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PMG Chapter 484: Shameless Han Xue Tian!

PMG Chapter 484: Shameless Han Xue Tian!

The Ice and Snow Mountain Village was to the north of Xue Yue. It was constantly surrounded by snow and ice. It was one of the four influential powers of the country, and was the only sect that wasn’t situated in a mountain chain.

At that moment, there were countless deep footprints in the thick layer of snow that covered the ground.

The Ice and Snow Mountain Village looked like a landscape from a fairy tale, a vast expanse of whiteness.

About fifty kilometres away from the Ice and Snow Mountain Village, the snow had been upturned by the armoured horses of Chi Xie.

They were in perfect formation. There were seemingly more than ten thousand soldiers with astonishing cultivations, such a powerful army was terrifying.

That army was precisely the Chi Xie army. They first exterminated the Hao Yue Sect and then Lin Feng had them march to the Ice and Snow Mountain Village. Mister Chi and the troops were waiting for Lin Feng to arrive and join them.

Because they weren’t stationed far away from the Ice and Snow Mountain Village, they were able to keep a close watch over the sect and all of its movements. At least, they could make sure that they wouldn’t try to escape and leave the Ice and Snow Mountain Village abandoned.

Of course, if they could see the sect from there, the sect could see them as well. They knew exactly how many troops were stationed outside.

On that day, many people left the Ice and Snow Mountain Village. They were slowly walking and approaching the troops. The vast expanse of white snow looked even more incredible when seeing the people appear on the vast white landscape.

When the troops saw the people heading towards them, they prepared for battle. What surprised the troops was that the people of the Ice and Snow Mountain Village hadn’t stayed within their territory. Surprisingly, they had taken the initiative to come out.

Of course, the people of the Ice and Snow Mountain Village thought that staying in the sect would be the same as waiting for death.

The Hao Yue Sect had been destroyed by Lin Feng and he had then taken control of the Yun Hai Mountain Chain again, the Ice and Snow Mountain Village already knew about these events. At that moment, the thousands of soldiers were waiting, they were obviously waiting for Lin Feng to join them.

Since that was the case, if the Ice and Snow Mountain Village waited for too long, their enemies would grow more and more numerous and become increasingly powerful, so why not leave immediately and try to open an escape route by force.

Mister Chi was standing at the front of the army and looking at the people rushing towards him. There were hundreds of people rushing towards him. Each and every single one of them looked cold and detached. They were wearing white clothes and were releasing powerful some ice energy.

All those people practiced using ice and snow skills. Everybody at the Ice and Snow Mountain Village practiced ice and snow skills and each of them had an ice or snow spirit. They all had the same aura, without exception.

Very quickly, the members of the Ice and Snow Mountain Village had closed the distance between themselves and the army. Though they were only a few hundred, when compared with the thousands of troops, they were nothing.

The one at the very front was the patriarch of the Ice and Snow Mountain Village: Han Xue Tian.

“Mister Chi, I wouldn’t have thought that we would meet again.” Said Han Xue Tian with a faint smile on his face. The Ice and Snow Mountain Village wasn’t very far from Celestial River so the disciples of the mountain village would frequently visit. Han Xue Tian himself also frequently visited the Celestial River often, but never made his visits public knowledge. Besides he had already met Mister Chi inside Celestial River.

“I hadn’t thought we would meet again either. But things have changed, we are now enemies.” Said Mister Chi indifferently.

Han Xue Tian shook his head and said: “Why talk that way? You are not my enemy. Let’s continue as friends, you will receive a warm welcome at my Ice and Snow Mountain Village.” Said Han Xue Tian trying to draw Mister Chi over to his side.

But Mister Chi only shook his head and said: “Han Xue Tian, you cannot convince me. Things have changed, we are now on different sides. You are a member of the Ice and Snow Mountain Village, I am with Lin Feng. Lin Feng is your enemy so I am now your enemy too. This is something that cannot be changed.”

Han Xue Tian was astonished. Mister Chi was openly admitting that he was following Lin Feng.

Mister Chi used to be an illustrious and eminent figure in Celestial River, Han Xue Tian had never thought that he would be following Lin Feng.

“Since that is the case, I will not insist If you are following Lin Feng, it seems like this battle will be unavoidable.”

“If you want to fight now, just attack. Don’t waste my time.” Said Mister Chi indifferently, he sounded absolutely unperturbed.

