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PMG Chapter 499: Breaking The Door

PMG Chapter 499: Breaking The Door

Lin Feng arrived several thousand meters below the precipice in the valley and struck the cliff three times, a rumbling sound emerged and an opening was revealed. That was precisely the place where Lin Feng had escaped the massacre with Protector Bei.

The winged tiger was surprised and its eyes were twinkling unceasingly. That cliff surprisingly had a hidden cave with secrets inside.

“Let’s go in.” Said Lin Feng in a low voice to the winged tiger which spread its wings and immediately entered into the cave. It contained the Qi of an ancient temple which was hidden since ancient times.

There were some paintings and sculptures of phoenixes and dragons, there were gigantic pillars with carvings of ancient beasts, it had a very mysterious aura.

The winged tiger roared while looking towards a wall. Lin Feng looked at what the winged tiger had seen and was suddenly astonished, there was a painting of an ancient ferocious beast, and it was a winged tiger! The winged tiger in the painting had greenish wings which blotted out the sky. Its ancient ferocious Qi seemed terrifying, and its fur was like thorns all over its body which looked terrifying! It seemed like only brushing its fur would cost you and arm.

“That is an authentic ancient ferocious beast… It looks dignified, majestic and incredibly violent.” Thought Lin Feng. Even though his own winged tiger was incredible, it was far from being as majestic and as powerful as the winged tiger in the painting.

“All the ferocious beasts in the paintings here are incredibly powerful. That winged tiger in the picture seemed dignified and majestic. The ones who built that temple must have been incredibly strong.” Thought Lin Feng while looking at the paintings of the various beasts. If the one who built that temple had never seen those ferocious beasts, he would have never captured their aura and Qi so well. Each painting looked like it was an actual beast.

Lin Feng walked through the temple and saw the lamps which seemed like they could never be extinguished. He felt a strange feeling from within himself, he was really wondering who could have built such a mysterious temple. Could it have been built by a cultivator of the Zun Qi layer just like the one who had built the forbidden palace of the Zi Government? This might be his tomb just like in the Zi Government, a place where a Zun cultivator had gone to die.

But that was just Lin Feng’s thoughts and it only crossed his mind for a second. He immediately walked towards a green door which was the same one he wasn’t able to open when he was last here. His winged tiger remained by his side.

That door made from carved jade was gigantic and still seemed extremely solid. Lin Feng had come to the Yun Hai Mountain Chain to see if he had the power required to open the door. If he managed to open it, maybe he would discover some incredible secrets and gain access to some ancient knowledge.

That ancient temple was a secret, there was probably a reason for that.

“Qiong Qi, try to open that door by attacking it.” Said Lin Feng to his winged tiger. At that moment, even though the winged tiger was only a level two Xuan beast, its body was already extremely strong and its physical power was incredible. If it used its full strength to attack the door, maybe it would work.

“RROOAAARRR…” The winged tiger roared and started to gather momentum, it was slowly moving backwards as it prepared to leap. Its two gigantic eyes looked ice-cold, it was staring the door made from jade.

“ROAAR!” The winged tiger roared furiously, it started beating its wings, it flickered and dashed against the door with all of its power.

“BOOM BOOM BOOM!” A heavy sound filled the air and resonated throughout the temple. It was unceasing but the door didn’t move, just like a mountain. The door wasn’t even shaking.

The winged tiger beat its wings again and moved back, its claws were scratching the ground as it tried to gather more speed. Its two ferocious-looking eyes were still fiercely staring at the door, it didn’t want to give up.

“Qiong Qi is just as stubborn as a human. Xuan level beasts had the intelligence of a young adult. When they reached the Tian level, there was no longer a difference between them and humans in terms of intelligence.” Thought Lin Feng when he saw how stubborn the winged tiger was. The winged tiger dashed against the door once again, it significantly increased its speed and attacked with even more brutality.

