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PMG Chapter 490: Life and Death Gamble!

PMG Chapter 490: Life and Death Gamble!

“I deserve to die ten thousand deaths?” Lin Feng was staring at his interlocutor and smiling coldly: “Well, before I die, tell me who you are, what is your status?”

“Wait until the moment before your death and I will tell you.” Said that person still not revealing his status. In Xue Yue, there were people who were hidden in the shadows. Very few people knew who they were. They were the most mysterious group of the country. In order to be part of this group, people had to be at least at the Xuan Qi layer.

In the Imperial City, they were always present. The Imperial Clan was extremely strong for two reasons, one was because of their blood spirit, the other one was that group of elite troops, one of their missions was to kill rebels within the country.

“Lin Feng, you are the Marquis of Yangzhou and you came into the Imperial City with an army, that is an extremely serious crime. You and your army will die, all of you.” Said that middle-aged man in a cold and detached tone.

“After killing you, I will kill everyone you brought with you. None of you respect the laws of Xue Yue, so I will give all of you the death penalty, none of you will be left alive.”

“How aggressive and arrogant!” Thought the people on the ground. They were all looking at him with admiration. She Qiong was already very strong but his father was much stronger. He was probably stronger than those five cultivators of the fifth Xuan Qi layer. Which meant that he had at least broken through to the sixth Xuan Qi layer.

At such high levels, a single cultivation layer would make a huge difference. A cultivator of the sixth Xuan Qi layer was much stronger than a group of cultivators at the fifth Xuan Qi layer.

Everyone was trying to guess what that person’s social status was. Duan Tian Lang and those five cultivators of the fifth Xuan Qi layer looked like they revered and worshiped him, so wasn’t that person’s social status much higher than them?

Duan Tian Lang was looking at him with admiration and respect, so what was his status? He looked majestic and released a commanding presence.

The affairs of the Imperial City were very mysterious. Many people couldn’t understand the affairs of the city, all they could do was guess.

In the past, most people thought that cultivators of the third and fourth Xuan Qi layer were amazing, but after the genius competition of Xue Yue, stronger and stronger cultivators were revealing themselves from the shadows. There were many people who were hiding from the public eyes. Apart from cultivators of the fourth Xuan Qi layer, there were even cultivators of the fifth Xuan Qi layer who were hidden, and now, there was someone even stronger.

“Sorry but what you are saying is absolutely unjustified. Those people are not an army, they belong to my sect, they are lone cultivators from the Yun Hai Sect who travelled to the Imperial City with me. I am not acting as the Chi Xie Marquis today, instead I am acting as the Patriarch of the Yun Hai Sect. In the past, Duan Tian Lang destroyed the Yun Hai Sect and today, as the Patriarch of the Yun Hai Sect, I will avenge the Yun Hai Sect. What is so inappropriate about that?” Said Lin Feng loudly and firmly.

Many people were gobsmacked. If Lin Feng had come to the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue using his status as the Patriarch of the Yun Hai Sect and people from his sect had followed him into the Imperial City, then technically it didn’t break any laws. He had the right to seek revenge for his sect.

“Besides, what do you intend to do? By attacking me while hiding your social status… You’re saying that I committed a crime, what gives you the right to speak when you don’t even know a thing?” Said Lin Feng in an ice-cold tone. He coldly stared at his interlocutor and remained unyielding. Even though he was weaker than his interlocutor, his words weren’t weak at all.

Lin Feng was fearless. Even if Lin Feng had to risk his life, who knew who would come out victorious? The result couldn’t be predicted.

Lin Feng understood that arguing with him was useless, strength was the most important thing in this world. Strength would determine who was right and who was wrong, that was the basic principle in this world of cultivation. If your fist was strong enough to silence the opposition, it didn’t matter if you were wrong. Lin Feng couldn’t afford to act as the weaker side in front of that person, otherwise the other person would have the advantage.

As expected, when Lin Feng said that, a terrifying Qi invaded the atmosphere, it was extremely frightening and created a roar as it tore through the sky. It sounded like a furious flood dragon. The man wanted to use force to win.

Lin Feng didn’t look at that man again. He turned his head to look at the cultivator of the fifth Xuan Qi layer, he smiled coldly and said: “You still haven’t told me who you are, if he doesn’t want to speak, you should tell me.”

That person looked extremely tense and nervous, he was shaking from head to toe. Lin Feng hand was surrounded by an extremely sharp deadly Qi. Lin Feng kept his hand pressed against that person’s throat the entire time, he hadn’t changed his position. That person hadn’t tried to break free from Lin Feng because he could feel Lin Feng’s sharp Qi pressing against his throat. If Lin Feng had sensed any movements, Lin Feng would have immediately killed him. Therefore, he didn’t dare to move at all. At that moment, Lin Feng was forcing him to talk.

