked cold and detached and were releasing some deadly Qi as they all reached for their bows.

Many people’s hearts were pounding violently. This scene was similar to what happened in the past.

Back then, Duan Tian Lang had come to the Yun Hai Sect with the other sects and had slaughtered the Yun Hai Sect, history was repeating itself.

However, in the valley, there weren’t any people from the Yun Hai Sect, the scene looked the same but the positions had been reversed, only those who annihilated the Yun Hai Sect were forced into the valley.

Nobody had ever thought that such a thing would happen.

The atmosphere was deathly silent and oppressive. In the distance, a whistling sound spread through the air. Very quickly, everyone noticed two silhouettes.

It was Lin Feng riding his winged tiger.

His pure white clothes were fluttering in the wind as he looked down towards the valley.

That beast was bright red like fire and had two gigantic wings, everyone was terrified of the vicious beast.

Everybody looked up at the silhouettes in the sky.

However, what frightened people more than the winged tiger, was when they recognised the person riding it.

Lin Feng had come back! He had come to avenge the Yun Hai Sect!

A few years before, he was a low level disciple of the Yun Hai Sect, he had just broken through to the Ling Qi layer. Now, he was like a blazing star in the sky. He had become the Marquis of Yangzhou City, the Chi Xie Marquis, and had a powerful army under his control. He was also riding a terrifying Xuan level beast and had now returned to the Yun Hai Sect with a tremendous power.

If the Yun Hai Sect still existed, Lin Feng’s return would have been glorious.

However, the Yun Hai Sect had been exterminated and all Lin Feng wanted to do was massacre those responsible. Lin Feng had returned for revenge.

Lin Feng didn’t continue looking down at those people. Instead, he looked towards the mountain chain. He could see all the places he remembered from the past, but only coldness filled his eyes. A debt of blood had to be paid with blood.

He slowly turned his head and looked at the valley, the Stormy Gorge. There was an arena in the centre, the Life and Death Arena.

Lin Feng could remember his time at the Stormy Gorge and the Life and Death Arena.

At that moment, he could clearly remember all those people who had long since died. He could remember how Liu Fei had chased him, he could remember Protector Kong who protected him along with Protector Bai’s kind smile.

Lin Feng looked down at the crowd in the Stormy Gorge, he despised all of them. Those people were like vermin in Lin Feng’s eyes, he looked at them the same way they looked at the Yun Hai Sect in the past.

Lin Feng slowly rose his hand and in a flash, countless whistling sounds spread through the air which was immediately invaded by a deadly Qi. Thousands and thousands of arrows were shot into the air, aiming directly for the people inside the valley.

Everyone inside the valley was panicking, they were shaking as they saw the cloud of arrows falling from the sky. They all looked terrified.

In that heartless world, people would show no mercy to their enemies. Blood was the only way to repay blood.

Lin Feng only raised his hand into the air and thousands upon thousands of arrows were unleashed into the air!

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