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PMG Chapter 533: Soul Spring Liquor

PMG Chapter 533: Soul Spring Liquor

Being able to participate at the Great Competition of Xue Yu already proved that Lin Feng was an outstanding cultivator in Xue Yue, he definitely stood out.

Of course, the most outstanding cultivators of Xue Yue weren’t respected in Dragon Mountain. 

In Celestial Dragon, there were many outstanding disciples, especially those selected to participate to the Great Competition of Xue Yu. They thought that the outstanding cultivators of the countries under the jurisdiction of the empire were worthless. They were extremely proud and refused to accept that some people who came from Xue Yue could be as strong as them. 

“A small country like Xue Yue is participating in the Great Competition and they only chose tiny little cultivators of the third Xuan Qi layer…. is Xue Yue that desperate?” Said a young person in white clothes while looking at Lin Feng. That cultivator didn’t even glance at Lin Feng. He despised him. 

When the others heard that person, they remained silent and looked at Lin Feng. He had broken through to the third Xuan Qi layer, even if he could fight against cultivators of the fourth Xuan Qi layer, he really shouldn’t be able to participate to the Great Competition of Xue Yu. Cultivators of the third Xuan Qi layer were, during the Great Competition, the weakest ones.

Lin Feng’s facial expression was ice-cold… But that mockery also made him think. Indeed, the third Xuan Qi layer was too low. Even amongst the others from Xue Yue who had been chosen to participate were of the fourth Xuan Qi layer. Besides, they had particular fighting abilities, they had no problem defeating normal cultivators of the fourth Xuan Qi layer.

In order to really feel at ease during the Great Competition of Xue Yu, one had to be at least of the fifth Xuan Qi layer.

“I don’t know if Xue Yue is full of incapable cultivators but considering what you just said, I assume you will also participate to the Great Competition of Xue Yu?”

Lin Feng remained silent but Lan Jiao spoke for him. She was looking at the one who had just humiliated Lin Feng and her voice was ice-cold. She sounded like she was making fun of him. 

“My country, the Dragon Mountain Empire, is different from Xue Yue which is a tiny country dominated by us. I have broken through to the fourth Xuan Qi layer but I could never be selected to participate in the Great Competition of Xue Yu. In Dragon Mountain, we are not like Xue Yue, we have many other stronger cultivators.” Said that young person with assurance and composure, pouring out words in a steady flow. 

“Bullshit. You are just too weak to participate to the Great Competition of Xue Yu, that’s all. You’re just trying to find high-sounding excuses, nothing more. I admire you, being able to talk such bullshit is amazing.” said Lan Jiao mockingly. The crowd was stupefied. 

“You are so weak that you were not even chosen to participate to the Great Competition of Xue Yu and you dare make fun of someone who has, how shameless.” Continued Lan Jiao. That person was absolutely astonished.

“Little sister Tang You You, we came to the eighth floor, shouldn’t you prepare something for us?” Said Lan Jiao ignoring the other one while looking at Tang You You. 

“Of course.” Said Tang You You. She stretched her arm and showed Lin Feng and Lan Jiao two seats, “Please, sit down.” 

Lan Jiao was rude, she pulled Lin Feng’s arm and made him sit down. There were ten people at the table, they all had sharp lights in their eyes while looking at Lin Feng. 

“Lin Feng, Tang You You actually rarely comes here. It is your first time and surprisingly, she’s here too. We are lucky to meet such a great person from Dragon Mountain.” Said Lan Jiao at that moment while smiling.

Tang You You giggled and said, “What are you talking about? I am the one who’s honored to see a genius from Xue Yue. Besides, you will taste the liquor made by my clan, the Tang Clan, please have a drink, it is my treat.”

While talking, Tang You You touched the table and in a flash, some alcohol appeared in front of Lin Feng appearing out of the cleft again. It smelt strange, somewhat sweet. Lin Feng had never smelt such a thing. 

“What a strange thing.” Thought Lin Feng stupefied. That was the eighth floor, how had it appeared so fast?

Lin Feng and Lan Jiao were two people but there was only one drink as if Lan Jiao had been ignored. After all, Lan Jiao was just accompanying Lin Feng, she hadn’t come relying on her own strength. 

“Lin Feng, the Tang Clan are the best alchemists in Dragon Mountain, nobody can surpass them. They have always been the best. Besides, their liquor contains Ling level pills, they can make nine different sorts of liquors with different effects but they are all extremely beneficial to people. Since this is the first time you have come to the eighth floor, you can drink it free of charge. Next time you must pay, and the price is terrifying. But besides here you can’t get it anywhere else.” Explained Lan Jiao to Lin Feng. Then she continued, “Lin Feng, it is your first time here so you get to try it, and on top of that, you are sitting with Tang You You, you are extremely lucky!” 

“You understand a lot about my Tang Clan and the Celestial Palace. We indeed have nine sorts of liquor, the one Lin Feng has in front of him right now is a Soul Spring liquor, it doesn’t make you stronger but it completely cleans and purifies your soul. It enables a cultivator to penetrate into a mysterious dimension of cultivation.” Explained Tang You You. That liquor could clean the soul. 

Everybody looked excited around the table, they were all staring at Lin Feng’s glass.Cleaning the soul and enabling people to penetrating into a mysterious cultivation dimension…? That was exciting! 

Lin Feng grabbed his glass and looked and smelt it, but suddenly a monstrous amount of Qi immediately moved towards him.

Very quickly, Lin Feng had the feeling that his soul had frozen. The ice-cold Qi of several people was attacking him. 

“Put it down!”


Two sounds spread in the air. Someone hit the table with their hand and a terrible pure Qi flowed on it towards Lin Feng. It was extremely quick, everything happened in a flash. 

“Hmph!” Lin Feng groaned coldly and hit the table as well. In a flash, the glass rose up in the air. 

“Come here!” A terrifying pure Qi with an attraction force turned into a thread which moved towards the glass in the air. That person wanted to steal the glass.

Tang You You was just calmly looking at the scene, she didn’t try to stop anyone. She looked natural and unrestrained, she wanted to see how Lin Feng was going to react. 

People from Xue Yue who could leave their country and join the Great Competition of Xue Yu were usually bullied, that was normal. Lin Feng had come to the Celestial Palace but anywhere else, he would have been bullied in the same way. 

However, after his journey in the Dragon Empire, would people still bully him? 

“Kaboom!” Lin Feng hit the table and a pure Qi immediately collided with the other one. A dazzling light flashed.

At the same time, Lin Feng stretched his arm and grabbed the glass.

The thread of pure Qi then came to encircle his hand and tried to make it move away, that person was still trying to steal the drink.

“It seems like the glass which little sister Tang You You offered me can trigger a fight. Since it’s that way, I will not restrain myself!” Declared Lin Feng in an ice-cold way. Then, the sound of breaking glass spread in the air, the glass in Lin Feng’s hand was broken and a cyan liquid spilled out of it. At the same time, Lin Feng’s hand shook and the pure Qi around his hand broke apart as well. 
“If you want to fight, let’s do it without being cowards.” Shouted Lin Feng in an ice-cold way. Then he immediately landed in front of the one who had released the pure Qi and released an extremely brutal energy.

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