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PMG Chapter 507: The Terrifying Banner!

PMG Chapter 507: The Terrifying Banner!

“Die!” Shouted another cultivator in the group. The multitude of flames which surrounded Lin Feng transformed into fire snakes. Apart from their scorching heat, Lin Feng could also sense a cold evil Qi.

Lin Feng was completely surrounded by their flames.

“Qiong Qi, get back!” Said Lin Feng to his winged tiger using telepathy. In a flash, the winged tiger moved away. At the same time a fire emerged from Lin Feng’s hand which rushed towards an enemy.

“Break!” That person blocked Lin Feng’s fire using his own, both fires merged together, but Lin Feng’s fire grew less and less discernible until it completely disappeared. It seemed like his sun Qi was actually engulfed. Besides, the enemy’s fire had grown in power.

“Evil Fire Dragon!” Shouted their leader in a deep voice. Those people shook their hands, and in a flash more flames emerged from their hands and rushed into the air, they formed into a fire dragon which roared towards Lin Feng.

That fire dragon moved like it was alive, it flew through the air and its eyes even had pupils, it looked incredibly evil and sinister.

“Roaaar!” The fire dragon roared as its head arrived in front of Lin Feng in the blink of an eye.

“Back!” Lin Feng moved with the wind at full speed. Besides, his winged tiger immediately moved into the distance. The winged tiger was strong, but because its level was too low, it couldn’t participate in the battle. It would just become a burden to Lin Feng if it stayed too close.

“What a fast fire dragon…” Lin Feng was stupefied. The people from the Xie Huo School formed a straight line and started chanting an incantation while closing their eyes and frowning. They looked like they were in deep concentration.

“They’re using their souls to control the flames…” Thought Lin Feng, he was shocked. That evil fire dragon was staring at Lin Feng coldly. It really seemed to be alive. Those strong cultivators from the Xie Huo School had many ingenious ways to use their fire compared with Lin Feng. They could even use their souls to control it, they combined their soul power to control all of the flames and the fire dragon.

“Roaaar!” The fire dragon abruptly flew through the air and rushed straight towards Lin Feng. It was extremely fast, like an illusion, it had already reached Lin Feng.

Lin Feng sensed the change in the wind and retreated, but the dragon continued chasing him, it wouldn’t let Lin Feng escape. The two silhouettes, the dragon and Lin Feng, flickered and moved through the sky at full speed. It was unimaginable.

“What a terrifying fire dragon, if I wasn’t able to feel the movements of the wind, it would have killed me a long time ago…” Thought Lin Feng. Lin Feng could use his incredible soul power to sense the changes in the wind, he could clearly sense the movements of the dragon, but he couldn’t escape, it was too fast.

The leader of that group was staring at Lin Feng, following his movements closely. Lin Feng’s speed was incredible, no wonder he was able to kill the third envoy, it was probably mostly due to his speed. It was probably the main reason why the third envoy wasn’t able to compete with Lin Feng.

“Since you are using your souls to control the flames, I will take care of them.” thought Lin Feng. His eyes grew colder. He started to condense incredible amounts of pure Qi which surrounded his body. A lotus flower suddenly appeared in his hand, it contained a faintly discernible black light, he then condensed it into his grim fire black lotus.

“Huh?” The leader of the enemies looked at the black lotus which Lin Feng was condensing in his hand and was shocked. It seemed like it contained deadly Qi, it felt as if it would explode at any moment.

The fire dragon continued following Lin Feng closely. It wasn’t going to let Lin Feng escape. However, at that moment, Lin Feng suddenly turned around and stopped moving. While turning around, he raised his hand.

“Return!” shouted the middle-aged man, but the fire dragon and Lin Feng were moving too fast, at the moment when Lin Feng stopped, the fire dragon was already in front of Lin Feng and crashed into the black lotus.

It was already night in the Imperial City, so the lotus seemed extremely ordinary in the darkness of the night, it immediately crashed into the dragon’s head and penetrated straight through.

