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PMG Chapter 509: How Could He Not Fight?

PMG Chapter 509: How Could He Not Fight?

Feng Chen and the others all stopped walking and gazed into the distance.

They only sensed a cold energy surrounding them and the target was Feng Chen, the prince of Tian Feng.

Apart from Feng Chen, the envoys from Tian Feng were also being targeted and were enveloped by the cold air.

A small black dot appeared on the horizon and a whistling sound spread filled the air. In a flash, the small dot had crossed a distance of several kilometres, it was extremely quick.

“Lin Feng!”

Most of them, when they saw the person approaching, were stupefied. That black dot was Lin Feng on his winged tiger and he was rushing towards them.

“He’s not dead…” Feng Chen was stupefied and his pupils shrank. It seemed like the people of the Xie Huo School didn’t manage to kill Lin Feng either. Besides, Lin Feng was so audacious that he had immediately rushed to the Imperial Palace. Was he planning to fight here?

A terribly cold wind was rushed close and the wings of the winged tiger batted quickly, causing the gravel to fly in every direction as it landed in front of the those people.

Lin Feng jumped off the back of the winged tiger and nodded towards the people of the Dragon Mountain Empire: “Mister Ruo, Mister Yao.”

Those two people also nodded at Lin Feng and Ruo Lan Shan immediately asked: “Lin Feng, you came here but you look as if you are furious, why is that?”

“I need settle some accounts.” said Lin Feng. He then slowly turned around and looked at Feng Chen. A cold light flashed in Lin Feng’s eyes. His entire body was releasing his Qi that enveloped Feng Chen and the other people from Tian Feng.

Feng Chen and the others were stupefied and coldly staring at Lin Feng as well.

Both sides remained silent, they were only releasing their Qi which was colliding in the atmosphere.

Ruo Lan Shan looked startled and glanced at Lin Feng, then at Feng Chen, but he remained silent.

He knew what was going on, Feng Chen had sent people to kill Lin Feng.

“Lin Feng, you are in the Imperial Palace, don’t you think that you are exaggerating?!” Said Feng Chen immediately while accusing Lin Feng. He was saying that Lin Feng didn’t respect Xue Yue because he wanted to see how Duan Wu Ya would react.

Lin Feng ignored him, he only waved his hand and a sack appeared, which he threw at Feng Chen.

Feng Chen caught the sack and opened it, the sack was leaking with blood, when he saw what was inside, he was astonished and started to shake, Lin Feng was so cruel!

Inside the sack was Mu Qing’s head.

“You are the Prince of Tian Feng, you came to Xue Yue as a guest, yet each and every one of you attempted to humiliate Xue Yue, over and over again. First it was the princess, then you send people to kill me. I am a respected member of Xue Yue! Don’t you think that you people from Tian Feng are humiliating my country a bit too much? Do you despise Xue Yue!!?” Said Lin Feng in an ice-cold tone. He then took a small step and released more of his energy, it was piercingly cold and it was moving towards Feng Chen.

That extremely cold and sharp energy stupefied Feng Chen, he was staring at Lin Feng and said: “what do you want?”

Lin Feng smiled coldly, but said nothing. He remained silent and was just coldly staring at Feng Chen and the others. At the same time, he continued releasing his oppressive and cold energy into the air. All the people from Tian Feng were surrounded by his energy.

The atmosphere had become particularly cold.

Everybody remained silent. Lin Feng was still releasing his energy which enveloped the whole crowd, but not a word was said.

Feng Chen was staring at Lin Feng with killing intent. Lin Feng was extremely audacious, he had surprisingly barged into the Imperial Palace and wanted to kill him. Besides, he had beheaded Mu Qing and delivered it in a sack to the prince, how cruel. Besides, Feng Chen felt that he was being humiliated. Lin Feng was acting as if he was a king as he looked down at the prince.

Duan Wu Ya was only calmly looking at the scene, nobody knew what he was thinking, he didn’t plan on intervening.

Feng Chen had implied that Lin Feng didn’t respect Xue Yue, but even if that was the case, Duan Wu Ya was willing to accept such behaviour from Lin Feng.

He had known Lin Feng for a long time and could understand his actions. Lin Feng was brave, audacious, courageous and talented, he was an extraordinary individual. Lin Feng had a flaw though, he was very impulsive and allowed his decisions to be affected by his emotions. He didn’t care about the consequences of his actions when he was angry. If Lin Feng was furious, he cared about nothing, he didn’t care who he killed and didn’t care what consequences would occur.

