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PMG Chapter 53: A Fierce Tiger

Special Thank to Chikezie I & Kevin M for this chapter. This is the second chapter of the day.

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“It’s him. No wonder… no wonder that he would dare attack me. I sent troops, but he killed them all, now I am next.” Na Lan Feng was extremely surprised. She was shaking from fear as she had sent a large number of people to kill him but he had killed them all, leaving no survivors.

When she remembered what had happened at the Whistle Wind Restaurant, Na Lan Feng had a bitter feeling in her heart. What had given her the right to act towards Lin Feng over such petty problems? She was regretting all of her actions to this point. She had created a terrible enemy for herself and her clan.

When the crowd saw the expression that the Lin Clan members had, they were surprised. They were confused and were wondering who the mysterious person under the mask was. Who was that guy who made the Lin Clan members so shocked?

“Impossible, how did you become this strong?” Lin Qian couldn’t believe what she had witnessed, all that strength that he had displayed. An insanely strong and powerful young man, he was a genius. She would have never considered that he could have strength to fight her, she used to think he was a piece of trash. The feeling she had at this moment was unbearable, if he was really trash then what was she?

“There’s no doubt. Your eyes are correct. I am Lin Feng, the one that you all despise so much, also known as the “piece of trash” within the Lin Clan.”

Lin Feng sounded indifferent. His simple answer made the hearts of the Lin Clan members extremely heavy. This young man should have been the glory and pride of the Lin Clan, with him by their side, their future would have been glorious. They should have hailed him as a hero but instead they had ridiculed him and expelled him from the clan. What complete foolishness they all had, they did not deserve such a genius.

The crowd was stirring and growing restless. The Lin Clan had abandoned Lin Feng. The rumors said it was a piece of trash who almost died against Lin Hong. Everybody in the Lin Clan despised him. Could this terrifying young man really have needed help from his father against someone so much weaker than himself? The rumors were beginning to sound more and more untrue.

What had happened on the stage was shocking. Nobody would have thought Qiu Yuan Hao would appear. They had discovered a genius, but that genius was the one known as a piece of trash according to rumors from the Lin Clan.

“No wonder that he was wearing that silver mask!”

Members of the audience slowly started to understand the chain of events that had occurred and why this mysterious young man had no background.

“Lin Qian, people as arrogant as you are very rare. You think that you stand at the top of the world, looking down on others. But it is only possible for you to be that way within the Lin Clan, that’s all. Never say that you are a genius because all you are is a foolish little girl. Lin Ba Dao, you are a weak shell of a man compared to my father, you will never be as strong as him. But you acted in collusion with the Honorable Elder to overtake the power and make my father abdicate. On top of that, you wanted to expel him from the clan. You believe in Lin Qian’s power more than anything, thinking that she will someday be the hope for the clan”

“But now, everybody can see that Lin Qian cannot compete with me. She’s a worthless little girl who can only run her mouth. Don’t you feel stupid? Don’t you think you are laughable? Are you not ashamed of yourselves? Don’t you regret what you did? Of course, I understand that you are not going to admit it even if you do regret what you did. However, today is only the beginning. Today I have only proved how stupid, foolish and shameless you all truly are. Your words, your faces… you are all filthy. Someday I will return with my Father and we will take justice.”

Suddenly, Lin Feng had stopped being silent. Every single sentence he had said had penetrated deeply into the hearts of the Lin Clan members. It moved them and shocked them.

Lin Feng was right. Every member of the Lin Clan had dared despise Lin Hai and wanted Lin Ba Dao to become the head of the Lin Clan. It wasn’t because Lin Ba Dao was strong though because Lin Ba Dao wasn’t even in the same league as Lin Hai. All of this was because of Lin Qian and her talent. They all looked at her as if she was a deity. They had thought that Lin Qian had limitless power. They had thought that she could make the Lin Clan rise up and that they would all benefit in the future.

But they would have never thought that their beloved and cherished Lin Qian could be surpassed by someone else, especially by another genius who had been expelled from the clan. The most bitter thing was that he was the son of the former head of the clan…

That was the beginning, nothing more. Lin Feng would become much stronger. He had huge potential and limitless talent. Would Lin Qian ever be able to catch up to him?

Why had a genius like him been expelled from the Lin Clan? Why had nobody acknowledged him when he defeated Lin Hong? Why had nobody given him the chance to prove them wrong? Why had they continued to think that Lin Qian was their only hope and raised her above him in every possible way?  It wasn’t until this moment that the Lin Clan truly understood the grave mistake that they had made.  They had treated a hero, such a rare genius with nothing but disdain, they had brought the hatred of him and his father down upon themselves. Had any of them truly been thinking of the clan?

Regret? Of course, the Lin Clan members regretted everything. They knew that nothing could ever turn back time before they had made such mistakes. They had made a big mistake by hurting a genius of Yangzhou City. Even an extremely strong cultivator who had come from the Imperial City wasn’t a match for a single strike from Lin Feng.

“You animal, shut the hell up!” shouted Lin Ba Dao furiously because he couldn’t bear hearing Lin Feng’s words anymore.

