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PMG Chapter 493: Terrifying Sword Intent!

PMG Chapter 493: Terrifying Sword Intent!

Whatever result the members of the Holy Courtyard were wishing for, the result of the battle couldn’t be changed.

The two cultivators of the fifth Xuan Qi layer were struggling inside Lin Feng’s sword formation. They couldn’t escape, those thirty-six swords seemed to have formed into countless tiny sword lights which fell down like rain from the sky.

“You thought you were strong enough to kill me?” Lin Feng arrived in front of the sword curtain. His voice sounded ice-cold. Those five had come to help Duan Tian Lang kill Lin Feng.

They had thought that it would be easy for them to kill Lin Feng, but at that moment, Lin Feng was able to crush them with ease.

The two people imprisoned by the rain of swords looked pitiful and were deathly pale. They had come to kill Lin Feng, but he was only toying with their lives. He could kill them whenever he wanted. They wanted to say something but they didn’t have time to speak and could only defend. They were scared that Lin Feng would immediately kill them if they spoke.

“And what was the result?” Lin Feng took a step and arrived above the sword curtain. Those two people wouldn’t be able to endure it for much longer but Lin Feng didn’t feel like wasting time anyway.

His deadly sword fell from the sky, directly towards them.

“Aaaarrghhhhh!” The eyes of the two cultivators turned bloodshot when they sensed Lin Feng’s deadly sword and they uttered a long cry of agony. It was of no use, they couldn’t do anything while being surrounded by the sword rain. They couldn’t resist against Lin Feng’s deadly sword either.

“Boom!” One of them attacked with his blade and tried to block Lin Feng’s sword, but in a flash Lin Feng’s sword energy pierced through the attack and pierced straight through his heart.

The other cultivator yelled violently, he couldn’t bear the pain anymore, he felt like he was suffocating under the pressure. He was struggling desperately to escape. Suddenly a tiny sword pierced his body which caused him to violently convulse with pain and die under the countless tiny swords which continued to rain down on him. The cultivators had been trapped within a rain of tiny swords, so their bodies were riddled with thousands of small wounds before they died, they both died miserably!

They were dead. The five cultivators of the fifth Xuan Qi layer were all died, all of them had been killed by Lin Feng.

The crowd saw Lin Feng open his hand and the purple spirit was absorbed back into his body through his palm, along with the surplus souls. The thirty-six swords, the purple spirit, and the surplus souls were absorbed, leaving only the four dead bodies remaining.

Lin Feng had returned to his normal and calm composure, but the onlookers were shocked.

Lin Feng was incredible! The speed at which he had progressed on the path of cultivation was astonishing. Each time he fought, he would be much stronger than the last time. There was never a time when Lin Feng stopped growing stronger. Every time that someone came for his life, his opponents would underestimate the speed in which Lin Feng grew and would be killed because of it.

Lin Feng once again proved how gifted he was when it came to cultivation. Cultivators of the fifth Xuan Qi layer were overlords in the country of Xue Yue, they were considered as some of the strongest cultivators in the country, but in front of Lin Feng, they would be massacred.

The most terrifying part was that Lin Feng had only broken through to the third Xuan Qi layer. What would he be like in the future, after having broken through to higher cultivation layers?

Duan Tian Lang’s heart was racing. When Lin Feng glanced at him, a feeling of terror invaded his heart and he started shaking from head to toe.

“Don’t be scared. I am not going to kill you yet.” Said Lin Feng indifferently which astonished Duan Tian Lang and the crowd on the ground.

What a humiliation! Lin Feng was already strong enough to humiliate Duan Tian Lang. Duan Tian Lang was nothing more than a buffoon when facing Lin Feng. Lin Feng could kill him whenever he wished, he had the power to toy with Duan Tian Lang and decide when he would die.

Duan Tian Lang took a deep breath, his eyes were bloodshot, he looked like a ferocious beast. He could only wait, wait for Lin Feng to kill him. Waiting for his own death and not knowing when it would be was a horrible feeling for Duan Tian Lang, it was unbearable!

He clearly knew that he was going to die, it was unavoidable, but he just didn’t know how and when. The fact that he had no control and could only wait for death caused Duan Tian Lang to suffer immensely.

The thirty-six women were still fighting against She Huan and were able to suppress him inside the formation, but they were unable to kill him. Both sides refused to lose to the other and they were trapped in a stalemate.

