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PMG Chapter 535: Dragon Mountain’s Rankings

PMG Chapter 535: Dragon Mountain’s Rankings

“Buzzz…..” A terrifying buzzing sound kept spreading in the atmosphere, the young man in black clothes had crashed against the wall after Lin Feng had punched him violently. His attack’s energy had been destroyed. He looked panic-stricken at that moment. 

“You can defeat me easily? You don’t like bullying the weak? You humiliate me?” said Lin Feng in an ice-cold way while looking at that young man who looked panic-stricken.

One fist, it had been only one simple fist but it had sufficed, a cultivator of the fifth Xuan Qi layer had been unable to withstand a single attack from Lin Feng. 

That punch hadn’t only defeated him, it had also crushed his self-confidence. He had never thought that a cultivator of the third Xuan Qi layer could have despised him and easily defeated him. He realized that his life had just been in Lin Feng’s hands.

The young man in the black chang pao wasn’t the only one to think that way, the others were all stupefied by Lin Feng’s punch. The young man in black chang pao had used his Thousand Evil Fists attack extremely quickly but it had been unable to block Lin Feng’s punch. Lin Feng had crushed him in a flash, as if he had crushed dry weeds and smashed rotten wood. Lin Feng had kept the situation under control from the beginning to the end. 

Tang You You’s eyes were twinkling. She had seen many geniuses in her life but Lin Feng, with his strength of the third Xuan Qi layer, had fought two battles and had each time crushed his opponents with a simple punch, he had even defeated that cultivator of the fifth Xuan Qi layer with a single punch, she had never seen that. 

Lin Feng had easily won, his punch had been explosive.

“What kind of physical strength is he using…?” thought Tang You You. That black stream in his veins had invaded his fist, it looked like a physical strength from ancient ages. It could put everything under pressure. Lin Feng had probably learnt some mysterious skill. 

“If he’s been chosen to participate in the Great Competition of Xue Yu, there must be a good reason, he is indubitably extraordinary…” thought Tang You You again, considering the fact that usually, people who were chosen to participate in the Great Competition, particularly if they come from countries under the jurisdiction of Dragon Mountain, had to have broken through to the fourth Xuan Qi layer. 

“Do I need to battle again?” asked Lin Feng while looking at Tang You You. At that moment, he was already in front of the young man in the black chang pao and ready to punch him again. If Tang You You told him to keep fighting, he would destroy that young man. 

“No need,” said Tang You You while shaking her head. Her eyes twinkled, she stretched her arm and many bottles of liquor appeared. There were eighteen in total. 

“You won,” admitted Tang You You while stretching her arm and handing the bottles over to Lan Jiao. Lan Jiao took the bottles and put them away while smiling. 

“Lin Feng is incredible, he’s invincible,” said Lan Jiao while giggling. Lin Feng lowered his hand and moved away from the young man in the black chang pao. He then walked back to Lan Jiao looking cold and detached.

“Let’s go,” said Lan Jiao while grabbing Lin Feng’s arm. They then jumped out of the window and flew away. After having taken the eighteen bottles of alcohol, they had immediately left.

Tang You You looked out of the window at Lin Feng and Lan Jiao. Lin Feng’s natural abilities weren’t bad but his cultivation level was too low. If he managed to break through to the fifth or sixth Xuan Qi layer, he would definitely appear as a dazzling cultivator at the competition, he would stand out. Lin Feng’s cultivation level didn’t suffice but he was very young, for people his age, he was already very strong, especially since he came from a small country. 

After leaving the palace, Lin Feng and Lan Jiao landed on the ground, Lan Jiao had a grin on her face. She then took out some bottles and said to Lin Feng, “Here are your bottles. You can have all of them at once, maybe then your cultivation level will improve. The other nine are mine, you have no objections I suppose?” 

“Even if I did, would you give them to me?” said Lin Feng. 

Lan Jiao smiled and said, “You’re very smart, I wouldn’t. I had to exert quite a lot of effort, I even introduced you to a beautiful girl and you had the opportunity to drink some amazing liquor thanks to me, I deserve a little reward.”

“Lin Feng, tell me the truth, how do you find Tang You You?” said Lan Jiao with a smile yet not a smile on her face. In Celestial Dragon City, Tang You You and Qing Meng Xin were courted by many men. They were actually girls of many men’s dreams.

“Very beautiful,” said Lin Feng. 

“Only beautiful? You didn’t feel anything for her?” joked Lan Jiao. 

