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PMG Chapter 534: The Bet!

PMG Chapter 534: The Bet!

“Huh?” When the crowd saw Lin Feng’s move they were stupefied, how aggressive, how violent! Surprisingly, a person from Xue Yue dared to cause trouble in the Celestial Palace!

“Do you think I’m scared of you?” asked the one who had attacked Lin Feng while groaning coldly and standing up. He also released some Qi and force towards Lin Feng.

“You just broke through to the fourth Xuan Qi layer and yet you are already so proud just because you can come into this room? Are you trying to make yourself feel better because you have an inferiority complex?” provoked Lin Feng while moving his hands. A gigantic amount of energy moved towards the other one bombarding the atmosphere. Lin Feng then jumped up into the air and threw himself at his opponent. Lin Feng was flying through the room horizontally. In his fist, a terrifying black substance was flowing that emitted whistling sounds and caused a strong wind. 

Lin Feng’s fist was extremely oppressive, the young man’s facial expression changed drastically. Lin Feng’s fist seemed like it contained an oppressive physical strength. He had never seen that before, and without realizing it, his body locked-up. 

He looked glum at that moment. He took a step backwards and released all his pure Qi which started revolving around him. It then moved towards his hand and began to condense. Suddenly it shot towards Lin Feng.

“ARRRGGHHH!” He roared like a beast and released all of his pure Qi which bombarded the atmosphere towards Lin Feng. However, Lin Feng’s fist was destroying all that pure Qi, Lin Feng’s fist was unstoppable.

“Get lost!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. Immediately after his fist bombarded the young man’s fist, a terrifying physical strength, as heavy and oppressive as a mountain, spread through his opponent’s arm.

That young man had used all sorts of energies with his pure Qi, but Lin Feng’s Heruka strength was too powerful. To bombard his opponent’s energies and even break the bones of their arm one fist sufficed. At the same time his body flew away and crashed loudly on the other side of the room. 

The crowd was astonished, they didn’t understand. They were really surprised!

Lin Feng had only broken through to the third Xuan Qi layer. He had been able to defeat the guard of the eighth floor with only his fist. And once again, using a simple fist, he could defeat a cultivator of the fourth Xuan Qi layer, to the extent that he had made him fly away. Moreover, Lin Feng was still at his initial position and remained motionless like a mountain. 

“Piece of trash,” said Lin Feng in an ice-cold way which made the opponent pull a long face. He was gnashing his teeth so hard that blood started dripping out of his mouth.

“You said something as well, right?” asked Lin Feng while looking at the young man in white clothes, which was the one who had humiliated him before that. His family name was Yang. 

It seemed like he could sense Lin Feng’s ice-cold Qi, he looked tense and nervous. No words came out of his mouth at that moment. He had the same strength as the one who had just been crushed by Lin Feng, fourth Xuan Qi layer. If the other one hadn’t been able to compete with Lin Feng, then the one whose named Yang couldn’t fight against Lin Feng either. He would end up being humiliated the same way. 

His eyes kept flashing, he hadn’t expected Lin Feng to be that frivolous and aggressive, as well as extremely strong.

“What a coward. As expected, only your filthy mouth works properly, but when you are confronted with someone who really wants to fight, you’re scared to death. If all the geniuses of Dragon Mountain are like that, then I am extremely disappointed.” said Lin Feng while pulling his sleeves up and going back to his seat.

Even though he hadn’t attacked, he had humiliated him enough. The one whose family name was Yang had the impression that he had just been slapped on the face, his cheeks were burning intensely. 

He had humiliated Lin Feng and Xue Yue, at that moment, Lin Feng was humiliating him and Dragon Mountain respectively. He had humiliated him and the other one couldn’t refute his words because he was really weaker than Lin Feng. 

“Your Excellency, even though you are not weak, it is because you rely on a particular skill to defeat cultivators of the fourth Xuan Qi layer. You think that because you’re good at battling it allows you to be arrogant? We are Dragon Mountain, it is not comparable with Xue Yue. We have a myriad of geniuses, those who can defeat you are numerous here. The only problem here is that they are unwilling to bully the weak.” explained someone else in a sharp voice. He was a young man wearing a black chang pao. At that moment he wasn’t even looking at Lin Feng, he was looking at his glass and sipping it. After a moment, he raised his head and glanced at Lin Feng in a proud and arrogant way. 

