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PMG Chapter 506: Confrontation of Fire!

PMG Chapter 506: Confrontation of Fire!


Lin Feng’s silhouette flew into the sky through the mist which enveloped the territory of the Yun Hai Sect.


“Qiong Qi!” Shouted Lin Feng. Then Lin Feng’s winged tiger immediately rushed underneath him in the air. While sitting on the winged tiger’s back, he rushed into the distance while emitting a whistling sound. He was so fast that some people didn’t even have the chance to look up.


Everybody was stunned. The crowd was still looking at the mist as it slowly started to disperse. Once the mist had dispersed, the crowd noticed a body on the ground. 


“Phewww…” Many of the crowd inhaled deeply. That was a corpse… The body no longer had a head. Instead, there was only a gaping wound which was pouring out blood. It was gruesome. 


“Lin Feng has become so powerful.” Thought the crowd gasping with admiration. Mu Qing’s strength was incredible. They had already seen him display his skill when killing those who left the Yun Hai Sect. Lin Feng killed him without a second thought, he was merciless. 


Lin Feng’s strength was obvious, he had already proven his strength many times. They could hear the sounds coming from within the mist which seemed like a great battle, but instead it was only Lin Feng attacking Mu Qing in a one-sided slaughter. 


“I wonder where Lin Feng went.”


While the crowd was wondering where Lin Feng was going, his winged tiger was beating its wings madly through the sky. After a short moment, they arrived above the lake.


In the past, Lin Feng became famous across Xue Yue at this lake. This time, Mu Qing told him that some people were looking for him and waiting at the lake. 


As expected, when Lin Feng arrived at the lake, he saw a group of people waiting. They slowly rose into the air when they noticed Lin Feng. They were all wearing red and white robes, and staring at Lin Feng. Lin Feng suddenly felt hot, it felt like flames were emerging from those people’s eyes.


Lin Feng was riding his winged tiger and only glanced at them before saying: “Were you all waiting here for me?” 


There were more than a dozen people waiting there for him. Besides, the gaze from them seemed extremely dangerous. They were probably very strong, without a single weak link in their group. 


“Indeed, we’ve been waiting for a long time.” said a middle-aged man wearing a long fire-red chang pao while nodding. His chang pao was fluttering in the wind, he looked dignified and extraordinary. 


“Are you from Tian Feng?” Asked Lin Feng again. He had never heard of them in Xue Yue, so they shouldn’t be from Xue Yue. Also Mu Qing, their messenger was from Tian Feng which made it highly likely that they were too. 


“Xie Huo School, from Tian Feng!” Said the middle-aged man coldly before adding: “Lin Feng, it seems like Mu Qing didn’t manage to kill you. It seems that I will have a chance to kill you with my own hands. Killing you will actually be an honour for me.” 


“The people of Tian Feng are really pathetic!” Joked Lin Feng.


Since the banquet at the Duan Wu Palace, the people originating from Tian Feng continued to give him a bad impression. The envoys were insufferably arrogant and as an attempt to humiliate Lin Feng continued to insult him. Lin Feng had to kill two of them and humiliate the rest, this was the only thing which made them shut their mouths. 


But at that moment, they were even sending people secretly to kill him. First it was Mu Qing, now were these people from the Xie Huo School…


They all had the same goal, to kill Lin Feng.


But Lin Feng’s life wasn’t something easily taken just because someone wanted to.


“How did you know that I would even come here?” Asked Lin Feng. They had been waiting, but how were they so sure that he would come? Nobody could have guessed what he was thinking. 


“The prince knew you would.” Said the middle-aged man while smiling and sounding extremely confident. Feng Chan, even though he had only met Lin Feng once, understood the type of temperament Lin Feng had, he knew that Lin Feng would not back down from an open challenge. 


“Well then, you must have also known that I would kill Mu Qing?” Asked Lin Feng coldly. Since Feng Chen thought that he knew Lin Feng so well, if he understood that Lin Feng would accept the challenge, he must have also known that Lin Feng would kill Mu Qing. 


After all, Feng Chen had seen how strong Lin Feng was, and he also knew how Mu Qing’s temperament was along with his strength. 


As expected, the middle-aged man smiled. Lin Feng immediately understood that Feng Chen wanted Mu Qing dead. How ridiculous! Mu Qing actually thought that he was strong enough to act so wildly, but was used instead. 


