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PMG Chapter 528: Practicing Cultivation in the Sky!

PMG Chapter 528: Practicing Cultivation in the Sky!

In the air, the black hawks were clapping their wings and flying at full speed. The strong winds that were created blew on everyone’s bodies while the sounds of fluttering winds were heard.

Lin Feng, Yun Fei Yang and Lan Jiao were riding the winged tiger. Lan Jiao was sitting near the middle of the wings, Yun Fei Yang was sitting on the back of the beast, and Lin Feng was standing on it near the head.

Lin Feng was looking down at the landscape, there were clouds, fog, and huge roads. There were some mountain chains and deep forests, which made Lin Feng gasp in amazement.

Finally, he was leaving Xue Yue. Lin Feng couldn’t help but sigh with emotion.

Since Lin Feng had been in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, he had practiced cultivation very hard. He wanted to reach the clouds and become one of the strongest cultivators in the world. At that moment, he was wondering what it was like outside of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. He longed for the day when he would be strong enough to bring his beloved with him out of the continent, they would travel millions of kilometers together, see huge mountains, lakes, and rivers.

Participating in the Great Competition of Xue Yu was a first step for Lin Feng, it wouldn’t be his final achievement. These would just be his first steps out of Xue Yue. His ultimate goal was neither Xue Yue nor the Dragon Mountain Empire, nor was it Xue Yu. Instead, he wanted to travel very far and see the corners and edges of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. 

People in his previous life used to wishfully think about becoming heroes or being extremely strong, but in this world of cultivation, it was possible. Lin Feng would someday break through to those mysterious cultivation layers which would enable him to destroy mountains and oceans. He would have incredible powers.

Before, Lin Feng used to look at the sky wishing he could fly through it, now he could soar above the clouds.

Lin Feng wondered what it was like to have broken through to the highest cultivation layers, what was it like to be monstrously strong? To break through to the Tian Qi layer and become an everlasting cultivation god?

Lan Jiao raised her head and looked at Lin Feng who was standing still. He didn’t look fat at all, he actually looked quite thin. Besides, he was as straight as a sword. His back wasn’t crooked. It was a sign of his firm and indomitable willpower.

“How far can Lin Feng see?” Whispered Lan Jiao. She had spent some time with Lin Feng. Sometimes, he was cynical, frivolous and had no respect for societal conventions. At other times he was aggressive and violent. He was also extremely stubborn, he didn’t care about the consequences when he did things, even if they could be dangerous. No one dared infuriate him, but if they did, he’d kill them.

But even though he looked like a death god at times, who knew how lonely and desolate he actually felt?

He had come to this world and what had happened? His uncles and cousins had wanted to kill him. Then he had been expelled from his own clan. 

Back then Lin Feng had nobody apart from his father. He had been alone in the world, he had only been able to rely on himself. He always had to kill people, otherwise they would kill him. 

Protector Kong and Protector Bei had given him affection. Even though he and Protector Kong hadn’t talked much, Lin Feng had always respected him but what had the result been? The Yun Hai Sect had been destroyed and Protector Kong sacrificed himself for him. Then Protector Bei helped him escape only to commit suicide after.

All those hardships had shaped Lin Feng’s personality, he had become a death god. He had immediately told Yan Yu Ping Sheng that without hesitation. He had opened his heart to him and had told him he wanted to be a selfless killer. Even if he was hated by all and they only wanted to kill him, Lin Feng didn’t care. For the few people he loved, he was ready to become a monstrous murderer and kill them. 

“Let’s speed up. We will arrive soon! Pay attention.” Said Ruo Lan Shan whose voice spread in the air. 

The black hawks started to accelerate, the airstream was even more violent at that moment. With strong winds blowing upon everyone’s faces, it was almost painful. 