“Lin Ba Dao, you are a worthless clan member. Using my father’s uncle to overtake his power. Your goal was to create confusion within the Lin Clan. You never cared about our family ties, about the same blood flowing in our veins. From the bottom of your heart, all you ever wanted was kill my father and me. Lin Ba Dao, you are not even worth being called an animal yourself, you are nothing but a worm. I am ashamed to think that we share the same blood. Even if I am not part of the Lin Clan anymore, knowing that we share the same blood will always be a disgrace to me. Even if no one ever finds out we share the same blood, knowing this fact makes me sick.”

Every single word Lin Feng had said was like a sharp knife stabbing Lin Ba Dao’s heart.

Lin Feng was usually a quiet person, he would never spend long times speaking. He wasn’t an expert when it came to the expression of his feelings and emotions… but who could  ever understand him, he had already lived another life?

Lin Ba Dao’s heart was pounding furiously. He could never forgive Lin Feng. He had no regret and could only feel the hatred inside himself.

“Head of the Na Lan Clan. Please don’t blame me for interfering in this match.” said Lin Ba Dao while looking at Na Lan Xiong.

“These are your clan’s internal affairs. I obviously have no right to intervene.” replied Na Lan Xiong in an indifferent tone.

When he saw them, Lin Feng smiled coldly. He had humiliated and injured Na Lan Feng. Na Lan Xiong already hated him bitterly. But Lin Ba Dao was still scared to be beaten by Na Lan Xiong because he had broken the rules of the tournament.

“In my eyes, this annual tournament is a big façade. You only want the Na Lan Clan members to win. You can’t stand losing to anyone else. I don’t want to participate in these kind of stupid events again. It’s clear that if a genius injures a member of your clan, you will later send people to attack them by surprise. The Na Lan Clan is a huge joke. Truly shameless.”

Lin Feng’s black eyes looked ice cold. People were still shocked by Lin Feng’s aura. There was no one that did not have their eyes fixed on Lin Feng after the power he had shown.

“Lin Qian, didn’t you want to kill me? So now, I will take your life.”

Lin Feng said that while laughing evilly. He started walking towards Lin Qian. Lin Ba Dao was shaking in anger. He was in front of Lin Qian obstructing the way.

“DIE!” shouted Lin Feng demonically. He unsheathed his long sword from his back and moved it in Lin Qian’s direction. Thunderous roars spread throughout the atmosphere.

“Do you think you even have a chance?” Lin Ba Dao shouted while looking at Lin Feng who had unsheathed his sword. A strong Qi filled the atmosphere and thunderous roars filled the air.

“Moonlight Feather Agility.”

Lin Feng suddenly vanished but didn’t move towards Lin Ba Dao and Lin Qian, he rather moved to a more distant place.

“Oh NO!.”

Na Lan Xiong turned pale with fright. He stood up. He raised his head and saw Lin Feng above Na Lan Feng’s head as if he was falling from the sky. Lin Feng’s target was Na Lan Feng!!

Na Lan Feng also found out that she was Lin Feng’s target and was filled with shock. She saw his eyes filled with darkness moving closer… she attacked with a Divine Punch, but Lin Feng could use his soft sword with extreme speed. Na Lan Feng’s fist shadow vanished and Lin Feng’s cold sword was pressed against in Na Lan Feng’s throat.

“How dare you!?” shouted Na Lan Xiong short before arriving near Lin Feng.

“One more step and I will kill her” said Lin Feng in an ice cold tone. He looked expressionless. Nobody had any doubt when it came to Lin Feng. If Nan Lan Xiong made one more step, Lin Feng would probably kill Na Lan Feng.

Na Lan Feng was looking at Lin Feng’s darkness filled eyes. She had never been in such a situation. In Lin Feng’s black eyes, she was just a worthless little brat. He had taken her as a hostage very easily as if she truly had no strength. At that moment, Na Lan Feng obviously understood that Lin Feng had taken her as a hostage.

The crowd was looking at Lin Feng while remaining speechless. That remarkable young man who seemed to be blessed by the god was also extremely reckless and ambitious.

Everybody thought he was insane and he surprisingly dared humiliate every clan again and again. The crowd could only stand there in silence as they watched these events.

Maybe when they had seen Lin Feng appear for the first time when he had joined the tournament, they already had the feeling that things were not going to go as planned. Even  the events with Qiu Yuan Hao were unexpected, Lin Feng however had been insulting all of the powerful clans from the moment he first appeared. He had been offending everyone because of something that happened before the tournament. Na Lan Feng had made a mistake before and it seemed like Lin Feng had already planned to use her to escape.

This was a ruthless and insane young man. Only somebody as strong as Lin Feng could be so reckless with his actions. Only someone as insane as Lin Feng could have planned this from the start.

His words were mysterious and his actions were insane. He had drawn the attention of the entire crowd.

When Lin Ba Dao wanted to take his revenge, Lin Feng had pleasantly surprised the entire crowd with his words, including Na Lan Xiong.

Lin Ba Dao and Na Lan Xiong were helpless in front of Lin Feng, who was holding Na Lan Feng as a hostage. They looked like monkeys who were dancing to his tune.

Lin Feng was like a fierce tiger, he had completely captured his prey!

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