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PMG Chapter 518: Who Will Have Her?

PMG Chapter 518: Who Will Have Her?


At the top of the Duan Wu Mountain chain, in a magnificent pavilion under the stars, Duan Wu Ya was with the people from the Dragon Mountain Empire, shockingly, they were also joined by Yue Tian Ming and Yue Tian Chen. 


Lin Feng and Duan Xin Ye quickly arrived arm in arm. When Yue Tian Ming saw that the two of them were so close, he looked surprised and upset.


Yue Tian Chen on the other hand, looked furious. He was glaring at Lin Feng with overwhelming aggression. It looked like he wanted to attack Lin Feng where he stood. 


When Lin Feng arrived at the pavilion, he quickly noticed that Yue Tian Chen was glaring at him, he only spared him a single glance which made Yue Tian Chen gnash his teeth in anger.


Back at the Lovesick Forest, Yue Tian Chen was introduced to Lin Feng as a young master and Lin Feng was  just a nobody at the Ling Qi layer with a little talent. Yue Tian Chen used to despise him. It was also the first time that Lin Feng met Duan Xin Ye. Yue Tian Chen had always thought that nothing would ever happen between Lin Feng and Duan Xin Ye because Lin Feng was a nobody and the princess was far above him. He didn’t believe that Lin Feng had what it took to be with the princess.


However, now, Lin Feng had broken through to the Xuan Qi layer, killed Chu Zhan Peng, destroyed the Hao Yue Sect and the Ice and Snow Mountain Village. He had even annihilated the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue. Even more shocking was that Lin Feng was the son of Yue Tian Chen’s aunt, Yue Meng He. In such a short time, Lin Feng had easily surpassed Yue Tian Chen in cultivation and status. Lin Feng only needed to send a quick glace at Yue Tian Chen to silence him, he didn’t even dare to look Lin Feng in the eyes. 


That’s life, sometimes fate has cruel tricks in store for people. Things could change very quickly. Yue Tian Chen had never thought that such a day would come.


Lin Feng glanced at Yue Tian Chen for one second which immediately made him lower his head. Then, Lin Feng glanced at Yue Tian Ming. 


Yue Tian Ming was the second high-official of Xue Yue, he was undoubtedly strong and had the blood spirit of the Yue Clan. It was possible to consider him as Lin Feng’s cousin, he could be seen as his senior.


Yue Tian Ming had nothing against Lin Feng before but at that moment, he wasn’t looking at Lin Feng in a friendly way, instead he was looking at him with cold eyes, and he was also glancing at Duan Xin Ye. 


After having a bath, Duan Xin Ye had put on a long ceremonial cheongsam which was trailing across the ground. Her beautiful hair was floating on her shoulders. Even though she hadn’t put any jewellery on, she still looked extremely beautiful, people didn’t even dare look directly at her. She looked like a goddess.  


Yue Tian Ming wasn’t the only one who was looking at Duan Xin Ye. The people from Dragon Mountain were also looking at her. Some people looked at Duan Xin Ye with admiration in their eyes while some others had a strange expression on their face.


Of course, they only glanced at her for a second, otherwise it would seem impolite. Besides, infuriating Lin Feng wouldn’t be a good idea.


“Lin Feng, Xin Ye, we were waiting for you. Hurry up and sit down.” Said Duan Wu Ya. Ruo Lan Shan and his friends were sitting at the main seats like last time. This time, the seat opposite of Duan Wu Ya was empty, it was for Duan Xin Ye and Lin Feng. 


Lin Feng sat down on a seat that was the same as Duan Xin Ye’s. Duan Xin Ye was a princess so it was normal for her to sit on one of the most important seats as well. Besides, Lin Feng had come with Duan Xin Ye, if he had sat on a seat lower than hers, it would have meant that the two of them were not equal. Lin Feng would, of course, never do that. Instead, he sat down on the same seat as the princess. 


“Alright, Mister Ruo, Lin Feng and Xin Ye are here too now, let’s start.” Said Duan Wu Ya while smiling. Ruo Lan Shan slightly nodded and some servants immediately brought food and placed it on the redwood tables while bowing respectfully in front of each guest.


“Mister Ruo, these days I haven’t been a good host. Please forgive me. Let’s forget about everything that happened and toast!” Said Duan Wu Ya politely while raising his glass.


“What are you talking about, Duan Wu Ya? You’ve been a great host.” Replied Ruo Lan Shan politely while toasting with him and downing his glass. He surprisingly adopted a carefree and unrestrained countenance. 


“Alright, everybody, we’re all together which is rare, let’s toast!” Said Ruo Lan Shan while smiling and raising his glass. Immediately after, he looked at Duan Xin Ye and Lin Feng and said: “Lin Feng, you are extremely talented, Xin Ye you’re as beautiful as a goddess, you are a perfect match, let’s toast!” 


