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PMG Chapter 538: The Spring Moon Jade!

PMG Chapter 538: The Spring Moon Jade!

When the old man heard Lin Feng, he smiled, narrowed his eyes and said, “Even though the Celestial Eyes is not as precious as the secret skill, it’s still a rare skill, if you want it too, that’s fine, but the total price for both skills will be six purity stones of higher quality, alright?”

“How shrewd,” thought Lin Feng when he saw the old man narrow his eyes but he still nodded and said, “Ok, six purity stones of higher quality for both skills, but before that I want to see if they are really inside, then I’ll give you the stones.” 

“No problem,” said the old man while nodding and smiling. He took the memory jade and gave it to Lin Feng. 

“You must be from somewhere else, you are very young and have already broken through to the fourth Xuan Qi layer, that is quite rare,” said the old man while smiling before adding, “That skill is the most used skill in Dragon Mountain, you can use your consciousness to learn it.” 

Lin Feng glanced at the old man, Celestial Dragon City was really filled with hidden talents. He smiled at him and nodded. Then he put his consciousness into those two stones. They contained both skills as indicated, there was no doubt about it. Lin Feng could of course recognize them. 

“It’s marvelous,” thought Lin Feng. The Celestial Eyes and the secret skill, both depended on the strength of a user’s soul. The Celestial Eyes skill in particular enabled the user to observe another cultivator’s blood vessels, and if a cultivator had a very strong soul, they could determine somebody’s cultivation level at first glance. 

Likewise, that secret skill was based on a very similar principle, it enabled a cultivator to control his Qi, with a strong soul, they could then make other people misread their energy flow. Of course, there was a condition, if someone had a stronger soul than the one using the secret skill and could use the Celestial Eyes skill, then, they would be able to determine their cultivation level anyway, so the secret skill became useless in such conditions. It couldn’t deceive stronger cultivators’ souls.

Lin Feng took out six purity stones of higher quality and gave them to the old man, “Here you go.”

“Great.” The old man took those six purity stones after which they disappeared.

Lin Feng nodded at the old man and walked away. His soul was feeling agitated.

A short moment later, he condensed the strength of his soul and had the impression of having another pair of eyes. He could glance at people and know, in a flash, what their cultivation level was, it was very clear.

“Not bad,” thought Lin Feng. He then proceeded to hide his own cultivation level, it was easy with the strength of his soul, he made it look as if he had just broken through to the first Xuan Qi layer. 

The Celestial Eyes skill and the secret skill were both low skills, they were easy to use and easy to learn, without any need to practice them for a long time. Seeing them once sufficed to learn them. Lin Feng was controlling both at the same time at that moment. 

“Little boy, there is something I should tell you, don’t use your Celestial Eyes skills on everybody recklessly, if you use it on other people, they might have an acute sensation, if you meet someone who has a bad temper, they might immediately attack you,” said a voice which penetrated into Lin Feng’s ears. He was stupefied, he turned around and saw nobody, then, he laughed stupidly and shook his head. That was the old man’s voice, it seemed like the old man’s cultivation level was quite mysterious too. 

Lin Feng then glanced around and saw many stands, he was wondering if he would be able to find something interesting.

“Young master, come, don’t you want a mysterious iron sword?” shouted someone at Lin Feng. Lin Feng glanced at that person and then at the sword on the ground, he smiled and shook his head. That sword was just a Ling level sword, he could destroy it in one punch. 

He continued walking and glancing around, he then saw a charming woman behind a stand, she had some really beautiful jades.

“In the Continent of the Nine Clouds, they surprisingly have personal adornments?” thought Lin Feng, he was surprised. However, no customers were near that stall, nobody was looking at that person’s items.

“What is the price of those jade necklaces?” asked a soft voice. Lin Feng then saw two girls walk towards that stand. The one who had just talked looked soft and fragile, even weak to some extent. However, the one on her side was wearing a short green skirt and one could see that she was experienced, she was also beautiful. 

“As expected, girls like such things,” thought Lin Feng while laughing. At the moment when he was about to walk away, he heard the owner of the stand say, “Girl, this isn’t a necklace, it is a spring moon jade, it can suck cold Qi out of people’s bodies, it can be useful to you.”

“Spring moon jade…” That girl was stupefied, she then looked at the seller and said, “That’s why you made me come.” 

“Indeed,” said the seller while nodding and smiling.

At that moment, Lin Feng had come back to the stand and heard the girl ask, “Can it protect the corrosion caused by ice Qi?”

“Don’t worry, you can try it yourself,” said the seller while nodding. 

“Alright,” replied the young girl. She then put one of those spring moon jades around her neck and a pallid light appeared, it looked extremely cold. 

“How many jades do you have?” asked the girl, she looked excited.

“Those are all of them, the one you have in your hand is the best spring moon jade though, it can unceasingly suck ice Qi out of your body without ever breaking, the others aren’t that good, they might break after sometime,” said the seller. The girl smiled warmly and said, “Thank you, what is the price?” 

“Those two are the best spring moon jades, they cost twenty purity stones of higher quality, all the others are not as good, if you want all of them, I can sell them all to you for fifty purity stones of higher quality,” said the seller.

“Fifty purity stones of higher quality…” whispered the girl. She then looked at her companion and heard her say in an ice-cold way, “It seems like nobody is interested in your stuff here… Fifty purity stones of higher quality is a high price, aren’t you a bit too greedy?!” 

“If you’re not interested you can leave,” said the seller in a cold yet straightforward way.
“Hello, can you sell me one of those best spring moon jades please?” said Lin Feng at that moment while making a step forward. Those spring moon jades of higher quality could suck the ice energy out of a person’s body and prevent corrosion, it would be very beneficial for Meng Qing, but twenty purity stones of higher quality was indeed a very high price, however, for Meng Qing, he didn’t care spending so much. 

“What the hell, shut up,” said the cold girl upset while glancing at Lin Feng. Lin Feng could sense that she was using her soul to inspect his strength. 

“Celestial Eyes skill…” Lin Feng was stupefied, those people could indeed easily inspect other people’s strength. 

“That girl came first, if she doesn’t want them, then they’ll be yours,” said the seller while nodding. Immediately after she looked at the girl and said, “So, did you make a decision?” 

“Yes, I want all of them,” said the girl while gnashing her teeth. She then took out fifty purity stones of higher quality and gave all of them to the seller.

“Shi Yun!!” shouted the girl on her side, she wasn’t happy but the soft and gentle looking girl had already given the purity stones to the seller. Shouting was useless. 

Lin Feng frowned, it was rare to come across something which could be so useful to Meng Qing, he didn’t want to give up that easily. Each time he saw Meng Qing’s body get corroded by ice energy, his heart felt painful. If he could give her that jade, it would be able to protect her. 

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