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PMG Chapter 537: Marketplace

PMG Chapter 537: Marketplace 

“Those liquors are awesome, aren’t they?” asked Lan Jiao while smiling at Lin Feng. She was also very happy for him. Lin Feng had broken through to the next Xuan Qi layer and she had played a role in that process.

“Using them together at the same time is incredible,” said Lin Feng while nodding. If he hadn’t had those liquors, he probably would have needed more time to break through to the fourth Xuan Qi layer, and it would’ve taken him a while. 

“I still have nine bottles but unfortunately you cannot drink them immediately, the effect wouldn’t be good enough, otherwise I would have already given you all of them,” said Lan Jiao while smiling. Those liquors were fermented pills and each time a cultivator used pills, he couldn’t use them consecutively in a short amount of time, otherwise, the effects would be much weaker, and that would be a reckless waste. 

Right now, if Lan Jiao gave them to Lin Feng, he wouldn’t be able to benefit from them. 

“No need to give them to me, you also need to break through to the next cultivation layer, keep them for you. If you want to use them, I can stay here and protect you while you practice,” said Lin Feng while shaking his head. He wasn’t a greedy person, having been able to drink nine of those liquors was already wonderful, he was delighted, he had even broken through to the next cultivation layer. He didn’t need more. 

“No that’s fine. I will keep them for now and use them when the right time comes,” said Lan Jiao while shaking her head. “Oh, by the way, you said you wanted me to bring you somewhere, where should we go? I can show you around now.”

“Ok, bring me to a marketplace,” replied Lin Feng.

“My clan, the Cosmic Pavilion, owns the biggest marketplace in Celestial Dragon, let’s go there,” said Lan Jiao while nodding. 

Both of them then left the residence and walked towards the marketplace.

The Cosmic Marketplace was the biggest marketplace in Celestial Dragon, there was a myriad of things to buy or exchange, for that there were not only stalls but also auctions.

When Lin Feng arrived, he found out that the place was exactly like he had imagined. It was a huge district, lively and bustling, people’s voices were boiling in the atmosphere, everyone was looking for transaction opportunities. 

The entire street was filled with people and various things were on the ground, there were also glittering jewels to delight the pedestrians’ eyes. Anyone could display their goods and wait for other people to propose some deals.

“Where can I find some real treasures and products of higher quality?” asked Lin Feng while looking at all the things on the ground. 

“You must rely on luck. If you see something you like, you can simply walk closer to inspect more meticulously, those things are not necessarily rotten or of lower quality… You may see some real treasures too, maybe you will find something you need,” said Lan Jiao. Lin Feng nodded. Indeed, in such places, finding what one really needed really required luck.

“Of course, if you like, you can also go to the auction house, if you find any treasures you like you can bid,” said Lan Jiao. Lin Feng knew how auctions worked but he disliked them, if you found something you really liked, other people could also bid and the price would become exorbitant. Of course, if somebody needed something, paying a high price didn’t matter.

“Let’s go have a walk and see,” said Lin Feng while starting to walk on the street and looking around, but at that moment, a silhouette appeared in front of Lin Feng. 

Lin Feng glanced at her and saw a middle-aged woman, she also glanced at him and then looked at Lan Jiao who was behind him. 

“Are you done having fun and wasting time??” asked that woman coldly. Lan Jiao suddenly looked extremely tense and nervously walked forwards. She then shouted, “TEACHER!” 

“Teacher?” Lin Feng was stupefied. That woman was actually Lan Jiao’s teacher. 

“Come with me,” said the middle-aged woman, after which she turned around and started leaving. 

Lan Jiao remained motionless, the middle-aged woman stopped, turned her head and said, “Are you not going to obey?”

“Teacher, I wouldn’t dare,” said Lan Jiao while lowering her head, she then looked at Lin Feng and said, “I will find you later.” 

Then, Lan Jiao left and followed the woman. In a flash, they disappeared from Lin Feng’s field of view.

Lin Feng looked at them leave and felt upset. He was in Celestial Dragon and didn’t really know the place. He had counted on Lan Jiao to show him around. He hadn’t thought that she would leave him alone so unexpectedly, unfortunately her teacher had shown up and she had no choice but to leave. Now, Lin Feng had to rely on himself to find what he needed.

Lin Feng started walking in the middle of the market. He was walking slowly and paying close attention to all the things displayed, only stopping whenever something caught his attention 

Actually, Lin Feng had two goals for coming to the marketplace. The first one, was to find precious treasures which would help him improve his cultivation level.

The second goal, was to find the recipe of a pill, the Divine Water pill. 

The divine water pill recipe was extremely precious, Lin Feng hadn’t had the opportunity to find it in Xue Yue, he had found out in his inherited memories that he needed some nine sun grass to make it and he already had the required ingredient, but now, he had come to Dragon Mountain and hoped to find the recipe to make it. Otherwise, Yun Xi would remain in a coma forever.

Since he needed the recipe, Lin Feng was paying particular attention to the things displayed, maybe there would be some alchemists who had the recipe for the Divine Water pill. 

He hoped that even if he didn’t find it, he would at least be able to find some other useful things.

“What’s this?” at that moment, Lin Feng stopped and walked towards a stall. 

The owner of that stall looked weak and flushed, it was an old man, he looked like a monkey but from his eyes, one could see that he was probably perceptive and wise. 

“That’s a… Memory jade?” asked Lin Feng while pointing at a small jade. He had already seen a memory jade but that one was really small. 

“Young Master, you have good eyesight. It is indeed a memory jade. There are some things inside, are you interested?”

“What is inside?” asked Lin Feng. If the memories inside were useless, he wouldn’t need to waste his time. 

“A secret skill which enables you to hide your cultivation level, it makes other people think that your cultivation level is lower by one or even several levels,” said the old man slowly. Lin Feng was stupefied… Hide one’s cultivation level?

In Celestial Dragon, people practiced the Celestial Eyes skill which enabled them to see other people’s cultivation level but that secret skill had the opposite effect. 

“What’s the price?” asked Lin Feng.

“Five purity stones of higher quality,” said the old man. Lin Feng was stupefied: “Five purity stones of higher quality for such a small jade?”

“You don’t pay for the price of the jade but for the things which are inside. Considering the secret skill inside, the price is already low,” said the old man. He definitely wouldn’t accept to lower the price.

Lin Feng remained silent for a moment, it could be useful sometimes… Lin Feng was interested in being able to hide his cultivation level. 

“How do I know if you’re not lying? What if the skill isn’t inside?” asked Lin Feng. 

“You can look inside but if the skill is really there, then you must buy it,” said the old man while smiling. 

“Five purity stones of higher quality… Well then, can you also throw in the Celestial Eyes skill?” said Lin Feng. In Dragon Mountain, everybody could use the Celestial Eyes skill but Lin Feng couldn’t, it was inconvenient to fight against such people, they could know your level but you couldn’t know theirs. 

Lin Feng’s interest was piqued, it would be incredible to be able to see other people’s cultivation level while hiding his own.

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