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PMG Chapter 498: Down The Precipice

PMG Chapter 498: Down The Precipice
At that moment, Lin Feng obviously didn’t know what was happening within the Imperial Palace.

At the Yun Hai Sect, within the former territory of the Holy Courtyard, there were seven places where silhouettes were flickering and moving. They seemed like they were destroying the buildings. On the ground, there was a thick Qi which filled the air.

Mister Chi and Mister Huo were standing at one of those seven places, they were looking at the flickering silhouettes. Mister Chi smiled and said: “Huo, old fellow, what does Lin Feng plan on doing? What kind of formation? Why is everybody so agitated?”

“The great formations are the illusion of the seven stars, the eight trigrams prison, and the nine palaces gathering… Therefore, Lin Feng must be using these seven locations to form the illusion of the seven stars, I think he wants to create an illusion formation around the sect.” Replied Mister Huo.

Formations which required less than five components were not that difficult, it became more difficult as the number of components in a formation increased, but they were also more powerful. The seven stars, the eight trigrams, the nine palaces were legendary, those deadly formations and illusions used vast amounts of pure Qi to enhance their power. These formations were unimaginable, in the end they could even form pure Qi palaces.

Of course, this was only a rumour, nothing more. It wasn’t an absolute truth. At the same time, it was true that extremely powerful formations could use pure Qi to enhance the formations power, like the nine palaces formation which could be used to imprison and kill people. However, the most important thing was always the foundation of a formation.

Besides, the extremely powerful formations were not limited to the seven stars, eight trigrams and nine palaces, some even more complex formations consisted of creating multiple formations as the components of a larger formation. The seven stars, eight trigrams and nine palaces were just the commonly known legendary formations and illusions, but they still had incredible power.

Besides, combining several formations together would cause the power of the formations to become even more terrifying. Of course, acquiring the knowledge required to create those types of formations was extremely difficult, and then the degree of creating them was otherworldly.

In the Continent of the Nine Clouds, people would rarely provoke an extremely strong formation master, they were able to create a formation to easily kill an army of millions in a flash, leaving only destruction in their wake.

Those days, even though Lin Feng was able to create formations, he was far from being close to a formation master, he was just trying to understand how they worked and found out that he was able to learn them with astonishing speed.

With the help of the thirty-six women who were quite proficient with creating formations and spells, there was already a thick mist and fog around the Yun Hi Sect, the entire area was surrounded by an illusionary mist.

“Formations are incredibly mysterious, they are not any inferior to alchemy.” Sighed Mister Huo while looking at the mist constantly rising into the air. Skills and techniques belonged to cultivation, pills belonged to alchemy, while spells and formations also belonged to their own fields of expertise. It was an incredibly mysterious and profound field. Outsiders would never understand how it worked.

“That’s obvious. The Continent of the Nine Clouds is so vast and boundless that we don’t even know how big its size is. We have never been outside of Xue Yue, so we are considered short-sighted. We have read books written by extremely powerful alchemists, but those people never stopped in their cultivation. Monstrously strong alchemists are worshiped and revered by the people, people would prostrate themselves before such illustrious and eminent people. Extremely strong formation masters can create unimaginable destruction and deserve the peoples’ reverence. Of course, no matter if we’re talking about alchemy or formations, they are all based on personal cultivation, that’s the basic principle.” Said Mister Chi while sighing, expressing his own opinion.

Mister Huo had a deep and meaningful expression in his eyes and nodded: “Those who don’t work hard, whether it be cultivation, formations or alchemy, they will never succeed. Besides, they could be killed at any time by stronger cultivators. A person’s cultivation is the basic foundation of strength in the world.”

“You old men are in a good mood I see.” Someone interrupted them at that moment while laughing. It came from behind the two old men. They were surprised, they turned around and saw Lin Feng who was laughing from behind them. They were shocked and then smiled wryly.

“Lin Feng, you are already strong enough to kill us at any time.” Said Mister Huo while shaking his head.

Lin Feng walked towards them while blocking his ears, he just acted as if he hadn’t heard anything. If Lin Feng had wanted to kill them, they would be dead already. Lin Feng’s cultivation was incredible and they could see the small changes in him, for example Lin Feng’s Qi wasn’t leaking out from his body and when he walked, he didn’t emit a single sound.

“It’s just that you weren’t paying attention…” Said Lin Feng denying that the two old men had any weaknesses. He then said: “A moment ago, you were talking about the Continent of the Nine Clouds, that it was founded on personal cultivation. I definitely agree with you. Only when you are strong, can you reach the heavens and annihilate everything in your way. However, since everybody knows that cultivation is the key to everything, why do so many people practice alchemy, formations and other unorthodox skills?”