“Thank you, Mister Ruo.” Replied Lin Feng politely. Lin Feng and everybody else then raised their glasses while looking at Ruo Lan Shan. 


After downing their glasses, everybody put their glasses on the tables, However…


“Eeeehm!” Somebody interrupted which surprised everybody. They turned their heads and saw the one making the strange sound, Yue Tian Chen.


Yue Tian Chen was staring at Lin Feng furiously, he also looked extremely jealous. 


“Lin Feng is just a shitty beggar! How could he be a good match for Duan Xin Ye?!! My big brother Yue Tian Ming is the second high-official, and on top of that there is a marriage agreement between the Yue Clan and the Duan Clan! My brother should be with her, not Lin Feng!” Said Yue Tian Chen in an ice-cold tone. Actually, he was the one who liked Duan Xin Ye and had always hoped to be with her, but after Yue Tian Ming returned, he threw away those dreams. The Yue Clan wanted Yue Tian Ming to marry Duan Xin Ye instead of him. 


But he had never thought that Lin Feng would cause trouble and engage in an intimate relationship with Duan Xin Ye, he wouldn’t have thought that Duan Xin Ye would ever accept Lin Feng. Of course, Yue Tian Chen was furious, he couldn’t get her so how could he allow Lin Feng to have her?


Ruo Lan Shan was stupefied and looked at Yue Tian Chen, Yue Tian Chen was being rude!


Immediately after, Ruo Lan Shan looked at Duan Wu Ya again, but Duan Wu Ya lowered his head and sipped his drink while remaining silent. He surprisingly said nothing.


Ruo Lan Shan suddenly looked particularly interested. Was there a marriage agreement between Yue Tian Ming and Duan Xin Ye? 


Lin Feng turned to Yue Tian Chen and looked at him with piercing eyes, his eyes seemed as sharp as swords which made Yue Tian Chen gulp.


“A marriage agreement? Who decided on that?” Said Lin Feng. Since he was with Duan Xin Ye, how could he let other people tarnish her image? No matter what, Duan Xin Ye belonged to Lin Feng, even if there was a marriage agreement, Lin Feng didn’t care.


“It is an agreement between my clan, the Yue Clan, and the Duan Clan. Our ancestors agreed on that marriage contract in order to keep our blood spirit pure and strengthen future generations, besides her status is extremely high, how could you be her match?” 


Yue Tian Chen’s voice was cold. He wasn’t lying though, everything he said was true. The Yue Clan and the Duan Clan had agreed on a marriage contract for their descendants. This caused Yue Meng He and Lin Hai a lot of problems, because the Duan Clan wanted one of their clan to marry Yue Meng He, they were infuriated by the fact that she wanted to marry Lin Hai. That was also why the Duan Clan tried everything to kill Lin Hai. 


The ancestors of the two clans had agreed on a marriage contract, in order to keep their bloodline pure. Also, the offspring with a mixture of two blood spirits would be even stronger than the past generations.


“Do you want to compare our blood and see whose is purer? Do you want to see which one of us has the stronger blood spirit?” Said Lin Feng in cold tone. Yue Tian Chen was stupefied. Indeed, Lin Feng also had the heavenly dragon spirit, he inherited it from Yue Meng He. In terms of bloodline and blood spirit, Lin Feng was much stronger than Yue Tian Chen, Yue Tian Chen couldn’t compete with Lin Feng in any way.


“You’re not a member of the Yue Clan.” Said Yue Tian Chen while pulling a long face. 


Lin Feng groaned coldly and said: “I never said that I was a member of the Yue Clan. You just said that the marriage contract was about keeping both bloodlines pure, since that was the agreement, whether I am a member of the Yue Clan or not has nothing to do with the marriage agreement. I have the purest blood in this generation of the Yue Clan, if I am not a good match for Duan Xin Ye, then who in the Yue Clan is?” Said Lin Feng aggressively. Who in the Yue Clan could be a better match for Duan Xin Ye?


At that moment, Lin Feng had to struggle, if he didn’t fight for himself and Duan Xin Ye, everybody would think that Lin Feng was a loser, and it would be a humiliation for her. Therefore, Lin Feng had to act aggressively. 


At that moment, Yue Tian Chen didn’t know what to say and didn’t even dare look at Lin Feng.


“What a joke. How could a marriage contract be more important than Xin Ye’s wish? Besides, if all the people in the Yue Clan are weak willed like you, then what? Because of the marriage contract, Xin Ye should marry a loser? Is that what you mean?” Added Lin Feng, his words were like swords. Yue Tian Chen raised his hand and stared at Lin Feng. He then pointed at Lin Feng and said: “You……..”


“STOP THAT!” Yue Tian Chen hadn’t even finished when Lin Feng shouted furiously while releasing a monstrous deadly energy which crashed into Yue Tian Chen’s arm, he was shaking from head to toe. His arm was projected backwards and he felt like he was suffocating. 

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