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PMG Chapter 503: The Mysterious Picture

PMG Chapter 503: The Mysterious Picture


The illusion was slowly disappearing. After it entirely disappeared, Lin Feng could clearly see where he was. Everything had returned to normal. 


There were no whistling sounds anymore and no beams of light shot towards him, there was only a normal room which looked like a big hall inside the temple. 


After the illusion vanished, the room in which Lin Feng was inside seemed similar to the other rooms but it was larger and didn’t have all the decoration that the other rooms had. Lin Feng glanced around and saw a few doors as well as a black Heruka statue that drew his attention.


Lin Feng slowly walked towards the statue and arrived at its feet. He had to raise his head to see the top of the statue, it was about ten meters high and gave off a very imposing feeling. 


Something particularly surprising was that the statue looked alive, but it was exactly like the image Lin Feng had imagined. When visualising the statue, his cultivation speed would increase.


“I don’t know who put that statue there… Or how it was made.” Sighed Lin Feng. That statue was so huge and looked so real, besides it contained its own intent. Lin Feng was puzzled, how did this statue end up there? Maybe it was left by some ancestors of the sect? But that didn’t sound plausible, maybe an extremely strong cultivator created the statue. 


“What’s that?” As Lin Feng was paying attention to the statue he saw something was carved into the stone, some small jet-black characters were written: “I created this statue here while I was bored and taking a break. Only a fairly powerful cultivator that can open the doors here and protect themselves from the illusions inside, but that cultivator needs an advanced power of understanding to learn the Nine Herukas skill and break free from the illusion.” 


“Since you’re reading my words, it means that you have a strong power of understanding and you have learnt the Nine Herukas skill. Congratulations! Please cherish the skill, it is my gift to you. Concerning the statue, you can only look at it, it is forbidden to move or steal it. Of course, if you are extremely strong, you can move the statue or steal it, but you will have to deal with the catastrophic consequences, that is your own responsibility. Don’t blame me, I am just a boring and insignificant person.” 


Taking a break? Boring and insignificant person? 


Lin Feng smiled, he seemingly found it funny. The Yun Hai Sect had hidden the existence of the temple as if it had been a mystical ancient temple, but actually it was only a holiday home for a strange powerful cultivator. The one who created it, didn’t even care much about it. That person had only written a few words on the statue and offered a skill to the people who could pass his tests. Lin Feng was the only person who had obtained the Nine Herukas skill all this time! 


“A traveler… A bored traveling cultivator!” Lin Feng shook his head. The world was really full of mysterious people. Lin Feng had always thought that this place was a mystical and mysterious temple, or was the tomb of an extremely strong cultivator, but looking around, it was clearly a place that some ancient cultivator came to relax at. He left a skill here because he was bored. It was as simple as that, it was nothing exceptional. 


Of course, maybe that traveler was there millions of years before, maybe that it was an extremely strong cultivator from ancient times. It’s just that this holiday home had been preserved throughout the ages. 


“A bored cultivator!” Lin Feng smiled wryly and shook his head as if he couldn’t believe his eyes. It was unbelievable. That temple which was revered was only a temporary residence, but Lin Feng had always thought that it was an incredibly mystical temple filled with ancient heritages and treasures.


“If someday I become strong enough, I will also leave a skill and write some words just like this. Then people will think that it is an incredible mystical temple when they find it, haha.” Lin Feng suddenly whispered. Immediately after, he stopped thinking about it. Actually, now that he knew that it wasn’t some mystical temple, he felt much more relaxed and didn’t feel puzzled anymore. 


Lin Feng’s mood was much better. Each time he learnt something new, experienced new things and acquired experience, he felt relieved and carefree. He could gain a deeper understanding and have much better cultivation progress than when he was tense. 


“One can only look at that statue but not move it?” Lin Feng shivered. He stepped backwards and looked at that gigantic statue, there was nothing unusual at all. If he moved it, there would be some catastrophic consequences? 


“He is just some bored cultivator, nothing more, he probably doesn’t care. I don’t need to take this too seriously.” Thought Lin Feng. He raised his hand and a particular light started twinkling, a black light. 


“The strength of three thousand rotations, let’s see how strong that makes me.” Thought Lin Feng. He then moved like the wind and attacked the statue with his fist. Lin Feng’s hand seemed like it was vibrating on the statue. 


“Bzzzzzz!” Buzzing sounds were unceasingly spreading in the air. It seemed like the statue was moving a little. Lin Feng moved backwards again, a black light was flowing through his veins, he unleashed his monstrous physical strength and attacked the statue again, it seemed like it started to move a bit more.  


Nothing was happening. It seemed that even after moving the statue, nothing strange happened. Everything was normal. 


Lin Feng raised his hand and looked at it, he unleashed his physical strength and could sense his power distinctly.


If his corporeal body was extremely strong, he wouldn’t need to use pure Qi and would be able to battle without interruption. 


“Maybe it’s just a prank.” 


Lin Feng looked at the statue which had moved already and shook his head. He looked around him and then said confidently: “It seems like I have nothing to do here anymore.” 


After that, Lin Feng turned around and left that room in a carefree manner as if nothing had happened.


The winger tiger was waiting outside and when it saw Lin Feng it roared deeply.


“Let’s go.” Said Lin Feng while smiling. He had obtained the Nine Herukas skill, he was already very satisfied. It was a fortunate encounter, so he wasn’t going to go back to the Imperial City empty-handed. He hadn’t wasted his time. 


They quickly left the mountain, the winger tiger started beating its wings and they both left in a natural and unrestrained manner. 


The door of the cliff closed itself again and it looked like a normal cliff face again, as if there hadn’t been anything at all, as if there was no temple hidden inside.


After Lin Feng left, inside the illusion room of the temple, nobody noticed it but at the foot of the statue, a pale light started twinkling. Suddenly, it became dazzling, extremely dazzling. It looked incredibly dangerous. 


A few veins started appearing and didn’t stop flashing, they then formed into the pattern of a landscape. 


It was a picture, there were lakes, mountains, rivers… 


On that picture, there were beautiful women, mountains, rivers, waterfalls and lakes, nothing was missing. It seemed like that picture was alive. 


The most astonishing was that it wasn’t over, new patterns and new landscapes were appearing as if someone was painting it. Then, the things in that picture started moving slowly.


Very quickly, a terrifying fire Qi emerged from the picture. The landscape suddenly disappeared as if it had never existed and was replaced by an endless fire, a terrifying fire, it looked like it would burn everything it touched. 


In the picture, there was only fire, sometimes, some human silhouettes would appear but very quickly they disappeared, burnt to ashes. 


At that moment, Lin Feng wasn’t there but if he had been there, he would have been extremely surprised. That picture was extraordinarily mysterious. 


“BOOM!” Waves of fire started to roll outside of the picture invading the room immediately. The fire had suddenly emerged from the picture! How frightening! 


If Lin Feng had been there, he would have probably thought about the words carved on the statue… It is forbidden to move the statue! 


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    what’s lin feng’s current cultivation stage again?

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