Lin Feng turned around and looked at him, Lin Feng’s eyes looked as sharp as swords.

That person was still sipping his alcohol and glanced at Lin Feng every now and then. He looked enigmatic. 

But Lin Feng kept staring at him and frowned. That person also looked at Lin Feng in an enigmatic way. 

“What do you mean? That you can easily defeat me? When you state you are not willing to bully the weak, are you calling me weak?” said Lin Feng which made that person narrow his eyes in which cold lights were twinkling. 

“One can determine what people mean by considering their behavior.” answered the young man coldly. It seemed like he was confirming Lin Feng’s guess. He could easily defeat Lin Feng but didn’t because he was too weak. 

“Okay, that is what I thought you meant.” said Lin Feng in a cold and detached way.

His interlocutor seemed like he thought it was funny, but he then added in an ice-cold way, “You don’t know how to differentiate what’s good from bad. Those who can come to the eighth floor of the Celestial Palace are at least of the fourth Xuan Qi layer but there are also many cultivators of the fifth Xuan Qi layer here, I am one of them. Do you think that by relying on a funny skill, you can despise everybody else? I will show you how stupid that is and how reckless you are acting.” 

“Fifth Xuan Qi layer? WOW! You’re so amazing!” said Lan Jiao and then continued: “You’re saying he’s arrogant and acting recklessly? Do you want to bet?”

That person turned his head and said to Lan Jiao: “What do you want to bet?” 

“You fight against him, if you win, I will teach you my Evil Illusions technique, if you lose, you must buy us two sets of each of the different sorts of alcohol the Celestial Palace has.” said Lan Jiao while smiling.

That person was stupefied and said: “You can only have one bottle of those liquors… Besides, you cannot take them away. You are a member of the Cosmic Pavilion so I believe you already know about that. Besides, I don’t care about your Evil Illusions technique.” 

“I will bet.” said Tang You You in a soft voice at that moment while looking at Lan Jiao. She then added: “Considering your request, you should ask me to bet. But it’s perfect because I wish to have that Evil Illusions technique from the Cosmic Pavilion. I will bet two sets of the nine bottles of liquor with you.”

“Agreed! You definitely deserve to be from the Tang Clan, you’re resolute and determined!” said Lan Jiao while smiling. Then, Lan Jiao added, “Lin Feng is perfectly able to drink those nine bottles in a row. It’s not impossible for him and the results won’t be catastrophic as you may think. You will see.”

Wen Lin Feng saw Lan Jiao’s smile, he had the impression that she was selling him. That girl had brought him to the Celestial Palace with ulterior motives.

Of course, if Lin Feng could obtain a set of the nine bottles of liquor, he would also be very happy! 

“You two that are fighting, don’t you want to go to another place first?” asked Tang You You while looking at the two fighters.

“No need.”

“No need.”

Both of them talked at the same time. 

They were staring at each other in an ice-cold way and releasing some ice-cold energy. 

“Let’s fight.” Lin Feng’s silhouette flickered and his fist immediately bombarded the table, in a flash, it broke apart so that there was nothing left between them, nothing obstructing the way. 

Lin Feng threw himself at his opponent like an arrow whistling through the air. 

The young man in the black clothes groaned coldly. He was a cultivator of the fifth Xuan Qi layer, his cultivation level was higher than that of Lin Feng by two layers. He wasn’t scared of Lin Feng. 

“Thousand Evil Fists!” shouted the young man in black clothes furiously. He then trampled on the floor violently which made it shake, his two fists then started shooting a myriad of evil fists which bombarded the atmosphere towards Lin Feng. It was terrifying. 

“Annihilate!” shouted Lin Feng in an ice-cold way. The Heruka’s strength made four thousand rotations and destroyed all those fists which immediately disappeared without trace.

In the air, there was only a terrifying light which was moving towards the young man in black clothes.
“Boom boom boom!” A loud sound resonated in people’s heads. Lin Feng was going through the young man’s attack like a hot knife cutting through butter, when his fist bombarded the opponent’s body the same thing happened again! The young man in black clothes flew away and crashed against the wall, blood splashed and his face turned deathly pale.

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