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PMG Chapter 522: Intercourse

PMG Chapter 522: Intercourse


Lin Feng’s eyes were emotionless, as if he was looking down on everyone.


Yue Qing Shan and Yue Tian Ming were staring at those eyes and their hearts started racing, but they kept couldn’t help but to stare deeper into the void. They were still obstructing Lin Feng’s path. 


Lin Feng couldn’t leave with Duan Xin Ye, he couldn’t!


Their lips were twitching when they heard Lin Feng say something.


“Get lost!!”


“Get lost… Get lost…..”


Lin Feng had just shouted and his voice was echoed in the atmosphere. It seemed like an evil energy was brushing across their bodies.


Yue Qing Shan was still fixedly staring at Lin Feng but at that moment, he could sense an evil Qi emerging out from Lin Feng’s body, a terrifying evil Qi. 


In Lin Feng’s eyes, there was a terrifying evil energy.


At that moment, it seemed like a sword, an evil sword, was unsheathing itself inside Lin Feng’s eyes. If anyone blocked his path any longer, he would slaughter them. 


The crowd was looking at Lin Feng and noticed how infuriated he seemed. How scary. At that moment, Lin Feng looked like he was determined to leave, nobody could stop him. He looked like a demon, he would massacre anyone who tried to stop him. 


When Yue Tian Ming saw that terrifying evil energy, he couldn’t help but feel terrified. Indeed, no one was surprised, Lin Feng was terrifying. 


That evil Qi was filled with a demonic intent, nobody could prevent Lin Feng from leaving. That terrifying evil energy was penetrating deeper into Lin Feng’s heart.


At that moment, Yue Tian Ming felt ridiculous. He knew that if he kept obstructing Lin Feng’s way, Lin Feng would kill him. 


Yue Tian Ming wasn’t the only one who had that feeling, Yue Qing Shan felt the same. If they kept preventing him from leaving, Lin Feng would slaughter them mercilessly.


That sensation was astonishing and terrifying…


“It’s him, it’s definitely him…..” Whispered Yue Qing Shan. He could see his own evil shape in Lin Feng’s eyes. How terrifying, that person now resided in Lin Feng. 


Yue Qing Shan was shaking from head to toe and his thoughts grew chaotic. He was in Lin Feng’s body.


“This is terrible, a catastrophe.” Thought Yue Qing Shan while looking at the sky. He had failed with Yue Meng He and at this moment he would fail with Lin Feng as well, Lin Feng would leave with Duan Xin Ye.


The same thing was happening again. 


Nobody could stop Lin Feng anymore. Lin Feng had become an insane demon, one more push and he would allow the demon to invade his heart, then he would bathe the world in blood.


“Tian Ming, let him leave.” Said Yue Qing Shan while sighing and dragging Yue Tian Ming’s arm. He didn’t want to prevent Lin Feng from leaving any longer. This time it would be different.


“The evil swords, that’s the Qi from the evil swords.” Said Yue Qing Shan, he could see the evil swords in Lin Feng’s eyes. He knew that Lin Feng was there when the evil swords were released at Mount Sword. He had actually been the first one to discover it, it made perfect sense.


Initially, the nine sword mountains exploded and the seal was broken because the evil swords were attracted by Lin Feng. They hadn’t left for other vessels, they had all surprisingly chose Lin Feng’s body, they could emerge from his body at any time. 


If Yue Tian Ming and Yue Qing Shan kept obstructing his path, Lin Feng would be merciless and heartless. Lin Feng would let the evil swords take control of his body and slaughter everybody. Because he wanted to save Duan Xin Ye, the pure and precious princess, there was no telling how far Lin Feng he would go when he was really infuriated.


Yue Tian Ming’s heart was pounding violently, Yue Qing Shan was pulling his arm. 


Let him go? He was surprisingly opening the way! 


Lin Feng was going to leave with the princess… The princess with whom Yue Tian Ming had a marriage agreement…. And Lin Feng would have intercourse with her.


When Yue Tian Ming thought about it, his eyes suddenly grew particularly cold. In fact, from Lin Feng, he could also sense the terrifying evil energy emerging from him. 


But seeing Lin Feng leave with the princess was like a thousand blades stabbing his chest, it was extremely painful. Yue Tian Ming felt like his heart was shattered into a thousand pieces.


The crowd was also looking at them and they were stupefied. Lin Feng was demonic at that moment, they weren’t near to him but they could still sense his terrifying evil Qi. They knew that if Yue Tian Ming and Yue Qing Shan remained in Lin Feng’s way, the evil energy would take over and he would attack to kill his cousin and his grandfather.


