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PMG Chapter 515: Burn and Swallow!

PMG Chapter 515: Burn and Swallow!


The deadly energy that was blowing against Lin Feng and Feng Chen’s faces made them look particularly hideous. Dazzling lights filled the air around them. 


Besides, under that dazzling light, they were both attacking, one of them from above and the other from below. They were both staring at the other trying to influence the battle with sheer determination. One of them would die but neither would flinch.


“Lin Feng, today you are going to die.” Said Feng Chen coldly, he sounded extremely confident that Lin Feng would die by his hands.


“Me? Die?” Lin Feng had a resplendent smile on his face and then said in an ice-cold tone: “You are too arrogant.” 


“I am arrogant because I am strong enough to be arrogant. You used all your pure Qi to condense the black lotus, how do you plan to fight against me now?” Said Feng Chen whose voice seemed to harmonise with the sound of energy ripping through the atmosphere. A terrifying energy was still entering the air, at that moment, Feng Chen raised his left hand and more thunderfire twinkled, it was terrifying. 


“Feng Chen will be merciless and Lin Feng has already used all his strength.” The onlookers were shaking, this time, Lin Feng was in a critical situation. 


Lin Feng was smiling, he seemingly found the situation very amusing. His heavenly dragon roared and merged with Lin Feng’s purple spirit, the gigantic dragon was staring at Feng Chen. 


“Hmph.” Feng Chen groaned coldly and spread his bestial wings once again. He then started to beat his wings slowly. They would be able to easily block Lin Feng’s spirit.


“Shaman spirit…” Thought Lin Feng and a gloomy white light emerged from the shaman head, it was trying to influence Feng Chen which caused him to shiver.


“A soul attack?” Feng Chen was surprised at first and then immediately said: “Do you think that you can influence me with such little strength? I cannot be influenced with such petty tricks. Give up.” Feng Chen abruptly moved while his thunderfire sphere continuously attacked the black lotus, it was in an unceasing battle for dominance. Feng Chen thought that he only needed to stop Lin Feng’s black lotus and then attack when Lin Feng had no more pure Qi left to defend himself.


“Oh is that so?” Said Lin Feng mockingly. An endless ocean of surplus souls poured out of his body and entered the shaman spirit. A terrifying soul strength emerged from the shaman spirit and attacked Feng Chen’s soul which made him shiver. The wind character written between his eyebrows suddenly grew much weaker.


Feng Chen’s soul was being attacked, it started fluctuating in an insane way. His thoughts were growing blurry, it was even affecting the thunderfire sphere in his hand. 


“Die.” Shouted Lin Feng while unleashing a small Qi sword he condensed with a small amount of Qi he had saved, it was incredibly sharp and deadly. 


“Huh?” The crowd was stupefied and their pupils shrank. Lin Feng had the advantage at that moment and was counterattacking. 


In the blur which was Feng Chen’s mind, he could feel a sharp pure Qi which made Feng Chen gnash his teeth. Without hesitation, he immediately unleashed more thunderfire which bombarded the atmosphere creating explosion sounds as it crashed in every direction. The pure Qi Lin Feng had just unleashed was instantly destroyed, but Lin Feng still had a smile on the corner of his mouth, he looked like he was going to burst into at laughter at any moment. 


Because Feng Chen was affected by the shaman spirit and his thoughts were blurry, he had countered Lin Feng’s pure Qi with a monstrously terrifying thunderfire, how stupid. 


“Die.” Shouted Lin Feng furiously. His long hair was fluttering in the wind. While floating in the air, he started to release his terrifying deadly energy. 


Lin Feng moved back, his black lotus was still fighting for dominance, but at the same time, his heavenly dragon roared and threw itself at Feng Chen. 


Feng Chen abruptly bit his lips as the pain made him regain consciousness a little. Then his terrifying thunderfire started twinkling and flashing around his body again as he then released everything towards Lin Feng’s heavenly dragon. 


“Boom!” An explosion filled the air and Lin Feng’s body was immediately oppressed. The black lotus disappeared under the energy of the thunderfire sphere. However, Lin Feng didn’t stop at all. He continued moving, he had filled his arms with three thousand rotations of physical strength. 


