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PMG Chapter 525: The Story

PMG Chapter 525: The Story

Duan Wu Ya didn’t try to prevent Lin Feng from leaving. Everything Duan Wu Ya was doing was for Duan Xin Ye, he was asking Lin Feng to come back as a glorious hero, to astonish the entire country and marry her.

But Lin Feng didn’t feel good about it, actually he felt horrible. He had the feeling that he was being manipulated.

Even if Duan Wu Ya hadn’t told him to finish amongst the best cultivators in the Great Competition of Xue Yu, Lin Feng would have done his best regardless. He would continue to improve his cultivation without added ultimatums, becoming stronger and stronger was always part of his plan.

Lin Feng already intended to confront Duan Wu Dao sooner or later. Lin Feng had already decided these things by himself.

But Duan Wu Ya was asking him to do it with little margin for error. If he failed then Lin Feng should just die. Besides, he only had one year to defeat Duan Wu Dao and become the first high-official.

Both things were extremely difficult, it was heartless, but Lin Feng had no choice. Maybe it was a means to challenge himself, to make him even more motivated to quickly surpass his current level and become stronger.

Lin Feng was holding Duan Xin Ye’s hand and walking forward, they passed by Duan Wu Ya and Yue Tian Ming.

Yue Tian Ming looked glum. Duan Wu Ya hadn’t killed Lin Feng, he had only set two challenges, but in the end, he let Duan Xin Ye leave with Lin Feng.

“Kacha!” A subtle sound filled the air, Yue Tian Ming had clenched his fists so hard and released his energy into the air. He would do his best to prevent Lin Feng from finishing in the top cultivators of the Great Competition of Xue Yu. Even if Yue Qing Shan didn’t allow him to fight against Lin Feng, he would still do it.


In the forbidden area of the Lovesick Forest, in front of a tree with some cabin lodges, there were two tables and chairs. Two people were sitting looking carefree and at home.

Those two people were women, they were both extremely beautiful and looked like angels. They were just sitting there but anyone who saw them would feel a peaceful atmosphere fall over them.

“How should the eyebrows be? Thick or thin?” A pure and holy looking woman raised her head, she didn’t need anything to become more beautiful, she only had to stand there and it would make the world seem colourless in comparison.

The other woman raised her head as well, even though she wasn’t young anymore, she didn’t have many wrinkles on her face. She just had a deep and profound look in her eyes. She looked natural, warm and friendly. She was smiling and looked gorgeous.

“Let the brush move with your heart.” Said the beautiful Yue Meng He while looking at her future daughter-in-law. She was very satisfied. Meng Qing was extremely beautiful, she wasn’t any less beautiful than Yue Meng He when she was at that age. If Meng Qing were to be proclaimed as the most beautiful woman of Xue Yue, Yue Meng He would definitely agree.

Lin Feng had a good eye for women.

Even though she hadn’t been with Meng Qing for a long time, Yue Meng He couldn’t find anything bad about Meng Qing, she was extremely happy to have her as a future daughter-in-law.

“Move with my heart…” Whispered Meng Qing. With the firm expression on her face, one could see that she didn’t entirely understand what Yue Meng He was telling her, but she closed her eyes and continued. She was sketching the contours of a portrait.

When she opened her eyes and saw her portrait. She had a resplendent smile on her face. Even though she wasn’t good at painting, she wanted Yue Meng He to teach her. She wanted to nourish her soul and heart, she also found it to be extremely relaxing.

In the distance, Lin Hai was still carving. He would occasionally raise his head and smile at them. If Lin Feng had been there, then the four of them could have shared this lovely moment, that would have been wonderful.

“Father, Mother, Meng Qing!” At that moment, a voice sounded which pleasantly surprised the three of them. It was Lin Feng’s voice.

But when they raised their head, they were surprised. There were two silhouettes… Apart from Lin Feng, there was also a young woman, she was beautiful.