“Then we will fight.” Said Han Xue Tian while taking a step through the air which left a huge mark in the snow. In a flash, he threw himself at Mister Chi. If the old man wanted to fight, he wouldn’t waste time.

The atmosphere was filled with snow, it would have been a picturesque scene, if not for the battle that was about to begin.

However, Mister Chi didn’t feel like admiring the scenery, when facing the patriarch of the Ice and Snow Mountain Village, he couldn’t afford to relax.

A terrifying fire arose from Mister Chi. Han Xue Tian practiced ice and snow cultivation, and Mister Chi practiced the opposite, fire cultivation.

Mister Chi didn’t care about what the enemy was practicing, he took a heavy step in his opponent’s direction. His entire body was covered with rampaging flames.

Ice and fire collided in a stalemate creating a unique scene in midair. Mister Chi wanted to use his flames to melt the ice, but Han Xue Tian wanted to use his ice to extinguish the flames.

Those two cultivators had totally opposing cultivation styles.

“Mister Chi is, as expected, you are still extremely strong. No wonder you were such an imminent and illustrious person in Celestial River. I, Han Xue Tian, will learn a lot from you during this battle.”

“As you wish.” Replied Mister Chi. The two people then both shot into the air.

The troops were watching the battle without getting involved, even though they really wanted to join the battle, they respected a duel between experts.

The two fighters were growing more and more courageous, they continued colliding in the air, over and over again. The ice and fire became even more powerful. Everyone was fixedly staring at them. Who was going to come out victorious?

At that moment, a piercingly-cold ice suddenly arose from the mountain village, astonishing many people.

“It doesn’t look good.” The troops were astonished. A silhouette on the side of the Ice and Snow Mountain Village rose into the air. That person’s energy was monstrously powerful.

“World of Ice and Snow!”

“Extreme Icebound!”

At that moment, Han Xue Tian and that other person spoke at the same time. In a flash, a terrifying ice energy surrounded Mister Chi’s body.

“Bastards!” Shouted the Chi Xie troops. They were furious. The person who had just intervened was very young. Everybody thought of one person when they saw that young man, the patriarch’s son: Luo Xue.

Han Xue Tian and Mister Chi were fighting, initially it was a duel between experts, but at that moment Luo Xue was surprisingly attacking Mister Chi by surprise. How despicable!

“Get lost!” Shouted Mister Chi while attacking those two people but the extreme icebound attack was too powerful and crashed against his body piercing through to his bones. Mister Chi started falling from the sky, and he felt like he was freezing from the inside.

“Mister Chi, sorry for the inconvenience.” Said Han Xue Tian while smiling coldly. The Chi Xie troops’ facial expressions were extremely sharp. Those people were extremely strong so they wouldn’t be able to capture them alive.

“How shameless!” A voice filled the atmosphere from the distance which shocked everybody. A silhouette was rushing towards them and that person was Lin Feng, rushing forward like the wind. The Chi Xie troops all smiled at that moment, Lin Feng had arrived!

The people of the Ice and Snow Mountain Village were scared. Han Xue Tian immediately moved towards Mister Chi again, he wanted to attack him and remove a powerful enemy. He was releasing an extremely cold ice energy.

Mister Chi was shocked. He had just been attacked and was already injured. If Han Xue Tian attacked him again, Mister Chi wouldn’t be able to survive.

“Piss off!” Shouted Lin Feng while releasing some terrifying black deadly energy which immediately moved between Han Xue Tian and Mister Chi.

Luo Xue wanted to attack as well but the winged tiger suddenly appeared in front of him and prevented him from moving forwards.

Collision sounds spread through the air. Han Xue Tian had been unable to reach Mister Chi, Lin Feng had been too fast.

Lin Feng, Mister Chi and the winged tiger were now together, while Han Xue Tian and Luo Xue were opposite them. They were all staring at each other coldly.

“As expected, despicable little people. This makes things easier.” Said Lin Feng in an ice-cold tone and then added: “Chi Xie troops, attack! Leave none alive. Charge into the Ice and Snow Mountain Village and exterminate every living thing. Not a single soul should remain alive.

Lin Feng’s voice was ice-cold, to the extent that the freezing atmosphere seemed like it had dropped by several degrees. He wanted to completely annihilate the Ice and Snow Mountain Village.

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