“Boom!” Explosion sounds filled the air. Lin Feng’s heavenly dragon was crazily fighting against the thunderfire. Besides, while Feng Chen was busy blocking the dragon, he didn’t have time to pay attention to Lin Feng who quickly unleashed punch after punch onto Feng Chen’s chest unceasingly. Feng Chen’s entire body was shaking insanely, it seemed like his chest was going to explode, each punch left him with broken bones and internal injuries.


Lin Feng’s physical strength was incredible, it was the exact same strength that he had used a moment before to crush the head of the second envoy, but it could only injure Feng Chen. 


Blood started gushing from Feng Chen’s mouth as he stared at Lin Feng’s blurry image. His wings started flapping as he moved to escape.


“You want to escape?” Shouted Lin Feng in an ice-cold tone. His heavenly dragon roared furiously and arrived in front of Feng Chen. It immediately constricted his body which stopped him from escaping Lin Feng’s onslaught. 


“Die!” Shouted Lin Feng furiously again. Lin Feng immediately started punching him and bombarding his body with incredible strength. Feng Chen’s body was being projected back by Lin Feng’s fists. 


“Boom! Kacha!”


“Boom! Kacha!”


“Boom! Kacha!” 


Terrifying impact sounds filled the air followed by the sound of bones breaking. Feng Chen’s body was tightly wrapped up, he couldn’t even move his wings anymore and each time Lin Feng punched him, more bones would break. His body was bestial and powerful, but he couldn’t bear such an intense onslaught. 


“Ahhhhhhh……” Feng Chen howled loudly and painfully. A terrifying jet-black light emerged from his body and burst into the skies, his blood seemed like it was boiling. He suddenly looked even more ferocious and bestial. 


“Get lost.” Lin Feng continued punching him over and over. Feng Chen kept trying to flap his wings to move, but couldn’t. 


“Banner.” Shouted Lin Feng furiously. His banner appeared in his hand and at the same time he ran forwards and attacked Feng Chen with his banner’s flames. 


At that moment, Feng Chen’s Qi started violently boiling in his body. He was already half-dead. His body was soaked with blood and he seemed to be driven into madness. The strength of his blood was boiling chaotically and merging with his soul. 


A dazzling light appeared around his body, he felt like he was being burnt alive. He raised his head and saw Lin Feng above him. It was the flames from Lin Feng’s banner.


“You cherished the memory of your ancestor but his glory isn’t yours. Back then, Tian Feng was able to drink the blood of that beast, but you cannot even use your blood spirit properly. What gives you the right to cherish that memory? Since you cannot use your blood spirit, then give it to me!!!!” Said Lin Feng slowly. His body moved along with his banner filled with flames, then it immediately enveloped Feng Chen’s entire body. 


Feng Chen was imprisoned inside the banner in a flash. A terrifying inferno emerged and began to burn his body.


“Ahhhhhhhh….” Feng Chen gave a horrible shriek, he wanted to leave the banner, but he couldn’t because the strength of the banner was too powerful. With his current strength, he couldn’t escape it. He could only remain in that scorching inferno while his power was slowly absorbed.


“Roaaarr!” Lin Feng dragon spirit roared and moved towards the banner, it then immediately sucked the blood spirit from the banner and swallowed it. 


The banner was absorbing his body and Qi while the dragon was swallowing his blood spirit. Besides, Lin Feng’s soul was slowly driving Feng Chen’s soul insane, he couldn’t do anything anymore. The only thing he could do was to die.


“Since you cannot use your blood spirit, then give it to me!”


Those words resonated in everyone’s mind, how unbelievable. At that moment, it was too shocking. They were stunned.


Not only did Lin Feng want to win the battle but he also wanted to absorb Feng Chen’s blood spirit. He was burning Feng Chen’s body alive and swallowing his blood spirit, it was so cruel.


Lin Feng’s spirit could immediately swallow Feng Chen’s blood spirit, the banner had already neutralized his thunderfire, Lin Feng’s actions were extremely cruel. He had only broken through to the third Xuan Qi layer, but what about the future? After breaking through to the Tian Qi layer, he would become a frightening existence. 

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