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PMG Chapter 501: Nine Herukas Skill

PMG Chapter 501: Nine Herukas Skill

“Ssssss…….” Another sharp whistling sound filled the air and something flew past Lin Feng’s body. He frowned, it seemed like that illusion would never stop attacking him. Besides, the frequency of the attacks was getting more and more intense. It was becoming very difficult for him to move forwards.

Lin Feng opened his eyes revealing his pitch-black eyes which were filled with dazzling lights. In a flash, Lin Feng could perceive everything around him extremely clearly. Actually, his perception had been enhanced greatly as his strength grew.

“VISUALISATION!” Shouted Lin Feng in a deep voice. His celestial spirit twinkled and the Buddha statue appeared again, but the statue seemed to be moving away and its magic veins weren’t very clear.

“Is that statue a Buddha or a Demon?” Thought Lin Feng who still couldn’t see it clearly. His eyes were glowing with determination. Lin Feng dodged to the side and immediately avoided an arrow. Lin Feng wasn’t able to see the arrow but was easily able to sense it within his world of darkness.

“Reveal yourself to my eyes!” Lin Feng glared with his pitch-black eyes towards the statue. It was faintly discernible, but it had finally stopped moving out of his field of vision. Lin Feng suddenly had the sensation that his eyes were travelling back and forth through a space-time portal. He suddenly felt like he was traveling around the statue inside those veins and his pure Qi suddenly gushed out from his body.

Black flames emerged around his body and transformed into a huge black lotus that surrounded Lin Feng’s entire body. It would annihilate anything it touched. Besides, Lin Feng was staring at the statue. It was extremely dangerous, mystical and profound. The pure Qi around his body was fluctuating and filling the air.

Apart from controlling his pure Qi to protect him, Lin Feng wasn’t allowing himself to be distracted at all, he was focusing all of his soul power on the statue. There was nothing else in Lin Feng’s mind other than discovering the secrets within this statue.

At that moment, Lin Feng found that there was an extremely peculiar energy in his body, his entire circulatory system and bones started to shake and create subtle cracking sounds.

Besides, it seemed like it had no plans of stopping. The energy started revolving around the channels in his body and was absorbed into his body. Not a single bone nor vein was missed.

In Lin Feng’s body, a faint discernible black light started to glow, and his body was becoming more and more distinct with a black lustre.

After that, a tearing sound was heard and Lin Feng’s clothes were torn from his body. In the blink of an eye he was naked. Nothing was hiding Lin Feng’s body at that moment and the black light was growing more and more distinct.

An evil Qi started to fluctuate, it Qi was the evil swords. However, they were quickly suppressed by Lin Feng’s soul. Even though those swords were shaking intensively, they couldn’t escape from Lin Feng’s body, they were only faintly discernible within Lin Feng’s body. If a person witnessed this, they would be able to see the evil swords inside Lin Feng’s body at that moment. There were nine small evil swords struggling to break free.

Apart from this, there was also a black pattern appearing on Lin Feng’s body which was faint but grew more lifelike over time. He now looked exactly like the statue. A person couldn’t tell if he looked like a Buddha or a demon though.

The pattern looked alive but, it wasn’t just a pattern on Lin Feng’s body, it was actually part of him. It looked like the power of a deity. Besides, at the same time, the peculiar energy continued to flow around his body, and it was faster and faster. It didn’t contain the strength of his pure Qi, it was a new sort of strength which filled his body.

“Ka, kacha….!” A clear and distinct sound emerged again. At that moment, Lin Feng’s face was deathly pale. It seemed like there was no blood circulating in his face anymore. He was biting his lips and gnashing his teeth as if he had been enduring the most horrifying torture.

However, Lin Feng gnashed his teeth and persevered. On the path of cultivation, he had always been like that. He always trusted his intuition. Only the result could tell him whether he made a mistake or not, it was a huge gamble with his life on the line. Lin Feng’s intuition, at that moment, was telling him that he couldn’t give up, he didn’t know if it was a Buddha or a demon, but he had to absorb the intent either way.

The energies were flowing faster and faster, those energies were incredibly mysterious. At that moment, Lin Feng’s body had turned jet-black. Once in a while, a golden light would twinkle but otherwise, his white skin had completely disappeared and was replaced with an ink-black skin. That blackness had enveloped his entire body. Each and everything single part of his body had turned pitch-black. However, it seemed that Lin Feng’s awareness and consciousness were evolving in the right direction.

Lin Feng’s face looked ferocious at that moment, because of that flow of energy, Lin Feng’s entire body was in horrendous agony.

At that moment, Lin Feng opened his mouth and uttered a long and painful cry.

“AAARRRRGGGGHHHH………” Lin Feng roared bestially, the flow of energy was suddenly getting more and more intense. His entire body seemed like it was possessed by the light of that energy and the carvings on his body was becoming more and more distinct.

A faintly discernible strength rushed out of his body, it wanted to envelop the statue, the light glowed and the statue turned into a beam of light which immediately merged with the carvings on Lin Feng’s body. They had completely merged.

“Phewwwwwwwwwww!” Lin Feng took in a deep breath of air, he had no strength left in his body. He slowly collapsed, laying on the ground. He had no strength to maintain his black lotus to protect him, so he laid there defenceless.

“Ssssssssss!” A terrifying whistling sound emerged in the air and moved towards Lin Feng again. Lin Feng remained motionless. He couldn’t move and defend even if he wanted to.

However, he looked extremely calm and serene.


The object crashed into Lin Feng’s body, it was painful but only slightly, it was much less painful than the previous sensation when he was enduring the energy flowing within his body. The pain from the arrow was extremely lacking in comparison.

“The strength of the Nine Herukas is now in my body, it is my body… The wrathful Buddha has merged with my body… So it also affects the power of my mortal body.”

Lin Feng had a magnificent and resplendent smile on his face. That statue was of a Heruka, there was also a terrifying intent contained within, which could influence other people’s intent in a positive way. Besides, that statue contained a skill, the Nine Herukas skill, and the user could transform into a Heruka and his body would become almost indestructible.

Lin Feng had heard about body cultivating skills in the past, they came from the ancient past. However, they had gradually vanished from the history of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. However, those who had a stronger body were still able to die, which is why people stopped using them. Instead, they had started cultivating other skills such as sword cultivation.

Thus, body skills had progressively vanished and been abandoned. Those days, people who practiced body skills were extremely rare. Some people who wanted to learn them couldn’t, because they didn’t have access to powerful body cultivation, and less powerful ones were almost useless. If a body cultivation skill wasn’t extremely powerful, it was of no use.

However, the Nine Herukas Skill was extremely powerful, it could greatly strengthen and regenerate the corporeal body by condensing the strength of the nine Herukas. It was a monstrously powerful body skill. Lin Feng was very lucky to have encountered such a powerful body cultivation skill.

Of course, Lin Feng knew that in order to master the skill to perfection, he would need diligent practice because it was extremely difficult, he didn’t have a guide to learn it, he could only visualize the Heruka statue and its intent to fully understand the skill.

Lin Feng had a terrifying power of understanding when he released his celestial spirit, he also had an understanding of intent, therefore, he had managed to successfully visualize the Heruka statue.

Besides, that Nine Herukas skill had strict requirements, it also required a body in harmony with the earth, it was a mandatory requirement, a person would need to break through to the earth fusion realm before learning the skill.

Fortunately, Lin Feng had already broken through to the earth fusion dimension.

He had everything required to master the skill, but also patience and endurance were required in order to endure the pain caused by the skill. Lin Feng had already had all the requirements, so all he needed to do now was practice the nine Herukas skill, and condense the strength of nine Herukas!

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