Meng Qing was stupefied. She could, of course, recognize Duan Xin Ye, she had already seen her.

In Duan Ren City and Yue Mo, Lin Feng had saved Duan Xin Ye, then, he left the forbidden area of the Zi Government with Duan Xin Ye.

Meng Qing knew exactly who she was, she also knew that Duan Xin Ye was in love with Lin Feng. Meng Qing was a woman who had a sharp intuition, by glancing once at Duan Xin Ye’s eyes, she could easily see that she liked Lin Feng.

Besides, at that moment, Duan Xin Ye was lowering her head, she looked extremely shy.

When Meng Qing saw that, she immediately felt something.

Yue Meng He could also feel something, she couldn’t help but glance at Lin Hai with a deep and meaningful look.

Lin Hai was stupefied. He couldn’t help but lower his head and smile secretly. His son was even more skilled with women than himself.

A short moment after, Lin Feng arrived in front of Yue Meng He and Meng Qing. Meng Qing could sense something so she immediately put the painting away.

When Yue Meng He saw that, she remained silent and sighed. Meng Qing’s love for Lin Feng was extremely deep, she could feel that something was wrong, but she still took the time to hide her painting. She was extremely scared of Lin Feng having a negative opinion, because the portrait Meng Qing had been painting was of Lin Feng.

Lin Feng glanced at Yue Meng He and then at Meng Qing.

He opened his mouth, wanting to say something, but words wouldn’t come out. He couldn’t say anything.

At the same time, Lin Feng looked strange, he looked remorseful and felt like a weight had fallen on his heart.

Yue Meng He and Meng Qing obviously understood what had happened. Yue Meng He shook her head, she didn’t know what to say either.

But at that moment, Meng Qing stood up which surprised Lin Feng, he just looked over to her and waited to see what she was going to do.

Meng Qing stood up and walked towards Duan Xin Ye, who then lowered her head even more, she looked like a little girl who had done something wrong. Her heart started pounding to the extent that she could hear her own heartbeat.

“I’m sorry.” Said Duan Xin Ye in a low voice. Even though she was a princess, she knew perfectly well that Meng Qing and Lin Feng’s love was extremely deep, she was well aware of it, but she had also fallen in love with Lin Feng, and she had involved herself in their relationship.

She was a princess but in front of Meng Qing, she never acted arrogantly. Meng Qing’s Qi seemed to be that of an ice goddess, men felt oppressed in front of her, but so did women.

A sudden sound broke the silence which surprised Duan Xin Ye. She raised her head and saw Meng Qing smile at her.

Meng Qing was surprisingly smiling at her.

Xin Ye couldn’t believe it, but she could actually see a smile on Meng Qing’s beautiful face. She wasn’t angry.

Duan Xin Ye wasn’t the only one astonished, but Lin Feng was too. Yue Meng was shocked as well and fixedly stared at Meng Qing’s smile.

“Xin Ye, you’re a princess, you probably know how to paint, you can teach me!” Said Meng Qing while taking Duan Xin Ye’s hand. Lin Feng was holding her hand on one side, and Meng Qing was holding her hand on the other side. She was gobsmacked and just stared at Meng Qing with rounded eyes.

“Come quickly, sit down!” Said Meng Qing while pulling Duan Xin Ye to a chair. Immediately after, she took a brush and a paper roll, she was preparing everything for her. She didn’t look cold at all, she only had a magnificent and warm smile on her face.

“Meng Qing.” Whispered Lin Feng. Meng Qing glanced at him and then ignored him, she was only talking to Duan Xin Ye.

Yue Meng He walked towards Lin Feng and hugged him. Then she walked into the distance.

Lin Feng obviously understood what Yue Meng He meant. He then followed her and arrived next to Lin Hai.

“Father.” Said Lin Feng as he approached. He didn’t know what to say to either of his parents.

Yue Meng He looked at Lin Feng, she wasn’t angry at him, she was just smiling and said: “Little Feng, what is going on between you and the princess?”

