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PMG Chapter 523: Situation

PMG Chapter 523: Situation
After the surge of passion, Lin Feng and Duan Xin Ye were laying on the bed and remaining silent.

The fire in Duan Xin Ye’s body wasn’t harmful anymore, instead, flames of passion were burning in her heart. Drops of sweat covered her body, one glance at her would have sufficed to arouse any man.

Lin Feng was caressing Duan Xin Ye’s skin with his fingers. The flames of desire were still burning in his heart. They had tasted the forbidden fruit. Duan Xin Ye, because of the extremely strong effects of the poison had required a long session of passionate lovemaking. Because Lin Feng had broken through to the Xuan Qi layer and had an extremely strong body, he was able to nullify the poison. Duan Xin Ye had experienced a pleasure which had gone beyond expectations.

At that moment, Duan Xin Ye moved her head and placed it on Lin Feng’s chest, she was acting extremely shy, she couldn’t even look at Lin Feng anymore.

Lin Feng hugged Duan Xin Ye, his eyes were filled with endless warmth and affection.

“Xin Ye, are you angry at me?” Asked Lin Feng suddenly. After all, all of this had happened, not because Duan Xin Ye and Lin Feng wanted it, they had been forced into the situation. It was unexpected.

Duan Xin Ye was rubbing her head against Lin Feng’s chest and shaking her head. How could she be angry at Lin Feng? It had been unexpected indeed, but she had been Lin Feng’s woman for a while, besides, Lin Feng did it to save her.

If Lin Feng hadn’t been there, she would have been forced to marry Yue Tian Ming and would have slept with him, she didn’t even want to think about that.

“They all think that I’m the one who gave you the poison, do you think so too?” Asked Lin Feng in a low voice. Duan Xin Ye raised her head and looked at Lin Feng, her face was still red but she still looked gorgeous.

“I’m not saying that it’s impossible that you did, but even if you did, I was willing.” Said Duan Xin Ye is a soft voice. Her eyes were filled with a deep and meaningful look. Lin Feng sighed and held her tightly in his arms. With such a woman, he would only be happy.

If Meng Qing didn’t exist, maybe Lin Feng would have only loved Duan Xin Ye. She was so delicate, subtle and had a high social status, she also wasn’t conceited. She was so pure and innocent.

“Lin Feng, will you marry me?” Asked Duan Xin Ye, her voice was charming. Lin Feng was stupefied, he now had to bear a huge responsibility.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have asked you.” Said Duan Xin Ye when she saw that Lin Feng remained silent. Her voice was trembling and it looked like tears were about to appear in her eyes.

Lin Feng’s heart was extremely painful when he heard her. He had already been with Duan Xin Ye and her love for him was still unconditional to the extent that she was even apologizing for asking. Duan Xin Ye was a princess… And on top of that, everybody would know what had happened soon. If he didn’t marry Duan Xin Ye, what would people think of her?

“I will.” Said Lin Feng while tightly hugging her. He looked nervous. How could Lin Feng let her down?

Duan Xin Ye had sacrificed everything for him.

Lin Feng got up and sat while making Duan Xin Ye sit up. Then Lin Feng stood up and carried her to the hot spring. This made her blush.

She was going to have a bath with Lin Feng, she was even more embarrassed.


Early in the morning, the sun was shining upon the valley and the streams.

In the forest, many silhouettes appeared. Some looked glum and others looked furious.

There were Duan Wu Ya, Yue Tian Ming, and some guards wearing black cloaks.

They were all staring at the valley.

They all knew what had happened in Duan Xin Ye’s palace during the night. They all knew the details, but they wished they didn’t know, knowing about it gave them the feeling that insects were nibbling their face from the inside. They couldn’t bear that thought, especially Yue Tian Ming. He had a marriage agreement with her, he didn’t want his future wife to have a fling with another man. How could he be happy about it? He looked extremely glum.

In a distant place in the forest, there were also many silhouettes, they all looked furious. They were all the young men who had fallen in love with the princess, they were infuriated. They all knew that Lin Feng had sullied the princess, they were enraged, but also jealous and envious.

