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PMG Chapter 530: The Alcohol of the Best Restaurant

PMG Chapter 530: The Alcohol of the Best Restaurant

“Tang Clan? Celestial Palace?” Lin Feng was curious. It was a restaurant and it was surprisingly called the Celestial Palace Restaurant, what a powerful and aggressive name!

“When you see it, you will understand why it is called Celestial Palace.” Said Lan Jiao while smiling. She then led the way, walking on a big road. They walked for about half an hour before they arrived in front of a gigantic white fortress.

That white fortress had nine floors, it was shaped like a pyramid where each floor was more narrow than the one under. Of course the ground floor was incredible! It supported such a huge building. 

“It’s really a palace…” Whispered Lin Feng. That domineering palace couldn’t have been called a restaurant, or else it would have been an euphemism. 

“The Tang Clan is the most powerful family in the Dragon Mountain Empire, it is also one of the oldest clans. This palace is one of their emblems, that’s why it looks so incredible. I can tell you that those who enter the palace are extremely strong, you have to be of the fifth Ling Qi layer or higher to enter. On top of that, you cannot be older than thirty years old, unless you’re a member of the Tang Clan.” Said Lan Jiao while smiling which surprised Lin Feng. The Tang Clan was the most powerful and influential clan of the Dragon Mountain Empire, they were much stronger than the Yue Clan or the Yu Clan in Xue Yue. They had founded that palace and only people who were above the fifth Ling Qi layer could enter.

“Besides, the alcohol in this restaurant is extremely expensive.” Said Lan Jiao while smiling even more. Lin Feng really wanted to see what kind of alcohol they had in the restaurant. Why was it so expensive? Was it special?

“Let’s go inside.” Said Lin Feng in a low voice and then immediately walked towards the restaurant.

When Lan Jiao saw Lin Feng walk towards the restaurant, she smiled in a sly way and followed him. 

The ground floor was gigantic, and there were many people, they all looked extremely young but the atmosphere was extremely calm. People were just whispering in order not to disturb others, besides they were mainly focusing on their drinks and enjoying the taste.

Lin Feng glanced at them, as expected, none of them were weak. 

“Don’t look at them, they think they’re great. They put on some nice clothes and come here, but they actually only mingle with the cognoscenti, they’re worthless.” Said Lan Jiao while smiling. She was talking in a very untactful way and everybody started staring at them, they looked extremely upset.

Lin Feng glanced at Lan Jiao, was she trying to cause trouble?

“What a rude girl!” Said someone when he heard her. Some people even stood up, they looked furious. 

“You see? They’re tiny little people and are easily provoked.” Said Lan Jiao while giggling. Lin Feng shook his head when he saw those people come towards them. He started releasing some Qi and force, in a flash, those people stopped walking. 

Immediately after, they went back to their seats. Even though they were furious they just lowered their heads and started drinking again. 

Strength was the most important thing.

“Let’s go, we’re heading to the fifth floor.” Said Lan Jiao while holding Lin Feng’s arm, and then arm in arm, they started walking towards the flight of stairs. The people were astonished when they heard her, fifth floor… That floor is reserved for those of Xuan Qi layer at least. 

They were stunned, Lan Jiao and Lin Feng were so young but had already broken through to the Xuan Qi layer, that was incredible. No wonder that Lan Jiao hadn’t been scared of them. 

Lin Feng followed Lan Jiao. As they went up the building the Qi was getting stronger and stronger. Like Lan Jiao had said, the higher the floor, the stronger the cultivators.

On the fifth floor, there were only people of the Xuan Qi layer.

On the sixth floor, cultivators had to be at least of the second Xuan Qi layer. 

On the seventh floor, they were at least of the third Xuan Qi layer.

On the top floor, cultivators had to be at least of the fourth Xuan Qi layer. 

People under the age of thirty who had broken through to the Xuan Qi layer were already extremely rare, therefore, people who came to the Celestial Palace Restaurant were all under the thirty were actually, for the great majority, about twenty. People who were about twenty and who could go to the top floor could also be considered as the most outstanding cultivators of Celestial Dragon. 

