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PMG Chapter 486: To The Imperial City!

PMG Chapter 486: To The Imperial City!

Outside of the Imperial City, in Qing Xin’s Restaurant, many people had gathered to drink alcohol and gossip about the events that happened across Xue Yue.

“Kai Tai, have you heard about happened in the Ice and Snow Mountain Village?” Asked a middle-aged man with a black mole on his face. He was clearly drunk when speaking to the man who looked like a scholar.

“In the Ice and Snow Mountain Village? What happened?” asked Kai Tai curiously. Could something big have happened there?

“Hehe, Kai Tai, you have become ignorant as of late. Don’t you know about the latest news of Xue Yue?” Said the middle-aged man while laughing mockingly.

“Hmph! I know what is going on in our country. Marquis Lin Feng brought his Chi Xie troops to the Yun Hai Mountain Chain and revived the Yun Hai Sect with a bloodbath. At the same time, he destroyed the Hao Yue Sect. Everybody is talking about those things, who doesn’t know about it?” Asked Kai Tai, seemingly upset.

The Hao Yue Sect had been destroyed and Lin Feng had taken control of the Yun Hai Mountain Chain and revived the Yun Hai Sect. Everybody in Xue Yue was astonished by these events, but that news could be heard everywhere in the country.

“Hehe, everybody knows about those things, that is old news already. However, you don’t seem to know what happened in the Ice and Snow Mountain Village!” Said the middle-aged man with the black mole indifferently. Kai Tai was speechless.

“What? The Ice and Snow Mountain Village is still very powerful, could it be that Lin Feng exterminated it as well?”

The Ice and Snow Mountain Village isn’t like the Hao Yue Sect. The Hao Yue Sect had already lost its patriarch Chu Qing during the genius competition of Xue Yue, as well as Chu Zhan Peng. Lin Feng had killed them both. Thus, the Hao Yue Sect had already lost its leaders. However, the Ice and Snow Mountain Village still had its patriarch, Han Xue Tian. He was extremely powerful and could stand as a powerful defence against enemies. Besides, after Luo Xue had learnt of the events in Xue Yue, he had rushed over to the Ice and Snow Mountain Village. Due to the dangerous situation, all its members had gathered to defend the sect. Don’t tell me they have been annihilated as well?”

“Extremely powerful? Ha, have you forgotten how Chu Zhan Peng and Chu Qing died? When facing a much stronger opponent, even if all the members of the Ice and Snow Mountain Village gathered to defend it, they still couldn’t do anything when fighting against tens of thousands of the Chi Xie troops. The large army trampled their way through the territory of the sect. The ice and snow is now dyed scarlet red, tainted with blood. Now, Lin Feng can truly be considered as a peerless cultivator of Xue Yue. Wherever he goes, nothing can stop him, he annihilates his enemies with utmost precision. Nobody can stop him from getting his revenge. I fear that he will soon be at the doors of the Imperial City.” Said the middle-aged man sounding excited. He was telling the story as if he was secretly Lin Feng, the hero of the story. He had been drinking all day thinking of the best way to share his tale.

Lin Feng had become like the sun at high-noon. He was at the apex of his power. He had started from nothing and by only relying on his own strength, he had exterminated countless heroes of Xue Yue. Step by step, he achieved greatness and became the hero of the country.

“He will come to the Imperial City?” Kai Tai shook his head and said: “Impossible. Even though he destroyed the Ice and Snow Mountain Village, it doesn’t mean that he will come to the Imperial City. You cannot behave so wildly in the Imperial City. If he comes, what would he do anyway? Go to the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue and the Wan Shou Sect?”

The Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue contained “Xue Yue” in its name and Duan Tian Lang, a member of the Duan Clan was its principal. Besides, the Wan Shou Sect was one of the most powerful groups in Xue Yue. Those groups were much more powerful than the Hao Yue Sect and the Ice and Snow Mountain Village combined. Besides, the Wan Shou Sect had Wu Qing, who was the third high-official of the country. Lin Feng was very strong, but destroying the Wan Shou Sect seemed like an impossible feat.

“He will. Just wait and see.” Said the middle-aged man sounding particularly confident. He looked extremely drunk and was growing impatient to be a witness for the upcoming events.

“Impossible. Lin Feng might return to the Imperial City alone… He is strong, but it still isn’t enough for him to cope with the entire Wan Shou Sect. He would need to be much stronger than them to take on that many people. Wait until he is strong enough and then he will definitely come, but it is impossible for now.” Said someone next to them. Many people were nodding in agreement. Indeed, Lin Feng should be returning to the Imperial City alone. After all, Lin Feng was known in the Imperial City for being Yue Meng He’s son, he didn’t have to be impatient with his revenge.