A terrifying yet subtle sound filled the air, that tiny black lotus released a terrifying deadly energy which started to rip apart the dragon.

“Die!” Shouted Lin Feng in a deep voice while moving back. The deadly energy of the black lotus was emitting whistling sounds in the air, it formed into a black hole which swallowed the entire dragon.

It seemed like there was a hole torn in the atmosphere which was filled with deadly energy, nobody could approach that terrifying vortex.

All the people from the Xie Huo School groaned as their faces turned deathly pale, blood splashed out from their mouths as their souls received tremendous damage. They were all using their souls to control the fire dragon, otherwise they wouldn’t have been able to control such a powerful fire dragon.

“How terrifying.” They all opened their eyes and fixedly stared at the black lotus which had formed a black hole. It completely swallowed their fire dragon… Lin Feng’s grim flames were surprisingly still burning in the air, it was terrifying!

Lin Feng rose higher into the sky and looked at the group of enemies with a cold light in his eyes.

“You all used your souls to control the fire dragon to attack, but it was destroyed. Now it’s my turn to attack.” Said Lin Feng. He then raised his hand and the image of a banner appeared on it.

“Rise!” Lin Feng opened his hand and in the blink of an eye, he was holding a gigantic banner which was fluttering in the wind.

“A banner!” The opponents were stupefied and their pupils shrank Lin Feng had something as precious as a banner…

The banner had a sun pattern on the flag and it was engulfed with intense flames.

“This banner is my sun banner, this is the first time that I will be using it.” Said Lin Feng coldly causing all those people to pull a long face. Lin Feng surprisingly had a sun banner… And its strength was incredible.

“A moment before, you were chasing me, now it’s my turn.” Said Lin Feng while taking a step. The enemies didn’t know what to do. In one step, Lin Feng had appeared in front of them, he appeared like the wind. Then his sun banner fell from above as its shadow covered their bodies.

“Back, QUICKLY!” hollered the leader of the group furiously. The others all reacted quickly and started to retreat, but two of them were caught by the banner which started to burn with intense flames. They gave horrible shrieks as they were inside the banner, burning alive. At the same time, the banner was devouring their fire Qi like a glutton.

The others were fixedly staring at the banner and could only see the two silhouettes screaming inside, it was the two people who were caught earlier. They were still alive, but they were suffering in agony, they hadn’t died because the banner was still absorbing their power by burning them alive in its flames.

That banner was an extremely cruel weapon!

The others who hadn’t been caught were shaking from head to toe. That banner was an extremely rare and precious treasure, its power was shocking. Cultivators who were able to create a banner were extremely rare, only extraordinary cultivators had the ability to forge a banner.

Banners were mysterious items which could trap enemies and absorb their power. Lin Feng’s sun banner could absorb people in order to kill them. The banner only had to envelop them and it would grow more powerful, for those in control of such a banner, they would only obtain advantages from fighting.

There were also spiritual banners which could absorb souls to grow stronger. How cruel and scary! Many people were as scared of such weapons as they were the stuff of nightmares.

Lin Feng didn’t think too much, after absorbing those two people, he continued to move at full speed arriving in front of those who had just dodged his first attack. In the blink of an eye, another three people were absorbed into his banner.

The fire ignited again and horrible shrieks resonated through the atmosphere as their power was being absorbed.

“Let’s go, let’s run, each of us should go in different directions!!!!” Shouted the leader whose eyes were bloodshot. The black lotus which had swallowed their fire dragon was much less scary than that banner.

When Lin Feng was at the banquet, he was extremely far from using his full strength. Lin Feng’s strength was incredible, cultivators at the fourth or the fifth Xuan Qi layer wouldn’t stand a chance against him, there was no exception.

At that moment, they no longer cared about their orders to kill Lin Feng. They only wanted to escape! Even if only a few of them managed to escape and were executed, that would be much better than being caught inside that banner. They still had hope!

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