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PMG Chapter 510: Thunder Spirit

 PMG Chapter 510: Thunder Spirit

Ruo Lan Shan moved aside and smiled. He didn’t blame Lin Feng for his rude behaviour at all.

In fact, after hearing Lin Feng’s words, he admired his actions. Lin Feng was courageous, tenacious and talented, but the most important part was that he had the heart of a conqueror. No matter how strong his enemies were, no matter what their status was, Lin Feng would kill them, out of self-respect, and for the sake of his cultivation.

Lin Feng wasn’t scared when facing the prince of Tian Feng and the envoys. He was fearless. There was only killing intent in his heart. That kind of person could soar into the heavens. On the path of cultivation, they would continue to climb until they reached the peak.

Therefore, Ruo Lan Shan didn’t want to stop Lin Feng. Lin Feng could solve his issue with the people from Tian Feng now that Ruo Lan Shan had allowed him.

Ruo Lan Shan would no longer get involved and neither would the people from the Cosmic Pavilion, it had nothing to do with them, therefore they moved aside as well.

Duan Wu Ya smiled indifferently as he moved aside as well, he didn’t care about such a thing.

At that moment, the people from Tian Feng and Lin Feng were facing each other. Both parties were giving the other a murderous glare.

Lin Feng despised them, he wanted to use them as a stepping stone on his path of cultivation to strengthen his own resolve.

“I am surprised that you would immediately come here to fight.” Said Feng Chen slowly while staring at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng didn’t reply, he took another step and released his astonishing Qi, it seemed like he wanted to destroy the atmosphere with the power of his Qi.

Apart from Feng Chen and the second envoy, the others could also sense the killing intent in the Qi which made them shiver.

Lin Feng’s Qi was incredibly cold, they felt like they were suddenly surrounded by ice. It was terrifying. If Lin Feng had the opportunity, he would kill them mercilessly. Lin Feng had the heart of a killer.

“I am surprised too, I thought that you would run back to Tian Feng.” Said Lin Feng indifferently. He then released some deadly Qi which into the air, it was as sharp as a sword. Lin Feng looked like he wanted to slaughter them all and remove their bodies from existence.

Feng Chen pulled a long face. He was shocked. Lin Feng’s intent was incredible. Lin Feng wasn’t only talented, he was also extremely strong, in fact, Feng Chen admired him for his strength. Lin Feng was incredible, such people were rare in Tian Feng.

Unfortunately, Lin Feng was from Xue Yue, so they had become enemies. That couldn’t be changed. They had a grudge which couldn’t be settled until the other had died.

“You’re too arrogant and think too highly of yourself. I am not inferior to you, Lin Feng.” Said Feng Chen whose clothes started fluttering as he released his power. He released an ice-cold energy which collided with Lin Feng’s deadly energy that was filled with intent.

Many people were stupefied but immediately calmed down. It was the first time that they witnessed Feng Chen’s strength, he was extremely strong and had broken through to the sixth Xuan Qi layer.

But they weren’t too surprised, Feng Chen had several armies under his control, his strength was never in question. If he wasn’t strong, then people would have already killed him and claimed his position as their own.

“Your Highness, let me fight.” Said the second envoy while taking a step forward; he was standing next to Feng Chen. His cultivation layer was exactly the same as Feng Chen’s, the sixth Xuan Qi layer. His level was much higher than that of Lin Feng, he didn’t believe that a trivial person like Lin Feng would be able to defeat him.

Feng Chen glanced at the second envoy and nodded, he then immediately moved back to let the second envoy fight.

He wanted to see how Lin Feng would handle a cultivator of the sixth Xuan Qi layer.

The second envoy’s spirit was monstrously brutal.

Lin Feng was coldly staring at the second envoy, they were destined to be enemies. Suddenly, Lin Feng’s eyes turned black, pitch-black, his eyes were filled with an incredible coldness, his eyes were desolate and without emotion. The Lin Feng, at that moment, looked like another person completely.