Waiting for a while before going to settle grudges with the Wan Shou Sect and the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue was normal.




The entire restaurant started to shake as if there was an earthquake. Everyone was stupefied, what was happening?

Besides, the restaurant was starting to shake even more, it seemed like it was going to collapse.

“What’s going on? Are those armoured-horses?” Asked some of the people while rushing to look out the windows.

In a flash, everyone was left gobsmacked. In the distance, there was an army of armoured cavalry charging in perfect formation. Every warrior seemed extremely powerful and it seemed like there was no end to the sea of cavalry. On the huge road into the Imperial City which would normally be able to hold thousands of people walking side by side, was chaotic as everyone  rushed to escape from the road. Those armoured horses were galloping towards the Imperial City.

“He has arrived. He is already outside of the Imperial City and is charging inside the Imperial City.” Shouted the middle-aged man with the black mole. He looked extremely excited and his eyes were twinkling with glee.

“Who arrived??” Asked Kai Tai.

“Of course it’s Lin Feng! He came with his Chi Xie troops and they’re rushing to the Imperial City!”

“You’re insane, you’re babbling nonsense!” Said Kai Tai in a low voice. He also ran to the windows and looked outside.

The restaurant continued shaking and shaking as the armoured cavalry moved closer. Many were hoisting several fluttering flags with large words written in blood.


Those words were written using the blood of their enemies, it was striking to the eye which made Kai Tai and the middle-aged man’s hearts suddenly pound violently. The Yun Hai Sect, Lin Feng!

It was really Lin Feng. Surprisingly, he would really charge into the Imperial City with the Chi Xie troops. He wanted to charge into the Imperial City with an army! Lin Feng wanted to avenge the Yun Hai Sect… and make his enemies pay in blood.

Kai Tai turned his head around and walked back to the drunkard. The drunkard was smug and looked like he never had any doubts about Lin Feng coming with an army. He had guessed right. He hadn’t even gone out to see, but he already knew that it was Lin Feng.

The people in the restaurant weren’t the only ones who were astonished, the people outside were astonished too. Everyone had started leaving buildings and formed a crowd on both sides of the road as they watched this scene. In the past, this used to be Xue Yue’s most respected group of hardened warriors, they used to work for Xue Yue and protect the border from Mo Yue’s  invasions.

But Mo Yue and Xue Yue had fought a huge battle and hundreds of thousands of soldiers had died. Liu Cang Lan was captured and brought back to the Imperial City for execution, but Lin Feng charged in an saved him. By doing this he obtained a fief, Yangzhou City, and the Chi Xie army became the personal troops of the marquis.

The Chi Xie troops were just like in the rumours, they were famous throughout Xue Yue. Their fame had even spread outside of the country and many enemies were wary of them.

The thunderous sound of galloping filled the air, it seemed like the ground was going to give way to this incredible army. In a flash, the troops arrived in front of the Imperial City. Their every movement was in perfect formation. The army was vast and majestic.

The guards of the Imperial City looked puzzled. What was happening? Were the Chi Xie troops going to siege the Imperial City again?

Xin Yi was the new officer of the guards at the Imperial City gate.

When he saw all those red armoured-horses and the banners written in blood, he immediately guessed who that was.

Lin Feng and his Chi Xie troops!

At that moment, Xin Yi’s eyes lit up. He looked at them and said: “Where is the Chi Xie Marquis?”

“I’m here.” Said a voice from the middle of the troops. Then, a ferocious beast flew into the air and arrived above the Imperial City gate. Lin Feng was seated on the winged tiger whilst looking down at them, staring at Xin Yi in particular which stupefied many observers.

Lin Feng’s eyes looked ice-cold and ominous glints were twinkling in the winged tiger’s eyes. How scary!

“Marquis Lin Feng, you should know that an army from outside the city cannot enter into the Imperial City, you are only permitted to enter with a fraction of these people.” Said Xin Yi. He was speaking very slowly in order to try and remain calm.

An army from outside of the Imperial City, especially private armies, couldn’t freely enter the Imperial City, especially not in full force, otherwise they had the power to create chaos. Xin Yi didn’t want to bear the responsibility for that.

Besides, if Lin Feng had come to the Imperial City with all his troops, it wasn’t with any good intentions. He had come to get his revenge.

“Do you remember Meng Chong and Meng Han?” Lin Feng didn’t say much, only a few words, with a calm voice. Xin Yi’s mouth started twitching.

Of course he remembered Meng Chong and Meng Han…

Back then, Meng Chong was standing where he was standing at that moment, and Meng Chong was Meng Han’s son. They had offended Lin Feng and prevented him from entering the Imperial City so he butchered them and even left them impaled on the city walls!

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