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PMG Chapter 512: Boiling Blood!

PMG Chapter 512: Boiling Blood!


Lin Feng had used pure physical strength; no skill, no technique, just pure physical strength. 


Lin Feng had punched through the thunder to crush the second envoy’s head, but what was that physical strength? What kind of physical strength did a body require to cross through thunder without being injured? 


There was a mysterious light that surrounded Lin Feng’s body, it looked like a mystical aura. 


Feng Chen was fixedly staring at Lin Feng, his facial expression was sharp as a blade. Lin Feng had just proved to him that he could kill the second envoy, a cultivator of the sixth Xuan Qi layer. Lin Feng looked down on the seven envoys at the banquet the other night as it was justified. Lin Feng was declaring that the envoys from Tian Feng who had come to Xue Yue were not his match, none of them were. 


Lin Feng destroyed all of them, including the second envoy. At that moment, Feng Chen was their last chance to prove the opposite.


Lin Feng slowly turned around and looked at Feng Chen. Feng Chen’s eyes looked like blades and sharply pierced through the atmosphere towards Lin Feng. 


“It’s your turn.” Lin Feng calmly said in a deep voice, however the sound of his voice made the atmosphere feel oppressive, especially for Feng Chen. Lin Feng, with only one sentence was able to make Feng Chen shake from head to toe. 


After killing the second envoy, Lin Feng was finally looking at Feng Chen, he still wanted to fight against him. 


He was the prince of Tian Feng but at that moment, he was in Xue Yue. 


“Phewww….” Feng Chen slightly closed his eyes and sighed deeply. A sharp breath flowed from his mouth, he looked like he was sighing but actually, he was releasing his deadly Qi while looking calm and solemn. 


At that moment, the crowd could sense Feng Chen’s deadly energy. Feng Chen wanted to kill Lin Feng, he wanted Lin Feng’s life and everybody knew it. Lin Feng also wanted to kill him, therefore, only one of them could live through the fight. 


“Lin Feng’s strength is incredible and he is courageous. He is already facing Feng Chen now…” Thought the people watching.


Feng Chen wanted to kill Lin Feng and they could understand his reasons for sending people to attack Lin Feng. They had anticipated that it would happen. However, they hadn’t expected that Lin Feng would charge into the Imperial Palace alone to settle accounts with Feng Chen. He was extremely audacious, daring, bold and brave. They admired Lin Feng for his courage, many people felt inferior to him. 


Besides, Lin Feng had even convinced the ambassador from the Dragon Mountain Empire, Ruo Lan Shan, to allow the fight. 


Of course, what astonished them the most was Lin Feng’s strength, even though he had challenged all the envoys last time, they never thought that Lin Feng could actually compete with the second envoy. In fact, they were wrong, Lin Feng had slaughtered the second envoy in front of them and was even challenging Feng Chen. 


“I am actually really surprised by your strength, your strength has far exceeded the expectations I had about you.” Said Feng Chen. The atmosphere was filled with an oppressive and cold deadly energy. 


“But your strength doesn’t allow you to act that wild and arrogant, you should never have humiliated Tian Feng like you did. Since Mister Ruo doesn’t mind us fighting, I will show you my strength.” Said Feng Chen in a calm and solemn tone. Feng Chen raised his head, and joined his hands together to produce two deep black pure Qi lights on his shoulders, it was terrifying. 


“Do you know where the name of my country, Tian Feng, comes from?” Asked Feng Chen which surprised Lin Feng. The crowd was stupefied too, the name of each country had a particular meaning, Tian Feng was no exception. However, very few people knew how or where those names originated. In fact, the people from Tian Feng had no idea where it came from, only those of Tian Feng’s Imperial Family knew the secret. 


Feng Chen didn’t expect Lin Feng to answer, so he just continued: “A few thousand years ago, Tian Feng was a vast and wild area. There were terrifying and vicious ferocious beasts. Humans were under constant threat of the beasts. Those beasts reigned over a territory of several thousands of kilometres. There was one ferocious beast in particular who led them. It was a celestial wind beast, it had advanced into a Zun-level being.”


