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PMG Chapter 517: Obscenities

PMG Chapter 517: Obscenities

Lin Feng was lying in the hot spring as the hot water caressed his body making it feel extremely pleasant.

There were many purity stones around the spring. The Qi continuously penetrated into Lin Feng’s body which quickly filled his Qi reserves.

At that moment, Lin Feng’s eyes were tightly closed. His cosmos-burning sun was surrounding his brightly reddened body, his body was diffusing a red light that was refracting on the water of the hot spring, it looked like a dreamland.

What Lin Feng didn’t know was that on his body, there was an extremely eye-catching sun pattern and it was reflecting itself onto the water.

At the same time, Lin Feng’s incredible physical strength was also revolving through his body. Besides, apart from the physical strength, there was a scorching heat which was causing the water to evaporate unceasingly.

The physical strength and the boiling water caused the air surrounding him to grow more turbulent.

Time was passing slowly and a terrifying physical strength continued flowing into Lin Feng’s body. Something extremely strange was flowing within Lin Feng’s veins and arteries, it seemed like the blood in his body was boiling.

At the same time, a peculiar light started rotating in cycles. It was the Nine Herukas skill rotating inside Lin Feng’s body. The red lights quickly surrounded Lin Feng’s body and the Nine Herukas rotations merged together, it was extremely strange.

The water around him started boiling more rapidly. The entire atmosphere was filled with steam which contained a red light within.

Duan Xin Ye who was in her room could sense the heat flowing from the hot spring. She was stupefied and felt the temperature drastically rise, it seemed like the air temperature had increased in an instant.

Her beautiful and limpid eyes revealed a shocked expression. Wasn’t Lin Feng in the hot spring? Why was it so hot?

Her beautiful eyes wavered as she slowly walked towards the room where the hot spring was. She was slightly hesitant but in the end she still entered the room.

Duan Xin Ye entered the room and was stupefied. Was Lin Feng really in the water?

At that moment, there was so much steam, but she could see a faintly discernible sun pattern. On Lin Feng’s body and reflected on the water, there was the sun pattern which seemed to be spinning.

There were two extremely powerful strengths which were rotating through Lin Feng’s body. Duan Xin Ye was astonished and cried out in surprise.

What kind of skill was Lin Feng practicing? What could cause him to look so strange? It seemed like he was practicing cultivation, but with the strength of several people at the same time.

Duan Xin Ye calmly crouched on the edge of the hot spring and fixedly stared at Lin Feng. She was looking towards him the same way a woman would look at her husband. She wished that Lin Feng could always stay by her side, she would let him cultivate in peace and would be happy to be with him, how wonderful would that be?

Lin Feng was absorbing all the Qi inside the purity stones like a glutton and they were slowly disappearing. The physical strength in Lin Feng’s body gradually started rotating at a slower pace until Lin Feng finally opened his eyes, sharp dazzling lights were twinkling in his eyes.

“A portion of the strength from that blood spirit was absorbed by my celestial fangs spirit while the other portion was injected into my body… But that blood spirit is not compatible with my blood, so I cannot use it, however it was still very useful. It helped me rotate the Nine Herukas skill, with its help I gained the strength of three-thousand, eight hundred rotations…” Thought Lin Feng while clenching his fist and emitting a cracking sound. Another two hundred rotations and Lin Feng would have the strength of four thousand rotations, he would easily be able to defeat cultivators of the fifth Xuan Qi layer using his physical body.

Lin Feng raised his head and saw Duan Xin Ye, he then smiled and said: “You’re peeping on me?”

“I….. I just sensed that it was extremely hot here so I came to check. I wasn’t peeping on you.” Said Duan Xin Ye whose cheeks had turned bright red. She would have lost face if she admitted that she was peeping on Lin Feng while he was bathing, but she realized that she had been peeping unconsciously. She never even considered that she was peeping on him.

“You are calmly crouching there, so you’ve been here for a while, watching me. If that’s not peeping, what it is?” When Lin Feng saw that Duan Xin Ye was blushing, he couldn’t help but tease her while laughing. Duan Xin Ye’s cheeks were even redder at that moment. She didn’t know what to say.

“Xin Ye, don’t you want to… Come and bathe with me?” Said Lin Feng in a trembling voice. Duan Xin Ye blinked and stared at Lin Feng with wide eyes.

She immediately turned her head and ran away, her chest pounding violently. Lin Feng… was so indecent.

When Lin Feng saw Duan Xin Ye ran away, he smiled. He stood up and his body felt very comfortable.

Lin Feng climbed out of the hot spring, put some clothes on and headed to Duan Xin Ye’s room.

At that moment, Duan Xin Ye’s face was still bright red. She looked cute and bewitching. Lin Feng noticed that Duan Xin Ye didn’t dare look him in the eyes. She obviously understood that Lin Feng was just making obscene jokes, but those kind of dirty jokes didn’t make her unhappy, it was actually the opposite, she was delighted. She was even slightly tempted.

“Xin Ye, is it already evening?” Asked Lin Feng. Duan Xin Ye shook her head and said: “No, I still have time for a bath too. Then we can leave together towards Duan Wu Mountain.”

“You’re also going to bathe?” Said Lin Feng while staring at Duan Xin Ye and winking. Duan Xin Ye was stupefied, that guy really enjoyed teasing her!

“So what? Who said I can’t?” Said Duan Xin Ye.

“Of course you can, but a moment ago you were peeping on me, so I should also get to peep on you while you have a bath.” Said Lin Feng while smiling which stupefied Duan Xin Ye even more.


Duan Xin Ye was speechless. How come she had never noticed that Lin Feng was a pervert?

“Well, wouldn’t it be fair? Then you won’t owe me anything for peeping on me.” Said Lin Feng while bursting into laughter. Duan Xin Ye was stunned and her cheeks were burning, she then immediately ran away. Lin Feng was too much of a tease.

When Lin Feng saw that Duan Xin Ye felt uneasy, he smiled and shouted: “Xin Ye, I’m waiting for you here.”

Duan Xin Ye went into the hot water of the hot spring and didn’t reply to Lin Feng. She didn’t dare.

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