Lin Feng was really abominable, he had done everything in his power to obtain the princess.

“Get lost.” Shouted Duan Wu Ya in an ice-cold way.

Those young men saw Duan Wu Ya turn and glare at them, they kept quiet out of fear. They could sense Duan Wu Ya’s deadly energy. Many people started running and immediately left the scene. They didn’t dare stay.

At that moment, Duan Wu Ya was furious. Everybody knew that the princess wasn’t a virgin anymore, that was a humiliation for the Imperial Family and for Duan Xin Ye, how could Duan Wu Ya tolerate such a thing?

After all of those people left the forest was calm again. There was only the sound of the rustling leaves and of the pitter-patter of water in the streams. It felt calm and serene but Duan Wu Ya and Yue Tian Ming didn’t feel like enjoying the landscape, they were only staring at Duan Xin Ye’s residence.

They didn’t go and enter by force, they also didn’t shout angrily, after all, Lin Feng wasn’t alone inside, Duan Xin Ye was also in there.

After a short while, they heard some steps which made them feel even more tense, they looked at the residence and saw two silhouettes slowly emerge.

Lin Feng and Duan Xin Ye.

At that moment, they had already changed into new clothes. Lin Feng was wearing a new set of clothes and Duan Xin Ye seemed to have returned to normal, she had completely recovered. She was wearing a beautiful chang pao and her face looked different, one could see she had become a real woman. She looked even more attractive.

Lin Feng looked full of vitality. He looked particularly handsome at that moment.

That made Yue Tian Ming’s face look even more glum, he was gnashing his teeth.

When he saw that the two were holding hands, he felt like his anger was about to burst out.

“Brother!” Shouted Duan Xin Ye at Duan Wu Ya in a soft and timid voice.

“Xin Ye, go back inside. I need to talk to him.” Said Duan Wu Ya while coldly staring at Lin Feng.

“Don’t, brother, don’t blame him! It’s not his fault, Lin Feng is innocent! It’s my fault.” Said Duan Xin Ye while defending Lin Feng. If Duan Wu Ya accused Lin Feng of giving her the poison and taking advantage of the princess, it would be a huge problem.

“Go back inside.” Repeated Duan Wu Ya which made Duan Xin Ye look tense.

Lin Feng firmly squeezed on Duan Xin Ye’s hand, smiled and said: “Xin Ye, go back it. There won’t be any problems.”

Duan Xin Ye looked at Lin Feng and nodded, then she looked at Duan Wu Ya and said: “Brother, don’t make things difficult for Lin Feng.” Then she went back into her residence.

Duan Wu Ya was staring at Lin Feng, he didn’t say anything but released an extremely oppressive Qi.

Apart from Duan Wu Ya, those strong cultivators in black clothes and Yue Tian Ming were also releasing their deadly energies which enveloped Lin Feng’s body. Lin Feng had the feeling that there was a mountain on his shoulders. They were all extremely strong, there wasn’t a single weak link amongst them.

“Lin Feng, you’re very smart, you stole my sister, you’re the only one she will care about for now.” Said Duan Wu Ya in an ice-cold tone.

“Your Majesty, could it be that you still think that I’m the one who gave her that poison?” Said Lin Feng ignoring Duan Wu Ya’s cold tone.

“You know better than anyone else if you did it or not. Besides, you’re the one who benefitted from all the advantageous aspects of that situation, you got what you wanted. Even if we don’t talk about that poison, now you stole my sister’s innocence. Besides, everybody knows about it, it is a humiliation for the Imperial Family and for my sister!”

Duan Wu Ya was shouting furiously. The fact that everybody knew that Duan Xin Ye wasn’t a virgin anymore was a catastrophic humiliation for Duan Xin Ye and the Imperial Family. For them, face was an extremely important thing.

It could be said that causing them to lose face was enough of a reason to kill Lin Feng, it didn’t matter if Lin Feng was the one who gave the poison, he had humiliated and polluted Duan Xin Ye, or more precisely, this was the rumour which would be spread!

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