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PMG Chapter 485: Red Snow!

PMG Chapter 485: Red Snow!

“Let’s attack together and kill them all!”

Han Xue Tian and Mister Chi were fighting, but Luo Xue launched a surprise attack against Mister Chi. But they had an army of over ten thousand supporting them, why would they be scared?

The people from the Ice and Snow Mountain Village were all terrified. Mister Chi hadn’t died because Lin Feng had protected him. Their plan had failed and now they had to face an army of furious Chi Xie troops.

A rumbling sounds spread through the air and the Chi Xie troops all released their deadly energy which caused the ground shake. The members of the Ice and Snow Mountain Village were suddenly terrified and their faces filled with panic.

“Mister Chi, go and have a rest! I can take care of those two!”

Mister Chi took a pill and started to recover. Mister Chi was an alchemist, if treated in time, his injuries wouldn’t be of any danger to him.

“Alright.” Said Mister Chi, he didn’t insist on helping Lin Feng. With Lin Feng’s strength, he could easily cope with those two cultivators of the fourth Xuan Qi layer.

Mister Chi moved back and Lin Feng released his deadly energy which also contained strands of intent.

Han Xue Tian and Luo Xue were surrounded by deadly energy which caused them to tremble. They quickly released some ice Qi in the form of snowflakes which filled the atmosphere and held off the deadly energy. However, those snowflakes grew chaotic as the deadly energy started to overcome them.


Lin Feng took a step forwards and in a flash arrived in front of Luo Xue. He then brandished a deadly sword straight towards his opponent.

“Ice and Snow!” Shouted Luo Xue abruptly. Then, a stream of snowflakes condensed on Lin Feng’s deadly sword and froze it in place.

“World of Ice and Snow!” Shouted Han Xue Tian at that moment while releasing a terrifyingly powerful ice energy. The entire atmosphere seemed like it had frozen solid.

Extremely strong skills could alter vast landscapes, it wasn’t a myth. Lin Feng’s deadly energy could change the atmosphere into an air of death, ice and snow could freeze the atmosphere etc.

At that moment, even the sun couldn’t make that ice melt.

Besides, as the atmosphere became colder and colder, the people from the Ice and Snow Mountain Village would grow stronger and stronger because they used ice and snow skills. If the atmosphere was frozen, they were much stronger and thus more courageous. However, it was the opposite for their opponents, as the atmosphere became colder, the enemies of the Ice and Snow Mountain Village became weaker and were influenced by the drastic cold.

Therefore, as those ice cultivators’ strength increased, they also had more endurance to fight, fighting against them became much more dangerous.

However, Lin Feng didn’t intend to fight against them for a long time, that wasn’t necessary.

His deadly Qi crashed through the atmosphere and swallowed the ice and snow. A black sword appeared and a terrifying deadly Qi shot into the skies.

At that moment, his deadly energy contained sword intent, even though his sword intent was only at the first level, it was more than enough.

“Die!” Shouted Lin Feng furiously. A black light flashed and disappeared in an instant.


A subtle sound spread in the air. Han Xue Tian who was attacking Lin Feng was still in the air, but he wasn’t moving forwards anymore.

He lowered his head and saw that his waist was bleeding. The lower part of his body was gradually detaching itself from the upper half of his body.

“AHHHHH……….” A horrible shriek filled the air and resonated across the battlefield. Everyone from the Ice and Snow Mountain Village looked up and saw that the patriarch, Han Xue Tian’s body had been cut into two. His eyes were still wide open but his body was no longer whole!

The people from the village felt their hearts start pounding violently, but they quickly forgot about all of that, because their bodies were then sliced apart. The Chi Xie army did not look up and get distracted during battle and continued their attacks.  

The members from the village had only one thought at that moment, they wanted to escape. Their patriarch had been killed by Lin Feng and sliced in half, was fighting against the Chi Xie troops still worth it?

Everyone from the Ice and Snow Mountain Village started trying to escape, including the elders and the geniuses from the sect. Nobody wanted to die. Dying with their comrades was a virtuous thing, but most of the time, when confronted with death, most people wanted to escape because they were terrified of death. This couldn’t be blamed, as it was a natural reaction to cling on to life.

Could they escape though?

At the moment when they started to escape, thousands of arrows streaked across the sky. It seemed like there was an ocean of arrows crashing down from above.