Lin Feng smiled wryly and explained everything, he didn’t even hide the fact that they had slept together. He told his parents of the events.

Even though that world was full of coldness and cruelty, for Lin Feng, family and friends were the most important people in his life. He really cherished them, so how could he hide things from his parents?

When Yue Meng He heard Lin Feng, she sighed, looked at him and wrinkled her brow. She then said: “I don’t know how you lived before, but Xin Ye has given up everything for you, if you don’t cherish Meng Qing, I will never let you off.”

“There is no need to consider other things, just look at Meng Qing and how deeply she cares for you, she loves you, no matter what happens in the future, you must cherish her, you cannot lose her.”

Yue Meng He was talking in a strict and firm tone. Lin Feng was a bit surprised but nodded in a serious way. How could he forget about Meng Qing? She was the woman he loved the most in the world!

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  1. mousefu December 20, 2016 at 7:15 pm - Reply

    bloody people should learn to keep it in their pants.
    Oh it’s not my fault I can’t help loving everybody.

    • Exalted Nevaeh January 3, 2020 at 12:00 pm - Reply

      Love knows no natural limits, only the limits you place on it. Instead of cutting off his feelings for her, he decided to embrace them.

      No pants or privates were involved in the start of their relationship. Just pure emotion.

  2. Luna3383 December 20, 2016 at 7:18 pm - Reply

    Aye, this ruined my moments of him having only one wife…..

  3. Gravestone December 20, 2016 at 7:30 pm - Reply

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  4. throweroaway December 20, 2016 at 7:31 pm - Reply

    Uhh did you guys forget that the princess was given a fatal aphrodisiac? If lin feng didn’t do what he did, she would’ve died or been raped, so…..

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      This course was set way before the aphrodisiac poisoning.
      The MC not being able to keep it in their pants seems very common in Wuxia.
      Shame since Meng Qing seems like a solid female lead character.

      • Zyon Savery December 24, 2016 at 3:45 am - Reply

        Hey but considering how long it took the mc to lose his cherry he can still be considered passive compared to other mcs in this regard.

      • Exalted Nevaeh January 3, 2020 at 12:34 pm - Reply

        The heart is not in one’s pants though. Also, they are both solid, AMAZING, women who anyone would be lucky to have even just one of them by their side, and I am not at all saying that because of their supposed beauty which I have a hard time imagining anyways.

        Not many are able to place being with the one they love above all else, and have the strength to accept that which may come with loving that person. As humans are typically selfish in matters of the heart, rather than selfless.

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    • Ezura November 30, 2018 at 11:51 pm - Reply

      LOL indeed. I’m female and I really struggle with harem novels too but the thing people need to remember is that it’s not set in our modern society where monogamy rules. In Ancient China for example, most Emperors would average around 30,000 women in his harem. Majority of these relationships are political and to prevent war etc. Women are considered lower life forms and used as commodities especially in Cultivation worlds as strength reigns supreme and women are physiologically weaker to start with. It’s turd yes but impossible to change. If you can’t handle it then you need to stop reading such novels sadly. I love the rest of the stories bar the infidelity so I’ve learnt to just begrudgingly accept it as it dies make sense. There aren’t many Xanxia, Wuxia, Xuanhuan with monogamist mc because of the whole genetics thing. It’s desirable to have a strong cultivator’s DNA introduced into your clan as it increases the chance for the clan to survive and perhaps prosper even. Plus the fact that strong alpha males to majority of females is irresistible. Again genetics, LOL. Who’d be more attracted to wimps in that kind of society?

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      At this point in the story, it’s only the two of them and they both have incredibly deep feelings for him, and are both incredible women in general, and he knows he’s fortunate to even have the heart of just one of them. He would go to hell and back for them, and takes neither of them for granted while trying to do his best to be worthy of their feelings and devotion

      Even if the genders/sexes were reversed, I’d still be into it.

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