The winged tiger accelerated as well, just like the black hawks. Lin Feng continued to stand still at the front of the winged tiger, gazing off into the distance. Despite the wind, he looked absolutely normal and expressionless. His clothes were emitting extremely loud fluttering sounds, it seemed like they were going to be torn apart by the wind. 

Ruo Lan Shan was sitting on the back of a black hawk, looking at the crowd. He was surprised. Some people were using pure Qi to attenuate the effects of the wind while others were dodging the gusts of wind. 

Nobody had any problem resisting the wind, apart from Lin Feng, who was standing there normally.

The strong winds were blowing on his body violently. His skin and clothes seemed like they were going to be ripped apart, the winged tiger was extremely fast. The faster it was, the stronger its countercurrents were. At incredible speeds, the wind could become as sharp as a blade. During battles, cultivators couldn’t really feel it. But in the sky, while flying at full speed, the wind could be lethal. 

Lin Feng closed his eyes and sat down cross-legged. He was immobile like a mountain, he looked like a Heruka. He let the wind pound on his body. 

In Lin Feng’s brain appeared the Heruka statue, it seemed like it had come from remote ages, and it had adopted a particularly evil countenance. 

In Lin Feng’s body, an incredible stream started flowing, the extremely sharp wind in the sky couldn’t damage Lin Feng’s skin, his skin was as solid as steel. 

“Crrr… Crrr….” An extremely sharp Qi was flowing in his body and emitting sharp sounds. The crowd only saw Lin Feng’s clothes getting ripped apart to be blown away along with the wind. 

Lin Feng’s barebacked body appeared in the crowd’s field of vision and they could see many veins appear. They could see strength flow through his body. It seemed like that strength was flowing in every part of Lin Feng’s body, it was extremely strange. 

“Huh?” Many people were stupefied, their pupils were shrinking. What was going on? Lin Feng was practicing cultivation under such circumstances?

An extremely strong strength was flowing in Lin Feng’s veins, on top of that it wasn’t a pure Qi, it was physical strength. 

Apart from pure Qi, Lin Feng was also developing another kind of physical strength! And it seemed extremely powerful. 

Ruo Lan Shan admired Lin Feng’s power of understanding and determination, in such circumstances, he was still practicing cultivation…

Behind the winged tiger on a black hawk, a silhouette stood up and released ice-cold Qi which moved towards Lin Feng. That person was looking at Lin Feng and was about to unsheathe their sword, that person looked like a murderer. 

That person looked elegant, handsome and delicate. He looked like a hero. He was the last of the high-officials, Yu Jian! He was a sword cultivator.

At that moment, his eyes looked as sharp as sword and he was looking at Lin Feng’s back. 

Suddenly, Yu Jian saw Yun Fei Yang raise his head and look at him. He had a resplendent smile on his face which stupefied Yu Jian. 

Even though he was smiling, Yun Fei Yang looked like he could see through Yu Jian’s heart.

Yu Jian fixedly stared at Yun Fei Yang who didn’t stop smiling at him for even a second.

“Yu Jian!” Shouted Yu Qin. Yu Jian stopped holding his sword and slowly turned around and sat down again, as if nothing had happened.

Yun Fei Yang also lowered his head again as if nothing had happened either.

That move didn’t draw anyone’s attention but Yu Jian kept looking at Lin Feng.

However, Ruo Lan Shan noticed that, even if the others didn’t. He grinned while he observed. 

Yue Tian Ming and some other geniuses from Xue Yue hated Lin Feng, he knew about that. The Yu Clan hated Lin Feng more than anything else. They all wanted him to die. A moment before, Yu Jian wanted to attack Lin Feng by surprise while he was practicing cultivation but Yun Fei Yang helped Lin Feng and protected him. 

If Yun Fei Yang hadn’t been there, would he have attacked Lin Feng by surprise? 
Nobody could have seen that coming, but Ruo Lan Shan knew it isn’t that easy to attack Lin Feng by surprise! Otherwise he wouldn’t have practiced cultivation in such circumstances.

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