Considering the number of arrows, those who were running away were just moving target practice for the thousands of troops.

When Luo Xue saw that Han Xue Tian was dead, and that everybody wanted to escape, his eyes became crimson, but he released no deadly energy.

Lin Feng was too terrifying. Luo Xue couldn’t fight against him.

Luo Xue’s hands floated in the wind and an extremely cold air stream moved towards Lin Feng bombarding its way through the atmosphere.

However, at the same time, a huge snowflake appeared under his feet and just like a flying carpet, it swept him into the distance. He wanted to escape too.

He didn’t try to save the Ice and Snow Mountain Village anymore. It was already fated to be destroyed.

When Lin Feng saw that Luo Xue wanted to escape, he smiled coldly. Luo Xue had broken through to the fourth Xuan Qi layer and was trying to escape when facing Lin Feng! Who said he could leave?


Lin Feng’s silhouette flickered, he sensed the wind and rushed through the sky. He was extremely agile. It seemed like he had transformed into a gust of wind.

There was absolutely no resistance slowing him as he moved through the air. He then threw himself towards Luo Xue like a hurricane.

A terrifying deadly energy crashed into Luo Xue’s body which made him shake from head to toe. He turned his head and only saw Lin Feng’s body behind him, raising a black sword.

Lin Feng’s sword descended and Luo Xue’s body was split down the middle. He had rushed here from the Imperial City and now wanted to rush back, but only death awaited him.

Maybe he started to regret everything just before dying… But he had always known how terrifying Lin Feng was. Why did he come back when he knew what was coming? Did he think that he would be able to save the Ice and Snow Mountain Village with such little power?

He had already understood, when Lin Feng had started to rampage across Xue Yue, that nobody would be able to save his sect. The destruction of the Ice and Snow Mountain Village seemed inevitable.

At that moment, it was too late for him to regret anything, he was already dead.

Lin Feng looked at Luo Xue’s body as it fell from the air. He looked emotionless. He didn’t seem to realize that two of the incredible and majestic eight high-officials of Xue Yue had died to his hands.

The sixth and the seventh high-officials had died in his hands, Chu Zhan Peng and Luo Xue.

Lin Feng then looked at his troops on the ground. How could a few hundred people fight against his army of over ten thousand? They were making quick work of the cultivators and were completely destroying the sect.

On the ground, one of his soldiers was particularly strong. A blade was twinkling around him, he looked like a warlord bathed in blood. He looked like a violent death god. Nobody could stop him. His blade made from Pure Qi was unstoppable.

“Ba Dao, he used to be the strongest of the slaves…” Thought Lin Feng. He remembered when he was in prison, nobody could control him. He was monstrously violent. Lin Feng had liberated him, thanks to the auction sales. Back then, Ba Dao’s cultivation level was higher than his own and he was able to control blade force.

At that moment, Lin Feng had already broken through to the third Xuan Qi layer whereas Ba Dao had only broken through to the first Xuan Qi layer. With his incredible blade, his blade spirit, and his comprehension of energy attacks, Ba Dao could easily defeat people of the second Xuan Qi layer.

On Lin Feng’s side, there were quite a few outstanding cultivators. Some of them were not any less talented than him and some had the same cultivation, it was just that they weren’t as lucky as him to have an advanced power of understanding.

Duan Feng had devoted his life to cultivation, Ba Dao was monstrously violent and brutal, Han Man was a simple man but he incredible natural abilities and a very strong blood spirit, then there was Po Jun who had a dual spirit… If Lin Feng hadn’t met all of these people, maybe he wouldn’t have been able to rise as quickly as he did.

These rare talents were always in Lin Feng’s shadow, but they wanted to follow Lin Feng.

When Lin Feng thought about those things, he looked up at the sky, in the direction of Duan Ren City.

He was wondering what Uncle Liu, Fei Fei, Han Man and Po Jun were doing… The last time he had seen Uncle Liu in the Imperial City, he had lost hope. After finishing what he had to do, Lin Feng would try and return to Duan Ren City.

The Ice and Snow Mountain Village was the last battle before the Imperial City. Lin Feng had already killed all his enemies outside of the city, his other enemies were all waiting inside the Imperial City.

When the sun was setting, the Chi Xie troops were galloping through the snow towards the Imperial City. In the distance, Lin Feng looked in the direction of the Ice and Snow Mountain Village and could see that the white landscape was now filled with red snow.

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