“What’s this? A special power? Or a spirit?” When the second envoy saw Lin Feng stare at him with his pitch-black eyes, he felt like Lin Feng’s eyes had become an endless abyss, he couldn’t see the end of the darkness.

“Let’s fight. I already wanted to kill you after last time.” Said the second envoy. The night of the banquet, Lin Feng had challenged him to a battle, he had humiliated all of the envoys and even killed some of them. When Lin Feng challenged him, Ruo Lan Shan had unfortunately stopped him from killing Lin Feng.

“It’s not too late for you to kill me.” said Lin Feng while releasing some more deadly energy. The second envoy took a step forwards and, in a flash, a dazzling purple light emerged from his eyes along with a thunderous sound that filled the air.

The sound of muffled thunder invaded the atmosphere and Lin Feng’s deadly energy immediately dispersed from the attack. The crowd was stupefied when they saw his attack.

At that moment, the second envoy was surrounded by thunder, he looked like a thunder god.

The second envoy’s spirit was the very rare thunder spirit. His explosive power was monstrous and powerful.

“Thunder Spirit!” Lin Feng was stupefied. His eyes were twinkling, he released more deadly energy and raised both his hands. A sword condensed in his hands and started to lacerate the atmosphere. It seemed like it was leaving a black trail as it moved through the air.

“Go!” The second envoy stretched his hand and an endless stream of thunder and lightning rushed towards Lin Feng’s sword. Lin Feng’s sword diffused a terrifying black light.


Lin Feng’s sword could lacerate anything in its path, but the thunderous sounds were unceasing. Lin Feng’s deadly sword descended from the sky and continuously destroyed the thunder and lightning. The deadly energy was moving straight towards the second envoy.

The second envoy raised his hands and a purple and white light emerged from his palm. It looked dazzling.

“Thunder light!” Said the second envoy and closed his eyes. He looked like he was praying to the thunder god. A purple thunder emerged from his hands and rose into the air. In a flash, that purple and white light immediately shot towards Lin Feng’s sword.

That purple thunder light contained an endless killing intent.

“Csssh, csssh!” There were no terrifying explosion sounds, there was only a battle between deadly energy and a dazzling purple light. The energies continued to crash against each other as they rippled through the air and spread out in all directions. The people watching started to move back.

Only Lin Feng and the second envoy didn’t move, under the purple and black energy, Lin Feng was expressionless.

He took a step and his astonishing deadly Qi appeared again, with another deadly sword.

“Ultraviolet Thunder!” Shouted the second envoy in a deep voice. A multitude of thunder appeared which moved straight towards Lin Feng’s sword light, but they were stopped by the deadly energy contained within Lin Feng’s sword and were destroyed.

Lin Feng’s sword was cold and murderous, while the second envoy’s thunder was incredibly dangerous, their battle was starting to destroy the atmosphere.

“It seems like I won’t be able to destroy his energy just by relying on my sword.” Thought Lin Feng. He then moved his left hand, on Lin Feng’s left hand appeared a flag mark which immediately turned into a gigantic banner filled with rampaging flames.

A banner, a spiritual banner!?

The crowd was astonished, Lin Feng had a precious and incredible treasure, a banner!

Duan Wu Ya was stunned, he had never seen Lin Feng’s banner, this was the first time.

He hadn’t thought that Lin Feng would surprisingly possess an incredible treasure like a banner. Besides, there was a sun pattern on the banner and it was releasing terrifying flames. It was obviously not the first time that Lin Feng had used the banner, it had already burnt people alive and absorbed their power. The banner contained a fire Qi which belonged to other cultivators.

The banner appeared but Lin Feng’s sword didn’t disappear, he had his sword in his right hand and the banner in his left.

Lin Feng was controlling both powers at the same time!

Lin Feng had used his black lotus in his left hand and his sword in his right hand in the past, this time, he had a banner in his left hand and a sword in his right hand!

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