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PMG Chapter 539: The Huo Clan

PMG Chapter 539: The Huo Clan

Lin Feng got closer to the warm and gentle looking girl and said, “Hi, could you sell me one spring moon jade of higher quality, please?”

The girl raised her head and looked at Lin Feng in a friendly yet apologetic way. She then slightly shook her head and said, “I’m incredibly sorry, but I really need them, they are very important to me. I cannot sell them.” 

“Is it because of the ice Qi in your body?” asked Lin Feng. He could clearly sense some ice Qi inside of her, her situation was similar to that of Meng Qing’s. 

“I have a friend who has the same problem as you, she also has some moon ice Qi in her body, I hope you could sell one jade to me so that I could give it to her. I am willing to pay a high price,” said Lin Feng. That girl had bought the jades first, he had no other choice but to ask her and hope that she would accept.

“Hmmm………” The girl didn’t know what to reply.

The experienced and capable looking girl on her side glanced at Lin Feng in an ice-cold way and said, “Are you trying to say that we are tramps by proposing more purity stones?!” 

“Shi Yun, why do you even pay attention to such people? Let’s leave!” she said while turning around and pulling Shi Yun. 

“Sister Yun, wait!” said Shi Yun while letting go of Huo Yun’s hand. She then looked at Lin Feng again and handed a few jades over to him while saying, “I want to keep those two for myself, but I’d like to offer you these, I hope you can help your friend with them.”

Lin Feng looked at the girl, she looked kindhearted and honest. Lin Feng didn’t feel like taking those stones from her anymore.

“What’s wrong with your body? What is that ice Qi? Maybe I can help you,” said Lin Feng without accepting her jades. He could help Meng Qing with his celestial spirit, but because of her cultivation and her physical condition, he could always, only temporarily, solve her problem. However, maybe he could help this girl with his celestial spirit. 

If he managed to help and cure this girl, with her temperament, she would probably offer all of her jades to him, then both sides would be satisfied.

When the girl heard Lin Feng, she looked surprised but immediately shook her head and said, “It’s no use, that ice Qi is external, pills cannot cure me. My clan is a doctor clan.” 

Lin Feng was a bit surprised, doctors were similar to alchemists but doctors were only able to prescribe pills whereas alchemists could both concoct and prescribe them. 

In the world of cultivation, cultivators would rarely get sick, but when they did it was usually frightful. Therefore, doctors knew about diseases and also about what pills to give which was general knowledge. However, alchemists were different, usually, alchemists despised doctors. The art of pill concoction was incredible, if someone had an alchemist at hand, they wouldn’t need a doctor anymore.

“If you don’t let me try, how can you know? I am an alchemist myself,” said Lin Feng which surprised the girl. Lin Feng was an alchemist and in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, alchemists were more respected than doctors.

“Shi Yun, don’t believe him! He’s just a crappy cultivator of the first Xuan Qi layer! He’s also so young, how could he be an alchemist! People like that are definitely swindlers,” said the capable and experienced looking girl. Lin Feng frowned, that girl was too aggressive and rude. He had never offended her! 

“Celestial Eyes!” said Lin Feng and then his pair of celestial eyes opened as inspected those girls’ cultivation levels. 

That experienced looking girl had broken through to the second Xuan Qi layer, whereas the soft and gentle looking one had broken through to the first one. Lin Feng sighed, in Celestial Dragon, ordinary people were much stronger than in Xue Yue. 

After all, Dragon Mountain was Dragon Mountain, there were more skills to learn, more people to exchange with and, of course, more resources to use. It was better than Xue Yue in many different fields. Ordinary people in Dragon Mountain were stronger than people in Xue Yue, that was absolutely normal. 

“How rude! What guts!” shouted the experienced looking girl when she saw Lin Feng inspecting their strength. She was furious. 

Lin Feng was even more upset.

What a detestable girl! Even though she was beautiful, she was as rude and aggressive as a man. She had just inspected his strength and was getting angry because Lin Feng was doing the same.

“You did it first, so why couldn’t I do it too?” said Lin Feng sounding cold and indifferent. “Besides, I haven’t talked to you but you keep opening your mouth. You’re really detestable.”

“Alright, very good, I want to see on what you, a cultivator of the first Xuan Qi layer, rely to talk that way,” said the experienced looking girl while releasing some ice-cold energy which landed on Lin Feng’s body. He looked even colder at that moment, she wanted to attack without any warning?

Lin Feng could kill a cultivator of the second Xuan Qi layer with a single punch. 

“Sister Yun! that’s enough! What are you doing?!” said Shi Yun while walking in front of the girl and stopping that ice energy. Lin Feng smiled.

“I’m sorry, my sister has a bad temper. I hope you can forgive her,” said the girl while smiling in an apologetic way. Lin Feng, when he saw her face, immediately stopped being angry and said, “Are you really sisters? Related by blood?” 

“Almost,” said Shi Yun. 

“Oh, I see,” said Lin Feng while nodding, “If you were related by blood, it would be strange if one was rude and detestable while the other one was cute and friendly.” 

“You……..” When the experienced looking girl heard Lin Feng, she was furious, she had the impression she was going to explode. 

“Sister!” shouted Shi Yun. She then smiled wryly and said, “My name is Huo Shi Yun. You said you could help me solve my problem, let’s try it. If it doesn’t work, we can still be friends. But if you manage to cure me, I will give you the jades.” 

“Alright,” said Lin Feng while nodding. He smiled and said, “My name is Lin Feng.” 

“Lin Feng,” said Huo Shi Yun in a low voice trying to remember his name. She then immediately smiled and said, “Ok, Lin Feng, let’s go to my clan. Maybe you can talk to my father and find a solution together with him.”

“Shi Yun, how can you let that kind of person come to our clan!” said the aggressive girl when she heard that Shi Yun wanted to bring Lin Feng to the clan. She was furious. 

“No problem, let’s see if Lin Feng can find a solution,” said Shi Yun. She smiled and said, “Don’t provoke Lin Feng and don’t fight with him. 

Huo Yun groaned coldly and glanced at Lin Feng in a threatening way but she didn’t say anything anymore.

Lin Feng didn’t pay attention to her.

The Huo Clan wasn’t one of those huge, wealthy and powerful clans in Celestial Dragon but it still had some influence, they were quite a big clan. Their territory spanned for several hectares. 

Ordinary people in Dragon Mountain were stronger than ordinary people in Xue Yue, even some people who weren’t too strong had already broken through to the Xuan Qi layer. Shi Yun and Huo Yun came from a fairly big clan and they also had quite high natural abilities, they had already broken through to the Xuan Qi layer despite being so young.

When Lin Feng arrived at the Huo Clan, he saw a huge gate, there were nine sun patterns carved in it, it definitely caught people’s attention. 

“Lin Feng, in my clan, we practice fire skills, our most famous skill is the nine suns skills, my father was named after the nine suns skill as well. That pattern with nine suns is our emblem,” said Huo Shi Yun in a soft voice. When the guards of the clan saw Shi Yun and Huo Yun, they slightly bowed.

In the clan, etiquette wasn’t lacking. 

This clan also had a huge sparring field where people could learn from each other. At that moment, on the field, there was one person guiding a bunch of young cultivators. 

The clan was seemingly full of vigor and vitality. 


“You came back.” 

Many people, when they saw Huo Shi Yun, enthusiastically smiled while greeting her… However, they were all ignoring Huo Yun. The most polite people were just nodding at her. Huo Yun was also ignoring them. From that scene, Lin Feng understood the difference between these two people. 

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