For example, he didn’t hesitate to kill She Qiong or Duan Tian Lang, they both had high statuses in Xue Yue, but they had offended Lin Feng so he slaughtered them without mercy. He also took his revenge by massacring the Hao Yue Sect and the Ice and Snow Mountain Village, followed by the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue.

In Lin Feng’s mind, there was only one path for his enemies: Death. The same thing happened at Xiangjiang Lake, no matter who or what stood in his way, he was determined to kill She Qiong.

Therefore, Duan Wu Ya wasn’t surprised by the fact that Lin Feng had charged into the Imperial Palace, and on top of that, he didn’t care.

However, Ruo Lan Shan seemed irresolute. Lin Feng had high natural abilities and was very courageous, he admired him for that. However, Lin Feng wanted to kill the people from Tian Feng, and the question wasn’t who would kill whom, but the result would be the death of talents. The most concerning thing was that Lin Feng might be injured!

Ruo Lan Shan didn’t want to see that. Even though he still didn’t know who would be joining the Great Competition of Xue Yue as a participant, and some geniuses might appear to occupy the vacant positions. At the very least, Lin Feng and the second envoy would occupy two of the vacant positions.

“Lin Feng, why are you so infuriated? Can’t you forget about it for the time being?” Asked Ruo Lan Shan in a calm way, he was a bit angry at Lin Feng’s actions.

However, Lin Feng shook his head. Forget about it for the time being? Impossible!

Ruo Lan Shan frowned, but immediately calmed down, he then continued: “You are all geniuses, I am an ambassador from the Dragon Mountain Empire, I don’t want you to be harmed before the competition, I hope you can understand that.”

Lin Feng remained silent and grew tense.

“Lin Feng, you’re really too arrogant, you even disrespect your elders! You’re a disgrace!” Shouted Feng Chen furiously. His face was filled with killing intent. Lin Feng was insufferably arrogant and audacious. He really wanted to kill them while they were inside the Imperial Palace!

The second envoy had broken through to the sixth Xuan Qi layer, he didn’t believe that Lin Feng could fight against him.

The atmosphere was filled with a deathly silence and it was very oppressive. Lin Feng slowly turned around and looked at Ruo Lan Shan, he then said: “Mister Ruo, why are you in Xue Yue?”

“To select the participants for the Great Competition of Xue Yu, obviously! Therefore, I hope that nothing will happen to any of the potential seeds!” Replied Ruo Lan Shan.

“And the people who will participate in the Great Competition of Xue Yu, aren’t they all geniuses?” Asked Lin Feng again

“Of course that there will be only powerful geniuses, from the four empires and the thirteen countries of Xue Yu. That is unquestionable.”

“Mister Ruo, you are saying that the cultivators who will participate in the competition are the most incredible geniuses in the continent, however, I, Lin Feng, am only an insignificant cultivator, I am far from being as skilled as the geniuses who will participate in the competition. Besides, my skills are also lacking, I’m much too inferior to those geniuses, so why would I go to fight against them?” Asked Lin Feng.

When Ruo Lan Shan heard Lin Feng, he was stupefied, then Lin Feng talked again: “For someone like me, participating in the Great Competition of Xue Yu, wouldn’t it be the same as courting death?”

Ruo Lan Shan was gobsmacked, what was Lin Feng trying to say? Was he saying that he didn’t want to participate in the Great Competition of Xue Yu? Was he going to compete? Did he not dare to risk his life?

“Participating in the Great Competition of Xue Yu is an opportunity to see the most amazing geniuses of the thirteen countries of Xue Yu, it is an opportunity to travel the continent, experiencing the great battles and improving through the dangers. However, the most important part is the overcoming of the dangerous situations, but that requires courage, if I have no courage, what would be the point of participating? We are currently in Xue Yue, my home, if I allow myself to be bullied and humiliated while in my own home without acting because you don’t want me to be harmed, well then, doesn’t that make me seem like a weak coward? If I am a coward, why would I leave Xue Yue, how could I dare to face the geniuses of the thirteen countries? If I am that weak, why would I want to face them?”

Lin Feng’s words astonished Ruo Lan Shan. Lin Feng had a point, the Great Competition of Xue Yue wasn’t only about the geniuses from Tian Feng, there would be extremely strong cultivators from the other countries, and even people from the other empires, all of them would be incredible geniuses. If Lin Feng acted weak while in Xue Yue, his home, how could he leave Xue Yue to fight with the other geniuses?

After remaining silent for a few seconds, Ruo Lan Shan’s lips moved, he said: “I will not get involved, this is none of my business. It is a matter between you and them.”

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