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PMG Chapter 527: Departure

PMG Chapter 527: Departure

This time, Lin Feng was going to go to the Dragon Mountain Empire, there would probably be many dangers during that journey. Lin Feng was obviously not going to bring Meng Qing with him, she would stay in the Lovesick Forest while Lin Feng would go alone with his winged tiger.

Before leaving, Lin Feng went to Duan Xin Ye’s residence, but shockingly, he found out that she didn’t live there anymore. Her female protectors weren’t there anymore either. Lin Feng was extremely upset, Duan Wu Ya was cruel. Surprisingly, he had brought Duan Xin Ye to another place so Lin Feng couldn’t see her.

Lin Feng had no other solution, he could only give up, he didn’t know where she was. Lin Feng jumped onto his winged tiger and they flew to the foot of Duan Wu Mountain, where they were supposed to meet.

At that moment, there were many people there already. Apart from the people from the Dragon Mountain Empire, there were also some geniuses from Xue Yue. Lin Feng glanced at them. They were nine people in total. 

There was Lin Feng, Duan Wu Ya, Yue Tian Ming, Wu Qing, Yu Qin, Yu Jian, Yun Fei Yang and two people whom Lin Feng didn’t know. They were wearing black clothes and were releasing a cold and oppressive Qi. They looked extremely firm and tenacious and absolutely expressionless. 

Besides, nobody was standing next to those two people. They were calmly standing together, away from the rest of the group. 

Apart from Duan Wu Dao, the high-officials were all present, maybe those two people were actually the two newest high-officials. Indeed, before that, two people had disappeared from the rankings, since they had died. Besides, they looked ice-cold and terrifyingly strong, Lin Feng could feel it.

“Where is the crown prince Wu Dao?” said Ruo Lan Shan while looking at those nine people. He was asking Duan Wu Ya. 

Duan Wu Dao was most likely the one Ruo Lan Shan wanted to see the most at the Great Competition of Xue Yu. He had already heard about him, he didn’t need to see him to know that he was extremely strong. Duan Wu Dao couldn’t miss the Great Competition of Xue Yu, at all costs.

“Mister Ruo, my brother will travel alone. He doesn’t like being with other people. He told me to tell you that. At the moment of the Great Competition of Xue Yu, he will of course show himself.”

Duan Wu Ya was smiling while talking which made Ruo Lan Shan frown. Duan Wu Dao wasn’t going to travel with them?

But after short moment, he nodded. Duan Wu Dao was unruly and aggressive, he was also extremely strong. For those kinds of people, traveling alone was normal. Besides, Duan Wu Dao would participate in the Great Competition of Xue Yu, he was so aggressive and violent that such a competition could only be an exciting event for him. 

Even though everybody knew that he was unruly, violent and aggressive, everybody knew that all he cared about was cultivation. He didn’t offend those who didn’t offend him, but he killed those who did.

“Alright, let’s go then.” said Ruo Lan Shan while nodding. He didn’t say anything else. 

“Mister Ruo, there is something else I must apologize for.” said Duan Wu Ya which surprised Ruo Lan Shan. “Wu Ya, what is it this time?”

“My father doesn’t really pay attention to what is happening in Xue Yue these days, and my brother is too busy practicing cultivation, so this time, I do not have enough time to come and participate in the Great Competition of Xue Yu, please forgive me.” said Duan Wu Ya while bowing in front of Ruo Lan Shan. He looked sincerely apologetic. 

Everybody was astonished, the fourth high-official wasn’t going to participate to the competition? They didn’t even know how strong Duan Wu Ya was, but he was giving up, he wanted to stay in Xue Yue. 

Xue Yue was under the jurisdiction of the Dragon Mountain Empire, so Duan Wu Ya also represented the empire in a way. Ruo Lan Shan hoped that he would participate, and that his strength would contribute to the strength of the empire at the competition. 

But at that moment, Duan Wu Ya was saying that he wasn’t going to participate, Ruo Lan Shan was speechless. Duan Wu Ya was extremely smart and he kept becoming stronger. Even though they hadn’t known each other for a long time, Ruo Lan Shan knew that Duan Wu Ya was an expert at hiding things, especially about himself. He was extremely clever.