“BZZZZZZZ…….” A buzzing sound resonated through the entire temple and the shock was so intense that the winged tiger bounced away from the door and rolled across the ground. There was blood on the tiger’s forehead where it attacked the door with all of its momentum and the door attacked back.

It seemed like that door had counterattacked, the more violent the attack, the more brutal the counterattack. However, the winged tiger still couldn’t open that door.

The winged tiger crawled up from the ground and roared again, it didn’t feel like giving up and didn’t care about the injury.

“Let me try.” Said Lin Feng. The winged tiger turned its head and looked at Lin Feng, it then nodded reluctantly and moved aside. It wanted to know if Lin Feng would be able to break the annoying door.

Lin Feng stared at that gigantic door and took a deep breath. Since he had dealt with all the things in the Imperial City, he felt much more relaxed and his mind was more peaceful. He had come to the temple alone on purpose, he didn’t want anyone else to know about the temple’s existence. After all, back then, Protector Bei told him that even Nan Gong Ling didn’t know about the temple, only the protectors of the sect knew of its existence.

If he managed to open that door and go inside, there was no telling what he might find. If he failed this time, he would just return after he became stronger.

He abruptly released his pure Qi which created a storm in the air, his robes were fluttering with the wind of pure Qi. He then raised his fist and bombarded the atmosphere.

“AAAAARRRGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!” Bawled Lin Feng heart and soul, he then threw himself at the door.

“BOOM!” A buzzing sound spread in the air. Lin Feng’s fist abruptly stopped against the door and an extreme strength spread through his fist and into the rest of his body which caused him to bounce back.

“It seems like there is a hidden strength.” Said Lin Feng in a low voice. He then gathered momentum again and moved like the wind. He punched the door again with even more strength than a moment before.

“Bzzzzzzz………” An even more powerful counterattack invaded Lin Feng’s fist and arm at that moment, his skin was torn and his flesh was revealed, it was extremely painful.

The more strength he put into his attack, the more powerful the counterattacks were. If he couldn’t break the door, then he would only harm himself.

Besides, Lin Feng couldn’t clearly perceive the secret strength behind that door, it would penetrate his body and send him flying backwards.

“If I put more strength into it, the counterattacks are stronger.” Thought Lin Feng while staring at that door, it seemed like he understood something special, but at the same time he hadn’t grasped the secret.

“What kind of feeling is that?” Lin Feng had a very intriguing feeling. At the moment when he understood something, he also felt even more lost.

“I will try again.” Thought Lin Feng. Without wasting time, he bombarded the door once again with his fist, useless. It was useless again. This time, Lin Feng couldn’t stand the pain caused by the counterattack, it even contained deadly energy.

“Deadly energy…” Lin Feng was stupefied, He had suddenly thought of something.

“So that’s how it is.” Thought Lin Feng while smiling. Each time he attacked, the counterattack was more powerful than his own attack, the counter attack contained a powerful deadly energy which was invisible.

What if he attacked the door as if it was a person?

If Lin Feng attacked the door while releasing his deadly energy, he could avoid being counterattacked by using his own deadly energy to fight against the energy released from the door.

That deadly energy was hidden, he couldn’t see it and it was extremely powerful.

When Lin Feng finally had a plan, he stared at the door with a twinkle in his eyes. He quickly rushed forward again.

“BOOM!” He attacked the door again with all his power and his terrifying deadly energy. The door was about to counterattack again with its own deadly energy.

But at that moment, Lin Feng raised a condensed a sword filled with powerful sword intent. The deadly energy coming from the door was immediately destroyed by Lin Feng’s deadly energy.

His terrifying deadly energy then crashed into the door.

“KACHA!” A subtle sound filled the air.

Lin Feng moved back in a flash and pulled his deadly energy back with him, but Lin Feng didn’t stop, he rushed at the door again and started attacking.

After a few times, he moved back and looked at the door with a smile. There were a few cracks across the door. Even though the door hadn’t been broken, it would soon crumble with the accumulated damage.

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