(Tian= Celestial/heaven, Feng = Wind)


The crowd were stupefied and surprised, Tian Feng was under the control of the wild beasts thousands of years ago! 


“The celestial wind beast was terrifying and it could control the wind along with the thunder of the country. Nobody could resist the beasts’ rule, if anyone dared to resist the beast, they would be slaughtered by an endless army of beasts. That beast was tyrannical and the people were in constant danger. Everybody was extremely scared of that beast.” said Feng Chen. 


“Back then, there was a small village in which there was a young boy. When the boy was eight, he would dress in fur and sling a quiver on his back. He would always leave the village to practice his bow. One day, when he left the village, his parents and relatives were killed by the beast, and that was when the young boy chose his name: Tian Feng.” 


“When he was twelve, he killed ferocious beasts in the jungle by using his arrows. He never stopped growing stronger. He killed the beasts mercilessly. When he was fifteen, he killed the head of a tribe with his arrow and took control of the territory. He gave that territory the name Tian Feng. When he was eighteen, he took the tribe on a campaign to invade the other tribes, his own tribe was in constant expansion. The Tian Feng people were killing ferocious beasts continuously for their leader. When he was twenty-five, Tian Feng was able to kill a monumental amount of ferocious beasts. Finally, the extremely strong celestial wind beast grew furious and came to kill the boy. On that day, many people died, it was a bloodbath on both sides. And on that day, Tian Feng disappeared but his name remained.” 


“Many people think that Tian Feng died during the attack of the ferocious beasts, so the people threw down their arms and were enslaved. They were enslaved by the ferocious beasts, however, they never forgot about Tian Feng, even though he had disappeared, his people always remembered him with respect and admiration, he became their god.” 


“Eighteen years later, he wore the same fur coat he wore back in his small village when he was a child, but he had no arrows in his quiver. That year, Tian Feng resurfaced, he was forty-three, he would kill any beast in his path, he killed a monumental amount of beasts that day. One day he raised his arms and finally, the humans who were being oppressed by the beasts rose into action. They had faith in Tian Feng. Tian Feng had an incredible army which gathered in his name and they began to wipe out the beasts. The battle was an incomparable battle.” Feng Chen sounded extremely proud as all the glory of the country resided on his shoulders. 


“No ferocious beasts could stop Tian Feng. Each time they encountered him, they were slaughtered. Finally, the celestial wind beast personally came, it wanted to kill Tian Feng for good. The battle was incredible and lasted from noon to evening, the people were exhausted and had no more Qi to fight with. However, Tian Feng continued to fight and injured the celestial wind beast, he then ate the beast while it was alive and drank its blood. That blood mixed with Tian Feng’s own blood and granted him the strength of the beast. It was a soul-stirring change, Tian Feng freed the enslaved and the country was unified beneath him, Tian Feng became the king and the name of the country was Tian Feng.” 


Everybody was moved by Feng Chen’s story. The history of each country would always tell a story of a conqueror or incredible kings who reached the heavens. Tian Feng had become the king of Tian Feng when he was forty-three, he had become a Zun level cultivator because consumed the Zun level beast. He had encountered a great number of hardships and sufferings, the crowd would have never thought this was the origin of the name.


Lin Feng didn’t interrupt Feng Chen either, he was calmly listening to the story. Lin Feng wanted to become an extremely strong cultivator, the path of cultivation, it wasn’t limited to one country, the story of the Zun level cultivator of Tian Feng made Lin Feng’s determination grow firmer, he even grew more fearless. He had to move forward fearlessly if he wanted to soar into the heavens.


Feng Chen was proving how strong Tian Feng, the Zun level cultivator, was. However, Feng Chen was just cherishing the memory, but that wasn’t a reason to be conceited and arrogant, recalling the glory which he had no part in, it didn’t give him that right. 


“After Tian Feng drank the blood of the beast, it merged with his blood and transformed, then it became a new type of blood, and that blood had always been passed down from generation to generation, that blood is flowing in my veins too.” Said Feng Chen. A terrifying Qi was emerging from his hands. The Qi in his body was flowing in an insane way, it even started to boil, that beast blood was erupting! 


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