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PMG Chapter 504: Tian Feng’s Provocations

PMG Chapter 504: Tian Feng’s Provocations


In the Imperial City, many people were talking about Lin Feng, about the fact that he had destroyed the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue, revived the Yun Hai Sect, and had then established it within the Imperial City.


Everyday people mentioned Lin Feng’s name. A great majority was talking about him in a respectful way, they admired and venerated him. He was so young and carefree, he could accomplish great things.


Of course, many people also didn’t like him, for example, the person who was standing in front of the Yun Hai Sect at that moment.


Mu Qing had already been in Xue Yue for a few days, he was from Tian Feng. Mu Qing hadn’t come with the envoys from Tian Feng. His natural abilities and strength was actually very high. Amongst the people from Tian Feng who had come to Xue Yue, only the prince Feng Chen and the seven envoys could compete with him.


The number of people allowed to participate in the Great Competition of Xue Yue was still not fixed, considering the course of events, some changes still had to be made.


Besides, because the time of the Great Competition of Xue Yue wasn’t fixed, some people were worried that other cultivators would become stronger and break through to the next cultivation layer at the last minute.


One could imagine if there were two people who were at the same cultivation level and one was weaker than the other, if the weaker one broke through to the next cultivation layer, their roles might be reversed. The one who used to be weaker would then become the stronger of the two.


Amongst ordinary people, someone stronger by one cultivation layer could easily kill the other, but not everybody thought that way. At least, Mu Qing didn’t agree with that.


Mu Qing wasn’t even twenty years old and had broken through to the fifth Xuan Qi layer. He had extremely high natural abilities and was a member of the Wan Xiang Sect of Tian Feng. He was the most outstanding disciple within his sect. He didn’t want to become one of the seven envoys because he wasn’t interested in sharing his fame with a group of people, besides, he liked to be alone. He was very selfish and egocentric.


“I heard that Lin Feng could kill people of the fifth Xuan Qi layer, so why is he not coming out to face me? I really don’t know why he thinks that he can act so aggressively and arrogantly. Now he’s too scared to come out.” Thought Mu Qing as he was facing the Yun Hai Sect.


Inside of the Yun Hai Sect, there were many people that were glaring at Mu Qing but nobody dared come out. If they dared to go out, Mu Qing would kill them.


Concerning the thirty-six women, even though they were strong, they were also a strange subgroup of the Yun Hai Sect, and when Lin Feng wasn’t there, nobody could give them orders.


They were extremely stubborn and would only listen to Lin Feng’s orders, so they weren’t moving.


“Isn’t Lin Feng meant to be carefree and unrestrained?! I am here, and I have been waiting for two hours, why is he cowering like a turtle hiding in its shell?! He doesn’t even dare come out, how ridiculous!” Said Mu Qing in an ice-cold tone. His voice was loud and resonated throughout the entire territory of the Yun Hai Sect, so everybody heard him. The crowd was stupefied.


What an aggressive person! He was waiting at the door and challenging Lin Feng, why wasn’t Lin Feng coming out? Was he really scared of that person?


But the crowd had the feeling that Lin Feng wouldn’t be scared, he had killed five cultivators of the fifth Xuan Qi layer alone, and had managed to wound a cultivator of the sixth Xuan Qi layer, why did he need to be afraid? Lin Feng was probably behind closed doors, practicing cultivation.


Many people in the Yun Hai Sect were glaring at Mu Qing. At that moment, they realized that even though they were the Chi Xie troops, they weren’t exceptionally strong as individuals. There weren’t many cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer within their group. Even if they were many people, it was impossible for them to defeat cultivators who were so much stronger than them. Besides, if ten thousand cultivators came out to fight against one person, it would seem insane.


Everybody at the Yun Hai Sect needed to become stronger, they needed to be able to protect themselves when Lin Feng wasn’t there, that was essential for them to be considered as a strong sect, they couldn’t rely on just a single person.


“This time, I was polite, but if Lin Feng doesn’t come out, I will come in and kill everybody! It will end up in a bloodbath!” Said Mu Qing whose eyes were twinkling with ice-cold glints. If Lin Feng didn’t come out, he would go inside and slaughter the members of the Yun Hai Sect.