“Wu Ya, you are so strong, it is such a pity to hear that, but if it’s unavoidable…” said Ruo Lan Shan trying to calm down. 

“Mister Ruo, all those people are the most outstanding cultivators of Xue Yue, they are not weaker than me. Besides, there is also my brother, he is monstrously strong. In any case, since they are here, if I don’t participate, it will not have any significant repercussions on the results. I really can’t go anyway, there are too many things to do in Xue Yue, please forgive me. I hope you can understand.” said Duan Wu Ya politely. Ruo Lan Shan pulled a long face and then nodded. He knew that Duan Wu Ya had some ulterior motives and was extremely strong-willed, making him change his mind would be impossible.

“Since it’s that way and it’s unavoidable, I forgive you.” said Ruo Lan Shan while sighing. Immediately after, he turned to the others and said: “Alright, Wu Ya is not coming, so we’re ready to leave. Let’s go.” 

Then, Ruo Lan Shan whistled extremely loudly and in a flash, some black hawks descended from the sky and crouched down in front of the crowd.

The Dragon Mountain Empire was extremely far from Xue Yue. Ruo Lan Shan and the others were obviously not going to walk, and flying in the sky was impossible too, it would have required too much pure Qi and vitality. Riding beasts was the best way to travel. 

The black hawks were actually black wind hawks, Xuan level beasts. They were extremely quick, people flying in the sky could never catch up with them. 

There were six black hawks and one of them could accommodate three people at once. 

Ruo Lan Shan, who was sharing his black hawk with Jian Chen, said to the others: “Three people can ride the same black wind hawk, let’s go.”

The crowd nodded. Small groups were formed and were jumping on the back of the hawks. 

But Lin Feng didn’t ride those hawks, he had his winged tiger.  It was also extremely quick, and it wasn’t slower than those black hawks.

Lin Feng made a step and jumped onto his winged tiger which spread its fire-red wings. It looked extraordinarily majestic. It only glanced at those black hawks for a few seconds but it was sufficient to scare them. Ancient ferocious beasts were extremely terrifying. 

“Lin Feng, can I come with you?” asked Yun Fei Yang at that moment. 

“Of course, no problem, come on.” said Lin Feng indifferently. Yun Fei Yang had helped him in the past, Lin Feng couldn’t refuse. 

“Shhhh…..” A silhouette flickered in front of Lin Feng which stupefied him, there was a hurricane around that silhouette. 

That silhouette flickered and landed on the winged tiger‘s back. Incredibly, it was Lan Jiao from the Cosmic Pavilion. Lan Jiao didn’t stay with the people from the Cosmic Pavilion, she had decided to travel with Lin Feng on his winged tiger.

“Why didn’t you ask me to come with you?” asked Lan Jiao while glancing at Lin Feng. Did Lin Feng need to ask her? She couldn’t come onto the winged tiger without asking herself, she was always like that.

Lin Feng smiled and shook his head. He didn’t mind Lan Jiao riding his winged tiger with him. He looked at her and said: “If you want to travel with me, I, of course, have no objection, you’re welcome.”

“Since when are you so polite?” asked Lan Jiao while raising her head and glancing at Lin Feng in an indifferent way, which made Lin Feng shake his head and smile wryly. He didn’t add anything else though. 

“You’ve never been to the Dragon Mountain Empire, the trip will maybe last for a few days. Maybe you don’t want to stay with me that long, maybe you don’t want me to show you around Dragon Mountain?” said Lan Jiao when she saw that Lin Feng remained silent. 

Lin Feng remained silent for a moment. Actually, he had really never been to Dragon Empire. Now, he had to go there. Besides, he needed a few things which he couldn’t find in Xue Yue, so he was hoping to find them in Dragon Empire. 

“When we are in Dragon Empire, I will definitely need your help with a few things.” said Lin Feng while looking at Lan Jiao, which made a grin appear on the corner of her mouth. Lin Feng also needed her sometimes, apparently. 

When Lin Feng saw Lan Jiao’s facial expression, he shook his head, what she want from him?

Yun Fei Yang remained silent and inwardly laughed. That girl from Dragon Empire surprisingly seemed interested in Lin Feng! 

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