“No particular feeling,” replied Lin Feng while shrugging his shoulders. Lan Jiao turned around and said indifferently, “You have two beautiful girlfriends, they both look like celestial beings, not being attracted by other women is normal, but if Tang You You didn’t make your heart beat faster, Qing Meng Xin will! Do you want to go and see her now? We can go if you wish.” 

“I wouldn’t dare meet women who practice the Evil Illusions technique,” said Lin Feng indifferently. Back then, when Lan Jiao only had the strength of the Ling Qi layer, she had managed to make Lin Feng go crazy with her Evil Illusions technique, she had almost taken control over his spirit, and Qing Meng Xin was much stronger than her, she would definitely be able to make Lin Feng go insane. 

“You’re smart. If you met Qing Meng Xin, you would prostrate yourself in front of her and try to see under her skirt. Tang You You is cold and elegant, Qing Meng Xin is not like that, she’s like a blazing fire and she would turn you on so bad that you would go crazy,” said Lan Jiao while giggling. Now, Lin Feng was actually very curious and wished he could see her. 

“Tang You You and Qing Meng Xin are very famous but it isn’t only because they’re beautiful, right?” said Lin Feng indifferently. There were many beautiful women but it didn’t suffice to be famous, after all, cultivation was the most important thing in this world.

“Of course! Don’t think that Tang You You is only beautiful, if you fought against her, you would definitely lose, you don’t need to have doubts about that,” said Lan Jiao sounding very sure of herself which made Lin Feng knit his brows.

When Lan Jiao saw Lin Feng’s expression, she said, “Of course, you don’t need to feel discouraged, in Dragon Mountain, cultivating is much easier, there are many extremely powerful teachers, and some of them are way stronger than those in Xue Yue! That’s indubitable. Besides, Tang You You is from the Tang Clan… They support her. And on top of that, they have their special liquors which are incredibly beneficial for cultivation, how could she not be extremely strong?” 

“Are you trying to cheer me up?” said Lin Feng while smiling in a resplendent way. Lin Feng had actually knitted his brows not because he had doubts about his own cultivation, but because Lan Jiao seemed so certain that Lin Feng couldn’t rival her, and to top it all of, it didn’t seem like she was the only one, it seemed like there were many more strong cultivators in Dragon Mountain. 

With the geniuses of such an empire, plus the extremely strong cultivators of the three other empires, as well as the strong cultivators of all the other countries under the jurisdiction of all the empires, if Lin Feng joined the Great Competition of Xue Yu at this moment, he would most likely not finish amongst the best ones.

“It seems like I need to hurry and increase my cultivation level,” thought Lin Feng feeling even more determined than ever.

“Why would I try to cheer you up? I just don’t want you to collapse after a single setback,” said Lan Jiao. 

“What is Tang You You and Qing Meng Xin’s ranking in the Dragon Mountain?” asked Lin Feng. 

“Top three,” said Lan Jiao immediately and then added, “The four most outstanding young disciples of the Dragon Mountain are Jian Chen, he’s the fourth one, then the second and third ones are Tang You You and Qing Meng Xin, however, nobody knows which one of them is the second or the third, they have already fought in the past but their strength is very similar making their battle end in a draw. Then, the first one is terrifying, he belongs to the Imperial Family of the Dragon Empire and his name is Jun Mo Xi!” 

“Jun Mo Xi… Tang You You, Qing Meng Xin and Jian Chen… They are the four most outstanding disciples of the Dragon Mountain Empire…” thought Lin Feng trying to remember their names. Maybe Lin Feng would meet them and even face them at the Great Competition of Xue Yu. 

“Of course, there are many other outstanding disciples in Dragon Mountain, who know incredible skills, you cannot look down on them. For example, there is one with a dark left hand called Cui Wu Ming.” 

“Thanks for telling me those things,” said Lin Feng while smiling at Lan Jiao in a warm and friendly way. Lan Jiao’s eyes twinkled, however it lasted less than a second, she then immediately groaned coldly and said, “No need to thank me! You and I are just acquaintances, so I don’t want you to die so young. The Great Competition of Xue Yu won’t be as easy as you think! It is possible that you and the other so-called geniuses from Xue Yue and Tian Feng will be crushed and even die there! You might all just be like cannon fodder at the competition. Don’t think that you will easily amaze someone.” 

“I perfectly know how things stand and have a definite idea of how things might be there,” said Lin Feng while smiling. At the Great Competition of Xue Yu, there would be many geniuses who are extremely strong cultivators. Amongst the people who had come from Xue Yue and Tian Feng, most likely only one or two would become famous, while others might end up like Lan Jiao’s prediction, dead and considered trash of the Great Competition of Xue Yu.

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