Nobody replied to him. They only saw Mister Huo walk towards the gate of the Yun Hai Sect, he then slowly turned around and said indifferently: “Let’s go.”


Then he took some people and walked away, towards the depths of the Yun Hai Sect. Mu Qing was shocked.


“Alright, very good.” Mu Qing was stupefied and then he immediately entered the Yun Hai Sect.


If Lin Feng didn’t want to come out, then he would go inside and kill everybody.


But at the moment when Mu Qing entered the territory of the Yun Hai Sect, everybody gradually became blurry figures, in the blink of an eye, everything disappeared from his field of vision.


“Witchcraft…” Mu Qing was stupefied. At the moment when he had entered in the territory of the Yun Hai Sect, everything had changed, everything became foggy. At that moment, he couldn’t see his surroundings any longer. There was only a thick white fog floating around which made him lose his sense of direction.


He took another step and started running forward at full speed but a moment after, he realized that he was still in the middle of the fog. He couldn’t come out, that fog was endless.


Mu Qing was astonished. That illusion wasn’t only surrounding the sect, it was also inside the sect, it caused people to hallucinate and it could affect their senses. It would slowly drive people insane.


“Witchcraft… An illusion formation…”


The people who were outside of the Yun Hai Sect were astonished, they could see the crowd of people and Mu Qing who had entered the Yun Hai Sect, they could still see him, but it seemed like he had suddenly gone blind. He couldn’t see anything anymore.


In the clear areas of the Yun Hai Sect, clouds of smoke continued to rise in spirals engulfing Mu Qing’s body. He immediately disappeared from the crowd’s field of vision.


“What a powerful illusion, I wouldn’t have thought that the Yun Hai Sect would have such a powerful defence against their enemies. Who made it?” Thought many people. It seemed like when Lin Feng destroyed the Holy Courtyard and established the Yun Hai Sect there, he had already planned everything in advance. That illusion was able to imprison a cultivator of the fifth Xuan Qi layer, how powerful!


But Mister Huo and the others didn’t seem relaxed at all, Mu Qing didn’t understand illusions which was why it was working on him, but if he understood illusions, it would have been completely different. He could have easily broken free and started attacking.


Besides, Mu Qing had come to challenge Lin Feng and if Lin Feng didn’t come back quickly, maybe even stronger cultivators would come and the Yun Hai Sect would be in a critical situation.


“What’s going on?”


At the moment when the crowd was lost in thought, a voice came from the distance and filled the air. The members of the Yun Hai Sect were surprised. They turned around and saw a human that was riding a ferocious beast flying towards them.


The winger tiger continued to beat its wings and was approaching very quickly. The people of the Yun Hai Sect, when they saw Lin Feng, broke out into smiles.


Lin Feng was back.


Everything would be alright now that Lin Feng had returned. Lin Feng had become a symbol, the symbol of the Chi Xie army, and the symbol of the Yun Hai Sect.


Lin Feng had the strength of the third Xuan Qi layer. He had practiced cultivation, step by step and became a towering figure. He was now able to kill cultivators of the fifth Xuan Qi layer and killing those weaker than that was like crushing an ant for him.


Sometimes, people would sigh when thinking about how monstrous Lin Feng was. Nothing could stop him. If Lin Feng didn’t die, he would soar into the heavens.


“Lin Feng!”


Everybody was stupefied. No wonder Lin Feng hadn’t come out when Mu Qing was provoking him. He had left the sect, he wasn’t even at the Yun Hai Sect to witness these events.


It seemed like there was still hope.


The winger tiger was beating his wings and creating hurricanes in the air. Then Lin Feng immediately jumped off the back of the winged tiger and landed in front of everybody but a sharp light was twinkling in his eyes as he was staring at the outskirts of the illusion.


“Lin Feng, that person’s name is Mu Qing and he comes from Tian Feng. He wants to challenge you. He said that if you didn’t come out he would come inside and kill us all. He also said that he would kill anyone trying to leave the Yun Hai Sect. He actually killed a few people as they tried to leave. Then he came in by himself to kill us, but is now a prisoner of the illusion.” Explained Mister Huo to Lin Feng. Lin Feng was standing there, motionless and a cold light was flashing in his eyes. The people from Tian Feng again!


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