“Telling you now won’t be of any harm. Mu Qing was the best disciple of the biggest sect in the country, the Wan Xiang Sect. However, because they are the strongest, they have a lot of influence and are extremely arrogant. They even look down on the imperial family of Tian Feng. Mu Qing was their best disciple but he was the same as everyone else in the sect who believed that his sect was more important than the country and the seven envoys. That kind of person is useless to the country, therefore the prince, His Highness decided to send him to his death. He borrowed your power to kill his enemy.” Explained the middle-aged man which made Lin Feng frown and then smile.


“It seems like you have absolutely no confidence, you clearly don’t believe that your group has the ability to kill me or else you would have attacked already.” Said Lin Feng which surprised his interlocutor. He looked at Lin Feng and then gave an evil smile. 


“Lin Feng, you’re very smart.” 


“Feng Chen used me to kill Mu Qing in order to solve his problem. I killed Mu Qing, so the Wan Xiang sect will come to Xue Yue for their revenge, if I don’t die today, the Wan Xiang Sect will definitely come to kill me. But Xue Yue will not let such a strong influential group enter their territory with an army, so a battle will be unavoidable, causing the Wan Xiang Sect to fall from power.” Lin Feng’s eyes filled with a cold light.


The people from imperial families were all like that, Feng Chen was always scheming and so was Duan Wu Ya. 


“Xie Huo School, you were sent here to kill me, but you are informing me of Feng Chen’s scheme… You have no grudge against me and have no confidence in killing me, but you have to follow orders. So you came here while planning something else, you came here to inform me of the scheme so I will be able to inform the Wan Xiang Sect of Feng Chen’s scheme. It seems like you people from the Xie Huo School attach no importance to your own lives. It seems like you want the one you address as ‘Your Highness’ to die”. 


“You’re incredible.” Said the middle-aged man. Lin Feng was completely correct.


They were treated the same as Mu Qing, they were just Feng Chen’s pawns to be used. Their deaths would anger the Xie Huo School, but they were different from Mu Qing because they wanted to expose Feng Chen. They wanted to inform Lin Feng of the scheme to use it against Feng Chen if they died.


“We, the Xie Huo School, will attempt to kill you as ordered. If we are unlucky and are killed by you, we hope that you will spread the news of Feng Chen’s scheme. It wouldn’t bring you any disadvantages but instead benefits.” Said the middle-aged man. Since Lin Feng had guessed everything, he didn’t need to hide anything and immediately admitted his plan. 


“If it is necessary I will share what I know. Feng Chen wants me dead, but that isn’t for him to decide.” 


Lin Feng’s eyes were twinkling with cold lights. He then added: “Let’s fight then.” 


“Alright.” The middle-aged man while staring at Lin Feng. He had already known Lin Feng’s strength. He had heard what happened during the banquet. Lin Feng had challenged each of the seven envoys that attended the banquet. He had even killed the third envoy and challenged the second, but the ambassador from the Dragon Mountain Empire stopped them. 


Even though the people from the Xie Huo School were strong, they still had to be vigilant when facing someone as powerful as Lin Feng. 


“Evil Scorching Fire.” Shouted the middle-aged man in the fire-red chang pao in a cold voice. In a flash, all the people’s silhouettes flickered and surrounded Lin Feng. Fire ignited around their bodies, it was a terrifying fire made of pure Qi. 


The Xie Huo School were all fire cultivators, they all practiced fire skills and would battle using condensed fire Qi.


Fire was burning around their bodies, the fire was intense. Apart from the fire-red colour, the flames also contained a large amount of white, their flames were haunting. 


The people from the Xie Huo formed a circle and joined hands. In a flash, flames began to fill the air to create a ring of fire that surrounded Lin Feng. 


“Die!” Shouted the man in the fire-red chang pao in a low voice. A ring of fire then closed in towards Lin Feng. The heat from the flames grew more intense as they closed in on Lin Feng. Lin Feng felt like he was being roasted alive.


“Everything in this world is incredibly mysterious, their fire is very different from mine.” Thought Lin Feng when he compared his own fire with the fire he was confronted with. He looked glum. He then released his sun Qi from his body which caused flames to engulf his body. He started rise into the air while glowing radiantly.


The sun fire suppressed the flames that surrounded him; his cosmos-burning sun was a small sun skill after all. Surprisingly, their fire seemed to be prostrating itself before the sun skill. The people from the Xie Huo School were stupefied. They didn’t know that Lin Feng was practicing a sun skill, because Lin Feng normally used his grim fire, the fact that he practiced a sun skill was not widely known. Besides, Lin Feng’s fire was much stronger than theirs! 

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