She Qiong’s father also looked down at him with an ice-cold look in his eyes. That cultivator of the fifth Xuan Qi layer felt that the pressure surrounding his was growing.

He felt like he was carrying two gigantic mountains, one on each shoulder.

It was clear to him that he couldn’t reveal their social status, it was their most basic rule and it would be enforced now that an officer was present. They always acted in secret within the country. Even if they appeared in public, they would never stay in the open for long. Today their purpose was to kill Lin Feng and then disappear as quickly as possible. People would usually forget about them with time. The problem they faced at that moment was, not only were they unable to kill Lin Feng, but on top of that, Lin Feng was forcing him to talk.

“You know what will happen if you talk.” Said She Qiong’s father coldly. Which caused that person to pull a long face. If he didn’t talk, Lin Feng would kill him, if he talked, She Qiong’s father would kill him. It was a dead end either way.

“If you don’t talk, I will immediately kill you.” Said Lin Feng coldly which made that person’s facial expression grow more hideous.

“Officer!” Said that person while looking at She Qiong’s father in a hopeless and desperate way, he was hoping that She Qiong’s father would save his life.

“He will not kill you, he wouldn’t dare. If he does, he will be considered a rebel and he will be sentenced to death along with his entire family and everyone close to him.” Said She Huan, but that person didn’t believe it and looked over to Lin Feng.

“I will give you ten seconds.” Said Lin Feng calmly.

“You know perfectly what will happen if you talk, he’s just threatening you, he won’t dare to act. I’m telling you that he will not kill you which means that he will not kill you.” Said She Huan as he was gambling that Lin Feng would stay his hand.

“If he kills you, I will kill him, everybody will be a witness.” Said She Huan but he wasn’t looking at that cultivator of the fifth Xuan Qi layer at all, he was only staring at Lin Feng, he was clearly threatening Lin Feng.

“Seven seconds.” Said Lin Feng indifferently ignoring She Huan.

She Huan released an extremely oppressive Qi. Lin Feng could feel how oppressive and wild the Qi was, it was terrifying. The cultivator Lin Feng was threatening could also feel that oppressive Qi. She Huan was hoping that Lin Feng wouldn’t do anything when he sensed the oppressive Qi.

“Four seconds.” Said Lin Feng indifferently. The cultivator looked extremely tense. She Huan’s Qi was becoming more and more violent and brutal in the air. If that person talked, She Huan would kill him, but if Lin Feng dared to kill him, then She Huan would kill Lin Feng.

“Two seconds.” Said Lin Feng. The person’s facial muscles were twitching as he thought, he was gnashing his teeth but he wasn’t speaking… Under such an oppressive Qi, he would die if he spoke. It was extremely possible that Lin Feng wouldn’t dare to kill him when facing She Huan.

“One second.”

He just remained silent but the silence was terrifying.

“Idiot.” Said Lin Feng as if he found the situation to be ridiculous. Ten seconds had already elapsed. His fingertip penetrated into the man’s throat and then was pulled out with a slash.

That person’s pupils abruptly shrunk, but his eyes were wide open in shock, he looked terrified. Lin Feng didn’t say anything superfluous, he immediately killed him when the time was over.

Lin Feng wouldn’t dare to kill him?

Ignorant! His choice was clearly flawed in many ways.

“If he had really cared about your life, he wouldn’t have threatened to kill me in retaliation. Since he initially wanted to kill me regardless, why would I be intimidated by his threats?” Said Lin Feng indifferently which stupefied She Huan. As expected, She Huan didn’t take action, he didn’t even look at the cultivator who died, it was as if his death had nothing to do with She Huan. She Huan only wanted one thing, to kill Lin Feng.

That cultivator of the fifth Xuan Qi layer couldn’t close his eyes even in death, his body fell from the sky with wide eyes. A cultivator of the fifth Xuan Qi layer had just died by Lin Feng’s hands!

“I must say that I admire your courage.” Said She Huan while looking emotionless and releasing a thick deadly energy.

“But when facing a much stronger cultivator, courage is useless.”

At that moment, She Huan released a monstrous Qi which filled the air and crashed in Lin Feng’s direction.

“Even though you’re strong, what gives you the audacity to say “MUCH stronger”!?” Laughed Lin Feng.

“Thirty-six celestial swords formation, CONDENSE!”

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  1. Drgnblu October 28, 2016 at 4:04 pm - Reply

    thanks for the chapter

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    Thanks for the chapter.

