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PMG Chapter 483: The Resurrection of the Yun Hai Sect

PMG Chapter 483: The Resurrection of the Yun Hai Sect

In the air, there were countless arrows blotting out the sky.

The people inside the Stormy Gorge raised their heads and saw an endless amount of arrows, they could only stare blankly at the incoming arrows as there was nowhere to run.

“Ssss….. Sssssss….” The cloud of arrows grew thicker and thicker as more arrows were shot into the sky. The sight caused their bodies to shiver with fear.

“Ahhhhh……” Followed by a sound like rain hitting a roof, countless horrible shrieks started spreading through the air.

The arrows finally fell onto the people inside the valley and the sound of slaughter began. This was part of the cycle of fate, this was their karma.

Besides, that was only the first wave of arrows. After the first wave, thousands of arrows were shot continuously into the air creating a thick cloud. The arrows were endless and unceasing. It was judgement day for all of their sins. The atmosphere was filled with painful cries and the wails of death.

Lin Feng  sat on his winged tiger in the sky, looking down at the Stormy Gorge. He looked absolutely expressionless, he had already become accustomed to death and slaughter.

Nobody could remain completely calm when seeing such a tragedy, Lin Feng was no exception but he knew, deep in his heart, that he was doing the right thing. He had to avenge those who were slaughtered trying to protect him.

If, in the future, the survivors went against him for revenge, Lin Feng would understand.  This was a consequence that he would have to shoulder for the sake of his revenge. Lin Feng couldn’t save everyone from suffering, all he could do was kill his enemies and move forward.

After the third wave of arrows, there was no longer any signs of life within the valley. Their blood had gathered in the centre of the valley to form a lake and the entire ground was dyed red.

“Enough.” Said Lin Feng indifferently and in a flash, the troops stopped firing their arrows. Those troops looked firm and emotionless.

All those troops were professional soldiers. They all had shed an incredible amount of blood in battle. Besides, these weren’t just ordinary troops, they were the Chi Xie troops, all of them had more blood on their hands than most armies in the land.

In the past, they had seen many of their comrades die in wars, seeing their comrades die was always a tragic experience.

If they didn’t fight at full power to kill all of their enemies, then one of their comrades might die as a consequence, which is why they were honed from the slaughter of their enemies. There would never be a real winner in any conflict, as one side would always suffer at the hands of the other.

All they could do was to avenge their comrades and fight to stay alive. Those troops were like cold, unmoving mountains. If Lin Feng gave the order, they would immediately take action.

Lin Feng had stopped them, so not a single soldier fired another arrow into the valley.

“Qiong Qi, they are for you.” Said Lin Feng indifferently. His winged tiger then roared and threw itself into the gorge.

When it arrived above the gorge, it opened its mouth and breathed out a torrent of blazing flames. Those corpses were immediately set ablaze, and the blood started to evaporate.

The winged tiger’s fire was extremely hot and causing the temperature to rise throughout the valley.

Its gigantic wings kept beating in the air just above the gorge. It flew around and around while unleashing torrents of fire. Very quickly, the entire gorge was consumed by a raging inferno.

Those terrifying flames reached such heights that the entire valley was overcome with a dancing light.

In the distance, the people who looked in the direction of the Yun Hai Mountain, could only see flames dashing towards the skies. They couldn’t believe their eyes, they were all shaking as cold sweat covered their bodies.

Wouldn’t such a monstrous fire burn the entire mountain?

Were those people on the Yun Hai Mountain, all dead?

Many people were actually relieved that they hadn’t participated in the extermination of the Yun Hai Sect in the past, otherwise they would all be dead at that moment. They would be burning inside the gorge.

Lin Feng was too tyrannical. He wanted to get his revenge so his flames of fury set Xue Yue ablaze.

After that, many people would remember those flames, they continued burning for three days and three nights. At the top of the Yun Hai Mountain, there was no longer any darkness, it was always illuminated by the flames which burnt the corpses of Lin Feng’s enemies.

Of course, that was what happened after.

At that moment, the winged tiger went back to Lin Feng’s side. Lin Feng was looking at the flames, he sighed and said: “The Hao Yue Sect is already destroyed. The Yun Hai Mountain is ours again. I, Lin Feng, as the Patriarch of the Yun Hai Sect, declare that the Yun Hai Sect is reborn!”


“Ahhh…. Ahhhh….

Many people were shouting, they sounded like roaring beasts, it was a shocking display.

The Yun Hai Sect had been destroyed, many people had been sold as slaves and those slaves had been saved by Lin Feng.

All of those survivors had already become members of the Chi Xie troops. Of course, calling the Chi Xie troops an army of Xue Yue was not really correct, because the Chi Xie troops only had one leader, Lin Feng. They were no longer loyal to any country and only obeyed Lin Feng.

Those former members of the Yun Hai Sect felt a deep and profound hatred. They had been turned into slaves and were imprisoned, but at that moment, they could finally see their sect again. They were excited, other people would never understand the way they felt.

“Stay here at the Yun Hai Sect and cultivate for three days. Then in three days time, head to the Ice and Snow Mountain Village.” Said Lin Feng indifferently. The Yun Hai Sect was resurrected but it wasn’t as easy as that, they still had a long list of enemies.

Under Lin Feng’s control, there thousands and thousands of strong cultivators, it was an extremely powerful army. Lin Feng was getting prepared to carry out a full military reform.

However, their purpose would remain the same, killing his enemies.

Lin Feng would choose a few young people from the Chi Xie troops, those who stood out because of their natural abilities and would let them concentrate on cultivation, in order to enhance their strength.

Lin Feng wanted to build a powerful army which would be a mixture of members from the Chi Xie army and the Yun Hai Sect. It wouldn’t be a mere army anymore. If a sect didn’t have much power, it couldn’t remain prosperous, that is why he would build an army for the sect. Only if the sect and the army worked together would they be able to establish a power like never before.

Lin Feng and his army remained in the Yun Hai Mountain Chain for three days to reorganize.

Lin Feng had destroyed the Hao Yue Sect and brought his people to the Yun Hai Mountain to exterminate the invaders. That news spread very quickly across Xue Yue. Everybody was astonished. The Hao Yue sect, a gigantic sect was annihilated!

The first great sect which had been destroyed was the Yun Hai Sect, quickly followed in the footsteps of the Luo Xia Sect. In Celestial River, the Luo Xia Sect had lost the majority of its strongest cultivators, they had all been killed by Lin Feng. Then, Duan Wu Dao had killed the majority of its members in the Imperial City which led to their collapse.

With Hao Yue Sect exterminated, its annihilation had also led to the resurrection of the Yun Hai Sect.

Lin Feng, who used to be a disciple of the Yun Hai Sect, had already astonished the entire country of Xue Yue. Everybody knew that he was the Patriarch of the Yun Hai Sect.

At that moment, everybody was looking at the Ice and Snow Mountain Village.

Lin Feng’s next target would undoubtedly be the Ice and Snow Mountain Village.

Maybe after destroying the Ice and Snow Mountain Village, Lin Feng would head to the Imperial City.

The people who had participated in the destruction of the Yun Hai Sect were numerous. They were all very influential groups spread throughout the country. Lin Feng had resurrected the Yun Hai Sect, but he was not done avenging it. Everybody who had participated in its destruction had to die. He was definitely planning to go to the Imperial City.

Many people were growing impatient, they wanted to see Lin Feng create another legend in Xue Yue!

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