At that moment, She Huan’s face was glum. He obviously saw that Lin Feng had just killed those four cultivators. Initially, he had hoped that the four cultivators would be able to kill Lin Feng and then help him to escape from the formation… He hadn’t thought that Lin Feng would kill the four cultivators of the fifth Xuan Qi layer. It was the total opposite of what he wanted, Lin Feng could join them and easily deal with him.

Besides, She Huan was absolutely shocked by Lin Feng’s terrifying battle abilities. He had only broken through to the third Xuan Qi layer and was able to kill four cultivators of the fifth Xuan Qi layer single-handedly. Besides, it seemed like using a battle formation meant for thirty-six people by himself was an easy thing. It would require a deep understanding of formations and an extremely strong soul to accomplish such a thing. He was indeed extremely talented, and even more dangerous.

Lin Feng arrived in front of the women and She Huan. He then looked at She Huan and said loudly; “You want to kill me? You want to kill everyone I brought with me? She Huan you are such a stupid animal. You too weak to even escape this sword formation. How do you plan to do it from in there? You are nothing but a dog barking from inside a cage.”

When She Huan heard Lin Feng humiliating him, his facial expression looked even glummer. Lin Feng was calling him an animal, a dog barking in a cage. She Huan was one of the nine Snow Dragon Officers… He had never been humiliated in such a way.

His heart was pounding. Suddenly, a sword swept past his body and blood appeared. The crowd was shocked. Lin Feng was infuriating him, so he would lose his focus in the fight against the sword formation.

She Huan knew what Lin Feng was doing. Lin Feng was humiliating him in front of so many people to distract him. But it was a very difficult for She Huan to remain focused, he was absolutely furious.

“Lin Feng, YOU SHOULD DIE!!!!!” Shouted She Huan furiously! A terrifying and brutal energy rushed out from his body. It was a bestial Qi which shot into the sky. He then raised his fists into the air which transformed into a pair of sharp flood dragon claws. His eyes looked cruel and sanguinary.

“ROOOAARRRR!” She Huan’s flood dragon spirit rose into the air and gave a terrifying roar. She Huan’s claws collided with the sword Qi surrounding him in an attempt to destroy the balance.

At that moment, the thirty-six horizontal swords started to release extremely bright lights which shot towards She Huan, preventing him from breaking free from the sword formation.

“Roaarrr… Roaarrr….” She Huan’s flood dragon roared as the claws fearlessly slashed forwards, annihilating everything.

The thirty-six lights that were shot forward broke one after the other. She Huan’s hands transformed into sharp flood dragon claws again. His hands were bleeding but he continued to attack the sword lights with his claws.

“Boom!” A terrifying oppressive energy finally caused the women to suddenly move back! She Huan grew more aggressive and released a monstrous amount of Qi, which surprisingly formed into what appeared to be a real flood dragon.

“He broke out!”

She Huan’s eyes were ferocious, he had finally managed to break free from the battle formation.

But at that moment, he noticed a terrifying deadly energy which caused the inner parts of his soul tremble.

What a monstrous deadly energy and…. Intent!

She Huan raised his head and looked at the terrifying black sword, it was filled with the astonishing black deadly energy, but at the same time, that black sword contained the scorching power of the sun, that black energy was filled with sun Qi!

“How scary!” The crowd also raised their heads to see the black sword engulfed in flames. The flames were burning on the outside of the black sword. There were two powerful energies combined within the sword, it was astonishing!

The sword was filled with powerful sword intent.

Lin Feng’s sword was scorching hot like the sun, but was also mixed with a dark deadly energy. As it descended from the sky, it grew more intense and its speed increased. In a flash, it arrived in front of She Huan.

She Huan didn’t flinch and the gigantic flood dragon formed by Qi attacked Lin Feng’s sword.

That sword had the determination to destroy everything in its path, including the flood dragon. She Huan released a powerful pure Qi to block that sword as he quickly retreated.

However, the sword continued unhindered and blood splashed into the air. A deep wound was sliced into She Huan’s chest, soaking his body with blood.

She Huan was shaking as he looked at that wound, he looked extremely ferocious and glared hatefully at Lin Feng.

“I, She Huan, swear that I will kill you, Lin Feng.” Said She Huan furiously, his body flickered as he shot into the distance, leaving a trail of blood behind as he ran away.

She Huan, a cultivator of the sixth Xuan Qi layer, was running away with his tail between his legs!

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