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  4. AmbroscusOdium October 28, 2016 at 5:04 pm - Reply

    I love this series but I just want to take the time to say how much of a scumbag the MC is. First, there was the general’s daughter, who he vaguely promised to marry and take care of. He then joked about her refusing to have sex with him in fron of her father and an entire army which completely trashed her image. Afterwards she disappeared from the story and the MC never thinks about her. Then he met Meng Peng (?) who was a beautiful, impressionable girl with no experience of the outside world. He then named her ‘perfect lover’ and has been molding her into the ‘perfect lover’ ever since. And I have to give him props, he succeeded. At some point there was that weak girl at the academy who had a crush on the MC and through a conversation he had with the auction house girl he basically stated he wouldn’t marry someone he doesn’t have feelings for just because they liked him (his words). Nicely said if I do say so myself except one thing, he completely contradicts himself. Througj several internal monologues of both the MC and the second prince the author makes it clear that the MC had no feelings for the princess. Even when auction house girl met the princess she could instantly tell that the princess had UNREQUITED feelings for the MC. When the MC visited the princess at her house he made it clear he only had feelings for Meng Peng (rightfully so saying as how he’s been grooming her to his liking) and yet, just to contradict everything thus far, he ends up in a relationship with the princess. So when he said he wouldn’t marry someone he doesn’t love I guess he forgot about qomen with status because, hell, who wouldn’t want a princess or two on the side. I feel bad for Meng Peng who made it clear that she sad if the MC had other wifes yet he’s going to break her heart just ro marry a girl that the author made clear on several occasions he didn’t have feelings for. Also feel bad for the general’s daughter, not because she won’t be in a relationship with the MC but because the MC over exaggerated their relationship and then dropped her. I don’t dislike polygamy when it makes sense, this just isn’t one of those cases.

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      Meng Qing and the princess are aware of each other’s relationship to the MC. Initially the MC didn’t want to be with the princess but there were at least a couple of reasons for that.
      For the MC Meng Qing was always going to be the most important and he didn’t want to hurt her by having another girl but later on Meng Qing basically gave him permission to be with anyone else as long as she can remain with the MC(this feels a bit weird).
      The second issue which is related to the first is that if he married the both of them the princess would have to be the second wife but based on Meng Qing and the princess’s relative social status that would have been generally seen as being unacceptable. This also got resolved basically with the princess telling the MC that she doesn’t care about status as long as she can be with him.
      The girl with the arrow spirit is too much of a tsundere to admit that she likes the MC and the MC doesn’t seem to be very interested in her. The stuff he did wasmore along the lines of teasing her partly for trying to kill him on multiple occasions previously.

      • AmbroscusOdium October 29, 2016 at 1:34 am - Reply

        My main issue is the fact that the MC never liked the princess yet the author forced a relationship with her

      • Nartik January 13, 2018 at 11:55 pm - Reply

        Actually I’ve been bing reading this novel and there isn’t development on the relationship of Meng Qing and MC, heck, other than she is pretty we really don’t get a personality from her other than cold and protective of MC.
        For a while it seemed like he was developing a relationship of sorts with the arrow girl but he quickly forgot about her when he found someone prettier.
        Then the relationship that seems to have more development is between MC and princess, she likes that he doesn’t pester her and it’s said several times that he thinks she’s cute, sweet and nice. He feels betrayed by her and abandons her to then feel bad and go save her and hear she mention him on her dying moments, everything seems to be going great but she is not Meng Qing who apparently had his heart already (even though we are never told when she got it) and princess had only a small bit of it.
        Basically MC is a jerk who only cares about getting the hottest girl there is.

        • Ezura November 29, 2018 at 3:21 pm - Reply

          With Meng Qing it’s founded on his gratitude for her constant support and protection. Remember he is someone who’s been bullied all his life and only ever had his Dad stand up for him on his behalf. He was the trash of the Lin Clan. He was even murdered by a member of his own family! Then he meets her and she follows him everywhere. Obviously she had her own reasons for this but over time they developed a dependency and trust with each other that they’ve never received from others before. It’s not a regular romance for sure but it’s a deep affection with unconditional trust.
          Liu Fei he never took that seriously, they flirted and had banter with. He respected her and the fact she stood up for him despite her disliking him from their misunderstanding. He likes her sense of justice. He was def attracted by things happened and they ended up drifting apart. Her Dad needs her more right now.
          If you return to the scene where after rescuing the Princess they escaped into the Forbidden area and discovered the snake and the Zun level cultivator remains. The guy would only bequest inheritances to people in love so he sends him into a mindfog. There he realises his main love is MQ but he also loves the Princess with Liu Fei also showing her presence a bit. So that’s their rank in his heart.

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