“Lin Feng…. You have to understand that not everybody is as gifted as you in cultivation. Many people, when they practice cultivation, find themselves stuck at a bottleneck and can’t break through to the next layer… And practicing cultivation fanatically like a madman doesn’t always lead to success either. If their temperament or their power of understanding is not sufficient, then they can’t improve their cultivation to the next level. Then their cultivation level reaches a limit which can’t progress anymore. Maybe if you practice a few unorthodox things in the future, then you will come to understand their benefits, at some point, you may reach your limit and be unable to break through with your cultivation.”

“Besides, you cannot say that alchemy and formations are useless, they are both extremely powerful. Someone who can concoct Xuan pills of average quality can help people at the Xuan Qi layer with their cultivation, and in that case, not only is the alchemist helping them, but they can also receive favours and payment in exchange. Besides, alchemists can also use the pills on themselves to benefit their own cultivation, so why not study it?”

Lin Feng understood and nodded. In fact, that really was the case. Lin Feng had also thought about these things. He had just asked their opinion because he was asking himself these questions. He was realizing that on the path of cultivation, of alchemy or formations, he was always extremely talented, the problem was that it was also making him feel hesitant on how he should proceed. What should he do to make the most of his potential? How could he maximize the benefits of his potential?

“Lin Feng, I know what you’re thinking but I want to tell you something, on the path of alchemy or formations, you are very talented and you must avoid wasting your talent. Maybe someday, you will realize that everything you study will lead to unimagined results. Yes personal cultivation will allow you to reach the heavens, but it doesn’t mean that you are omnipotent. Imagine if you weren’t here and somebody was threatening your sweetheart, your friends or your family, what could you do? However, if you were a brilliant alchemist who strengthened them with your pills, or created incredible formations, they could protect themselves without you. Even if you weren’t there, you would still be able to indirectly protect them from harm.” Said Mister Huo, he knew exactly how Lin Feng felt. He then added: “Of course, Lin Feng, that’s only my opinion, the most important thing is for you to listen to your heart.”

Lin Feng smiled in a warm and gentle way, and nodded at Mister Huo before saying: “I understand, Mister Huo.”

“That’s the most important thing then. You don’t need me to tell you anything, make your own decisions. You wouldn’t have created such a gigantic illusion formation around the Yun Hai Sect if you didn’t trust your own instincts. There wouldn’t have been any need for us to waste so much energy and so many resources to create it otherwise.” Said Mister Huo which made a smile appear on the corner of Lin Feng’s mouth. The former territory of the Holy Courtyard was extremely vast. Lin Feng had indeed used lots of energy to create that gigantic formation. When creating that gigantic formation he had even used a huge quantity of purity stones, which he had picked from the vein of the earth at Mount Sword.


Three days later, many people were walking past the former territory of the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue, which was now the Yun Hai Sect. It looked the same as before but many people noticed that the Yun Hai Sect had become slightly strange. They felt like they were hallucinating, the Yun Hai Sect seemed to be surrounded by a mist if you looked closely.

However, when looking again, everything seemed normal.

“How strange!” Thought many people, it seemed like the Yun Hai Sect was different than before.

However, at that moment, a silhouette appeared from within the Yun Hai Sect who suddenly jumped into the air. It was a very young man who moved with incredible speed.

Besides, there was a ferocious beast closely following behind the young man. The crowd was astonished when they saw them.

“It must be Lin Feng!”

When the crowd saw him, they frowned and were shocked. That was Lin Feng!

They only saw Lin Feng suddenly appear and jump into the air as his winged tiger flew under him in a flash. Lin Feng landed on the back of the beast and then they flew into the distance. Lin Feng looked like a celestial being, he seemed so carefree and wild.

Lin Feng flew freely through the clouds on the back of the winged tiger. When the winged tiger beat its wings, it would travel across a huge distance in the blink of an eye. It was shockingly fast. They were heading towards the Yun Hai Mountain Chain.

The Yun Hai Mountain Chain was quite far from the Imperial City, but with the speed of the winged tiger, it would only take them a day.

The winged tiger continued to fly through the sky until eventually it flew down through the clouds and arrived above a precipice. It then crossed a layer of fog and continued descending.

Lin Feng could see the eight drums on the Precipice of Zhangu which reminded him of his time within the sect.

“Follow the precipice, for about a thousand meters.” Whispered Lin Feng. Protector Bei had once led him there. He then slowly flew down and arrived a thousand meters under the Precipice of Zhangu.

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