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PMG Chapter 529: The Dragon Mountain Empire

PMG Chapter 529: The Dragon Mountain Empire

The winged tiger and the black hawks were flying. After three days no one knew how far they had travelled but they were very far from Xue Yue. 

They looked down at the landscape, there were tall and lofty buildings that were much higher and more spectacular than those in Xue Yue. They were also snow-white.

Looking at the buildings made incredible feelings arise in people’s hearts, they felt mighty. 

“We have arrived in Celestial Dragon.” Said Ruo Lan Shan at that moment. Everyone’s eyes started twinkling.

Celestial Dragon City was the Imperial City of Dragon Mountain, no wonder it looked so majestic and spectacular.

Some people looked excited while others looked nervous. They had left Xue Yue and were about to arrive in Celestial Dragon City, the Imperial City of Dragon Mountain Empire. 

“Let’s get ready to land.” Said Ruo Lan Shan. Everybody nodded except for Lin Feng whose eyes were still closed. He was in his own world, it seemed like he didn’t know what was going on around him. 

Lan Jiao made a step and arrived next to Lin Feng, her beautiful eyes were twinkling. That guy was obviously not practicing cultivation anymore, why wasn’t he waking up?

She opened her mouth but a sharp Qi emerged so she didn’t talk. Immediately after she saw Lin Feng open his eyes, his eyes looked resplendent and sharp. A moment before she had sensed that sharp Qi, it had actually come out of Lin Feng’s eyes.

“The Dragon Mountain Empire!” Lin Feng glanced around at the vast and boundless city under him. He looked extremely excited. He had been in that world for a few years and he had finally left Xue Yue, that was his first step in the Continent of the Nine Clouds. 

“Let’s land now!” Said Ruo Lan Shan. In a flash, the black hawks started nosediving. 

Lin Feng told his Winged Tiger to land using telepathy. In a flash, they were on the ground. The place where they landed was extremely broad and vast, it looked like a huge field designed to practice cultivation. Once in awhile some curious people would stare at them, wondering who the strange visitors were.

“Welcome to Celestial Dragon City, the Imperial City of Dragon Mountain Empire.” said Ruo Lan Shan while turning his head around and smiling. Even though he was an ambassador and had gone to Tian Feng and Xue Yue, Dragon Empire was still his own country. In other countries he didn’t feel at ease. He felt much better to be back in his own country, as if a huge burden had disappeared from his heart. 

He didn’t need to be overcautious in his own country. 

Lin Feng looked at the environment, at that moment they were on a gigantic public square. To the north of the public square there was a gigantic arched door with a few words written on it: Virtuous Dragon Residence. 

“Let me tell you a few things, you are now in the Dragon Empire. Here you can stay in the Virtuous Dragon Residence for a few days. I already sent a letter to Tian Feng to tell them to send some geniuses. When they arrive, there will be you and sixteen geniuses from Dragon Mountain. You will participate in the Great Competition of Xue Yu together.” Said Ruo Lan Shan slowly. Each empire had to choose thirty-six geniuses in total. Dragon Empire had to choose candidates from their own empire as well as candidates from Xue Yue and Tian Feng to display their strength. Tian Feng and Xue Yue each had ten people chosen, and sixteen had been chosen from the empire. 

Everybody nodded, they weren’t surprised. After all, the geniuses in Dragon Mountain were stronger and more numerous, so them having more candidates was normal. The empire was, after all, an empire, cultivation facilities were much better in the empire and geniuses were more numerous. An empire could only be stronger than a country. 

“The Virtuous Dragon Residence have many cultivation facilities, if you want to practice, you can find a place you like and practice cultivation.”

The Virtuous Dragon Residence was a sort of hotel where foreigners from Xue Yue and Tian Feng could go.

“An empire remains an empire…” Thought Lin Feng. The Dragon Mountain Empire controlled by Xue Yue. When people from Dragon Mountain were in Xue Yue, they stayed in the Imperial Palace of Xue Yue and the prince or the king had to receive and entertain them, they had to be extremely respectful to them as well. 

However, when people from Xue Yue were in Dragon Mountain, it wasn’t that way. Their group were going to stay in some sort of hotel for foreigners, not in the Imperial Palace of Dragon Mountain. 

But their respective powers were imbalanced, one was a country under the jurisdiction of the other. People from Xue Yue were not surprised, unable to be able to stay in the Imperial Palace of Dragon Empire. Everybody just nodded. Besides, cultivators didn’t really care about where they were going to stay, that was just a practical matter, nothing more. Although they care about face, being received as extremely distinguished guests didn’t really matter to them. 

“Alright, you must all be tired from of the journey, go and have a rest. I will not bother you anymore. If you need anything, you can tell the people of the Virtuous Dragon Residence to contact me. I need to tell you something else, you are here, in my empire, the Dragon Mountain Empire! I hope that you will not cause trouble here because I don’t want anything to happen to you, you cannot die before the Great Competition of Xue Yu. You may fight, but no battles to the death!” Said Ruo Lan Shan with sharp lights twinkling in his eyes while glancing at the crowd, especially Yu Jian. During the flight, Yu Jian had thought about attacking Lin Feng. Now, they were in Dragon Mountain, some of them wanted to kill Lin Feng. They were going to live together in the same residence so there were probably going to be tensions, and the situation could explode at any moment. 

Everybody slightly nodded, they understood that if they did something wrong, Ruo Lan Shan would tell them to leave. 

Everybody glanced at each other and then gazed into the distance. They had arrived in the empire, they of course, wanted to go for a walk.

Briefly, a few people went to the residence while others went for a walk in the city.

Lan Jiao looked at Lin Feng as if she were waiting for him to say something.

Lin Feng looked at Lan Jiao, smiled, and shook his head when he saw how she was behaving. “Let’s go and find a room, then you can show me around, alright?” asked Lin Feng.

“Are you giving me an order?” Asked Lan Jiao while crossing her arms before her chest, she was looking at him in a seductive way. 

Lin Feng looked at Lan Jiao, he was puzzled. He then decided to immediately turn around and walked towards the Virtuous Dragon Residence with the winged tiger following him. 

“You….” Said Lan Jiao, she was stupefied. She then started walking as well. That bastard… But she followed him anyway. 

The Virtuous Dragon Residence was also a huge snowy-white building, it was clean and beautiful. It looked like a very nice place. From outside, one could see there were some courtyards inside. The long corridors looked like dragons. There were ponds and a beautiful courtyard. Of course, they had to go through the main gate to see more, from outside they could only see a part of it.

It seemed that every courtyard in the residence was different. 

“Let’s go there.” Said Lin Feng while pointing at a courtyard. He then immediately entered the courtyard. He was only going to stay there for a few days. Besides, Lin Feng thought that that courtyard looked extremely sumptuous. 

Lin Feng left his winged tiger there and then left with Lan Jiao. 

The winged tiger was an ancient ferocious animal, it would draw people’s attention if he took it with him into the city and might attract trouble.

Celestial Dragon was much bigger than the Imperial City of Xue Yue. The streets were wider, people had more beautiful chang paos, they looked extremely elegant. People from Dragon Mountain Empire seemed to particularly like snowy-white clothes. 

“Where do you want to go?” Asked Lan Jiao.

Lin Feng immediately replied, “I don’t know what there is here, so no need to ask me.”

“Alright, I will bring you to a nice place. I will show you where some geniuses go. If you’re lucky, you might meet a gorgeous woman too,” said Lan Jiao while smiling. Surprised, Lin Feng asked, “What place?”

“The best restaurant in the city, the Celestial Palace Restaurant, which belongs to the Tang Clan.” Replied Lan Jiao.

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