When they arrived on the fifth floor, they noticed that there were very few people. In the vast hall, only eight tables were occupied. Nobody was talking, they were all very calm. 

“Lin Feng, let’s drink something here, ok?” Said Lan Jiao while smiling. Lin Feng nodded, he hadn’t tasted the alcohol on the ground floor so he had to try the alcohol on the fifth one! 

They both moved to a table and sat down. There was a carving on the table, it was a dragon. In the middle there was a cleft that Lin Feng didn’t know what it was for.

“Lin Feng, put a purity stone of a higher quality in here.” Said Lan Jiao while pointing at the cleft. Lin Feng was stunned, a purity stone of higher quality?! 

Even though he felt reluctant, he still took one out and put it in the cleft.

“Crrr… Crrrr…” A light sound spread in the air and the purity stone disappeared inside. Lin Feng was stupefied, that was like a vending machine. 

Very quickly, another sound spread in the air and in front of Lin Feng appeared a small bottle. 

“Huh?” Lin Feng was astonished. That table was really incredible, you could get drinks by putting purity stones inside.

“The alcohol of the fifth floor is like that, for one purity stone of higher quality you can buy a small bottle. Have a try!” Said Lan Jiao while pouring some alcohol in a small glass before giving it to Lin Feng. Then, she also grabbed a glass for herself. The glasses were made of jade.

Lin Feng was extremely curious, that alcohol was so expensive, but what did it taste like?

Lin Feng raised the glass to his nose and smelt it, there wasn’t any smell, so he just drained the glass in one gulp. 

“Eeee….” Lin Feng sensed the alcohol going down his digestive system. His stomach started burning. 


Lan Jiao smiled at Lin Feng and said: “It’s the first time I see someone down a glass of Hot Unit liquor, you silly boy.” 

Lin Feng’s face turned red, he felt like he was burning. He looked at Lan Jiao and saw that she was only sipping it. Lin Feng was a bit upset.

“That liquor is so strong!” Exclaimed Lin Feng. He had the feeling his blood and internal organs were turning upside down, as if his blood was burning. The pure Qi in his body seemed like it was burning. It contained some scorching hot Qi which was burning his blood vessels.

Everybody was looking at Lin Feng in a strange way, that liquor was strong?

“Where is that moron from?” Said some in a despising way while looking at Lin Feng’s red face. That person really despised Lin Feng at that moment. 

“Yeah, he’s absolutely a moron. He wants to kill himself!” Said another one while laughing which stupefied Lin Feng. He then coldly glanced at them.

Lan Jiao was laughing though, she found Lin Feng’s facial expression extremely funny. 

“That Hot Unit liquor can burn people’s pure Qi and make it flow faster. It makes your veins and bloodstream stronger. It’s extremely good for cultivators, but you must drink it slowly, it’s even more effective than practicing cultivation. The problem is you downed it, luckily your cultivation level is high, otherwise you would have burnt your veins and internal organs.” Explained Lan Jiao while laughing. Lin Feng was surprised but remained silent. What a strange liquor. Surprisingly, it could help improve one’s cultivation level, no wonder it cost one purity stone of higher quality.

It seemed like the Celestial Palace Restaurant really deserved its reputation and name. 

Lin Feng’s pure Qi and strength of the Heruka kept flowing together making the heat flow. It was slowly rotating in his body. Lin Feng was gradually starting to feel better. 

It actually felt very pleasant. At that moment, he could sense how good that liquor was. 

Lan Jiao could see that Lin Feng was feeling good and said: “It’s only the fifth floor, on the other floors, liquors are even better.”

“Better liquors?” Lin Feng looked impatient to try them. He really wanted to try them and see what they were like.

“But some people just humiliated you, they called you a moron, they said you wanted to die.” Said Lan Jiao while laughing. She was voluntarily trying to make Lin Feng angry.

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