Lin Feng glanced at Yue Qing Shan and Yue Tian Ming and said in an ice-cold tone: “If you disturb me while I save Xin Ye, I will kill you, I don’t give a damn who you are.” After that, Lin Feng left at full speed. In a flash, he disappeared from their field of vision. 


“Pheww….” Everybody took a deep breath, the pressure had finally disappeared. When Lin Feng was there, they all felt like they were suffocating. 


Duan Wu Ya, Yue Qing Shan, Yue Tian Ming and the others were all looking at Lin Feng as he disappeared into the horizon, their eyes were all revealing different feelings and emotions.


After Lin Feng left with Duan Xin Ye, he moved at an inconceivable speed.


At that moment, her body was scorching hot, just like a bare flame, the ambient temperature was terrifying. 


Besides, at that moment, Duan Xin Ye seemed like she had gone insane, she was firmly holding onto Lin Feng with her legs wrapped around Lin Feng’s waist as she was panting lightly. She looked intoxicated. She looked like she was possessed but she was extremely seductive. 


“We have arrived.” Lin Feng saw Duan Xin Ye’s residence in the forest. He dashed through the air and move down to the ground. The women who usually guarded the entrance didn’t obstruct him, so Lin Feng immediately entered her residence.


At that moment, many silhouettes appeared, it was the women who guarded the entrance of Duan Xin Ye’s palace. They noticed that something had happened. 


“Don’t let anyone come within even of a half-step of this location. It’s a matter of life and death.” Said Lin Feng whose voice filled the air. The women were stupefied, they glanced at each other and nodded. Their silhouettes flickered and disappeared.


That voice was Lin Feng’s voice and those women knew how important Lin Feng was to the princess. Since Lin Feng was talking with such urgency, it meant that the princess might be in danger, they obviously obeyed his commands.


Lin Feng closed the door of the palace and rushed into Duan Xin Ye’s bedroom. Lin Feng put Duan Xin Ye on the bed, her eyes looked bewitching. Her body was entirely red and she kept grabbing at her clothes and removing them slowly. Her eyes were filled with endless heat. The fire in her body was getting more intense. Her red face seemed like it was going to explode. 


“Lin Feng, I can’t stand it anymore, I need you.” Said Duan Xin Ye while sliding her dress down her body. Lin Feng looked at her slim and beautiful arms, her skin was so delicate. She was extremely beautiful and she was seducing Lin Feng. While talking, her bewitching fragrance filled the air, Lin Feng felt like temptation was everywhere. 


Lin Feng wasn’t a monk, he was an ordinary man and he was still a virgin. 


A beautiful woman such as the princess was half-naked in front of him, she was touching his neck with her hands and whispering that she needed him, how could Lin Feng remain indifferent? He wasn’t a stone without emotions and desires. 


Lin Feng’s breathing was rapid, he could see one of her hands on his neck and another one on her body, she was still removing her clothes, her beautiful breasts were slowly revealed and Lin Feng felt himself bewitched. 


“Lin Feng, hurry…..” 


Duan Xin Ye’s voice mad Lin Feng feel like he was in a fantasy, he leant towards Duan Xin Ye, his head felt like it was going to explode, he was flushed red, he felt like he was going to lose consciousness.


Lin Feng lowered his head and put his hand on Duan Xin Ye’s soft skin, he then started kissing her slowly, her lips, her shoulders, each and every part of her body. 


Finally, after the flames of passion were ignited, Lin Feng groaned violently as Duan Xin Ye moaned gently. Their bodies had become one. They were both intoxicated with passion. Their bodies were in perfect fusion and as the bed started to move. Duan Xin Ye’s room had become a den of lust. 

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    • Ryker December 4, 2016 at 12:15 am - Reply

      WOW…..I wonder who used Aphrodisiac on Xinye I wonslder who ???
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      • ElysianSoul December 4, 2016 at 6:35 am - Reply

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      It requires time to concoct a pill for it plus he had to find ingredients while Xin Ye was already in a critical situation so he didn’t have time.

    • blackhawkrider December 4, 2016 at 2:22 am - Reply

      I am pretty sure it is because:
      1) Not enough time (she will die if the “heat” doesn’t cool off 😉 )
      2) He probably doesn’t know the recipe for the “poison”. You can’t really create an antidote if you don’t know which ingredients is necessary.
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